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“Just a comment... you should be a game tester, man. :-)” - Scott McCall, Editor-In-Chief of N64HQ, in response to my revealing of a Frappe Snowland glitch on March 10, 1997

“Man, are you clever (and have a lot of time on your hands), but hey, under 10 seconds, that's awesome.” - Doug Perry, editor of N64.com, in response to my revealing of my Yoshi Valley Shortcut on April 18, 1997

“You are one fast racer, that's for sure.” - Steve Bolender, Nintendo of America, in response to my reclaiming the World Record on Vanilla Lake 2 on Nov. 26, 1996

“You are one top game play detective.” - Corey Clemans, Nintendo of America, in response to my revealing of a severe glitch in DKC2 along with a code to save a ghost in SMK on Aug. 26, 1996


Just when you thought it was safe to play your video games...

Run for your lives! Protect your video games and hide them! No video game is safe anymore because here comes the Glitchman!

Welcome to the vast world of hidden video game secrets, many of which you won't find anywhere else! The purpose of my site is to reveal some of the deepest, darkest secrets that are just waiting to be unleashed from your video games! In fact, I can confirm that many of the secrets you will find here aren't even known by Nintendo's top game testers! They won't tell you that many games are prone to freezing up and that game data can be corrupted from glitches, but I'll show you how to do just that, and more! But before you attempt any of my “severe” glitches (usually accompanied by several *s and WARNING signs), please read my disclaimer.

So you've heard of the Rabbit Glitch in Super Mario 64 and how to race Koopa the Quick in Zero Seconds. Or maybe you've heard of how to take Rambi into the water levels in Donkey Kong Country. You may have even heard of many weird shortcuts for Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64. Well, there's a lot more where those tricks came from, and now you get to hear them directly from the source! For instance, I'll bet that most of you didn't know that there's a 5th warp zone in Super Mario Bros. 2 as a result of an old glitch that I found! Did you know that you can restore erased game data in Zelda III? Read on to learn more…

For your convenience, this site will be divided up into different sections:

What's New - This is where you will find out about the latest additions to this site.

Mario Kart 64 - Every “known” shortcut for MK64 can be found here along with a brief description of how they were discovered, plus some rumors of potential shortcuts, and (if you're lucky) I may post some new shortcuts that I am currently working on.

GameCube - Come here to see glitches for the latest Nintendo system.

N64 - Some weird tricks/glitches for some other popular N64 games can be found here.

SNES - Relive some classic SNES games with some tricks you haven't seen before.

NES - This great old system will never die as long as there are some unexplored tricks.

GameBoy (includes GBC and GBA) - Everyone's favorite portable system has a few tricks to check out as well.

Miscellaneous - Who says that this site has to be completely about Nintendo games? You may see some weird tricks for the Atari 2600, and yes, even some Pong clones have cheats!

My Scores - Here you can find some of my personal scores in a few games.

Etc. - Other sections of the site can be found here.

I plan to update this site on a regular basis, since I have a ton of old tricks just waiting to be unleashed. I may reveal some of the more special tricks depending on how successful this site becomes (i.e. I may reveal certain tricks after receiving a predetermined number of “hits” on this site). I may even consider putting up a special hidden page for some of the really good secrets.

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Links to other sites on the Web

* Nintendo of America's Main Page
* GameFAQs
* World-of-Nintendo.com
* Preserved copies of old web sites!

* See MORE Links...

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If you have any comments, suggestions, criticisms, questions (preferably not something already found in the FAQs section), or if you have an original trick/glitch that you would like to have on this web site, feel free to e-mail me at davidwonn@yahoo.com and I will do my best to see that credit is given where credit is deserved.

Creation Date: July 7, 1998 at geocities.
Transfer Date: October 7, 2003 to kontek.net.
Last Update: March 25, 2006.

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