Former great web sites

In an effort to preserve some of the greatest sites that have been on the web in the past, I have managed to find pieces of the great by searching my old cache files. What follows here are copies of stuff that was once on their site, and they are reproduced with permission (thank you, Cap. Scott). After going to any of these links below, you'll need to press the Back button to return here. Note: the links that appear below should work, but the links within those links may not necessarily work, so please do not send any e-mails to the people that once ran the N64HQ. This is intentionally done this way to preserve their site and for us to remember their great site the way it once was.

Links to preserved copies of the N64HQ:

N64HQ's Main Page
N64HQ's Super Mario 64 Cheats
N64HQ's Wave Race 64 Cheats
N64HQ's Mario Kart 64 Cheats
N64HQ's Star Fox 64 Cheats
N64HQ's GoldenEye 007 Cheats
N64HQ's Diddy Kong Racing Cheats
N64HQ's Zany List
N64HQ's Links to Other Sites
N64HQ's Links to Other Sites (an older copy)
Final Farewell from N64HQ's Staff

Here are a few other sites that have been preserved. Once again, some of the links within these pages may not work.'s Super Mario 64 Cheats
Dirk Wegener's SMK World Records

There may be more to come in the future!

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