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Paper Mario

Three glitches
sent in by

1. Find a save block, get under it, and press C-down with Kooper. Mario will jump, save, and while he's saving, Kooper will come back and merge into Mario, making half-Kooper half-Mario!

2. When upgrading Watt, who is a girl, to Ultra-rank, it will say "He'll learn," not "She'll learn"

3. In the title screen, wait to see some clips. One of them is of Mario flying with Parakarry outside Koopa's Fortress, but Parakarry isn't gotten yet at that part of the game.

Frozen Spiny Eggs
sent in by Avolin

After you have found the Ultra Boots and the Bump Attack badge, go to Flower Fields and find a Lakitu flying around. When you have the Bump Attack Badge on and the Lakitu holds up a Spiny Egg to throw, do a double jump and hit him. The Lakitu will die and the Spiny Egg will stay floating in the air.

Easy battle
sent in by

This is not really a glitch though. Get about 10 stone caps. Get Ultra ranked goombario. Use a cap, charge as long as goombario can while mario is stoned, repeat until you are out of caps. Use Multi bonk. I killed Master 3 and Bowser 1 hit apiece with this.

Getting Tubba's Heart to zero HP
sent in by

When you get to Tubba's Heart, equip yourself with your extra flower badges that give you 5 more FP each. Also equip the zap tap(if you have it), hammer charge and hammer throw, and anything else you want. Start hte battle with Goombario and use tattle on the heart. You must do this. Do nothing but use hammer charge with Mario, and keep count! Switch Goombario with Bow, and use her invisible power before the heart does his "great attack." You might need some honey and maple syrups when your FP gets low. Use Bow's smack attack when the heart doesn't do his weird heart attack( this is where you need fast fingers to get Bow's attack to max). Charge up Mario's hammer untill it gets to about twenty-six(not twenty-six times, twenty-six altogether). Get the heart to twenty-five or below... then use hammer throw with Mario. His HP should go down to zero. He still says that he's hurting and run away. Nintendo never programed him to die!

One hundred star points in Tutankoopa's fight
sent in by

You should have the D-down pound, so equip it. Start the fight with Goombario and use his tattle ability on Tutankoopa. NEVER ATTACK TUTANKOOPA!!!!! Only attack the chomps he sends out. Use D-down pound on them to kill them right away. The giant chomp head thing only takes off 2, and if you equip damage dodge you can be without a hit at all. Those chomp heads also hurt Tutankoopa sometimes, so let them do the work. keep using refresh and focus so you don't find yourself face-to-face with a chomp and unable to use D-down pound. once you get up to one hundred star points, you can't get anymore!! After I beat Tutankoopa, the witch said that she would double my star points, but it didn't increase at all! Nintendo didn't program the game to go over one hundred star points.

Paper Mario...debugged?
sent in by dvdmth

For no apparent reason, Paper Mario once crashed on me shortly after action resumed after a battle in Pleasant Path. About a second after the crash, a screen appeared in virtually the same format as the first Debug screen seen in Zelda OOT (see "Nayru's Crash"). However, I was unable to trigger any additional screns to appear (which may or may not be normal, since that first screen provides the most relevant Debug information to the programmer).

Get Peach carried to her room as an enemy!
sent in by

OK, this is after chapter 6. When you play as peach (she now has the Sneaky Parasol), go into the Library and find a Hammer bro walking back and forth. Now when he has stopped for a sec to turn around hit him with the sneaky parasol. If you time it right he should turn around, look at peach, and catch her while she's changing into a hammer bro.Now the other Hammer bro will say the same thing to you as if you were peach and he says "I gotta take ya back to your room". Now the funny part is the guards will carry you back AS the hammer bro and you'll be standing on top of their hands (since the hammer bros don't have a lying down animation) and when they throw you on the ground you'll still be standing and dust will mysteriously be whiped from you while you won't move you hands (again since the Hammer bros don't have that animation)!

Perfect Dark

Ultra cheap way to earn firing range medals!
by David Wonn

WARNING! This trick is an incredibly cheap way to earn medals in the firing range, so only use this as a last resort. If you really can't resist the urge, read on...

Once you have earned the Laptop Gun, go into the firing range in Carrington Institute. Walk up to the terminal, and select the Laptop Gun on Bronze difficulty. Now turn around 180° to face the wall behind you. Hold the B button to see "Deploy as Sentry Gun" on the screen. Now press Z, then quickly press Start. Move the cursor to abort, press A, then quickly press Start once again. At this point select any other weapon on any difficulty. When the round starts, you'll have a Laptop Gun in addition to the gun you selected! In many cases, this will make it very easy to earn medals.

Furthermore, you can also do the very same thing with the Dragon's secondary function. Just be sure not to throw this one behind you. :-) As if this weren't enough, you can do the same trick with Timed Mines, Remote Mines, Proximity Mines, Grenades, and even Throwing Knives. Be creative and see which weapon works best in conjunction with the one you are using.

Knock out the weapons on display
by David Wonn

Inside the firing range, you may have noticed several classic weapons from Goldeneye on display. If you get tired of looking at them, then just walk into the firing range, select the DY357 Magnum and aim directly at the displayed guns. Just like in Goldeneye, the Magnum has no problems penetrating bullet-proof glass. You can even attack the guys standing nearby, but there's an even better method which works with any weapon...

Attack the guys in the firing range!
by David Wonn

Ever wanted to use weapons outside of the firing range? Now you can! First, open the glass door that leads into the range but stand in the way of the door to prevent it from closing. You will have to be in at least half-way for this to work. Now press Start to pause. If you do not see the selection screen for the guns, then you need to move closer into the range. Once you have access to the weapons screen, select any gun. As long as you are blocking the door from closing, you can shoot the guys near the firing range. No matter how much you shoot, they keep taking the hits like nothing happened.

For more fun, try attacking with the Crossbow or the Throwing Knives. You can put as many arrows in their heads and as many knives in their chests as you want, and they will remain intact! Even weirder yet, mines will stick to them too! Just one note of caution: If you exit the firing range, you will not be able to shoot anyone, so enjoy the trick while it lasts.

Magnum reload glitch
sent in by mikey d

When you are using a DY357 Magnum, have a full round of ammo in the clip and have the Magnum out. Press the A button at least 4 times then continue pressing it until you land on the Magnum again (I suggest doing this when you only have the Magnum and no other gun because it is hard to land on the Magnum again.) After you do this it will show Joanna reloading her gun but you actually never shot any bullets!
[Ed. Note: This also works with the Shotgun]

Take the CamSpy anywhere
by David Wonn

In Carrington Institute, find the hover crate inside the hangar and carry it up to the elevator and into the gadgets room. Open the door and place the box right in front of the door so that it will block the door from closing. Now pause the game, select the CamSpy, and pick it up from the table. As long as Joanna does not leave the room, you will be able to send the CamSpy anywhere in the Carrington Institute!

Blow up stuff all over Carrington Institute
by David Wonn

With the use of the Slayer and the Farsight, you may be surprised to find out just how much stuff you can destroy in Carrington Institute. With the Farsight, you can destroy computers, desks, wall terminals, glass, autoguns, and even knock out guns in the firing range that you couldn't reach with the Magnum. But if you are more clever, you can do even worse damage...

In the entrance to the firing range, open the double doors, then quickly move to the firing range and stand in the way of the glass door so that it won't close. Just be sure that you are at least halfway inside the firing range. Now select the Slayer on Bronze difficulty and use its secondary function to guide the rockets. Now you will be able to fire them anywhere inside Carrington Institute! You can blow up couches in the lobby and even knock out lights in several places. But it gets even better if you use the hover crate to prop open other doors in the institute. This way you can blow up other desks and computers that you couldn't otherwise destroy with the Farsight gun. Just make sure that only a corner of the hover crate is in the way of a door, otherwise it may occasionally get stuck inside a door. Another useful tip is to use the R button to slow down the missile to a crawl. This will enable you to sneak the missile around corners easily. Have fun and see how much destruction you can cause!

Throw knives at Carrington and everyone upstairs!
by David Wonn

Just when you thought you couldn't attack anyone outside the firing range in Carrington Institute, think again! First, you will need to find the hover crate inside the hangar and take it into the firing range. Now select knives on Bronze difficulty and throw as many knives as you want directly onto the crate. The more, the better. After you are satisfied, abort and then select Remote Mines. Just throw a mine or two onto the box, and then abort. Take notice... all those knives and mines will remain on the crate!

Now take this crate upstairs into the gadgets room and park it anywhere. Go back downstairs once again and go into the firing range. Select remote mines once again, but this time just throw one anywhere and then detonate. If all goes well, this will also detonate the box you placed upstairs! If not, you can always use the Farsight to destroy it. Now go back upstairs into the gadgets room (whew, what an exercise!) You will see a big mess where the crate used to be, along with several knives on the floor. Don't pick them up yet! Now select any gadget, preferably the Cloaking Device. Ever notice how you can punch everyone upstairs after you selected a gadget? Well now you can pick up knives and throw them at them too!

Only the first knife you pick up will be worth 10 knives, so try not to pick up any others or else they will be wasted. With the aid of the cloaking device, you can now reach anyone upstairs, including Daniel Carrington, and throw knives at them. You can even use them in the holodeck downstairs if you decided to place the crate there instead. No matter how many knives you throw, the guys upstairs can take a licking and keep on ticking! :-) Enjoy!

Replicate knives!
by David Wonn

As if the last trick wasn't enough, there's a way to turn each knife into ten knives! Perform the previous trick with the crate upstairs, and you will notice that the first knife you pick up is worth ten, but each subsequent knife will only be worth one. The reason for this is that the game keeps track of how many you had when you were in the training room. All you have to do is go back down there, select knives on Bronze, abort, then go back up, and your next knife is worth ten! The best way to take advantage of this is to pick up one, which is worth ten, then throw them individually at a wall. Go back downstairs to the firing range, select knives on Bronze, abort, go back up and the next knife is worth ten, and so on. Repeat this process as often as you wish and see how many knives you can have upstairs!

Freeze the game
by David Wonn

Select Challenge 7 with 3 players and see if you can beat it without having the game freeze on you. I've already received several confirmations of this nasty freeze, so good luck on trying to complete it! Although this glitch is unfortunate, please note that this freeze does not detract from the overall quality of this excellent game.

Destroy the CamSpy with a knife!
by David Wonn

First, you will need to perform the "Throw knives at Carrington and everyone upstairs" glitch. Select the CamSpy, and then pick up any knives on the ground. Get the CamSpy out to hover up high, then switch back to Joanna's view. Switch to a knife and aim it directly at the CamSpy. With good aim, the CamSpy will explode!

Bypass any challenge!!
by David Wonn

WARNING! This trick is so cheap that I have decided to put it on a separate page. Click here if you want to bypass any challenge with any number of players. Just keep in mind that if you use this, you are CHEATING!

Ammo loss glitch
by David Wonn

Get a Mauler and use the secondary function to charge it up. Keep reloading with the B button and you will eventually lose all your ammo!

Ammo from nowhere?! returns
by David Wonn

Remember the ammo from nowhere glitch in Goldeneye? Well the same glitch applies here but now it's even better! Any time you pick up a gun from another player, you will gain some ammo even if they were completely out of ammunition. Furthermore, if you are disarmed by another player and regain your weapon, your ammo will increase. So how can this work to your advantage? Let's say you are playing multiplayer with a partner and want to stake out a great spot but there are no rockets nearby. As long as you have a Rocket Launcher or Slayer, your partner can disarm you, fire off a rocket, then you can in turn disarm your partner and fire one yourself! This can be quite lethal in the hands of two clever players. Also try this in co-op mode for great results.

Extra Laptop Gun Ammo
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

This one is easy. Get a double cyclone with full ammo, then get a laptop gun. You'll have 850 bullets in reserve and the usual 50 in the gun.

Mysterious Rocket Launcher in third level and more
by David Wonn

Go to the third level on Special Agent and go up the elevator. Look for a shock trooper that has Cassandra's keycard, take it, and then come back down to the first floor. Go into the room that was previously locked. When you come inside, you will see Mr. Blonde and two guards just standing still. You may also encounter Cassandra DeVries, depending on whether or not you encountered her upstairs. Shoot them as much as you want, but they won't die! All of them appear in the cutscene at the end and will look the same way you left them even if they have blood stains on their clothes. You will also find two rockets here to help you take out the helicopter. I happened to stumble upon this weird room the first time I played the level on Special Agent. You can also open the doors that lead outside! Don't walk out too far or you'll fall to your death. Just plain weird.

Go through ramps
by David Wonn

In Combat simulator, some levels with ramps have an unusual property: you can go right through them! Try walking underneath the ramps in Complex and watch what happens!

Objective incomplete
by David Wonn

In Area 51: Rescue, destroy the explosive crate right at the beginning. It will say "Objective 1 Failed". Now get a Dragon and throw it at the wall that you are supposed to destroy (or shoot it with the Phoenix if you manage to find the hidden weapon). The wall will be destroyed and now the game will say "Objective 1: Incomplete". Weird, huh?

Objective incomplete 2
sent in by Alex Bradley

1) turn on All Guns (and any other cheats you want) and enter the level "Maian SOS" on Agent Difficulty (preferably)

2) Pull out a gun (not necessary, but fun) and shoot the guy in the room that you start the level in.

3) Walk out the door which should be right in the back of the containment area that you started in, bust a cap in the guy in this room, the head back in to the starting room.

4) Push the gourney (the flying bed thing) to a spot in that room that is far away from the glass (I closed the door in the back of the room and pushed the gourney up against the door) and shoot the bed until it explodes. If you didn't break the glass, it should say "Objective 1 failed: Unable to escape from the Med Lab" or something.

5) Or is it??? Pull out your Rocket Launcher and shoot the glass in the room. The screen should now read "Objective 1: Incomplete, escaped from the medlab"

Use the Slayer in holotraining
sent in by Aaron McMurter

To do this glitch you must first be in the Carrington Institute (not the level). The first thing you do is go to firing range. The first thing you need to do is get the hover crate from the hangar and bring it up to the first door of the firing range and use it to jam the door open. Go inside the firing range and use yourself to jam the glass door open and press start. Select the Slayer from the weapons menu. Shoot a fly by wire rocket out of the firing range into the lobby. Go to one end of the lobby and make sure there is a clear path in front of the rocket. The next thing you have to do is hold down the "B" button causing the rocket to slow to a crawl. Abort the training. Quickly run into the lobby and go to where you left your rocket. You will see your rocket slowly flying through the air in a straight line! A way you can use this to your advantage is by putting the crate in the holo training mission doors instead of the firing range. Once this is done open the firing range door and quickly run to the glass door and use yourself to jam the door open and quickly fire a fly by wire rocket. If you were quick enough you should have been able to get the rocket out past the wooden door into the lobby before the door closed. Once in the lobby fly the rocket into the the holo training room which the door is being held open with the crate and go to the end with the computer on the wall and face the opposite wall. Hold the b button once again and press start and abort the training. Quickly run out of the firing range and into the holotraining room and press start once through the doors. Select holo training 7. If you timed it right the rocket should fly into the far wall killing the three guards with falcons and all you have to do is punch out or shoot(with the guards dropped falcons) the unarmed guards and you have completed the holo training mission. Note: this is cheap.

Super-fast way to finish Duel
sent in by glitcher

Activate the Laptop Gun cheat and select Duel on Perfect Agent. Immediately duck behind the wall and throw the sentry gun in the center of the room. It will take out the guard, Jonathan, and Trent in succession before you even have a chance to move. I thought this was hilarious and I finished the mission in SEVEN SECONDS!

Abandon Dr. Caroll
sent in by glitcher

Activate All Guns and select dataDyne Central: Extraction on Agent. Work your way up to the helipad and make sure that Dr. Caroll hasn't been damaged. At the helipad , throw a proximity mine at the spot where Joanna dives into the jumpship. Now activate the cut-scene. When Joanna makes her escape, she'll trigger the mine and it will damage Dr. Caroll, but hopefully it won't kill him. The funniest part is that Dr. Caroll will be pushed back by the blast and he won't make it onto the jumpship! Now when Mr. Blonde arrives and says "We must get the sapient back!", Dr. Caroll will be buzzing around him without being noticed!

Really Annoying Sound
sent in by Alex Bradley

I did this in the Fortress, but I'm sure you could do it else where. You don't have to do this, but it makes it much easier if it is you vs. a team of sims. Stand alone on this one. Open a door and while it's opening, press start. The door open sound will replay until you press start again.

Falcon With a Nine Bullet Magazine
sent in by Alex Bradley

In the beginning cutscene of G5 Reconisiance, Joanna shoots a guard in the back with her falcon 2. a few seconds later you start with that same falcon 2 and you have all 8 bullets in the gun. I would love the gun to always have a nine bullet magazine!!

Reset the laptop
by David Wonn

No, I'm not talking about pressing Control-Alt-Delete, but actually a "feature" in the game that many gamers overlook. Anytime you use a laptop gun as a sentry in multiplayer, it will only hold 200 bullets at a time. A great thing to do periodically is to run up to it, press B to pick it up, and then throw it again. As long as you still had more ammo, it will refill the laptop gun back to 200 bullets. Caution: If you are also fighting with Cyclones or an RC-P120, it is possible that you may already have over 800 bullets as in the "Extra Laptop Gun Ammo" trick above. If you pick up a mounted Laptop Gun while you have excess ammo, you will actually LOSE ammo, so you're better off throwing another laptop gun if you have one.

Take a laptop gun upstairs in CI!
by David Wonn

If you guys liked my trick with using combat knives in other parts of the Carrington Institute, then you'll love this trick! First, go into the firing range and stand in the way of the sliding glass door, just enough so that you can still select the laptop gun. Once you have the laptop gun, hold B to get it ready to throw, then press Z and immediately run toward the RC-P90 that is on display near the guy sitting down. You will want to throw the laptop gun onto the wall just above the RC-P90 that is on display. If you miss, keep trying until you get one there.

Once you succeed in getting the laptop gun above the RC-P90, go upstairs into the device lab. Select the X-ray scanner and work way through the labyrinth past the camera and right to the dead end that leads to Daniel Carrington's room. You won't be able to open the door, but you won't need to anyway. At the deadend, kneel down, look down, and turn on the X-ray scanner. You should see the firing range below you. Look for the laptop gun you mounted on the wall. Press B and you will be able to pick it up through the wall!! Now go back into the device lab and you can shoot anything you want! You can't hurt any of the people, but you can feel free to vandalize any of the computers while you're there. :-)

Bouncing suitcase on the roof!
by David Wonn

First, perform the glitch above that enables you to use the laptop gun inside the device lab. Now throw the laptop gun onto any wall and abort the X-ray scanner objective. Now select the Disguise objective but don't pick up the suitcase. Instead pick your laptop gun up once again with the B button, and shoot away at the suitcase in an upward fashion so that it goes up to the roof. Once it is up there, it will continuously bounce up and down above the roof! Even if you shoot the glass, it still won't come back down! And if you throw the laptop gun again, and abort, then re-select the disguise, it won't appear on the table! Weird!

Shoot the camspy
by David Wonn

Do the glitch that allows you to have the laptop gun inside the device lab. Throw the laptop at a wall, abort the X-ray scanner, then select the camspy. Set it anywhere, pick up the laptop gun, and you can shoot it, just like in the "Destroy the CamSpy with a knife!" glitch.

Import weapons to other files
by David Wonn

In order to use weapons you've earned and use them in other game files, all you need to do is set up a custom battle in combat simulator with the weapons you want to bring to another file, and save the setup. Now go into another agent file or even a new one and load the settings. Pick up each weapon at least once, then abort. Now you will have permanent access to those weapons! Repeat as often as necessary until you have all the weapons you want in that game file. This is very handy if you want to customize the combat simulator and tell it to exclude certain weapons or gadgets, such as the X-Ray Scanner, when you select random weapons. It also allows you to trigger an interesting glitch below...

Shoot arrows at Daniel Carrington!
by David Wonn

To shoot arrows at Daniel Carrington in the Institute, you'll need to set things up first. Go to any agent file that has access to the crossbow, and "import" the crossbow into a NEW game file. (See the above trick on how to do this.) After doing this, go into Solo, Co-op, or counter-op, and start a game long enough for you to bring up a silenced Falcon 2, then abort. Select Change Agent and re-load the same new game file. Doing this will allow you to fire weapons in the firing range, and Daniel Carrington will still be around to guide you through the areas of the Institute.

Let Daniel show you the different areas of the Institute, and once he tells you where the simulant training room is, RUN to the firing range. Quickly select the crossbow and stand in the way of the glass door so it doesn't close. Now when he comes in and says "This is the firing range, Jo", you can blast him with your arrows!

If you really want to go overboard with the arrows, get the hovercrate from downstairs in advance and use it to block Daniel from leaving the firing range BEFORE he tells you about the firing range. As long as you have the hovercrate blocking his path (diagonally for maximum coverage), you can even get him to walk into the firing range! Even if he's inside and you have a firing session started, he is still able to open the glass door! Just be sure not to leave the room, and you can shoot him as much as you want!

Daniel Carrington disappears!
by David Wonn

Here's a weird glitch that will make Daniel Carrington disappear! Start up a NEW game file and then go into Solo, Co-op, or counter-op and then when you pull up a silenced Falcon, abort and go back to the menu. Select "Change Agent" and re-load the same new agent file. Doing this allows you to have access to device training AND Daniel Carrington will be around as a guide. When Daniel first greets you, just run past him and go directly into the device lab. Complete the training for all the devices EXCEPT for the Cloaking device. Now go back out into the hall and find Daniel. He will tell you where the information center is. At this point run back over to the device lab and stand in the corner where you usually pick up the devices. Wait until you see Daniel come into the device lab. Once he's there, pause the game and select the Cloaking Device and pick it up from the table. At the moment you do this, Daniel Carrington will vanish into thin air!! Somehow he managed to "warp" back to his room. And you didn't think the old man had that much speed, did you? ;-)

Invincibility in Carrington Institute
by David Wonn

If you have access to the Invincibility cheat, and if you have tried using it within the training sessions of Carrington Institute, you may have noticed it won't work. In order to activate it, select it from the cheats menu, then go into combat simulator, start up any game, then abort. Now when you go back to the CI, you will be invincible. With this enabled, how can you possibly fail the holotraining sessions? See the next trick to find out just how this is so...

Fail holotraining even while invincible!
by David Wonn

First, make sure to use the previous trick to be invincible in Carrington Institute. Now you need to smuggle some knives to the holodeck. To refresh on how this is done, bring the hovercrate into the firing range, throw a bunch of knives into it, throw a Remote mine on it, then take that crate into the holodeck. Go back to the firing range and detonate the mine so that knives are scattered in the holodeck. Now go back into the holodeck, select training session 5, start it, and then pick up a knife. Throw this knife at the first simulant. After the poison kicks in, the guard will keel over and you will fail the training! :-)

Smuggle knives WITHOUT destroying the hovercrate!
by David Wonn

If you guys liked my glitch that allowed you to smuggle knives into other areas of the Carrington Institute, you'll enjoy the improved version! Load up the hovercrate with knives as before, but this time, make sure that you put some knives on the TOP portion of the box. Don't put a mine on it this time! Bring the crate into the holodeck or into the device lab, then go back into the firing range and select the Farsight. The trick to it this time is to aim for the knives that are sticking out on top of the crate, but don't shoot the box! As long as you aim well, you can shoot some of the knives out of the box without blowing it up. Alternatively, if you smuggle a Laptop Gun into the device training (previously mentioned on this site) it's even easier to knock out some of the knives out of the box. This improved method allows you to keep the hovercrate, which is handy for another glitch...

Smuggle a Falcon into other holodeck sessions!
by David Wonn

First, perform the trick above that allows you to be invincible in Carrington Institute, then load up the hovercrate with a bunch of knives. Select the Falcon at least once in the firing range, and then exit, so that the game remembers that you have 800 bullets. This will be handy in the holodeck. Take the hovercrate to the holodeck, but make sure that just the VERY corner is propping the doors open. You want to have 99% of the box in the lobby. This is critical, otherwise the box will return to its original location when you start the holotraining. Start any holotraining session that contains a Falcon, and use the Falcon to shoot some of the knives off the box. You'll want to shoot it so that the knife is within reach. Don't walk out into the lobby or you end the session too soon. Switch to knives, set it up to throw, aim for a wall, hold Z to hold it back, then pause and abort. If you did this right, your knife will be stuck in a wall.

Now start up training session 5, and look for your knife. Now here's the hardest part of this setup: Try to lure the first guard into walking outside of the holodeck. Unlike the holodeck in Star Trek, this one can have simulations walk outside. :-) Once the simulant does this, he will not be able to move at all. Throw a knife at him, but prepare another one by holding Z and aim that one at a wall. Once the simulant dies, your session will fail, and your other knife will be stuck in a wall once again. But here's the neat part: The simulant's Falcon will be outside of the holodeck! I've tried shooting a Falcon into the lobby, but they always stay inside the holodeck. This seems to be the only way to get one into the lobby. As long as the guard's Falcon is within reach, go to any training session that does not contain a Falcon (like the session with the lasers). Once the session starts, go to the doorway and pick up your Falcon if you can reach it without stepping out too far. Now you can blow up switches and make some sessions unbeatable. :-) Not too useful, but just fun to play around with.

Defeat night vision training instantly
by David Wonn

This is a weird glitch I stumbled upon the first time I tried the night vision training. Before you start the training, find the switch and press B, even though it seemingly does nothing. The game will "remember" that you attempted to turn on the switch. Now go back and start a night vision training session. As soon as you activate the night vision, your training will automatically be complete.

Defeat any training in less than a second!
sent in by Sterling Neblett

Start up any training session in the device lab or in the holodeck. Complete the tasks as normal, but just before it says it's complete, press Start to pause. The game will only count the amount of time that elapsed since the time you paused, so the game thinks that you beat it in less than a second.

Fail and later complete an objective!
sent in by Daniel Taber

Go to Carrington Villa on Perfect Agent. Complete objectives 1- 3, but don't knock out anybody until you fail Objective 4. Then knock out somebody. It will say "Objective 4: Incomplete" and then "Objective 4: Complete"!

Invisible Cassandra's Secretary!
sent in by Alex Bradley

Enter either dataDyne 1:1 or 1:2, and put on All Guns, Invincibility, and any thing else you want with the exception of Enemy Rockets or Enemy shields or it MAY not work. Walk into cassies office with your cloaking device on and your remote mines out. I suggest playing in dataDyne 1:1 and taking the pipe down to the office. Anyway, throw a mine on Cassie's secretaries butt and then pull out a gun. When the secretary runs to the window and cassie calls security, detonate the mine. If done right, the secretary will not be there. You'll fail the mission for killing her, but her body is not on the floor. She must have flew out the window!!!

Goodbye Air force 1 Guard!
sent in by Alex Bradley

Not really a glitch, but fun.
Go to the guy in the room with the stairs up to the pres' level and throw some remote mines on the butt of the guard. 3-5 is enough. Then he'll pull a cyclone and try to shoot you. DETONATE!!! Watch the man Fly!!! You can either...
A) Find his dead charred body on the floor of the hallway hear the President's room or...
B) no where. He flew the coop and left the plane!

More Laptop gun Madness
sent in by Alex Bradley

If you perform the "take laptop gun upstairs in the Carrington Institute" glitch and select any item but the camspy or the briefcase and shoot it until your magazine runs out. The item should fall through the floor and DISAPPEAR!

Backup in Crash Site: Confrontation
sent in by Rick Lickichu

This level can be difficult due to its length, especially in Perfect Agent. The hoverbike helps, but this trick should help even more. After doing the first two objectives, go to the hole that you can drop down to assassinate the presidential clone. Snipe the first two blondes and proceed. Then assassinate the clone and kill the first blonde. One or two more should come. Shoot them, but don't kill him. He should run away. Proceed to where the clone came from and two blondes should run up to you. When you zoom in on them, the square is blue and not red! They will follow you for the rest of the level killing NSA guards and protecting the president. This worked twice for me, but when I went back to make sure it worked every time, it did not happen. So try this at your will.

Fly into nowhere
sent in by Anthony Panico

Level: Skedar Ruins
Difficulty: Agent

First play the level until you get into this dark room. It is the room where you have to cross a bridge right before the Skedar army. Fall down and kill al the aliens. Collect their weapons and you should get a slayer. Change it to the secondary function, fly-by-wire rocket. Stand under the bridge and Fire it. Send the rocket to the top of the room and look around for a rectangular pink hole. It isn't that hard to find. Fly into it and see what happens!

Extra ammo for some guns
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Choose any weapon in multiplayer that you can get 2 of. (Falcon 2, Cyclone, etc.) Get full ammo for the weapon, and then pull out the double. Now get more ammo, and press A, then Z to bring it back to the single gun. You will get one extra clip. Furthermore, you can give ammo to some guns which DON'T have a double of. (I.e. like my laptop gun trick) Have fun with this, and see what you come up with!

Shoot Carrington in his Villa
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In the mission Carrington Villa-Hostage One, there is a very funny glitch. For more fun, have the All Guns in Solo Cheat activated, and anything else you would like. On any Difficulty Setting, enter the level, and complete every objective except for Rescuing Carrington. When you get the door key, go to the door that is through the path with the various bottles. It should open toward you. When you open it, quickly run in and press the close door button and it should close behind you, and the Cinema which is supposed to go off when you open the door, will not happen. You will see Carrington in his chair. Turn on a weapon and blast him! He doesn't die! He just moves around a lot. You can even destroy his chair. I usually throw knives in him and shoot arrows at him. Now, just open either of the two doors and the Cinema will go off, but Carrington will be all bloody and have arrows and knives in him, and will also be sitting on thin air. I sometimes even throw a Laptop Gun under him for extra fun. Enjoy beating up Carrington!

Suicidal Remote Mines!
by David Wonn

If you are playing a combat simulator game with remote mines, you'll love this maneuver. Anytime someone disarms you while you have remote mines in your hand, quickly press A and B at the same time. This will detonate the mine that you dropped, which will kill the person that tried to steal your mines. It's also likely that you'll kill yourself in the process. Even weirder yet, if you used up all your mines prior to this, and just had the detonator out, it will still detonate what you dropped. Cheap, but effective. :-)

Freeze the menu in Combat Simulator!
by David Wonn

This trick requires two game slots: One that has access to HardSims and one that does not. First, go into the agent file that has access to HardSims and select combat simulator. Now go into Quick Start and pick "Players and Simulants". Change the difficulty of the sims to Hard (or Perfect or Dark). Don't start a game - just exit out and change agent now. Select the agent file that does not have access to Hard Sims (if you don't have such a file, you can create a new agent now). In this game file, go to Combat Simulator and select Quick Start and pick "Players and Simulants". Look at the difficulty level of the sims - it's BLANK! This is because it remembered that you picked HardSims (or Perfect or Dark), but this file isn't supposed to have access to them. You can actually start up a game if you wish, and it will play like it normally would, but if you attempt to move the cursor over to the difficulty level of the Sims, the game will freeze on the spot!

"Perfect Spelling"?
by David Wonn

Go to the Skedar Ruins level, pause the game, and take a look at the game's description for the Target Amplifier. Notice something misspelled? The only reason I brought up this particular typo is because the game's credits mentions "Perfect Spelling". Still not sure where that typo is? Well, I'm not giving any "infomation" on what it is. :-)

Severe data corruption!
by David Wonn

For some unknown reason, there are times when you are managing game slots, and instead of trying to delete one file, it takes two other game slots with it! The worst part is that you are down to one game slot and it says that the controller pack is full! As of this time, I have not found out a way to do this at will, but it is very annoying. I've even heard reports that this has happened to people's game slots on the game pak itself! This has happened to both NTSC and PAL users. I plan on investigating this matter further, so if you have also experienced this situation, please send me an email so I can gather enough evidence to see if this is a global problem.

Climb the Pipe (To a degree)
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Go into dataDyne: Defection, Extraction, or Mr. Blonde's revenge first of all. I'll explain separately for each of the levels.

Defection: Take the Rocket Launcher or SuperDragon cheat with you. Now go into Cassandra's office, KO her, and blow open the right wall, so it opens a hidden passage. Go in.

Extraction: Get the keycard from the guard (Kill everyone downstairs within two seconds of them seeing you) and go into Cassandra's office with it. Get the grenade, and blow open the wall I said to blow in Defection.

Mr. Blonde's Revenge: Do the same thing as in Defection, but have it on Agent difficulty, because you don't have to place the bomb.

Now, climb up the ladder and get until you can't climb it anymore normally. now, turn left 45 degrees while trying to climb up more, and wiggle the joystick left/right while climbing. You will go a ways up the pipe without the ladder!

Rocket in Elevator glitch
sent in by Mikey d

Go into multiplayer in the Grid level (may work on other levels with an elevator) with a Slayer and any other weapons. In the multiplayer game, pick up a Slayer and set it to secondary mode (fly-by-wire rocket). Goto the elevator and open the door and step away from it. Then quickly shoot the fly-by-wire rocket into the elevator. When the rocket is in the elevator, slow the rocket down by holding the B button and make sure it doesn't hit any walls. When the elevator starts going down the rocket will go through the ceiling of the elevator and go into the elevator shaft! If you try to pass through the ceiling and go back into the elevator, the rocket will blow up. You can stay in the shaft forever as long as you don't hit the ceiling of the elevator.

Floating Mines glitch
sent in by Mikey d

Go into multiplayer in a level with horizontal laying glass, like the grid level (I did this in the grid level but you can probably do it in any level with horizontal laying glass) with remote mines (you can probably do this with proximity and timed mines, too). Make sure you are at the same level as the glass and throw the mines on the glass so that they skid across the glass then stick to the glass (this will not work if you throw the mine and it instantly sticks to the glass). Shoot the glass panel with the mine on it so the glass shatters. The mine will be floating in midair until the glass reappears.

Kill co-ops with Friendly fire OFF!
by David Wonn

Just when you thought that turning off Friendly fire could prevent you from harming your partner in co-op, think again! Go to the Air Base level and have any simulant(s) on your side with Friendly Fire turned off. Get out the Drug Spy and shoot them, and they'll fall in one hit. This also works on any enemies that you injected with the Psychosis Gun if you have earned that cheat. Another way you can kill your co-ops is with continuous direct hits from a Rocket Launcher. It obviously helps to have the Unlimited Ammo, No Reloads cheat to see the effects.

No sacrificed weapon in Skedar Ruins!
by David Wonn

In the Special Agent and Perfect Agent difficulties of the final stage, Skedar Ruins, you normally have to sacrifice a weapon before you can meet up with the final boss. Here's a handy way to keep all your weapons: Defeat the two Skedar that attack with Slayers first. Pick up just ONE of the Slayers. Now place it down as your sacrificed weapon. Now pick up the other Slayer, and it will still remember that you had one rocket previously! In effect, you will end up having two rockets, so you will lose nothing at all in this deal!

Use a proxy mine remotely
by David Wonn

If you are playing a combat simulator game with proximity mines and a laptop gun, you can actually detonate a mine remotely. Just get a laptop gun, throw it somewhere, then plant a proximity mine onto it. Once you get another laptop gun, throw it, and the old laptop will explode, which will also detonate the proximity mine near it! This has limited use, but it can be handy in certain situations to turn a proximity mine into a remote mine.

Move the CI people anywhere
by David Wonn

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can move the people inside of the Carrington Institute training level almost anywhere. The best use for this would be to use them as doorstops. :-) First, talk to Foster just ONE time, then immediately leave the firing range. Now find the hovercrate and take it up to Daniel Carrington's room. Go to the device training room and do the cloaking training and head toward Daniel. Take the box and prop the hidden door open with it. Now exit that training and select the X-ray scanner training and head toward Daniel once again. This time you will be able to get into his room since you propped the door open with the hovercrate. Now activate the X-ray scanner and look down below you. Foster will follow your movements! With the aid of this X-ray scanner, you can produce similar effects with the other people upstairs, provided that you only talk to them just ONE time previously.

Now once you get any CI people close to where you want them to be, walk in front of them but don't stand too close. If you strafe left and right quickly, you can gradually get some of them to move closer to you. If they get too close and start talking, then this method will no longer work, but there is still yet another method. You can move them even more by standing directly behind that person. Just wait for him or her to stretch and continue to stand directly behind, and that person will move forward just slightly. It's not really useful unless you want some people to leave the doors open while you are in a training session. I've even had Foster stand by the holodeck. You just have to be really bored to find time to do that. :-)

X-ray Magnums!
by David Wonn

I have found that you can extend the power of a Magnum simply by using it with an X-ray scanner! The best way to see its effects is to set up a combat simulator game with 2 players. Go to the Facility and put a Magnum in slot 1 and an X-ray scanner in slot 2, with all other slots Disabled. For added fun, put in One Hit Kills as well. You may notice that you can kill a player by shooting through some closed doors, but not through others. Find one of those doors where you cannot hurt the other player, then turn on your X-ray scanner. Try it out now and your Magnum will penetrate the door this time! Now you can see that there actually is a use for having X-ray scanners in combat simulator for reasons other than just picking up a laptop sentry through a wall. Enjoy surprising your opponents with this!

Freeze Joanna in cutscenes
by David Wonn

Here's a neat glitch you can perform in either of the last two stages in the game. It helps to use any cheats, but none are required. In Attack Ship: Covert Assault, find the Slayer and work your way to the end of the level. After you have taken out the first 3 Skedar in the bridge, go to the controls at the far end of the ship (you normally see Elvis and Joanna at these controls in the cutscene). After Elvis shows up, take out the remaining Skedar. As soon as the final objective is completed, immediately fire a fly-by-wire missile. As long as you are in fly-by-wire mode when it changes to the final cutscene, Joanna will be frozen in whatever place she was standing!

To make this work on the final stage, work your way to the final boss, and take out all but one of the spikes needed to defeat him. Once the Skedar leader is vulnerable, aim toward the last spike with a Slayer and fire a REGULAR missile at it. Then immediately fire a fly-by-wire missile. You want the first one to finish off the boss, while you have the second missile in fly-by-wire mode. If you are successful, Joanna will not move in the final cutscene! When Elvis tries rescuing Joanna, you will only see smoke in her place! It looks like Joanna has been vaporized! :-)

Fail and watch final cutscenes!
by David Wonn

In Air Force One on agent, find the President and take him to his escape pod. Once he's there, push him back upstairs. Then push him all the way to the hatch where you normally throw your Timed Mine. It will take patience to push the President all the way there. Just make sure you don't push him against a wall or else you may have difficulty in moving him where you want. Once you have taken him to the entrance of the hatch, throw your Timed Mine deep into the hatch, so that it isn't too close to the President. Now sit back and enjoy the cutscene. If you did it right, you will see a message saying that the President has been incapacitated, and later on you'll see a message saying to abort your mission. Once the cutscene finishes, you will get a red screen saying that you failed!

You can also perform this glitch in the Chicago level on Agent. Collect the equipment and create the vehicular diversion. Now go into the area where you find the bombspy and knock out the two civilians. Now here's the tricky part. You need to throw a Remote Mine in that same room, but not too close to the civilians. You will want it set up so that you can create a chain reaction of explosions from the gray barrels. Once you have the Remote Mine where you want it, go to the end of the level, but just before you reach the end, detonate your mine. If your timing is quick and if you placed it properly, you'll witness the cutscene, but it will tell you that you killed too many civilians. Once the cutscene completes, you will fail the mission! This isn't useful at all but it sure is fun to do. :-)

More cutscene mania
by David Wonn

If you're looking for ways to spice up the cut-scenes a little bit, try some of the following:

1. Try getting Velvet Dark in the cutscenes. You will need to use 2-player Co-op mode to pull this off. In some stages, it is as easy as letting Velvet complete the final objective, but in other stages, you may need to kill Joanna in order to make it work.

2. Try combinations of the "Fun cheats" including DK mode, Play as Elvis, Small Jo, Small Characters, and Slo-Mo Single Player. For a good laugh, play the "Elvis wakes up" cutscene with Small Characters and DK Mode. When Elvis comments on his big head, he really means it this time. ;-)

3. Use Slo-Mo Single Player on the "Loose Ends" cutscene. Jonathan will say "If what" twice. Also consider using the Enemy Rockets cheat. Jonathan somehow kills the guy without even hitting him with a rocket!

4. Play the "Blonde Freak" and "Fire Escape" cutscenes from the Cinema menu. Notice that Trent doesn't appear in one and the wall isn't blown up in the other. Try out everything! Who knows what you might find.

Use the camspy while dead!
by David Wonn

Go to any level that has a camspy, drugspy, or bombspy and play a 2 player Co-op game. Let one player launch a camspy to a safe spot, then walk up to a group of enemies. Switch back to your camspy and let the enemies kill you. As long as you were in camspy mode, you can still fly the camspy even though you are dead! Use your co-op's screen to guide the movement of your camspy. Now see how long you can keep your camspy flying! You may be amazed to find that the guards won't even shoot at it!

Counter-op cheapness
by David Wonn

Here are a few cheap tricks to try out if you are the counter-op playing against Joanna Dark:

1. Any stage, any difficulty - Try shooting the guns out of the hands of your allies. They will immediately blame Joanna and head for her direction. Follow them to attack her as a group. Alternatively, if you simply shoot one of your allies, and other guards see you do this, they will still blame Joanna. In some stages this can be extremely useful....

2. Carrington Villa, Perfect Agent - Whenever Joanna punches out a guard to complete objective 4, try to find that guard on the ground. Just shoot him, and it will say Objective 4: Incomplete.

3. Chicago, SA or PA - Once Joanna throws her remote mine, find it and just shoot it. Joanna's mission will fail.

4. Air Base, any difficulty - From the start, head upstairs to the room with the suitcase. Punch out the glass in that room, and one of the guys in the room will go downstairs to alert security. This will be extremely difficult for Joanna to prevent, and her mission will fail.

5. Air Force One, any difficulty - Use the suicide pill frequently to get rid of Joanna's potential allies until she meets up with the President. This will simply make things a little more difficult.

6. Pelagic II, any difficulty - Shoot one of your allies while another one witnesses it. This will alert guards to set off the alarm, making the mission more difficult for Joanna.

7. Pelagic II, SA or PA - Get to the Moon Pool switch before Joanna gets there. Just shoot it and she fails the mission.

8. Carrington Institute, any difficulty - Stand in the location of where the Skedar Bomb will appear when Joanna picks up the RC-P120. The bomb will not appear until both players are out of that area. This will give you time to stall Joanna's progress.

9. Mr. Blonde's Revenge, SA or PA - Shoot some of the guards at the start of the mission. If your opponent is too slow, you might be able to get the guards to set off the alarm, preventing Mr. Blonde from planting the Skedar Bomb. This would of course fail the mission.

10. Maian SOS, any difficulty - Kill the guy with the two gold magnums if you can get to him before Elvis does. This will prevent Elvis from using him as an ally with the Psychosis Gun. Also, if you appear as any of the guys with Psychosis Guns, use the Suicide Pill. This will prevent Elvis from getting any Psychosis ammo from you.

Carry the Laptop Gun anywhere in the CI!
by David Wonn

If you enjoyed my old trick to bring the laptop gun upstairs in the Carrington Institute, you'll love this trick! First, go into the firing range and stand in the way of the door. Select Laptop Gun on Bronze, then get ready to throw it, and walk out of the firing range. The laptop gun will be tossed at a wall and the training will end. Now find the hovercrate and take it up to the device lab. Prop the door open with it. Alternatively, you could perform the "Move the CI people anywhere" trick above in order to get the lady to stand in the way of the door. Once you have the door blocked by the hovercrate or the lady, select any training session and walk out of the room. Your training session will immediately fail. Now move the stick to the left or right and select another session. This time, as soon as it starts, you will want to hold the stick diagonally up and right and hold the right C button in order to get out of the room. Strafing is essential! If you manage to escape the room in under 3 seconds, you will have the ability to punch anywhere in the Institute! If you're too slow, select a device after each time you fail and try again. You should eventually make your way out.

Now that you have escaped, make sure to avoid getting too close to the device lab, hacker central, Daniel's room, and the holodeck downstairs. Take the elevator closest to the firing range and head down there. Find your laptop gun and press B. Now you can fire away at anything you want, even at the annoying guy in the hangar! If you get too close to the device lab, Daniel's room, or hacker central, then you will fail your device training and re-appear in the device lab. If you stand too close to the holodeck, then you'll fail and reappear inside there. To take advantage of this, just make sure to set your laptop gun in secondary and prepare to throw it just before you get close to one of those rooms. Once you fail, you'll end up throwing the laptop gun inside the device lab or inside the holodeck, which you can re-use later! And if this weren't enough, you can take other weapons around the Institute. See the next tricks below....

Carry knives anywhere in the CI!
by David Wonn

First, go into the firing range and select Combat Knives on Bronze. Throw as many as you want at the glass walls. Now abort and perform the trick above which allows you to carry the Laptop Gun anywhere. After you have successfully done that, go back to the firing range and shoot at the knives that are stuck in the glass with your Laptop Gun. Now you will be able to carry knives with you anywhere! Be sure to say hi to the guy in the hangar while you're at it. :-)

Carry a Falcon anywhere in the CI!
by David Wonn

This trick is VERY difficult to set up. First, you'll need to perform the "Smuggle a Falcon into other holodeck sessions" glitch up above. You will want the simulant to drop a Falcon somewhere in the hallway. If you can, try doing another holodeck session with a Falcon and shoot the Falcon that is in the lobby over toward the elevator off to the left. Then perform the "Carry the Laptop Gun anywhere in the CI" glitch. If necessary, try shooting the Falcon closer to the elevator, but do this from the other elevator. Just make sure not to walk into the lobby between the elevators, or else you will lose the ability to carry your laptop gun. If the Falcon is close enough to the other elevator, go upstairs, walk to the other elevator, and go down. If the Falcon is within reach, pick it up without walking into the main lobby and you'll now have the ability to carry the Falcon anywhere. It's not really worth all the trouble since you can already carry a Laptop Gun inside the Institute, but it is sure is nice to be able to carry 3 different weapons anywhere. Enjoy!

Bring a Grenade into the device lab!
by David Wonn

First, you'll need to perform the "Carry the Laptop Gun anywhere in the CI" glitch. Once you have this ability, go down to the firing range, and select Grenade training on Bronze. Notice that you will NOT be able to select training sessions with the Start button, as it just brings up the menu for whatever device you selected. You'll need to walk up to the terminal inside the firing range and press B to start a session. Get ready to throw a grenade, but as soon as you pull the pin, immediately pause and abort. This will abort BOTH your device training AND your weapon training sessions. You will now appear back in the device lab, and you'll automatically throw a grenade right at the guy sitting down! He will survive the blast, but his computer won't. :-) Also try this with a Proximity Pinball instead of a regular grenade for even more fun.

Unlimited Kills in Felicity
sent in by Eric Pillwein

First set it up 8 simulants against you in Capture the Case in the Felicity with Proximity Mines and make sure that the enemy's base is the bathroom. Get into the bathroom and chuck Proximity Mines all around the room.Try to get out as fast as you can.If you suceed,the explosions won't stop. And since the simulants re-spawn in the bathroom, they will die instantly.

Fly by wire through walls
sent in by Proace

When you get a fly-by for sayer out of the firering range romm and out the wood, sliding door you can go in the holo room by flying with the rocket up above the door that leads to the hackers central and device lab. It will be totally no graphcs on top of that so you can go through it and then you end up in the Holo training room. you can also get back into the firing range by going over the doors that go to Joanna's room and Carrington's office and you'll be in the hallway with the 007 guns! This is useful for, if you got out of the room by getting through the door before it closed.

Freeze multiplayer with sims at will
sent in by Klaus Brezina

I am sure you know that you can give controls to sims on your team while holding A and scrolling through the on-screen information. What you maybe don't know is that you can give commands to ALL your sims like you do just for one sim. To do so hold button R and while holding A for the on-screen menu. Instead of giving commands to just a single sim, you will give the command to all your sims. (On top of the screen it says ALL SIMS when you hold R so you can easily proove this). So what is the glitch all about? When you are playing against a bunch of sims and you DON'T have any sims on your team, try to hold R while toggling the on-screen menu. If you keep holding R when you would reach the commands for the sims the game sometimes locks up completely. Sometimes it also works if you do not play in teams but just a simple Deathmatch without teams.

776 days! SEVERE data corruption!!
by David Wonn


Do not download this DexSave file until you have backed up all of your game slots, both from the cartridge itself, and any saves you have in any memory cards. I found this out in September 2000, and I have been debating whether or not I should unveil this nasty glitch due to its extreme nature. I may very well be the first person ever to unintentionally create a trojan horse for the N64. I'm not proud of this fact at all, but sooner or later this was bound to happen. Ignorance is bliss, so I think it may be better to let the public know about this glitch before it happens to someone else, if it hasn't already by now.

I do not know yet exactly how this glitch occurred, but I do know that I was in the process of managing some files. I deleted one game save and it took out two other saves with it! Fortunately a DexDrive saved me some major headaches. I tried to restore from the DexDrive several times, but I would eventually come across the data corruption glitch once again. Once you lose your game saves, the game thinks your pack is full and won't allow you to create new saves! In some cases, I even had the ability to save FIVE agent files! This of course comes at a cost, as it deleted all of my multiplayer statistics, and didn't allow me to create any new profiles onto my memory card.

Upon further attempts to restore my game data, I encountered even more unusual data corruption. In one case, one of my multiplayer setups showed up as a solo agent file!! It somehow transferred the name of that scenario into my agent files. But just when you think things couldn't get weirder, I ended up with a solo mission save file that had a total mission time of 776 DAYS!! Yes, you heard it right, seven hundred seventy-six DAYS!! The game hasn't even been out that long, so it would be impossible to have a game file like this under normal circumstances. It only had a few levels beaten, and had access to some cheats which would not be possible to earn in that state. I decided to make a DexDrive save of this so that others could see this unusual glitch for themselves. You can get it here if you are interested in messing with it. You might also note that the agent file doesn't appear to let you make certain changes to it, as if it were in a read-only state or something similar.

As a final reminder, back up your game saves first, and do NOT copy the agent files to your game pack! Keep in mind that you are using this at your own risk!

If you want to know more about the DexDrive, check out this article saved from IGN64's website. I highly recommend this product for backing up game saves and for the ability to transfer your saves to your friends. I may make a separate page for dex saves in the future.

Screen Glitch
sent in by Donevik and ACE

1. To be able to get the combat simulator background on the main menu screen: Go to the main menu screen and highlight the combat simulator word, then press A then B quickly. If it worked the combat simulator background screen ( w/ the colors circling around ) should be behind the main menu screen.
2. To be able to have the CI background that is usually behind the main menu screen behind the combat simulator menu: Go to the combat simulator menu then hit B,down,then A, quickly. After this is completed, you should be in the combat simulator menu w/ the CI (main menu) background. [ you'll also be able to go w/ the screen as far as the "start game?" menu (in challenge menu)]

Slow Rockets
sent in by

On any level get a rocket launcher and make sure you have the unlimited ammo no reloads cheat on and get out the rocket launcher get in a large area walk backward (just run) and fire while doing this and the rockets will so down tremendously! Like slow mo just slower! But they will not all go in the same direction you shot them in! Some will float to different directions!

Get stuck in an elevator
sent in by

If you start out in Grid on Multiplayer, You'll notice the elevator, if you can make to it in the first shift, close the door, and let it open, go inside and you'll notice the wall turn black, you can walk through this wall, and out of the elevator, or get stuck in the center where you will only stay till you die. if you took the first shift, wierd things may happen, when you enter the elevator, the back wall will turn black and you'll be locked up in the area until it warps into the bottom, or, if you are able to push your way out of this lock up, you will fall through the floor and into your suicidal death, not very practical, but very cool :)

Ghost bodies
sent in by Avolin

Use the tranquilizer on an enemy and knock them out. While they are disappearing or have almost disappeared, give them a lethal dose and their bodies will stay transparent.

Fly Slayer rockets outside of Attack Ship
sent in by Avolin

Put the 'All Weapons in Solo' and 'Infinite Ammo' cheats on and enter the Attack Ship level. Open the docking bay doors and face the Skedar Homeworld. Shoot a Slayer rocket in fly-by-wire mode towards the planet. Navigate to the right or the left, hooking around 180 degrees and cruise around outside the ship. You can view the entire lower section of the ship as well as go through the walls to enter other sections as the rocket. This can give you a better view to the level.

X Ray goggles grant new powers
sent in by Avolin

If you equip the X ray googles, usually you can see through walls, people, etc. Did you also know that you can open doors through walls as well? A good example is the dataDyne: Defection level. Going down the first stairwell to the door that opens to the floor containing Cassandra's Office, put on the X ray goggles and position yourself to face the elevator goggles are not equipped, you cannot open the door. This trick works with any open door in a similar arrangement.

Instant Suicide!
sent in by

When I loaded Challenge 7, 3 player, the 3rd player started in an unknown wierd place, about 2 seconds into the match, I was givin a suicide count I was placed back into the orginial map...wierd....

Game freeze
sent in by

I found a glitch while playing DK mode, invincible, enemy rockets. It happened on air force one: anti-terrorism. I fired a target rocket it near the food court like area (when the elevator comes up) the rocket stuck to a guy's head I couldn't fire the guy ran in circles and then the game froze I don't know how it happen but it hasn't happened again.

Fail objective after completing it
sent in by

I found something weird in the first level of Perfect Dark. To do this you need a cheat that gives you a weapon with explosive capabilities like the Phoenix or Rocket Launcher. In the first level, you need to go into that shaft near the beginning and get into Cassandra's office. Then you knock her out and get the necklace. Then it will say you completed the objective. Next, go out of the office and find the switch that opens the door and destroy it. Then you will fail the objective and on the pause menu it will say: Obtain keycode necklace: Failed, Yet you have the Necklace and you never shot Cassandra or the secretary! I did this on perfect agent by the way.

Loud cutscene
sent in by

I found another glitch for Perfect Dark. This time it in the first Area 51 Mission. For this all you need is a Laptop Gun and the cheat Unlimited Ammo: Laptop sentry gun. You can use any other cheats if you want, and it doesn't matter want Agent level you are on, Perfect, Special, It doesn't matter. Anyway, get to the end of the level and when you see the open door you need to go into to finish the level throw the laptop gun onto the wall inside the door and then walk in and cue the cut scene. After Jonathan shoots the guard, the gun will keep shooting at the guard and he will be on the ground moving. Also while the gun is firing it will be so loud you will barely able to hear the speech. It's really funny!

Another way to freeze the game in multiplayer
sent in by Jon White

If you play any Combat Simulator match, with two players and sims on your team you can freeze the game. First start up a game with your friend and have sims on your team. Then hold A. While holding A press Z twice and R once. If you do this very fast the game will aways freeze. So if your a sore loser, it's an easy way to end the game without "officially" being beat.

Torture guards that are down
sent in by Gene Dreyband

First of all, you knock out a guard, (prefferably with DK mode on) and then punch them on the ground until their head moves a little. After that take out a pistol and shoot them at the very tip or the back of the head. If done right, the enemy will pop up temporarily off the ground and fall down dead again. This can also be done to (hehe) Elvis on Deep Sea. Knock him out with your fists, it takes a while, then shoot him in the back of the head with a shotgun and he will pop up in a similar manner. (I call this the 360 flip cause sometimes the enemy spins as he pops up)

Also a glitch, somewhat fun to do, is shoot someone repeatedly in the head as they are dying. They will continue to nod their head until they begin bleeding on the floor. Works best with a machine gun. (I constantly ask yes or no questions to my friend whom I am shooting to make him nod his head)

Cheap multiplayer tricks
sent in by Gene Dreyband

Yet another cheap glitch, if you kill someone in combat simulator with a knife, they will respawn being poisoned. This usually takes them to about 50% life and gives them excessively blurry vision. AND YET ANOTHER thing that I found. Not too useful but extremely funny, but if you throw a proximity mine, (or if you are like me throw MANY MANY MINES) onto someone's back, it no longer detonates unless it is shot at or detonates because of an explosion. A side note, if you manage to throw just one remote mine on a friends back, its worth while all the effort you took to put it there. Its not something that you escape from easily :)

Get President stuck in wall
sent in by Gene Dreyband

This glitch is very tough to do. Turn on all guns code and infinite ammo no reloads, go to the Air Force One. Play up to the part with the president. If you throw a lot of mines on him occasionally he will get blown up and get stuck in a wall. I've only done this once, and I don't remember if you had to knock him out first or not.

Elevator glitches
sent in by Ace

In multiplayer, I found out some elevator glitches. The first is in the Ravine. You need three human players to do this. Go to the big floating elevator with one player, and just stand on the edge of the elevator closest to the highest level of the Ravine. Now have the second player jump on the first players head. Then use the third player and jump on the second player's head. The third player must have a gun (preferably a falcon 2). Have the third player shoot the 1st player and kill them. The 2nd and 3rd player will now be floating above the elevator, and the elevator will still be lifting you up and down. Now get a gun with the 1st player and jump on the 3rd players head. Continue to have the player on top of the others shoot the player on the bottom, and you keep getting higher and higher above the elevator. Eventually you can see above the arena.

If you thought that glitch was good, this one is even better. This glitch can be done in the Base, and other arenas with elevators in them. You need 2 players for this glitch. Go to the elevator in the center of the Base with both players. Have one player get on the elevator, and then have the other player fall on him. If you do this right, the elevator will lift you up, but when it goes back down, you will stay floating in the air. The elevator will continue to lift you up until you are high above the arena. Eventually, you pass above the layer of clouds! If you look around with the c buttons, the view is very weird. After a certain amount of time, you won't be able to see the arena. The game will freeze a short while after this. If you kill one of the players, the other will fall all the way down. If you land on the top of the side of the arena, sometimes the player will die.

X-ray menus
sent in by MVH ThunderDragon

First you must have the X-Ray scanner cheat. Then start the level of your choice. Activate the X-ray scanner and when it's active, abort the mission. Restart the level and the intro should be a bit odd. Activating the X-ray scanner just before finishing a level will also produce the effect. It also works with movies in the middle of levels.

Music glitch
sent in by Ace

A while ago I was playing perfect dark multiplayer with a friend. When the match was finished and the results screen came up, the music was a mixture of the music that we had on the level and the music that normally comes on when you end a match. They were both playing at the same time! I don't know how to do this glitch, but i hope to find out because it sounded cool with both songs playing at once.

Pilotwings 64

L.A. Bridge Glitch
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Go to Class A, choose Rocket Belt and Test 1 (the ring challenge). Go to the north end of the bridge (Interstate 5 in the real L.A.) and you see that the ground under it slopes upward to meet the bridge. Wedge yourself very tightly between the north end of the bridge and the ground under it, then hold Z. If you're in the right spot, you'll die! I did this glitch as Hawk (the guy I ALWAYS play as) so I recommend you use him here, probably because of his huge size-- he'd get stuck pretty easily :)

Lighthouse Glitch
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Choose Beginner Class and the Hang Glider and start the test. Instead of flying into the rings and playing the course like normal, just fly straight into the lighthouse and hit it as hard as you can. If you're lucky you might get stuck in it and die. For a laugh, try replaying the action...

Ferris Wheel glitch
sent in by Avolin

Take a picture of the ferris wheel up close in handglider or birdman mode on Holiday Island. If you save the photo and view it in the album, it moves forward 1 frame each time you view it! The photo will never save the actual position of the ferris wheel, just the relative position of the character to it.

Wacky Space Shuttle Glitch
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Choose the Rocket Belt and Class A to be in the Little States. Select the first test (you start the second test with an almost empty tank of gas) and you'll be in Los Angeles. Fly along the south coast to Florida (if you find yourself low on gas when you get close, stop at Georgia's "gas station") and be sure to be at a very high altitude, preferably over a hundred meters, and head towards the space shuttle that's about to take off. Use the R button for the overhead view and put yourself directly above the space shuttle and when you're lined up with it, hold Z to float in place. The space shuttle should be taking off underneath you. It'll hit you from below and you'll die. The weird part is that your character is stuck in mid-air, kicking his/her legs! Note that this won't work if you take Seattle's warp as you will not have the time to get above the space shuttle that way.

Pokémon Snap

Apple glitch
sent in by Stephen Shaw

On the Cave level, Go to where the big egg is and those weird people around it go to the crack on the side where there is water in the bottom and throw a apple down. It will stay on the surface until it disappears!! If you want to make sure it is water when you enter the level look at the waterfall and it goes down in the solid water.

Charmander Glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

In the Volcano stage, get to the part where you are stopped by a Moltres egg and there are 6 Charmanders running around to your left. Throw apples and try to lure the Charmanders really close to you. Wait a little while, and some of the Charmanders will start roaring at you. While they are roaring, play the PokéFlute. Now look at the eyes of the Charmanders that were roaring at you.... kinda strange, huh?

Floating Charmeleon
sent in by Victreebel64

Sometimes, when you throw a Pester Ball at the Charmeleon at the end of the Volcano Stage, he'll fall into the lava pit but sorta get stuck on top of it as well. He'll wake up after a few moments and start walking around in midair above the lava, then after a second or two he'll sink into the lava and turn into Charizard. It's pretty weird and rather hard to explain.

Make Pikachu disappear
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Do you hate Pikachu? Do you wish it would just go away? Now you can do it! It is simple. In the Beach, make the Rat go AROUND the Surfboard with Apples. Next, keep on luring it while facing backwards towards Snorlax. When it won't move anymore, smack it with a pesterball. It'll go "CHHHHHHHHAAAAA!" And Vanish! This also works if it goes "PIKA! PIKA!" When it is near food (though I prefer the Pesterball).

Hurt Pikachu without hurting it
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Not really a glitch but...if you want to hurt Pikachu without actually hitting it with anything, then do this.

Go to the Beach. Use the Dash Engine to go past Doduo. Lure the Pikachu (the one that you could make disappear) into Doduo's path. It'll kick Pikachu and Pikachu will go "CHAAAAAAAA!" Fun to do though.

Stop Pikachu from following Diglett
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

You probably know, that in the Tunnel Level, a Pikachu plays with a Diglett. It follows it around as you take pictures of the Diglett, causing it to evolve and show up with more Dugtrio. But one problem. Pikachu get's in the way sometimes. It can shave off a few bonus Points for same Pokémon when taking a pic of Dugtrio.

To stop Pikachu from following Diglett, hit it with an Apple or Pesterball after you take a pic of Diglett, before it can follow. Don't do it too early though. If done correctly, Diglett will just move on. When it evolves and you can snap 3 Dugtrio, you'll get extra valuable Bonus points. Plus a Pika-Free Pic.

Magnemite Glitch
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

This one is simple. Take a Picture of a Magnemite not emitting Sonic Waves with Magnemite that are emitting them in it. The result is, though the other Magnemites are blurry, you still get the Bonus Points!

Pokémon Stadium

Freeze the game
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Go into the Kids Club and play "Run Rattata Run!" It works best on Hyper Mode, since the CPUs should be able to keep up with you (Make sure you are fairly good at it). When you reach the end of the track, chances are all the Rattata will jump onto the finish line close to the same time. It works best that way, though you can still do it if they finish away from each other. Well back to the main thing, JUST before the Rattata finish, Pause. You should be able to pause the game while they have just finished. Now select QUIT or PLAY ANOTHER GAME. The menu will Vanish and the game will do nothing. It just stays there. Keep on waiting: Nothing will happen. The only way to get it going again is to reset the game.

The Phantom Controller
sent in by anonomos

In Hey, You Pikachu! take the video telephone and attach it to the 4th game slot. Start Stadium and get to Pokemon Stadium's file select screen and look at the screen. The game thinks what you put in was a controler!

Pokémon Stadium 2

Disappearing Magikarp
sent in by

First,start a free battle,then pick 1p Vs com, pick Sneesel as your first Pokemon, then pick Chikorita, Elekid, Cyndaquil, Tootodile, and Togepi as your others, Pick Cal's Pokemon to be ONLY Magikarp, during the fight, use Only Sneesel's Beat Up attack(A then C>), when you kill Cal's Magikarp, it'll disappear into thin air for a split second, then die. Weird.

More on Disappearing Magikarp and other glitches
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

First, the Dissappearing Magikarp Glitch will work with any Pokemon, you don't need to use any of the Pokemon there. As long as 1 of yours has Beat Up, and you K.O. the opponent's pokemon with Beat up.

Anyway, the glitch is with Diglett/Dugtrio and Substitute. Play with one with Substitute and Dig. Use Substitue, then Dig. Then, when Diglett/Dugtrio uses Dig, it'll be above ground! Wait, didn't it go underground? It'll vanish, then Re-appear and damage the opponent! Also works on Stadium 1.

If you lose in the Challenge Cup, if you think the opponent's team is too good, suspend if you have a Continue. When you Return to the battle, the opponent's Pokémon will have Changed, but yours will have stayed the same.

Not really a Glitch, but sometimes, if you K.O. one of the First Rocket's Pokémon in The Gym Leader Castle, he'll say "Just as I planned it." WHAT?!! You mean he wanted his Pokémon to faint?

This is just Lazy Programming. Check out the Accademy. Earl really proves himself to be a real Idiot. Other than all the bad recommended moves (He says to put Sunny Day on Grass types to boost Solarbeam to one turn, but since Sunny Day boosts FIRE type moves, and Grass are weak to fire, you just are commiting Suicide), he procliamas Submission is the Most Powerful Fighting move...but Cross Chop (100 Base Power) , Dynamicpunch (100 BP) , and Hi Jump Kick (85 BP) All have better power than Submission (80 BP).

Sometimes, you get a Save error. Clean it and put it back in. I heard that many people forget to press A. Do it, otherwise, it is El Corrupto for your game data. It might partally save, like a glitch that lets you delete only part of the data in Zelda 4, but thats a different story.

Rainbow Six

Get stuck
sent in by MKDemon

In the second stage, there are two entrances to the building. One in the front, and one around the left side of the building. Pick the lock to the side door and enter. You will enter a room with a door in front of you. Go through the door, and kill the Tango on the other side of the room. After you kill him, climb up and go to the stack of boxes on the very left. There should be a small space on the right side of the stacks. Enter this space. This might take two or three tries. Try entering from all different angles. Once you enter the space, continue to walk until you hit the wall. If you turn around, you will notice that your (computer-controlled) partner is gone. Exit the space and look at the stack of boxes. Your partner should be stuck in the boxes. It might take two or three tries to get him in there. Once he is stuck, he won't be able to get out. So, either restart the mission, or continue without him.

Resident Evil 2

Free Ammo
sent in by Cl0vis15

When ever you add a part to a gun (Leon or Hunk's quests only) it will automatically refill to its maximum ammo holding with ammo from thin air. So be sure to always empty that clip to zero before adding that part to take full benefit of this little mishap.

Rush 2

High scoring glitch
sent in by

On stunt level, have on all cheats.(you can do it w/o them on, but it's much easier with them on.) Now, get a fast, light car. Next, go to the rocky area under the top level. Have your car facing the slope of the road on the far end. Start going and hit the slope. If you hit it right, you will go up and over the wall and go into blackness. When you hit the ground, you will sometimes do as many as 45 or 50 rolls and multiple other tricks. To get back out, turn around and drive until you see the track above you. Then hit c-up repeatedly to float up to the track. This is fun to do to see how many rolls you can pull off and a great way to get a high score.

San Fransisco Rush 2049

Stunt points glitch
sent in by Roger Peters

To get a bunch of stunt points on a stunt course, drive to a place so that there is a straight drop-off in front of you, then slowly drive towards the edge. Once you are almost completely over the edge, push the reverse button and hold it. You should be hanging on the edge. Even though it does not show it, the game will keep on counting up points. Once you let go of reverse, it will show your points.

Disappearing items
sent in by Roger Peters

First of all, you have to be on a racetrack or stunt course that has stuff that if you hit it, it flies away. Get near one of them, then press the abort button, like the cactuses on stunt course 3. Then drive into it while you are still flashing. Hold the brakes, and once you become solid, the knock-away item will disappear. It is important that you are not driving when you become solid, or it will not work.

0 laps
sent in by Roger Peters

Sometimes the game glitches and the laps say 0. If you do laps, the guy will say "Rush Laps to go," then "3 laps to go," always doing a sound effect then saying laps to go.

Wheel glitch
sent in by Roger Peters

Choose the Crusher in stunt (Don't push A), then push B and choose single race and select a track and the cars tires should be messed up. If they're not, push B and choose stunt then a track and they will be.

Silicon Valley

Get stuck as a rabbit
sent in by Devin Monnens

Go to the ice level with the big snow machine (forget the name, haven't played for awhile) and go to the corner where you start. If you're the rabbit, you can jump over the side and get stuck there.

South Park 64

Ned's invisible arm
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Choose Ned in multiplayer and pick anyone else. Now find Ned when you have the Toilet Plunger Shooter. Now aim for his missing arm. If you do this right, the toilet plunger should stick on nothing!!!!!

Ike has a diseased head
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Choose Ike in multiplayer and Kyle for the other player. (It might work with others) Anyway, find Ike and jump onto his head. Now look all the way down at the top of his head. It looks completely screwy. If you have the Sniper Chicken (Not required) you can look through that and it looks even more diseased.

Star Fox 64

Super Floating Totem Pole
by David Wonn

This glitch is just for kicks, and it requires that you have earned the ability to fight with the players on foot in multiplayer mode. If you haven't already earned the foot soldiers, you need to earn all the medals in Expert mode. Now on with the trick:

Select a 4-player Point Match, and have all players on foot in the Corneria level. Get all of them to meet near one of the pyramids in the middle and try to get one player to jump directly on top of another player. Now have a third player jump on top of the other two. Use the pyramid to help get a little extra height. Finally, have the last player jump on top of the whole stack. This is very tricky to do and may take several attempts before you get it just right. Make the top player aim directly down and fire one shot at the others below. If the players are lined up just right, the blast should knock the bottom player out of the totem pole, but the other players will be suspended in mid-air! It's very difficult to do just right but it looks funny when it works. Try to see how high you can stack this totem pole!

Invisible Walls
sent in by Cl0vis15

When you are flying out of Venom, while following James McCloud, you can make the walls disappear. There are three ways to accomplish this. The first way is to make a tight turn at a junction. You can do this by tilting, thrusting, and turning all at once. Another method is to use you thrusters, and get ahead of James McCloud. The last method is to kill yourself by crashing head first into the middle of a junction. All three of these will work, but the first method works more often.

Walled Up
sent in by Cl0vis15

When you have earned the right to play the Landmaster in versus mode, you can pull off yet another of this game's glitches. Start a game on the Corneria level in Vs. mode. Drive the landmaster a short distance from a building, then fly up and forwards. If you time it right, you land squarely on the building, and fall through. You'll now be totally inside the building, or half in and half out. Either way, your vehicle will slowly drive out of the building, through the walls.

Weird Opening
sent in by Cl0vis15

Go to training mode, then pause the game and turn off the sites using the R Trigger. Then pause the game again and quit training mode. Then go back to the opening sequence at the beginning of the game. Do this not by resetting, but by pressing the B button till you get there. There should now be to very noticeable differences. First, what ROB64 and GENERAL PEPPER say won't be printed out, and secondly, GENERAL PEPPER won't say all he normally does.

Go through a wall
sent in by

Go to the first level and save Falco and go through those little rock arches, so you go to the special boss. when Falco says "follow me, Fox!" and you go through the tunnel, pull up and go through the over hanging black thing. You go right through it!

Unlimited Lives (Multi-Player)
sent in by M A L O N

You need to have the ability to walk on foot and fight. It needs to be at least a 3 player game. All players must be on foot. Kill the other characters until they only need to die 1 more time to lose the match. Have one character (character A) shoot the other characters (characters B&C) until they only need 1 more hit to die. Then have B&C stand as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to one another. Then have A shoot both of them simultaneously. It needs to be only 1 shot that kills them both. This should enable there to be unlimited lives for the characters that were being shot. Now, take A&B and kill them so A has only 1 life before he loses and shoot him until he needs only 1 shot to die. Shoot at B until he only needs 1 hit to die. If you accidentally kill B, that's no prob, cause he cant die. But DON'T kill A because then you will have top restart the process. Okay, now have C shoot A&B simultaneously. If done correctly, EVERYONE should have unlimited lives. The stars will keep going up as you make kills, but once they get to the end of your screen, they will just disappear.

Score glitch for the experts
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

If you get 512 or more points on Area 6 when you play a game, something strange will happen when you go to the high score list. When you enter your initials and the score is added to the list, both the Area 6 and Total Hits score displayed will be 256 less than the real score. For instance, today I got a game where I had 529 on Area 6 and 2102 Total Hits. When that was added to the score list, 529 was displayed as 273 (the medal icon was still displayed next to it), and 2102 appeared as 1846. But the score is still ranked like the real value of the score, it's just displayed wrong. This causes the list to appear out of order. Go through the game again with a 512+ score on Area 6 and you can screw things further. If the real value of your Total Hits is higher than the displayed value of the messed-up score, it will be ranked above the other screwed score, and if said score's displayed value is within 256 of the one you just got, you'll have three scores ranked in reversed order. Right now, I've gotten over 512 so many times in various games, my top ten high score list is completely messed up. In fact, my highest score ever of 2111 (which was hit with the glitch because Area 6's score was 543) is moving near the bottom of my high score list.

Strange Blur and Green Void Underwater
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

First, get into Meteo/Asteroid Belt's warp by going through all of those ring things just after the checkpoint. While inside, do whatever you want: except die of course! When you reach the end, look at Peppy's, Slippy's and Falco's ships. They look a little blurry. What? You say it is special effects?!! Then answer this: why isn't Fox's ship blurred? So either they accidently blurred Fox's wingman's ships or forgot to blur Fox's. Quite...odd.

Also, in Zoness, if you run into a lot of barriers while going down (hint: at the boss), you could go under the polluted sea to see...a green void? Now why do they just shove a void there instead of being lazy? Laziness in the programmers is probably one of the most common reasons for video game glitches!

Go through a rock
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Somewhere in Aquas (between where Slippy says "It's Beautiful!" and "How's the Blue Marine Fox?", there is this rock you can go through if you are careful enough. Try braking through the back of it.

Star Wars: Episode I Racer

Turbo Boost
sent in by Rubee64

At the beginning of the race the announcer will say, "3... 2... 1!" Just before he says, "1!", push the analog stick UP and press A. If it worked your pilot will shout.

Dual Controller Mode
sent in by Rubee64

Select an empty game save (to erase, press C-Up), the hold the Z button while scrolling through the letters on the name entry screen. To enter a letter, hit the L Button. Enter the following word: RRDUAL. When you're finished, select "End" and hit L again. Now enter your name the usual way. You now control the game with two analog sticks. Use controller ports #1 and #3, press forward on both sticks to drive and pull back to steer.

sent in by Rubee64

Select an empty game save (to erase, press C-Up), the hold the Z button while scrolling through the letters on the name entry screen. To enter a letter, hit the L Button. Enter the word: RRJABBA. When you're finished, select "End" and hit L again. Now enter your name the usual way. Start a race and press START to pause it. Now press D-Pad left, down, right, up -- and you will be invincible.

Mirror Mode
sent in by Rubee64

Select an empty game save (to erase, press C-Up), the hold the Z button while scrolling through the letters on the name entry screen. To enter a letter, hit the L Button. Enter the word: RRTHEBEAST. When you're finished, select "End" and hit L again. Now enter your name the usual way. Pause the race during gameplay and enter D-Pad left, down, right, up to activate mirror mode.

Very fast lap glitch
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

I accidently found this out, and regret it. First, select an empty save file. Hold Z while going through the letters, and hit L to enter them. Enter RRTANGETABACUS and go to END and hit L. This code activates all cheats, except dual control. The OK message appears. Now just go select your file, activate the the cheat menu at the pause screen (left, down, right, up). Go into it and set the Debug menu to anything but 1. Now, hold "Down" to Rewind after the race starts. Then, hold "Up" to Fast Foward. The announcer will say that their is a new lap record...Wait a second...That was almost in 1 (or less!) seconds! Don't finish the race though, or it'll save that record. And since there is no way to delete saved data, you'll be fooling with a large magnet like I am, trying to erase the data.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Selection screen glitch
sent in by Mike Klass

Hardware: N64 without Expansion Pak
[This works best with no previously saved files and it rarely happens if you have one saved file]

Glitch: In the saved game selection screen with the rotating Rebel Alliance symbols, when you switch between them quickly (sometimes you don't have to switch between them, sometimes it happens automatically) the symbol seems to get "stuck", in other words, it freezes in one place but keeps rotating, as if nothing happened, but a frame of the animation is stuck where it froze! it fixes itself after a full rotation, but then it keeps doing it! It goes on forever until you pick a new game. I think it has something to do with not having a Ram Pak to load the images into, but who knows?

Fly Through Walls
sent in by Bill

A good place to try this out is the Imperial Construction Yards. To go through a wall, choose a repulsor vehicle such as the speeder or V-wing. Fly towards a wall and pull up a little before you hit it, so you are now flying up the wall. Once you reach the flight ceiling, you will go through the wall and end up in a different area, or if you're low on health, you will crash and die.

Another Wall glitch
sent in by Farmboy

Like the fly through wall you can fly through the wall in Rescue Of Nonnah with the Millenium Falcon just ram it and you can go anywhere but all you see is the shadow of the falcon.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Cutscene weirdness
sent in by Devin Monnens

If you use the ultimate cheat in Shadows of the Empire and go to Boba Fett, you can destroy his ship first by falling through the wall. His ship will be there. Shoot it and blow it up. Boba Fett will explode, then a cut-scene will appear with Boba Fett's ship flying out and then another of it exploding.

Super Mario 64

Race Koopa the Quick in Zero Seconds! (Course 1)
by David Wonn (January 1997)

This is the photo I sent to Nintendo of America in early 1997.

See more photos of this glitch, courtesy of redslime: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Enter the first course with the second star selected. Now grab a Wing Cap and face Koopa the Quick, but give yourself enough room for a Triple Jump. Jump two times in a row, and perform your third jump when you are really close to Koopa the Quick. If you're too close, you'll end up talking to him, so make sure that you reject his offer for a race. If your timing is right, you will be flying in the air as usual, but the music will decrease in volume slightly.

Now head for the first cannon and try to land into it directly without touching the ground nearby. Launch Mario out toward the mountain and try to land right next to the flagpole. You may need to land in another cannon to pull this trick off. If everything is done properly, you will see Koopa's message appear even though you are on top of the mountain. Choose to accept his challenge, and the timer will appear as usual, but it will stop immediately since you are at the flagpole. Now you can say that you beat Koopa in no time at all! If you go back and look for him you'll find that he bit the dust. He's still in his original position, but he's invisible and he won't talk to you. I think he ran away and gave up!

Rematch Koopa the Quick in Zero Seconds! (Course 13)
discovered by Steven Zwartjes and David Wonn, independently (circa December 1998)
explained by David Wonn

If you guys liked my infamous Zero second trick in course 1, you'll love what can be done in the rematch! Enter course 13 with the third star selected. Go into the section where the enemies are huge and look for a Koopa Troopa roaming around in the sand. Knock the Koopa out of his shell and destroy him, but don't touch the Koopa shell! Now climb upward to where you can see two yellow coins. Go all the way up against the wall where the left coin is located. Now take a few steps to run away from the wall, then quickly do a U-turn jump into the wall. As soon as you hit the wall jump again, and if you time it right you can just barely grab the ledge of the platform off to your left. This is where you will find Koopa the Quick.

Go back to where the fence is located and turn around so you are facing Koopa. Now you will need to prepare for a Triple Jump as in the original Zero Second trick. Make two jumps toward Koopa, and perform your third jump when you are really close to Koopa the Quick. If you're too close, you'll end up talking to him, so make sure that you reject his offer for a race in that case. If your timing is just right, you will be able to fall into the sandy area below. As if that weren't already hard enough, here's the hardest part: You need to land on the Turtle Shell below!

If you manage to accomplish all of the above just right, then you're ready to perform the glitch! Now that you are riding the Turtle Shell, take a ride all the way over to the flagpole. The best way to get there is to ride across the surface of the water, past the cannon, and jump across the gaps from platform to platform, letting the wind carry you on your way. Once you get near the flagpole, press Z to destroy the shell. Now Koopa the Quick will ask you to race him. Accept his offer and the timer will start and then immediately stop since you are at the flagpole. Koopa once again does his old vanishing trick as before. I think he was tired of seeing you beat him so quick, so he ran away!

Get to the top of the castle with ZERO stars!
technique by David Wonn

See a video clip, courtesy of Ben Miller, on how this is done!

(I'm not the first to have done this trick, but my technique may sound a little different than what you have heard before. No wall jumps are necessary!)

At the beginning, go off to the right and cross the bridge until you get to the furthest tree. Now take a close look at the green wall, and you will see the separate polygons that make up the wall. The important one is the V-shaped polygon in the middle. Now picture two imaginary lines which trisect that angle. The path that you will want to follow is the left line which trisects the angle. Back up Mario just a little bit to give yourself room to prepare a Triple Jump. Start the first jump so that you land on the ground just behind the imaginary line. Continue the next two jumps up the hill. When you land from the final jump, Mario will start to slide on his rear. After sliding for no more than a tenth of a second, jump. If everything is done properly, the momentum of your slide should give you enough distance to grab the wall of the castle. Just climb up and presto, you're on top of the castle! Once you get this trick to work, you'll have it mastered in no time.

FYI, it is possible to get to the very tip top of the castle as well without any Stars. I now have the explanation hidden somewhere in this site. See if you can find it. :)
There is now a clip on the hidden page for it as well!

Death Glitches
by David Wonn

(I originally sent these tricks to Cyberdan's Super Mario 64 web site early on in 1997, which isn't up at this time.) The first one makes Mario lose a life for no reason whatsoever:

After you have already collected 120 Stars, launch Mario up to the top of the castle. Now go as far back as you can and go to the extreme right of the castle, but make sure not to fall off. Inch your way to the edge so that Mario just hangs there by his hands. Get back up, and repeat the process, but try to get Mario further into the corner each time. If you do this properly, you will hear Bowser's sinister laughter, and you'll lose a life! It's just a strange bug that doesn't have any practical use, unless you're just trying to figure out how many different ways you can pluck a plumber.

Here's another weird trick, which allows you to launch Mario out of cannons even when his life meter is empty:

First, make sure that your life meter is down to one quarter or less. Now go toward a nearby cannon, and try to make Mario fall from a high place, but try to land right next to the cannon. The timing for this is quite tricky, so you may want to practice this when your life meter is full. If your timing is right, Mario will hang onto the edge of the hole with his hands, but his life meter will be empty. Now press the Z button to make Mario fall into the cannon. You can aim Mario anywhere you want, but he will die no matter where he lands. If you launch him into a tree, he will just fall off and die the usual way. However, if you launch him into the water, he will drown immediately.

There are many locations where you can try this trick, but it is easiest when there is a tree nearby. The cannon outside the castle is just perfect for this trick. All you have to do is climb one of the nearby trees, do a handstand, aim Mario toward the cannon, and then jump while holding the A button down. You may need to tweak your jump with the analog stick just before he lands, in order to get the trick to work.

Get on top of the gray wall in Princess's Secret Slide Level
sent in by Jason Whalls

Go to the princess' slide and slide on your butt to where you exit the tunnel. Do a bunch of jumps and try to get as close to the exit of the tunnel as possible. Then hop to either side of the slide. Now comes the tricky part. You must hop over the edge, facing the start, and do the dive move to get extra distance. If everything is perfect you land on top of the brick wall where the slide ends.

Ghost Lakitu
sent in by Wario the Third

First, In Mario 64 what I call, ghost Lakitu. Start a new game and use your trick to get to the top of the castle. Do not talk to Lakitu first. Now just jump off the edge above the door, and use the kick to land on the porch (the part with the door, past the bridge). Lakitu will just be sitting there and you can walk through him. You also get to skip the conversation about the camera.

Snowman's Land Glitch
sent in by Iacopo Sorce

As we know if you fall into the snow from high places you don't get damage... but that happens also in the ice platform where there's the boss (that bad blue buddy)!!

Passing through the sliding doors
sent in by Iacopo Sorce

You have to set Mario camera and simply enter and exit the door as fast as you can. If the camera angle is right Mario will pass through the sliding door!

Fake lava on Bowser in the Fire Sea
sent in by Iacopo Sorce

When you fight Bowser, stay close to him when he pounds the ground. The lava that will touch Mario (when he's on the platform) will not damage him! You'll simply see him disappear into it, and then reappear!!!

Fall through wall in Rainbow Ride
sent in by Iacopo Sorce

On Rainbow Ride go in the 8-red-coins maze, exactly where the star appears when you get all the 8 red coins, and make a Bob-Omb push you on one of the 2 corners. When it'll explode Mario will fall down!

Trap Door Jump
sent in by Cl0vis15

In the hall with the entrance with first encounter with Bowser, if you time it right, you can jump, and land on the trap door as it shuts. Then jump again, and land on it as it closes again, try to see how long you can keep this going!

Running backwards
sent in by Curtis Stephens

In the beginning, go towards the green wall on the right. Somewhere by the last tree, triple-jump up the wall. Mario will usually slide on his stomach. If he does, jump when you get near the bottom of the wall and keep pressing forward. If you did this correctly, Mario will look like he's walking forward but will be moving backwards instead. This only lasts for a few seconds though.

Penguin Glitch
sent in by Rick (Lickichu) and Pat

In Cool, Cool Mountain, Take the baby penguin at the start and throw him down the chimney. Now look down the chimney, he will be FLOATING IN IT!
[Ed. note: You can also do this with the Rabbit glitch if you carry the rabbit to the entrance of the second encounter with Bowser.]

Air current death trick
sent in by Audie Aderholt

In Tiny Huge Island course (the one where Mario can become big or small), the air currents halfway up the mountain can be used for a death trick. This trick works when Mario is small. Work your way up the mountain until you reach the spot where the air currents are. Clear out all the enemies. Angle Mario to where he is facing to the left of the island in the middle of the air. Get a running start, and long jump straight to the left of the island. While Mario is jumping, the air currents should start lifting him up. However, Mario will still die.

Alternate way to reach the floating island in course 1
by David Wonn

Normally the floating island in the Bob-Omb Battlefield is accessible by using either a cannon or a wing cap, but I have found yet another way to get up there! First you will need to have beaten the Bob-Omb King and Koopa the Quick. Select star #3 or higher when you enter the course. Look for a Koopa Troopa in the course and take his shell. Now make your way up the mountain by avoiding the various dangers along the way. Once you manage to make it near the top, look for the spot that is closest to the floating island. It's almost at the very top, but just very slightly lower than the top of the mountain. This is the spot you will ultimately need to jump from, but you will need to build up some momentum before attempting the jump.

The best way I have found to build up speed is by looking for a small ledge that jets out a little bit off to your right. Use this small ledge to go around in circles while riding the shell. This will allow you to quickly build up speed. Once you have reached top speed, go for the previously mentioned spot and make a leap of faith toward the floating island. If all goes well, you'll be able to jump all the way to the island, possibly with some room to spare! So why did I bother doing this? Well, I wanted to see how many stars in the game I could collect without ever activating any of the Switch blocks and without ever activating any cannons in the entire game. With the use of this trick you can collect 6 of the 7 stars in course 1 without ever needing a cap or a cannon. Good luck!

Spinning Heart glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

Go up to one of those spinning hearts that give you life when you touch it. (BTW, this only works on a few levels, like Bob Omb Battlefield and Shifting Sand Land) Use Mario's View to look at the heart, and if you look at it from the right angle, and if you look REALLY closely, you will find that the heart is enclosed in some kind of weird invisible box. It's not much but it's pretty cool.

sent in by Victreebel64

Sometimes, if you're standing on the edge of a platform and moving/jumping around real erratic, the screen will spaz out and start shaking. It's pretty weird and rather difficult to explain.

Make the Big Boo get stuck in the wall!
sent in by Victreebel64

Go to where the Big Boo is in the castle, and make sure he's there, but don't chase him or it won't work. Go back out and go to the room where the Whomp's Fortress panting is, but don't jump in. Instead walk SLOWLY along the left side of the wall all the way to the bottom. Now go back and look at Boo, he is facing backwards! Chase him out to the garden, come back in, go in the basement (past the door with a keyhole), come out, and he should be there. Go back to the Whomp's Fortress room, walk slowly along the left side again, only this time about half way down you should hear a ghost cackle. Go back in Boo's and he is gone. Go to the door (don't go THROUGH the door. If you do the trick will not work and you'll have to start over) and stand in the left corner next to the door. Press C-Up to go into Mario-vision mode then move the camera with the control stick until it goes through the wall. When you do that, you will see Boo, just floating around in that weird black abyss behind the wall! To reset this trick, just enter the basement.

Vanishing Spider
sent in by Victreebel64

Go to Hazy Maze Cave, and take the left door at the start. You are now in the Black Hole room. There should be one of those orange spider things on the platform you start on. Try to make the spider walk off the red grate type platform. When it does, it will disappear into thin air!

Sound glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

Go to Lethal Lava Land, and select the 5th or 6th star. Get the Shiny Shell out of the first box, then surf over to the big log you have to roll. Go under it, and Mario will make a weird noise. (And die!!)

Reset glitch
sent in by Alex Evans

Press and hold the Reset button, and eventually the music from the last area you were in will start playing, even though the screen is black.

Jump rope Mario
sent in by Alex Evans

To make mario look like he has a jump rope, do a long jump and hold down on the control stick, but as soon as you land each long jump, do another long jump and keep holding down. Eventually, you won't have to hold down and you can just keep long jumping, but you wont be moving, but it looks like Mario has an invisible jumprope.

3 strange deaths
sent in by glitcher

Strange death 1

In Shifting Sand Land, work your way over to Eyerok and start fighting him. Wait until his hands retreat to the corners of the room and start pounding the ground rapidly. When he does this, walk underneath one of them and wait there until you lose all his energy. When Mario dies, his corpse will mysteriously disappear.

Strange death 2

In Tall Tall Mountain, get up to where the Chuckya lies and make sure that your lifebar is red. Now do a long jump and aim it towards the corner below you where the 1-up is found. If you did it right, Mario will lose the rest of his energy from the fall, but will have enough momentum to slide into the wind currents. This allows you to fly without any energy. But as soon as you touch the ground, Mario dies.

Strange death 3

In Rainbow Ride, start collecting 99 coins from the lower half of the level then take the second magic carpet which leads to the top half. Along the ride, you'll notice one or two coins floating in mid-air. When you collect one, the star should appear with no platform below it. If you collect it, Mario will fall down (without screaming) and land on the invisible cube borders of the level where he'll do his V sign. As soon as the text box disappears, Mario will stand there screaming and suddenly die.

Freak Mario
sent in by glitcher

[Ed. note: I don't endorse doing the following, so only do so at your own risk.]
While running around, SLOWLY lift up the left side of the cartridge until the music becomes scrambled. When it does, Mario should fall flat on his back and lose his legs. Now you can put the cartridge back in to place unscramble the sound, but Mario will still glide around on his back until you jump. Freaky!

Mario the amazing foot breather!
sent in by Myo P

Jump into water in any level. Press down on the control stick, his head will go under and his feet will be a little bit above the water and he won't lose any life he'll be breathing by his feet.

Stuck in the castle's ceiling
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

When you enter the castle, climb the stairs to the mezzanine. Go left along this balcony until the path curves (this leads to Bowser in the Dark World). Now get against the wall, run away from it and Side Somersault and you should be on top of the wall on some incline. Start tapping the A-button like mad and you might start "vibrating" in the ceiling. Weirder still, you might bump your head way up there, and bounce back and forth forever bumping your head over and over and you have to reset. It's hilarious to watch.

Classic Mario 64 glitches
from the former sites, N64HQ and

See several glitches including the original wing cap glitch, hidden room, the infamous rabbit glitch, and more at these preserved copies of the former N64HQ and Note that since these sites are in their original form, you'll need to hit the back button to get back here.

N64HQ's Super Mario 64 Cheats's Super Mario 64 Cheats

Bob-omb oddities
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

If you kick or throw a Bob-Omb at the Chain Chomp in Bob-Omb Battlefield, the Chain Chomp will fly high into the air. Useful when you're trying to collect the Red Coin above the Chomp's post, or when you're trying to run circles around the post for bonus coins.

If you kick or throw a Bob-Omb at a wooden box, the box will break. Looks neat but not useful, since you can break it more easily with just a punch.

If you pick up a Bob-Omb the INSTANT it gets ready to explode, you might be holding an oversized Bob-Omb. This takes perfect timing and I have only done it once or twice...

The Danger Of The Rolling Log
sent in by Jason Whalls

In Tall, Tall Mountain, get to the rolling log, and stand on the side with the monkey (kill the flyguy to prevent annoyances). I prefer to make the camera face Mario at this point. Now get on the log, but stay right near the edge of the monkey side of the stage. Ride it to the right about halfway, then run hard against it to make the log change direction and return to its original resting place. However, before you get back to the starting position, have Mario start to run against the log again, but NOT fast enough as to make it change direction once more. The goal now is to have him sink beneath the log while it rolls into the resting position. If done correctly, the log will roll over Mario and trap him between the log and the brick-type thing the log rolls on. This effectively traps Mario in the "squished position". Now you can move the camera around to get a better view of him, but after a short amount of time, the Bowser Face of Doom comes on, Mario disappears, and you die.

Fall Without Losing Life
sent in by Wendy Rayfield

Jump from a high place where you would lose life from and hit B to kick right before you land. You will stop in mid air and start falling from there. You will not lose any life.
[Ed. note: Most people already know this, but you can also use the Z button to break your fall.]

Get into the town in Wet-Dry world easier
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

You don't need a cannon to get to the town, but it is a little tricky to do. Jump into the painting at the VERY top and it should be flooded enough so you can just jump out of the water and reach it!

Get into the town, cannonless & shallow
by David Wonn

It is possible to get into the town in Wet-Dry World without the aid of a cannon, and while the water is at its lowest point. First, work your way up to the top portion of the level, using triple jumps, reverse jumps, wall kicks, and even use some enemies to throw you upward to the next higher platforms. Once you've made it to the top, look for the part that is closest to the black fence. This is the part where you see 5 coins and the ground begins to lower downward, and then there is a big dropoff. Before you are at the part that goes downward, line yourself up with the fence, but slightly to the left. All you need to do is perform a triple jump onto the wall that is on your left. Just make sure your first jump is on solid ground, then make the other jumps on the slanted platform on your left that is at the edge of the course. Once you've done the triple jump, it just takes another jump and a dive, and you're in! It's a lot easier said than done, of course. :-)

Even more ways into the town of Wet-Dry world.
sent in by Andrew Kent

#1) Dead easy. Doesn't ANYONE know about the warp??? Go to the pillar where the 3rd lowest water switch is, stand in the little alcove between the lowest and highest steps, and Mario will warp to the platform where the canon is. FYI this cannot be done unless the water is at its lowest level.

#2) Go to where the "Tricky Arrow Lifts" star is, then side-somersault, backflip, double jump, or use any other method you like to get Mario standing ON TOP of the box with the star in it. Therefore you mustn't break the box if you want this to work. Then face towards the platform where the "Top O' The Town" star is located, and backflip onto the sharp slope leading up to the canon. Not all that hard to do, but dang, that fire blower makes things annoying!

#3) Go to the space between the canon pillar and the side wall. It's a good idea to move the block parallel with the box, but don't break the box, coz it makes it all harder if you do. Now simply wall-kick up the space, bit by bit. If you're lucky, you'll be able to grab onto the edge of the canon platform. If you're unlucky, (and this has happened to me heaps of times), you'll hit the space above the wall, and you'll hear that Boing! noise, Mario will fall to the ground below, and lose half your life, unless you have the water set one level above lowest.

Mario the flying undead
sent in by Mickey Mortimer

As an amusing variation to the "launch Mario out of a cannon while dead" trick in Mario 64, go to to Shifting Sand Land and get to the cannon on the path over the quicksand (with the rolling blocks patrolling it). The easiest way is with a wing cap. Once there and with a wing cap, go into the cannon and aim as far left and up as possible and shoot yourself out. You'll hit the invisible wall/ceiling, land on the ground, bounce into the cannon and lose life. Do this twice to lose all your health, then aim away and launch a third time to fly. Now Mario will be the flying undead! Once he touches the ground he dies and when he touches water, he drowns.

Elevator glitch
sent in by Andrew Kent

In Mario 64, when you're in Hazy Maze Cave, go to the place where there is an elevator leading up, and get into the depression it leaves. When it comes back down, start crawling around with Mario. All of a sudden, you can see him. Try to go off the elevator: you can't! Then let go of Z and Mario will disappear except for the tip of his hat.

Almost Perpetual Wingcap Music
sent in by Andrew Kent

Go to Course 1, and select the first star. Make sure you already unlocked the Wing Cap. Shoot yourself to the gravity-defying Island, get the Wing Cap, then quickly shoot yourself to the mountaintop.

Talk to the Big Bob-omb, drop to the higher alcove where the warp is situated, then use the warp. When you come out at the bottom, the Wing Cap will have of course disappeared, but the Wing Cap tune will continue to play ... non-stop!

You can also do this when you race against Koopa. Get the Wing Cap, chat with him, then warp. Finish the race, and the flying music will be playing once again.

There are several ways to halt this wingcap music. First, (if you select the first star), notice that when you warp downwards and run back up the mountain, talk with the bib Bob-omb again, and warp down again, it keeps playing. If you warp back again, or warp back from top to bottom without chatting to the Bob-omb king, the music stops. Another way to stop it is to get another wing cap, when it fades, the old music returns.

Mario drowns and returns to the bridge
sent in by Andrew Kent

An alternate way of killing and drowning Mario in the Vanish Cap level (and more challenging) is to enter the level with 50% power, and run to the right. Long-Jump off the edge of the slide, over the ballistrade, towards the ground below.

Try to aim right at the edge. If you're lucky, you can hit the edge, causing Mario to lose the other four power units, and plummet to your death. When Mario comes out in the water, he'll drown, and then he does his usual stunt of re-appearing on the bridge and falling over.

Whomp King glitch
sent in by William Knipper

Go to the stage "Whomp's Fortress". Select the first star( Chip off Whomp's Block). Now go into the level and get up to the fight with Whomp. Talk to Whomp and make sure he is chasing you. Now look around and find the really tall flagpole. Get some room and long jump to the flagpole. Make sure you don't fall or you will have to start over because then you will not still be in the fight with him. Now wait till Whomp gets over to the side of the platform (that he is on) that is closest to you. Next climb to the top of the flagpole and jump to the platform that Whomp is on. You will have to make the jump perfect or you wont reach it because you will fall. When you land on the platform Whomp will try to squish you so get out of the way. Now look at Whomp. His whole body(besides his legs) will be off the platform. This looks really funny but only lasts till he gets up. Have fun!

Go through fence from BOTH sides!
by David Wonn

In the first course, there is a gate that opens only when Mario steps on a switch near a 1-up and a red coin. Due to a glitch, you don't need this switch at all. In fact, you can pass through the fence from either side! Here's how:

From the beginning, go under the small bridge, and pass a few bob-ombs until you see the "locked" gate. You can see the switch on the other side, but you don't need it. Just run up to the small portion of the wall that is to the left of the gate. Now slowly move Mario toward the gate. Make sure that Mario's hands are off to the sides, against the wall. If you do this right, Mario will pass through the fence to the other side! Now let's get back to the side you started from....

Feel free to pick up the 1-up and red coin, but don't activate the switch. Walk up to the bob-omb until he sees you, and get the bob-omb to push you toward the fence. If the bob-omb pushes you into a corner before he explodes, you'll go back through the fence again! Now you can just repeat the process as often as you like. See how many times you can do this without accidentally triggering the switch.

Jump to the island WITHOUT a shell!
sent in by Alex Penev

It is possible to jump to the island in the first course without a cap or cannon, and without a shell! Take Mario to the same spot where you'd normally jump to the island using a shell. Line yourself up and just do a long jump to the island. You may need to tweak your jump to the side in midair to make the jump. It comes at a price, though. Once you land, Mario will have that squished look and lose 2 health units. Note: This is very difficult to do.

[Ed. Note: Don't attempt to do this trick until you can master the jump WITH a shell. Once you're about 90% confident with the shell method, then try tackling this method. Good luck!]

Spelling Error
sent in by Glitch Master Busta

This really isnt much of a glitch just a typo in Super Mario 64. Once you've collected all the game's 120 stars go to the roof of the castle and speak to Yoshi and he'll say: "Mario!!! It that really you??? It has been so long since our last adventure."

It should be "Mario!!! Is that really you???"

Cap in hand and item teleport glitches!
sent in by Onevidkid

Most people know these cap glitches but they're very fun and cool too! Plus, I've found a 3rd cap glitch that NOBODY has ever found out! Also I found a glitch that lets you teleport items you grab! I've been holding these back for 4 straight years, but if you want to see the secretly Tall, Tall Mountain one I found out and the other main 2 that mostly everyone knows, then read on!

Level: SHIFTING SAND LAND (Course 8)
Requirements: STAR #1

Once in the level pick Star #2 or higher. Now you will be in the level. Go all the way where Klepto is flying around the palm tree. Klepto looks like this. When you're at the palm tree where Klepto is, let Klepto swipe your cap off your head. Now walk up the tower next to the ⢠dot that shoots fire. The tower is shaped like this:

 I  I
/    \
When you are on the tower kick Klepto. Your cap will fall on the ground or on top of the tower. Do not pick up the cap!! Now jump down and go under the palm tree so that you warp. Each time you warp another cap will appear on top of the normal one. Now once you've warped the first time, jump up so you warp again. Now when you appear back at the palm, walk up to your caps and tiptoe up to them so you pick up one of the 3 caps. Now pick the other one up and then the other. Mario should have his cap in his hand making him be able to kill enemies with his cap.

Level: SNOWMAN'S LAND (Course 10)
Requirements: NONE

When you are in the level go to the top of the BIG snowman and let him blow your cap off. The BIG Snowman Looks like this. Once the snowman blows off your cap don't pick up the cap!! Now go to the two trees that have a red coin near it. Now under one of the trees is a warp. After you've warped to a different tree, get out under the tree and then go under the tree so you warp back to the tree you started at. Now go up to your caps and tiptoe and pick up the first one, then the second, and then the third. Mario should now be holding his cap to fight with.

Level: TALL, TALL MOUNTAIN (Course 12)
Requirements: NONE

This is the hardest cap trick of all and it takes lots of tries. This is also the secret one I found out!! Go up the mountain until you are almost at the top where Fwoosh the cloud is. Fwoosh looks like this. If you look closely at Fwoosh, you can see that he can be up close to you, a little away, and a little far. Make sure he moves and he is a little away from Mario. Now, look real closely at the ground a little away from the wall. You can see this brown crack in the ground. If you have noticed there is a whole bunch of brown cracks in the ground!! It's very hard to notice and it's too bad I don't have a picture, but I'll make the crack in text. Try to find the brown crack that looks like this:

Those brown cracks you see above are attached to each other. Now, stand behind the > part of the crack. Then, when Fwoosh is away, and he blows air at you, now you should be blown off the mountain with this happening: Mario should touch the wall behind him and then Mario's cap will fly off his head and then Mario will land where Ukkiki the monkey is. Ukkiki looks like this. Now look down the mountain with C UP and see if your cap is down at the beginning of the level next to a small hill. With luck your cap should be there resting safe and sound!! If your cap got blown off the mountain or landed on the small hill at the beginning, you have to repeat this all over again!! Just to tell you, if your cap lands on the small hill at the beginning of the level, you will see it slide down the hill and off the mountain!! Then you will have to go get it from the Ukkiki the monkey. So try hard to get it on the bottom next to the small hill. Now, if you succeeded, read on. Also like always, don't pick up the cap!! Now go to the patch of mushrooms with some red coins on them. Jump onto the shortest mushroom with no red coins on it. You should now warp. After you warp and are in a different area, jump up again to warp back to the mushroom. Now jump hop to other mushrooms and then hop to the ground. If you fall off the mountain you will have to warp all over again!! If you landed safely, go back to the caps!! Now like always tiptoe up to the caps and grab the first one and then the second. Mario should have the cap in his hand without picking up the third one strange huh? But, if Mario puts all the hats on his head, you have to do this all over again!!

WARNING: If you pick up the third hat Mario will put it on his head and it will not be in his hand. Which will mean you'll have to do what's in the above senetence, start all over!!!!

First do the Cap In Hand Trick in the level Shifting Sand Land or Tall, Tall Mountain.

1) Go to Course 8 or Course 12 and get your cap as a weapon and go where you can pick up something.

2) When you throw the enemy or block your holding try to locate where it went (After things are thrown, they teleport).

3) If you pick up a Bob-omb, you must throw it quickly in order to make it teleport. When you throw it try and locate where the Bob-omb exploded. (You will be able to hear the explosion and a coin fall on the ground, also, Bob-ombs always explode in the same place when thrown).

Whomps like to swim
sent in by Fortynachos

In Whomp's Fortress in Super Mario 64 go to the box near the blue coin switch. Pick up the box then carry it to the ring of coins in the shallow water. Now throw the box into the side of the gray ramp. (side nearest the coins) Now as you throw it push the control stick foward to go THROUGH THE WALL. As soon as you pass through the wall pull back on the control stick. Now if you are lucky you will be able to swim under the island. If you are unlucky you pulled back on the control stick to fast and did not make it through the wall OR forgot to pull back on the control stick (which I have done loads of times) and fell into the oblivion and died. If you want to stay under you will have to drown. I've never seen Mario drown there before, but it has to be freaky. If you don't want to drown then just surface. You will be on the island again. You can only do this once per each time you enter the level (the box doesn't come back again).

Die twice
sent in by Role

What you have to do is drain the water and be able to enter the visible cap place. Once there, long jump, and position your jump so you hit the land before the edge, you will die of heights, then fall off and die of falling off.

Mario goes berzerk
sent in by Role

Lift the left side of the cartridge slowly out of systen, sometimes it will work, sometimes not, but it can do different things, it will make Mario go wacko and his body parts will be in him, also it sometimes makes the sound different.

Easy way to get star from eel
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Go into Jolly Roger Bay with the 2nd Star Selected (Can the Eel come out to play?). Go underwater and up to Mr. Unagi is. Go near him but not too near! Just go off to his left a little. And wait until he comes out...he'll burst out, obviously really mad, and will throw his head around. However, he won't hurt you, even after he starts to move! Weird. BTW, if you want to basically cheat to get the Star from him afterwards, just wait until his tail comes out with the Star on it and quickly touch it and grab the Star. Cheap, but better than chasing the thing around the level deep underwater right?

More polygon glitches
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

This is another way to do the "Mario, the Airhead" Glitch. Go up to the mirror in the room where you enter Level 10: Snowman's Land. Walk up to the Mirror and face to the left or the right. Now, go in to First-Person Viewage mode and look towards the door. You will see Mario's inner skull like with the other airhead glitch.

Get into a wall
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Go near the whirlpool in the first area of Dire, Dire Docks, ignoring the Sushi and Cheap Cheap Jr.s (besides, you can't kill'm anyway) and go near a wall. Try to position yourself right next to the wall, while still in a suckable position by the whirlpool. Stay close to the wall while swimming (be sure to get some coins/air bubbles for air) and eventually, Mario will suddenly jerk down quickly. Now you are in the wall! Try to get through it, though I know you probably can't. You may need to mess around a little to get out of it.

Another death glitch
sent in by alanberck

I have only managed to do this in Tall, Tall Mountain, but I suspect that it would work in similar conditions. In Tall, Tall mountain, go up the path until you reach the two gaps. The first gap, if you fall down it, has 8 coins and a crazy box thingy. The second gap leads to death. BUT, because the walls of the second gap are close together, you can wall jump when at the bottom of the gap. Do so at the very bottom, but before you fall out of the level. If done correctly, the maniacal laughter of bowser and the bowser face will appear, and Mario will exit the level, having lost a life. If you are quick though, you can wall jump twice, and possibly back up to the path (I haven't managed this yet), and STILL die.

Extra coin in Snowman's Land
sent in by humantree
discovered by Josiah

In Snowman's Land, walk up on the wooden path until you get to the end of it. You should be standing near the tree. Now turn the camera so you can see a coin that is inside the snowman. Fall off the woodem path and look up (with C-UP) and you can see the coin is sticking out abit. Now go to the cannon. You can shoot and get the coin (it's hard to explain where to shoot). Now the total for Snowman's Land is 127.

Secret Life
sent in by RetroSpekt

Not many know about this one, I think. In level six, Hazy Maze Cave, when you're in the gas maze, there is a little mound you can stand on to get out of the gas. It has a single molehole in the center and when you stand on it, the crevice where a secret door is... is right in front of you. It isn't the door located above the quicksand, it's the other one. I know it's kinda confusing... anyway, stand on the molehole and jump, holding A until you land. While you're in the air, the mole will burrow up underneath you. He will die when you land. Do this eight times for an extra life!

Another Way to the Islands
sent in by RetroSpekt

On level two, Whomp's Fortress, there is another way to get to the floating islands. It isn't the owl or the wooden plank, rather it's just jumping. On star two or higher, get to the topof the mountain, at the BASE of the fortress. Now there is sort of a chunk taken out of the platform you are on to make room for the elevator you use. This chunk should look like this: /_ The bottom part of that is where you get off the elevator. Okay... now get a ways away from that piece, run forward and do a long jump. With luck you should land on one of the islands! (Sorry it's so confusing, it's really quite simple.) The only thing that makes this difficult is that stupid Bomb-Dog-Missile thing.

Flying Dead returns
sent in by Vienna Wood

Here's a good one: on Wet-Dry World, we all know how to shoot out of the cannon when you're dead, right? well, after you shoot for the second time (And you're dead), can you aim into the spinning cylinder with the two 1ups and get one? As soon as you get it, you'll hit the ground and die, but it's a cool thing to do.

Another death glitch in Invisible Cap switch level
sent in by Tim C.

Instead of jumping down and trying to hit the edge just right, you can go in there low on health, go down to the bottom facing the edge, and let a flame hit you. You'll run off the edge while loosing health and drown as soon as you appear.

Bank Shot 1 Up Mushroom
sent in by anonomos

In Cool Cool Mountain left of the blue coin button or straight ahead from Mario is a platform, a red coin, and a orange box. Break away the orange crate. Refuse the mushroom, but follow the mushroom up the slope until you can not stay up any longer. Watch the ice pole. The shroom flys in, rockets around and takes off. Return to the starting point of the mountain and go down the chimney. Take the shortcut to an extra finish point of the cabin and destroy another box for compensation for my trick's mushroom cost.

Bouncing Goomba
sent in by L. DiTomaso

On tiny huge island, be small get the shell. Jump up the wall to land in the area with a goomba and a tree (the right wall). Now hit the goomba and dont lose the shell. It will bounce on Mario's head.

Dance in water
sent in by Tim C.

I was playing the water stage, dire dire docks, and was collecting coins. The last coin I collected was a red coin where I had to use a pole to get it. I stayed on the pole and grabbed the star and appeared at the bottom of the water and mario danced like he got the star on land instead of doing the backflip. After I saved I appeared at the surface.

Honey, I Shrunk the Corpse
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

In Course 13, you can change Mario's size after he runs out of health. Do this by jumping into one of the size-changing pipes from a higher place in the level when Mario's health is very low. Try to bounce off the lip of the pipe on the way in. Mario will lose his last unit(s) health but he will still change size. When Mario returns in his new size, he will die. Now you can tell your friends that you died while big, and died while small, but only lost one life!

Super Smash Bros.

[Ed. Note: Many of these "secrets" aren't really glitches]

Borrow a life
sent in by Rubee64

When playing a team multiplayer match, if you are defeated, but your team mate still has 1 or more life in stock. You can use one of his life to get back in the action by pressing A+B+Z+Start. Be sure to ask for permission from your friend first.

Cheering crowd
sent in by Rubee64

You can get the crowd to cheer for your character! If you're hit percent is over 100, and start knocking people off without getting hit, you'll get the crowd to cheer for your character!

Instant death with homerun bat
sent in by Rubee64

If you have a homerun bat, you can instantly knock off the enemy! Once you have the bat, tap forward and press A. If you're character blinks, you did it right. If you connect with this swing, the enemy will be blown away and instantly defeated!

Item menu
sent in by Rubee64

Play the Versus Mode custom menu 50 times and an item menu will become unlocked that enables you to set all the multiplayer options you would wish for. You can determine which items will show up in the battles, and which won't. You can now have all-lightsaber battles or shower players with Pokeballs.

Sound test
sent in by Rubee64

Beat Bonus Stages one and two with all 12 characters. You need to have unlocked the four secret characters first. Now go into the Data section.

Jigglypuff commits suicide!
by David Wonn

Ever get frustrated with Jigglypuff? Well, if you're like me, I take out my frustrations on my own character. Here's an easy way to kill off Jigglypuff: Just hold down the Z button. Keep doing this and you'll notice your shield getting weaker. After about 20 seconds, your shield will break but for some reason this kills Jigglypuff! It's not too useful but now you can get revenge on Jigglypuff when she doesn't fight too well. :)

Kill Metal Mario Easy
sent in by

Hey, I found a cool thing to do on the one player mode of Smash Bros! Play as Kirby, fight your way to metal Mario. now what you need to do is: 1, stand next to an edge, when he gets close, jump off at edge, and suck him up! next is while sucking him up, let yourself drop, **do not release him**, and you will kill him instantaneously! (this may seem like a suicide drop, but "He" will die, before you will! This also works on and simple vs match on the one player screen! use caution though, in case Mario is not sucked up!

Destroy Chansey
sent in by Curtis Stephens

In Super Smash Bros. 1-Player, Practice, or Vs. modes, choose Luigi as your character. In Saffron City, wait for a Chansey to pop out of the elevator shaft. When it does, run at it until it blocks you from view. Then press B + Up. The Chansey will fall into the background or foreground like an opponent would! NOTE: This glitch will only work with LUIGI (not Mario) and Chansey. No other character or Pokemon will work.

[Ed. Note: There are other ways to destroy Chansey, including using the hammer. :) The same applies for the plants in the Super Mario Bros. stage.]

"Power Moves"
sent in by Jake McNeill

Some characters perform, for lack of a better term, 'Power moves', when the moves are done when you are EXTREMELY close to the opponent (The characters' polygons have to be overlapping). So far, I've only found a few characters that can do this- Luigi, Fox, and Jigglypuff. Luigi's uppercut (Up + B) when done at extremely close range, turns into a flaming uppercut, and does a great amount of damage. Fox's Deflector (Down + B), when done at extremely close range 'zaps' the opponent, and does a little damage. Finally, Jigglypuff's 'Sleep' (Down + B) can do MASSIVE damage when performed at extremely close range. This is something that's sure to spice up multiplayer matches with "How the heck did you DO that!?" questions. It's also a way to make use out of an otherwise useless move (I can think of no other use for having Jigglypuff put HIMSELF to sleep).

999% combo glitches!
sent in by Justin

Check out this chart for some very big combo glitches!

Playing Cheap with DK
sent in by Jake McNeill

In any 2-Player point match (For more than one point), you can get a cheap win with Donkey Kong easily, as long as you've already gotten one point ahead. Use the 'R' button to grab onto the opponent, and instead of throwing them, carry them... right off the edge of a cliff. As long as you're one life ahead, you can keep suiciding like this until you've depleted all of the opponent's lives (You'll be down to 1).

Pick up air
sent in by Rod Miller

I found this glitch once while messing around in Samus's place. First, go to multiplayer mode and use item switch to make the items all stars. Then, have first player be Yoshi and second player be Link. I don't know if you can make this glitch work with three or four players. Then, go to Samus's place. This is the tricky part. One person must die, and while he's still invincible (The kind of invincibility that you get when you just get back from death.) He must pick up a box and the other character must attack the box. The box must explode and have no item inside. If done correctly, The character who was holding the box, will have no box in his hands, but will still be in the position like he was holding one. If you do it with link, He will look like he swung his sword back to attack, but forgot to swing forward. If you do It with yoshi, He will look like... well, he's holding a box. But, that's not the best part. If you get it to work this far, then the person who looks like he's holding a box, should hit the A button. Once they do this they will look like they just threw a box, and an item will pop out of the imaginary box, and you can hurt your enemy!

More on Chansey and destroy Charmander
sent in by Mickey Mortimer

In Smash Bros., the "destroy Chansey" glitch will work with any character as long as they have a strong enough move (200% damage helps). This includes Samus's energy blast and Pikachu's thunderbolt. As well as Chansey, Charmander can also be destroyed this way.

Pikachu's "Super Thunderbolt"
sent in by Mickey Mortimer

A fun glitch I found is Pikachu's super thunderbolt. To do this, you'll need a Meoweth active. Simply overlap the Meoweth with Pikachu while he is performing a thunderbolt attack. Pikachu has to be invincible to do this, so you can either have a star or have just appeared from getting killed. If done correctly, Pikachu will continuously thunderbolt and glow with electricity, but be immobile. If another character touches him, they may go flying off, or become stuck to him, getting damaged constantly. It only takes a couple seconds to get to 999% damage. I had two characters stuck to Pikachu for over five minutes once. Normal attacks, Samus's shots and pokeballs will not damage Pikachu while he is super thunderbolting another character, but beedrills at least will. There are other ways to do this type of super attack, all involve performing a move next to a Meoweth. I've done it with Pikachu's horizontal lightning blast before and Ness has done it to me before with a mid-air kick.

Home run bat doesn't finish opponent
by David Wonn

Play training mode or a 2P game in Hyrule Castle. Get a home run bat for player 1, and position player 2 on the left side of the rightmost platform (almost against the wall). Have player 1 do a smash attack on player 2. The second player will ricochet off of two walls and fly off to the left but will not be defeated.

Another home run bat glitch
sent in by Chris Treanor

This is really simple to do. Go to vs. and put the only weapon on is the Home Run Bat. Put Handicap on. Have player 2 have a handicap of 9, player 1 a handicap of 1. Go to Sector Z. Have Player 1 get a Home Run Bat. Have him get a Home Run on Player 2. Normally, this would kill player 2, but this time, it doesn't!

Link's Invisible/Reusable Bomb
sent in by Onevidkid

To pull off one of the coolest glitches, first go to Mushroom Kingdom in Training Mode (It's the easiest to do in mushroom kingdom). Pick LINK of course. When you start, leave the CP alone. Go to the left side of the level on the GROUND (not a platform). Then hold Z and keep rolling backwards until you get to the edge with the pipe on the wall under you. Pull out a bomb and throw it forward using R while standing still. Then see those light brown tiles on the ground? Well, move forward so Link's backfoot is positions behind the line of the tile. You'll see that Link is kinda close to the bomb, but the explosion won't hurt him because he isn't close enough. Now, here comes the hard part. You have to press A right before the bomb explodes. If you did it right, Link will pick up an INVISIBLE bomb when the original one exploded!!!! Now here are some things you can do with it:

With the 4th and 5th one above you'll find out after you throw the bomb at them it will land on the ground and be REUSABLE!!!!! The invisible bomb acts like an exploding fire flower!!!!! Also if you hold it for long it won't blow up in your hands!!!! You can do this in VS battle but it is harder to pull off because of the CPs. If you throw the bomb far it will explode and not be reusable. You can try this on your friends and they won't even know what hit them!!!! This can be done in any level, but mushroom kingdom is the easiest place to do it. You can also throw the bomb with A instead of R if you prefer to.

Extra air
sent in by Pamela Hara

I found this while I was playing with a turbo controller.If you press B repeatedly when doing a Mario Whirlwind, you'll get some awesome air.
[Ed. Note: I have often found this to be useful for Luigi, as well as Mario. In effect, if you use this any time after jumping from the ground, but before doing the coin jump punch, you can do 4 jumps in the air! It's a great way to throw off an unsuspecting opponent who thinks they've knocked you off the board.]

Escape Velocity
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

If you throw an item straight up high enough, it will not come back down. The item must have escaped the world's field of gravity.

Hyrule glitch
found on GameFAQs message boards

If you use the item switch and select only Maxim Tomatoes in Hyrule, you'll be in for an explosive surprise.

Fall through Planet Zebes
sent in by smashbro

At certain points which occur very rarely, you will be able to fall through the bottom of planet zebes, without being hit by the acid. Very funny to see this happen to your opponent.

Freeze the game
sent in by smashbro

Go to Hyrule Castle with 2 players as Fox and 1 as Ness. I use Hyrule Castle for the straight land. Set Ness on the first platform and the two Foxes at the very left and right of the non-crooked ground. Make both Foxes use their reflector. PK Thunder at a 40 degree angle towards the reflector so that it reflects straight to the other fox's reflector. The PK Thunder will bounce off each other until the game freezes.

Wacky Beamsword
sent in by smashbro

Go to training mode and pick Hyrule Castle. Go to the very right (under the green arche). Press start and make a beamsword appear. You'll notice that the beamsword will warp to the very right ledge and be tumbling down the right side of the stage. You can do this with many other items by simply throwing them on the edge. To get a better look, pick kirby, put it in 1/4 time, and in close-camera view. Now use the beamsword trick (try making 4 beamswords) and fly over the right side of the stage and watch this strange glitch at work.

Double Start Oddity
sent in by smashbro

This is extremely hard to time currectly. If 1P and 2P controllers pause at the exact (I mean exact) same time, the pause selection will cover both players! It can be done with 3 or 4 controllers. I've only done it about 3 times.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Win Competitions Easily
sent in by

To win a competition in under a minute, just do a very elaborate trick, and when you land it, select end run from the start menu. As long as you don't do any other tricks you will usually get scores in the 90's.

Examples of high-scoring tricks:
Chicago: Grind the rail over the halfpipe. Jump and do simple tricks, then land back on the rail in a different grind.

Burnside: Grind the 3 rails left of the starting point in succession. While jumping between the rails, do simple tricks. Make sure to do a different grind on each rail.

Roswell: Grind the ET grind rails(far right from starting point) Between rails, to simple tricks, and do a different grind on each rail. If you do it right you also get the ET grind bonus.

Secret Beach
sent in by Nick G.

Ok, here's what you do:

1) Put in codes for fast animation and all stats at 13 (or 10)

2) now go to Phoenix Downhill Jam

3) when you get near the end, where there is a split, one goes down to the finish, and the other stays even and has a ramp at the end, go to the one with a ramp

4) right before the ramp turn left, then sharply turn right off the ramp

5) if you turned sharp enough, you will be on somewhat of a beach!

+) if you ride out in to the water, you will be riding on the water!?!?!

Stuck in the air?
sent in by Adam Kedmy

On one of the tony hawk games for N64, we were playing horse on one of the built in custom games (the one that is really long and has many jumps) and he went first on the second letter and he got his points and I was tony (with maxed stats, maybe it matters) and when i jumped off the first jump, the game froze. Sort of. Tony was stuck in the air but he could still do tricksand get points for it. the only problem is that it will never land. I got up to x43.5 but then my friend had to shut it off because we figured out it wouldn't land.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

The Floating Dead
sent in by ss23

Type in the flying code on the cheat screen (LKMBRD).Turn it on. Go to an enemy and let it kill you (your energy won't go down but you should see a red flash that happens for about one sec. and your weapon will disappear). You are now DEAD, but you can move. The enemies will ignore you because (duh) you're dead. To exit this press start and go to cheat menu and turn Fly Mode off.

Another flying glitch
sent in by ss23

Do the fly mode code (lkmbrd) and go to the Champaigner. let him kill you. when he kills you your weapon disappears and the chaimpainer keeps laughing until you move when you move he attacks you but you are dead. But every time you stop he just sits there and laughs. WEIRD.

Yet Another flying glitch
sent in by ss23

Go to the champainer and turn on fly mode Now fly outside the "rink" press start and turn off fly mode Turok should fall down a little but not a lot if you look up you can see a black spot. Turn fly mode back on and go up it takes you forever to get back up to the champainer!!!

Turok 2

Blinking Entrail:
sent in by Akumajr

First use the tranquilizer gun on the entrail, now use the Nuke on is body while he is down, now equip the sun pod and throw it at him before he turns black, now he will stand up while is is turning black and he will be holding his eyes, now after he recovers from that he will start attacking you again but now he is blinking like the nuke is being shot on him over and over again (looks really cool).

Ride the dino without really riding the dino:
sent in by Akumajr

First go to the second stage and find the dino in the little shed, now fire the nuke at him and get on him and leave the shed with him before the nuke explodes, now the dino will freeze up while you are on him and then blow up, but you are still on him! Now you can climb ladders and walk as fast as you did without the dino but now you can use all of the powers of the dino without him.

Turok impaled by arrows:
sent in by Akumajr

First go to the mother boss, now get her down to her last form and change your weapon to the regular arrows, now see how many arrows that you can put in her (put as many as you can), now finish her off with arrows to the head, now when the death sequence comes you will see Turok with all those arrows stuck in him and he will fall to the ground, and in the next clip he will watch her climb up the wall and he no longer has all of the arrows in him!

The following glitches come to you from the webmaster of the Turok Cave:

In the second level, its possible not to get hurt by the blood throwing guys. All you have to do is goto options and turn the blood off. Now you cant get hurt by them at all.
By: DeAdWaStE

In the graveyards and other places, if you havent noticed, all the ammo and health get regenerated after a few seconds.
By: DeAdWaStE

When you are in the first level of Turok 2, when you find a first person (dead person) lying against the wall shoot ALL you arrows at him from afar, aim at different places of the guys body. After you shoot them all, go up to him and look at him from the side. It will look like he was nailed with the arrows into the wall.

This happened to me by accident in level 2 at the save portal in area 9. I was almost out of health when I arrived at the save portal and was hit a few times by the Endtrail guarding the portal. I was standing right in front of the save portal when he hit me for a final time and I died. I fell backwards into the save portal and the game let me save. When I came back out I had 0 health - but I could still play. I was invincible! Nothing would cause damage to me. The drawbacks - the start button wouldn't work (couldn't change any options) and I had to be careful not to pick up any health. After awhile I found one of the red health icons and decided what the heck, I'll just start gaining health again. After that the start button worked fine and everything was normal again. But it did help me defeat the second soul gate with the greatest of ease! Probably tough to duplicate - but could help out in a pinch.

Freeze the game
sent in by Nick

I have found a simple glitch in Turok 2 that freezes the game up... just get on the dinosaur in the second level and when it gets to a point where you have to shoot the things to make the bridge fall in to place, just walk off the cliff. The game will freeze and will stay frozen until you turn off the N64!

Messing with a dead guy
sent in

On the first level, when you get out of the first warp portal, this is where it takes place. If you go around to where the switch is to open the door, you see a dead guard (up against the wall). just in front of him is a little puddle of blood. If you shoot that blood it will splatter everywhere, as if it were still a guy! Shoot arrows into it, and they will stick right in, above the ground!

V8: Second Offense

sent in by Kyle Guthrie

On Metor Crater use Garbage Man, Bob O., or Houston. Grab some body with your special after you unlock the Ants egg and opened it. With Garbage Man the car must be big and he must try to smash it on the ground. Let the Ant shoot you like this. Your special will disappear but you can still use it, the car you used it on will be whamied, destroyed, and totaled, and the ant will die. If you just sit in the pit and get hit by another egg and crack it coming down no ant will be inside an the game will freeze. Get the ant without blowing up the observatory. Unlock every code except invincibilty and get hit with a crater maker. The ant will appear on the ground. Get near it and chunks of egg will go flying. Kill the ant and an egg will land.

WCW Revenge

Escape a pin
sent in by Shylo Elliott

When you get pinned, hold Up on the Control Stick, and you will always kick out or escape the submission. This may work on WCW/nWo World Tour, and it WILL NOT work on WWF WrestleMania 2000.

The World is Not Enough

Scientists go through walls!
by David Wonn

In the Masquerade level, go down to the area where you see scientists roaming around. Open one of the big metal doors and wait for a scientist to head toward the door. As soon as this happens, close the door. Instead of seeing the scientist change his path, he will walk right through the closed door!!

Christmas Jones is trapped
by David Wonn

In the Masquerade level, show your papers to Christmas Jones, then head toward the elevator. She will follow you there, so try to get her to walk toward a set of barrels close to the elevator. On a few occasions, I've seen her stay right next to the barrels and she would not move, no matter where you go. So far, this only happens on occasion, and I'm working on finding a way to do this at will.

James Bond is trapped
by David Wonn

In the Midnight Departure level, find a large building that looks like a barn and has several explosive barrels inside. Find a set of 3 barrels near the corner, and jump on top of them. Slowly walk on top of them and try to get to the very middle of them and jump. If you're in the right spot, you will fall down and become trapped inside of the barrels! The only way out is to shoot them, which is obviously suicidal. I was unfortunate enough to find this when I was trying to use those barrels to jump up to higher ground.

Blow up ammo in multiplayer!
by David Wonn

This isn't so much a glitch, but a handy tactic to use in a multiplayer game. If an enemy is approaching and there is an ammo box nearby, shoot it when your opponent is close enough to it. Instead of moving ammo around like in GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, the ammo will make an explosion as deadly as a grenade! Cheap but very effective. :-)

Skip objectives!!
by David Wonn

If you're looking for ways to bypass objectives in order to get a faster time and earn cheats, now you can! In the first stage on any difficulty, stun any guard or set off the alarm, but don't knock anyone out! You will be informed that your mission has been compromised, but don't pay any attention. Go into the privacy room and open up the case. This will complete objective 2. Since the alarm has been activated, no more objectives will show up at this point. Now all you need to do is walk back to the revolving doors, and your mission will be complete! Twelve seconds is all it takes!

In the second stage, there are some guards who inform you about new objectives. All you have to do is get out your watch stunner and stun them. You can now walk past them, pick up their ammo, and avoid certain objectives! Most notably, you can avoid the ground floor lockdown (but not the third floor lockdown) and you can avoid the doctor altogether! This will save precious time, but evidently there's an even better way....

For some reason, my controller pak says that I have beaten the second stage on agent in 28 seconds!! I am still puzzled by how this happened, but as soon as I find out how to re-create it and find what glitch triggered this, I'll let you guys know....

WWF Attitude

Kane won't speak
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Start the game and go to the "Create your own pay per view" mode. Now have a lumberjack match with the Undertaker Vs. Kane (May work with other 1st. players and modes) and choose any lumberjacks. Now, start the match and wait for it to get to Kane. He won't say anything!! If you have the match on Watch mode, then you just froze the game! If now, just press start.

Odd entrances
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Just start a triple threat match and wait for player 3 to come out. It looks all screwed up!

Weapon glitch
sent in by Matthew Squire

When you are ready to play have No time, and have Hardcore, and you also have to be playing with 1 other player. Next when you are in the match have player 2 do nothing, now pickup something (a small weapon) next to the player while he is down, and soon as player 1 (you) bends down repeatedly press A or B and you should not hit the player with the weapon but with your hand!

WWF No Mercy

Walk Through Anything
sent in by Cactuar

Start a Guest Referee match as whomever you want. (This seems to be a little easier if you are Chris Jericho.) Now, hold the analog stick and the left C button together, you'll see that your wrestler will be looking like they're having a seizure (Well, clode to one.) With this glitch, you can go anywhere you want, just be careful not to go TOO far out, if you do the game will freeze.

Data Deletion
sent in by Cactuar

This is a random glitch in some of the copies of this game. There's nothing that you can do to avoid the glitch, it happens randomly once a championship is won. When this happens, either all of your data gets erased, or you lose all of your Championship Mode data. If you are unfortunate enough to have one of these copies, get it returned to THQ right away!

Glitch up moves demos in Smackdown Mall
sent in by Cactuar

This is a tricky glitch to do, I will try to explain it the best I can. First, look at a move that you can buy from the Smackdown Mall, now hold Up or Down on the D-Pad, making sure that the move is still being demonstrated. Now, QUICKLY press Left on the D-Pad to go to the Attire section of the Smackdown Mall, you must hold Down on the D-Pad as soon as you get in this section. If you performed the glitch right, the moves will look all goofy! It's pretty funny to lopok at for a little bit...

Float in air
sent in by Nick van der Pol

This is actually a much easier way to do the Walk Through Anything glitch. First, do taunt 196 on top of the annoucer's table and when you are half way through it, quickly tap the punch button and just like magic you will be floating in thin air.

WWF Warzone

Move character after match
sent in by Wario the Third

First, win the Royal Rumble. After you've thrown out the last opponent, hold the control pad in a direction until the camera changes and your theme music comes on. Wait until the black box with the results pops up. Now you can move your wrestler using the control pad or the control stick. For some reason he doesn't go in the direction you push, so just hold the controller sideways to fix that.

Minor glitch for Warzone: When the screen says please insert rumble pack now, if you look on the Titan tron, it also has please insert controller pack now.

Blank out move list
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In WWF Warzone, Select any match and choose any wrestler. Now do that wrestler's finisher in the match. (i.e. Rock Bottom, Stone Cold Stunner, Tombstone, etc.) After you do the finisher, quit out immediately and go into the training mode. Pick the same wrestler you used last time. Now look at the move list. IT WILL BE BLANK!!!!! If you try to do the single move this way, you won't be able to do anything. If you press left a few times it will go back to normal.

sent in by glitcher

Pummel your opponent until his energy meter is dark red, then throw him into the corner of the ring so his back is facing you. Pull off a throw and watch him float, dive out of the ring, then teleport back in again!

Yoshi's Story

A few glitches
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

If you pound the ground in a spot that is directly above or below a place where something is buried in the ground, it comes out even though you did not pound the ground in the spot where it was buried. Try this in Treasure Hunt (where I can get 5,848 points in Trial Mode) for easy results.

Have Yoshi get hit while he pulls a fruit into his mouth with his tongue. If you time it just right, the item you were 'trying to eat' falls off Yoshi's tongue... and off the bottom of the screen! This happened to me in Magma Castle with a melon. Was I ever frustrated?

Go to the Tall Tower and collect the first Special Heart. Stand as far to the right as you can at the place where the heart was, then hold the R button to make Yoshi sniff. He will be pulled through a wall. You might be able to do this in other levels as well.

Spinning Yoshi
sent in by Victreebel64

Get an egg, then put the egg throwing target above Yoshi and to the right of him. Move the target really fast to the left of Yoshi and back to the right of him before he has time to turn around. If you did it right Yoshi is spinning around.

Shrinking/Growing Platforms
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Did you know that the more Smile Meter petals you have, the longer the moving platforms are? This also applies to platforms pounded out of the ground. Anyway, to notice this effect, get hit while on or near such a platform, and you'll see it shrink. To make it "regrow" to its original length, eat something (a melon, if you're in your right mind!)

Control the Shy Guys
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

At the beginning of Lift Castle (6-2), you can make the Shy Guys turn around and move in the opposite direction by pausing the game and unpausing it. This seems to be the only place in the game where that can be done.

Many more tricks to come so stay tuned!

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