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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Small, Indestructible Deku Stick!
by David Wonn

Ordinarily, the Deku Sticks break when you swing them at a wall, but with this glitch, you can hit walls without breaking the stick! The easiest place to try this out is inside the Deku Tree, so I'll explain the process there:

From the start of the Deku Tree, go down one floor to the place where you have pushed the block onto the shallow water. Get on top of that block and face away from the wall, and toward the platform across from it. Now get a stick out and prepare to jump to the platform across from it, but make your jump fall short of landing on the platform. Swing the Deku stick in midair so that it hits the platform, but make sure you land in the shallow water. If you time it right, the stick will appear to break, but wait, it's still there! You will end up losing one stick, but now you will be holding a stick that is less than half the length of what it used to be. You can swing this short stick at any wall as much as you want, but it won't break!

This trick can also be done if you haven't yet moved the block. Just stand near the place where the switch is and run full speed toward the place where the block is. Obviously you can't reach the platform yet, but if you swing the stick in mid-air, you will have a small, indestructible stick with this method as well.

You can try this glitch out in several locations. Another easy place to try it out is when you meet King Zora. Just jump toward him and swing the stick in midair.

One more thing: If you perform this glitch when you are down to your last stick, you won't be able to swing the short stick. Oddly enough, you can still do the jump-and-slash technique with Z and A. It's hard to say if this trick has much of any practical use yet, but who knows?

Disable the Sword... and certain mini-games!
by David Wonn

First you will need to have made it all the way to Ganon. At the point in which you lose the master sword, save the game. Reset and select the same file. You will now notice that you still have the master sword, but now no sword is active! Pressing B will be useless as long as you don't select any sword. So whatever you do, DON'T select the sword if you want to try out the glitch.

Now here's where it gets weird. Try playing the target practice game in Gerudo Fortress. You can't score any points! Also try playing the fishing game. You can't even cast the fishing rod! Also, whenever you ride Epona anywhere, you can't shoot any arrows! Now dismount and look at the top of the screen. Your health meter and all other stats will not appear on the screen! The only things you will see are the green and blue circles indicating what you can do with the A and B buttons. It's rather handy to be able to see more of the screen for a change. To return the view will return to normal, exit to another area or enter water. Also certain items can return the view to normal as well.

Now go back to the Temple of Time where you'd normally drop your sword. Stand in front of the pedestal and hold the Z and R buttons if you have a shield activated. While holding those buttons, press A. Link will draw out his sword, even though it is disabled! Let go of the buttons to drop the sword and become young Link. Now pick up the sword once again to become teen Link. Now look at your items. Link will now default to the Green Tunic and Hylian Shield (if he has one). Also the C buttons will default to the Deku Nuts (or empty if you never collected any), Bombs, and the Ocarina of Time, just as it did when you first became teen Link. Talk about weird! Try out other things and see what you can find.

On a side note, you can beat Ganondorf while having your sword disabled. See if you can figure it out! I may post how to do so in a future update...

Trap Link in the Forest
by Froggie

First you will need to have at least one fairy in a bottle, and go into the Sacred Woods Meadow. Get your health down low and find one of those big Moblins. When you are down to your last unit of health, drop a bomb near one and let it smash you into a wall. If you time it right, you will appear to die at the moment the Moblin strikes you. The fairy will revive you and then you will get trapped into the wall. If your bomb detonates as the Moblin moves backward, it will be destroyed, and you will be left there at the wall with no way out! Link's expression is funny.

Replicating Bottles
(found on Nintendo's BBS)
also seen on The Odyssey of Hyrule

Here's the original message:

Subject: 5th bottle!
Posted: JANUARY 20, 1999 16:16

Ok, this isn't a secret it's a glitch, but it works. You must have the Biggoron Claim check first. Go into one of those holes with a pond and a fish in it. Then take out an empty bottle and swing for the fish. while the empty bottle is in mid-air, press start and switch the bottle with the claim check, make you actually get the fish. And there is your fifth bottle! where the claim check was!

[Ed. Note: You can theoretically have 24 bottles, but be careful not to save the game if you replace an important item. You might not get it back! Extra bottles can only be used to swipe an item, but will not hold purchased items.]

Fall through Floor
sent in by Bill

To do this, go to Hyrule Castle as Young Link. Once you get to the drawbridge, run up the chain and jump off toward the castle near the top and you'll fall through the bricks. Another way to do this is wait until it's night and get on top of the drawbridge. Jump off toward the castle when it stops and you'll fall through the floor.

Get Epona on top of gates
sent in by Jason Whalls

As an adult, take Epona to Lon Lon Ranch. Go to the center and line up (from the side) with one of the gates you can jump (I chose the higher one). Now get Epona going and have her jump onto the gate then come to a halt. She'll be standing on the gate now! To get off the gate, you have to turn so that you are kind of have the horses front and back legs on different sides of the fence. Now pause, unpause, and whip immediately. The horse should get off the fence, and if it doesn't just repeat. It's just something cool to try out.

Use shield while swimming
sent in by John Lingo

First hold R in the water and hold Z for second or two then let go. His shield should be "stuck" to his right hand. What's cool about though is that it looks like he could just strap that shield to his right shoulder and and not on the back so he could use it with easy access. Try this while he's doing that jump dive too. Best place is the bridge in Gerudo Valley and jump from the bridge. Doesn't he look cool now. You can do this at either age but its better if his big.

Also you can do this while trying to get the fishing lure. Just hold Z and R and find the lure. He'll pick it up with the shield still stuck to his right hand. Now I wonder if you can do this with Biggorons's Sword!

Re-Use A Bug
sent in by Cl0vis15

Now we all know that if you release bugs by a soft mound of dirt, they'll go into the dirt, and kick up a Golden SkullTulla. What you didn't know is that you can re-capture one of the three bugs you release, and use it over. As long as two go down the hole, the Golden Skulltula will still come up.

Disappearing Armos Glitch
by David Wonn

In Dodongo's Cavern go into the main room and go to the right. Go into the rightmost entrance. This area is a narrow hallway that has several miniature Dodongos and two movable Armos Statues up ahead. Normally you would use one Armos to get into the next area and the other Armos to reach a Gold Skulltula. Instead of taking the Armos to the Gold Skulltula, take it further. Just keep moving it for a few minutes until you get back to the main room. At this point the Armos Statue will disappear into thin air!

Miscellaneous glitches
sent in by Akumajr

Put a bomb next to a gossip stone and when it explodes it will start to change colors. They change blue two times and then change red, well if you hit em with your sword when they are another color then they will stay that color that you stopped em at and they will remain that color until you leave the place or enter a building.

Another is with Nayros Love - First use Nayros Love and then warp to anywhere and Nayros Love will stay in submission till you do a roll move when you get to the other place and if you don't do a roll move when you go to the other place it will stay in you until you do a roll move or until the magic for it runs out.

Another is when you shoot your arrows at a sign from far way it will look like the arrows are flying out of the sign in all directions but you have to be shooting the arrows fast for it to work though.

Another is when you have the iron boots on you can charge up your sword by Hyrule lake and walk under water while it is charged and use that attack under water (you usually cant use anything but the long shot under the water).

Push a Block through a wall!
sent in by Jeremy House

Go to the Shadow Temple to the room in which there are moving spiked devices hanging from chains on the ceiling. There is an eye of truth insignia on the floor and to the right of it, hidden behind a fake wall, is a movable block. Pull the block until it is all the way out of the wall. Now push the block forward 5 times (link doesn't slide a block in a continuous motion). Now you should be able to push the block into the wall from which you originally brought it, but now you are pushing it into solid wall. Also the spike will fall through it because it seems to not think the block is in its path. There might be other strange things in the room to do with the block.

Link goes through walls!
by David Wonn

In the Shadow Temple, go to basement level 4. Find the room that has two falling spiked ceilings and a block hidden inside wall (same room as trick above). Pull the block 7 steps out from the wall. Now pull it 15 steps back AWAY from the spiked chains. Be sure that you are pulling it from the center or the right side of the block. After you pull it 15 steps, you will notice that you are close to a small wooden platform on the floor. Get on the left side of the block and pull it back 2 more steps. If you do this properly, Link will be squeezed between the wooden platform and the block, and will end up inside of the block! You are now free to walk around inside the block, but once you exit the block, things return to normal. However, if you exit the block where it meets the wall on the right, you will fall through the wall! Link will continue to fall for a few seconds and then will be returned back to the room, taking damage just as if he had been hit by a spiked ceiling. Using similar techniques, you can also fall through the wall on the left as well, as long as the block is touching the left wall.

Squashed Link glitch
by David Wonn

Another odd result from the glitch above is that when the block is pushed back all the way against the small wooden platform on the floor, you can enable yet another glitch. Jump on top of the wooden platform and face toward the block. Link will make a brief attempt to get on top of the block and will scream as though he fell into a pit! You will lose energy and return to the room, but it is quite funny to watch.

Alternate way on top of the falling spiked ceilings
by David Wonn

In the same room as the previous three tricks, it is possible to get on top of the spiked ceilings without the use of the block. First, pay attention to the timing of the first spiked ceiling that drops down. Run past it and head off to the right, where you see a small moving spike on the floor. The trick that you need to do is to run directly into the small spike on the floor just as the spiked ceiling is about to drop. If you time it perfectly, you will get hit by the small spike on the floor, but the momentum of your hit will carry you backwards, right on top of the spiked ceiling! Timing is critical, and it may take several attempts at first, but once you master it, you can get up there on your first try. Good luck!

Floating blue spiders!
sent in by Linda Pezek
also seen on The Odyssey of Hyrule

In the Water Temple go to the room just before the room where you fought your shadow. Use the hookshot or the longshot to stun a blue spider then QUICKLY before it turns back to normal. use hookshot or the longshot to drain water. The spider will float there till you kill it or raise the water.

Play Ocarina without equipping it:
sent in by Akumajr

First go to the item select screen and go where you can play the different Ocarina tunes, then play Zelda's Lullaby and while it is playing hold up on the Analog joystick, after the song is finished playing the cursor will move up to the object above it and it totally skips the repeat that you do for the song, now press start and do a roll move and you will hear the Ocarina and after that hit any of the arrow buttons and you will hear the Ocarina and you don't even have it equipped!

Keep hover boots from fading:
sent in by Akumajr

Get on a box near a latter and Equip the hover boots, then run off the box and climb the latter while you are in mid air, now you will notice that you are still hovering while you are on the latter and they will stay hovering until you get off the later!

Go to town with no music:
sent in by Akumajr

Go to the Hyrule field and then wait for it to become daylight but if you hear music start you waited to long, now enter the town right next to the castle, now you will notice that there will be no music while you are in the town!

Play your sword like Ocarina:
sent in by Akumajr

First find a ledge that doesn't kill you or hurt you when you jump off of it, next equip a bottle with a fish or something that you can get back really easy and equip it to the C down button, now jump off the ledge and hit B+C down and Link will pull out his sword in mid air and swing like normal but when he lands on the ground he will have the sword in his mouth! Now you can play it but the tunes are weird that come out of it. If you don't get it the first time then try it again cause it is really hard to get it to work.

Link, the Arrowhead
sent in by Daniel Kielman

Here's just a funny glitch I found. Okay, have your Bow and Ocarina equipped in you C buttons. Now, pull out your bow and pull back an arrow. Now Hold down Z, and while still holding down the arrow, hit the button for your Ocarina. Link Will now be playing the ocarina with an arrow through his head! I just thought this was funny to look at. You can also try this with the light arrow and fire arrows, but they'll appear as a regular arrow through his head.

Hook Shot Warp
sent in by Akumajr

Go to Desert Colosus and go to the final room (the one that you fought the 2 witches in) now stand by the blue warp and use your long shot to hook onto the top of the big square in the middle (the place that you can climb up at) (also make sure that you are hookshotting over the warp. When you do this you will fly across the warp and be standing on top of the big square in the middle and then you will walk out onto nothing and start spinning across the room like you are in the gem to warp out but you are all the way across the room!

Fall Through The Wall
sent in by Akumajr

Go to Desert Colosus and make sure that you have grown link, next go to where you got the mirror shield and hookshot across over to the other treasure chest, now go through until you get to a room with 4 blocks in it (one of them has a sun face on it) now take one of those 4 blocks from across the room and bring it to where you entered the room and you will see to the right of the door that you came in a chest on top of a protruding part of wall, now push the block till it fits right into the corner of the L shape that the protrusion makes, now pull from the side that you were pushing so that link takes the block half a step out, now go in between the block and the protrusion and pull the block towards you, you are now in the wall!, now all you have to do is walk inside the protrusion till you reach the main wall and then you will fall for a really long time and then you will teleport and start the room over.

Stuck Outside Ganon's Fire
sent in by Akumajr
also seen on The Odyssey of Hyrule

Go to the second form of Ganon and knock him down once (try to knock him down near some of the rubble outside the fire) and then go get the master sword, now work your way around the outside of the arena until you are on the outside of the rubble that Ganon is laying by, now use Din's Fire to make him get up, now the fire will come up again and you are outside of the fire but it is still hitting you (thousands of hits per minute) but it doesn't take any energy, Ganon will be trying to hit you but that doesn't take any life either, now you are stuck and you will have to reset the game.

Jump The Boundary
sent in by Akumajr
also seen on The Odyssey of Hyrule

Become a kid and go to the road that leads to Hyrule castle, next climb the vine and go to where Din's Fire is but don't go past the path leading to the castle, now you will see a slant in the wall that comes to a point, now (slowly) walk up the slant and you will be on the hillside, now just walk all the way up the hill and jump off and you will fall for a long time and then be teleported back to the gate.

Swim In Nothing:
sent in by Akumajr

Use the Jump The Boundary trick above except don't jump off the hilltop yet go to the castle while still on the hill and when you get right up on the castle jump off and you will fall for a long time and then end up in invisible water, now you will start swimming to the surface for a really long time and then you will fall again and then fall for a long time again and then you will be teleported to the gate.

Infinite Gold Skultulas:
sent in by Akumajr

First become a child, now go to Hyrule castle and go next to the tree on the inside of the fence right next to the castle, play the song of storms and then jump in the hole that opens, now you will be faced with 3 bombable walls, find the one with the gold skulltula behind it and then kill the regular Skulltula that is right next to it, now kill the gold Skulltula but don't get the token yet, go on the other side of the teleport and look at the token (get as close to the teleport as possible without going in it), now Z-target on the token and throw your boomerang and let it pick it up and before it comes back to you walk into the portal and it will try to give you the message that you collected so many skulltulas but you are in the middle of teleporting so it can't finish the message so it teleports you to surface and you got that skulltula token, now all you have to do is repeat it over and over cause the game doesn't register that you killed that skulltula cause it didn't finish the message.

Infinite Use Of Lens of Truth:
sent in by Akumajr

All you have to do is play the song of storms and then right after the song finishes playing turn on the lens of truth and the magic meter will flash for a few seconds and then it will stop now as long as you have the lens of truth on it will be infinite and now use magic but if you take it off and then turn it on again you have to do the whole trick over gain.

sent in by Cl0vis15

Go to the temple of time as Adult Link, then stand with your back to the alter where you placed three spirtual stones. Press Z to center the camera, and do a back flip. Next play Saria's melody, and talk to Saria telepathically. Afterwards, leave the alter, Navi will stay behind. Walk around the Temple, notice anything wrong with the lighting? Now here's where it gets weird, if you've already finished the game, this will cause another weird thing to happen. Go to fight Gannondorf. Even though Navi is sent away, unable to help you, she'll appear even if you can't make her do anything.

Freeze the game near Hyrule castle
sent in by CyberSurfer4

I was fooling around near Hyrule Castle as a kid, having failed to get to where Zelda is because of those dumb guards... (I had gotten the Ocarina of Time), So I gave up and played a game with one of the guards near the main drawbridge to the castle itself (Man I HATE how Nintendo doesn't let me into that castle!), but anyway, even though I knew it wouldn't work, I got as close to the guard as I could, and used Zelda's letter. The guard turned and did his whole "Hey! You! Stop!" speech as Link took out the letter. Link stood in the position he would if he was looking at the letter, while the guard stared at him. But instead of kicking me out, the game froze.
It didn't really do anything except not giving me a chance to save, but it was cool!

Turn the names of your games to Japanese!
sent in by Nicholas Harvey


WARNING! This trick will translate the names of your saved games to Japanese! Don't do this unless you want your names to stay in Japanese, or you will have to ERASE ALL YOUR SAVED GAMES to change everything back to English. Okay, if you really want to see what your name would look like in Japanese, go ahead and do the trick, otherwise STAY AWAY.

Here is what you do. At the game select screen, highlight a blank file. When the screen comes up asking you to input your name, slowly pull the left side of your cartridge out of the N64 until the sound gets a little obscured. Now input your name with the left side of the cartridge disengaged, then when you are done, hit OK and put the cartridge in right, then reset the game. THE NAMES OF YOUR FILES ON THE FILE SELECT SCREEN SHOULD NOW BE JAPANESE! But you are now stuck with Japanese text unless you erase all your saved games. So proceed with caution!!

ReDead oddity
sent in by

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, if Link kills a Redead, all of the other Redeads in the area will stop what they are doing and walk over to the body of the dead one to sit down next to it.

Make Link Sneeze
sent in by Steve Smith and Trisha Smith

To make Link sneeze, go the the "Ice Caverns". Put Link's sword away, and then leave Link idle. After a little bit, he should cross his arms, and rub them together, then he should sneeze. He also sneezes in other areas like Dampe's Grave

Go Through Ice Cavern Walls
sent in by Steve Smith and Trisha Smith

First go to the Ice Caverns. Next, go to the first set of Stalagmites that has four stalagmites(that is after the first room with the circulating Spike.) Go past the spikes and then turn around so that you are facing them(my instructions will be given with this turn in mind). Go to the right side and then you will see that there is a corner in a wall. The corner has an angle of about 140 degrees. Now there are 2 walls, the one that you are at, and the one that juts off from the corner and continues back to the beginning of the Ice Caverns. What you want to do is angle yourself perpendicular to the second wall that goes through the rest of the ice caverns. Then hit Z targeting, and do a side jump to the corner. You should fall through, and You will keep falling. After a while you will restart at the beginning of the Ice Caverns.

Note: If you are falling and you pull out your Bow & Arrow (you can only bring out your bow when falling if you have Z-targeting on) and shoot an arrow, the game will freeze.

Go through Forest Temple Floor
sent in by Trisha Smith

Go to the Forest Temple. Look up to the tree that is there that you usually hook shot onto. Hook shot onto it, and hold forward on the Joystick. After you have hookshoted to the top, you jump off of the front of the branch, and toward the Forest Temple door. But instead of going through the floor straight, you will run in mid air downward and right through the floor. Don't worry, though, you still end up in the Forest Temple.

Frozen Objects
sent in by Steve, Trisha, and Paige Smith

Using the same principle as "Link, the Arrowhead" you can make other objects float, too. You can make the bulllet from the Slingshot freeze, which just looks like a spinning little ray of light. You can also use the boomerang, and it will be frozen in front of Link's face.

Jittery Screen
sent in by Steve Smith

First go to where the water pours into Lake Hylia. Equip your Ocarina. You have to be adult Link to do this. Next, jump in the water upstream of where that small waterfall is that drains directly into Lake Hylia. Now what you have to do is to swim toward the waterfall a little to the right, and try to hit in the shallow area of the water and roll(Note: for the glitch to work, you have to start your roll in the water, and it doesn't matter where it ends at). While rolling, keep hitting the Ocarina button. When you finish rolling, you should bring our your ocarina, but the background behind you will be bluish, and will be Jittering bigtime as if you were playing the Ocarina underwater.

Weird Magic Power Glitch
sent in by Steve Smith

Go to any stage and you must have Nayru's Love, an ocarina, and a warp song. Next, hit Nayru's Love. While it is on you, hit your Ocarina, and play any one of the 6 Warp songs. Then when it asks you if you want to warp say no. Then Nayru's Love should be gone, but your magic power is still being used. I have found a few weird results of this. Once you exit the stage, Nayru's Love will continue from wherever it was when you played the warp song, so if it was about to disappear when you played the warp song, then it will be about to disappear when you leave the land. Next, if you play an ocarina song(a normal one) like Zelda Lullaby, then Nayru's Love will come back on. Come back. And lastly, if you choose to warp, I have found that after you warp the magic power is still being consumed, and it is ticking down on the time limit for Nayru's Love, although Nayru's Love isn't there. But sometimes, Naru's Love will come back around you.

Sliding Fun
sent in by Steve Smith and Trisha Smith

First, get our your hover boots and go to the big Moblin in the lost woods(sacred forest meadow) that has the club. Next, go about to the club, and let it hit you(you must dodge the waves of ground to get to it). If you did it right, and you are coming from the Forest Temple, you can slide all of the way to the warp point. But if you are on the other side, it is even cooler, because you fly in the air a little bit over a lot of stuff.

Floating Rupees
sent in by Trisha Smith

Go the the guard house just before Hyrule Town Market. Pick up a Jar and throw it on top of one of the boxes(try to get a rupee on top of one of the boxes). Once there is a rupee on top of box, roll into the box, and the rupee that was on top will be floating.

Get stuck in a log
sent in by Sean Christie

Go to the fishing pond as an adult. (Maybe you can do it as a child but I don't know yet) Anyway, put on your Iron boots and Zora Tunic and sink to the bottom of the lake. Now Z target a fish in the very middle and walk backwards toward the end of the log in the middle. If goes to plan you should now be stuck in the log and can't get out for about 5 seconds!

Get in fire temple as kid
sent in by

First of all what ya gotta do is learn the song that transports you to the volcano (bolero of fire). Now you must be a kid to do this, play bolero of fire and go to the volcano. You'll notice that the entrance to the fire temple is blocked by rocks. Now here is the hard part, pull the left side of the cartridge up slightly and you should be able to go through the rocks. Now put the game back in. When your in there everything is the same as when your an adult. The funny part is how the game thinks your an adult and treats you as if you are in the future. Oh yeah I tried to advance in the level but your to short to climb up certain ledges, major bummer.

Fight Ganon with a bottle
sent in by

In Zelda 64, when fighting Gannon, if you're standing near Zelda and hit Gannon with a Bombchu, you'll be blasted through the fire and Link will go 'oof!' until you fly out. Kinda funny. What's even more funny is how I kill Gannon's first form. I just reflected his shots with an empty bottle. I was trying to figure out how to beat him (the sword deflected the shot back, but he deflected it and I got hit...didn't try that again for awhile...) and I tried to catch one of his shots in a bottle. That did it. You can also reflect it with the Megaton Hammer, but I like being Ninja Link with his super bottle ;D

Two Swords?
sent in by

First of all what you have to do is start a new game. when you leave your house go to the part where the guy stops you from leaving the forest. Now pull up the left side of the cartridge up slightly, and you should be able to walk right through him. Now put the left side back in and proceed on with the game. Some very odd things may happen now like when Zelda asks if you have the green stone you'll lie, plus when it comes to cinematic scenes you'll magically get a sword. Anyway go on with the game until you turn into an adult. You have to get there with a whole heck of a lot of deku sticks because it's your only weapon. And you also might need to go back to the deku tree for the sling shot. Use the same trick as getting out of the forest to get in the tree. Now if you happen to beat the child stage and become an adult, play to where you can go back to being a child. I went back and was surprised. You have the kakiri sword now! Look at the menu screen and you'll see for your weapon setup nothing is surrounded in a white box. So you don't have the sword but you can use it. Anyway go back to the forest and go to the chest with the kakiri sword. Open it and it will pop out, but wait the sword is on your back and the same sword is also hovering right in front of you!

Messed up stones
sent in by

First of all you must do the trick above to get out of the kakiri forest without getting the green stone. Now when you get the red stone it will say you have one left to get when you really need two. When you get the blue stone it says you have them all but you really need one more. And if you go back and beat the deku tree it will say you have two more left when you really have them all.

Two glitches
sent in by Avolin

As an adult or a child, go to the Temple of Time. Run towards the Pedestal of Time while holding R and Z so that you are running with your shield out. As you get to the Pedestal and the Action Icon says "Drop", press A while still holding R and Z. Link should continue to run in place until you let go of R.

Another glitch in the Temple of Time is how to get the Prelude of Light without playing it properly. Perform the "Navi-be-Gone" trick and talk to Sheik. When he asks you to repeat the song, get it wrong by either hitting B or playing the wrong notes. You will then talk to Saria, and then the cut scene appears if you had done it correctly.

Fishing to go
sent in by Victreebel64

As Adult link, go to the Fish Pond (you can get there via Magic Plant, the Scarecrow's Song, or after beating Water Temple). Equip the Hover Boots, take a few steps out into the water so that you are walking on the water, then cast before the hover effect wears off. What happens is that you'll cast the line like you normally would, but the game thinks that you didn't cast, so you'll still be able to walk around and move as if you hadn't cast the line. The advantage to this is that you can move to other areas of the pond without having to reel the line back in! If you catch a fish after doing this trick, it doesn't go into the cut scene of Link holding up the fish...instead, he just kinda stands there, with the fish in his hand. Press Z a couple times and the view will zoom back and the camera angle will screw up. Once you've got this weird camera angle, press C-Up and it goes into Link's View mode, except for one thing - it doesn't zoom in on Link. You can now move Link's head with the control stick and rotate him in place. Weird. There are a few other odd things this glitch does, but I'll let you find them yourself :^)

Hookshot weirdness
sent in by Victreebel64

I found this one by accident, but it's actually weird. Equip the Hookshot, then press whatever button you've got the Hookshot equipped on, but don't shoot it! Then, hit R so that Link whips out his shield. Link should put the Hookshot down, but look - the red target light is still there! If you hold Z and R, you'll get a very strange extreme close-up camera angle. If you walk up to something that can be Z-Targeted, Link will point his hookshot at it for a second, then put it down. Wacky, eh? If you can't get this working, try Z-Targetting something first.

Waterfall glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

Go to Gerudo Valley and jump off the bridge at the start. Equip the Zora Tunic and the Iron Boots, then walk around the river bed until you reach the waterfall. Jump down it and as soon as you do, turn around and walk back under the waterfall. There should be a slope type thingy back there. Stand on top of this and use C-up to look around. Weird stuff starts to happen, like bubbles floating in midair and disappearing water.

Sign Slash Glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

Find one of those signs that you can slash to pieces with your sword. Try to hit it so that two of the pieces land on top of each other. The pieces of sign do look a bit strange after you do that...

Link Soup
sent in by Victreebel64

Of all the weird ways to make easy money, this is probably the strangest and definitely the funniest. In Gerudo Fortress, there's one room that has a pot of...whatever the heck that is on the stove. Put on the Goron Tunic and climb up on the stove. If you stay on there too long, you'll be hurt. Now, try to jump into the pot. You have to do it from a specific angle and it'll take practice. Once you get in the pot, you'll find - gasp - a red rupee?!? What the heck is it doing in THERE? are now stuck in the pot!! If you stay too long, you'll lose health! Use the Hookshot to grapple onto the wooden beams and get out. [A backflip will work as well].

Navi glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

In the same room with the pot mentioned above, Navi turns green in one corner. I've played every song, placed bombs, shot arrows, pounded with the hammer, used all magic, and nothing happens. This is really weird. Glitch? Don't know for sure.

Spirit Temple Fire Glitch
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Play the Requiem of Spirit as a kid, and enter the Spirit Temple and go left through that narrow little passage. Then take the door on the left and continue along that path until you reach the room with Anubis in it. Here's what you do: Stand on the edge of the platform where the switch-activated fire burns. From there, pull out the Boomerang or Slingshot and hit the Crystal Switch from where you're standing. When the fire starts, it looks kind of strange. It does not look normal. Then you're pushed off the platform into a bottomless pit. Oh, and there's more: To make it look cooler, equip a Deku Shield. It'll fall off your back as the fire hits you, and you will be pushed off into the pit, and your burning shield will be falling along with you!

Another way to exit Kokiri Forest without the sword & shield
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Go into the Lost Woods as soon as you start the game, and wander through it until you get to the shortcut into Goron City. Then use the Crooked Cartridge trick, (the same one Video Gamer Pat used to get into the Fire Temple as a kid, or to bypass Mido to exit the forest the normal way) to go through the boulders. Now work your way out of Goron City. Descend Death Mountain and when you enter Kakariko Village, there's the gate in your way, but you can walk through it and get into the village. You can go to Hyrule Castle and sneak in and see Zelda, and when Impa teaches you Zelda's Lullaby, Link will be holding the Ocarina of Time!

Float over Lake Hylia
sent in by

Do the Swordless link glitch and goto lake hylia on the horse. goto the tree and hop off the horse. use the hook/long/whatever shot on the tree. Get onto the horse. use the hookshot (whatever) on the tree while you ARENT moving at all and you can get off and float over Lake Hylia.

Play Fire Temple without learning Bolero of Fire
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

When you first become an adult, talk to the scarecrows to get the Scarecrow's Song you played as a child. Play the Water Temple before you do the Fire Temple, so you'll have the Longshot. When you want to play the Fire Temple, get the Goron Tunic from Goron City and take the passage from Darunia's room to Death Mountain crater, but go right instead of left. Jump off the ledge and climb the ladder. There, walk down the narrow bridge to the place where the hidden Gossip Stone is (you bomb the wall to get it). Look down into the lava and you'll see a platform way down below with Rupees on it. Jump with all you've got and land on the platform. There, play the Scarecrow's Song to make Pierre appear. Longshot to get to him, then Longshot again at the bulls-eyes you see. You should be able to get in the Fire Temple here.

*SPOILER* Zelda puts disguise back on
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Beat the Fire Temple from the above trick and play a warp song to leave. Beat the rest of the dungeons without learning Bolero of Fire so Sheik will unmask and become Zelda. NOW go learn the Bolero of Fire. Zelda is once again masquerading as Sheik!

Get the Lake Hylia warp song without learning it!
sent in by Jason Brace

This is a weird glitch I found (no, you don't need GameShark). I'm not sure how it works exactly, but start a new game and go to Gerudo Valley as a kid (the fairy ocarina is fine). I was messing around the gate that blocked the way to Gerudo Fortress, so I faced the gate and messed around with the cartridge, lifting it up and down on the left side. Link got invisible then reappear as I moved the cartridge down. When I use Ocarina while invisible the B Button iron is kinda messed up. It was weird, because one time I was playing off-key with the Ocarina and I heard the sound that I made the song correct and it plays the song that let u warp to Lake Hylia. It won't let you warp there, so after the notes of that song, the game froze!

Make the sand storm go away
sent in by Jason Brace

To do this, go in Haunted Wasteland. When you're there, just let the monsters attack you till you die. When Link dies, continue. After that, you're now in Haunted Wasteland with NO SAND STORM!!!

Make a fish flop on Saria
sent in by Jason Brace

To do that, you must not have Saria's Song yet. If you have Saria's Song, try the new file to do this glitch. When you finish the Deku Tree level and got a letter from Princess Zelda, go and get a bottle and put a fish in it. Now go on in the Lost Woods. Continue until you're at the last stairs that lead to Saria. Don't go over the stairs! When you're at the very top of the stairs, put a fish on it, now continue over the stairs and a cutscene will show that Link run to Saria. When the scene that show Saria playing her Ocarina, you'll see a fish on her lap!

Link flies far
sent in by Andrew Kent

A weird and cool glitch to do is in The Lost Woods (warping there is ideal). As Adult Link, go down to where the giant dude is (they don't have a name and Navi won't Z-Target them). Equip the Hover Boots, and dodge his blows until you are right up to him. Let him hit you directly with his club, and make sure you are in the centre of the path.

You'll go flying, but you won't stop until you're over the stairs and back to the point you warped from. Bummer! See how far you can get. I got about 1/3 of a bomb-throw past the warp elevation. You obviously have to be coming down the stairs for this to work.

Nayru's crash
sent in by dvdmth

(Note: I cannot take full credit for this glitch.)

Go to Death Mountain Crater without the Goron Tunic equipped. Dump all your fairies, then wait until the countdown reaches about 10 seconds. Cast Nayru's Love, then wait the last 10 seconds to Link's death. Elect not to save, but continue play. Nayru's Love will still be in effect, but the Magic bar won't be flashing any longer. As a result, the game permits you to use other magic items. Although the Lens of Truth is safe, and so is another Nayru's Love cast, using any other magic item (Din's Fire, Fire Arrows, etc.) causes a crash. Upon the failure, a yelloe line appears at the upper-left corner of the screen. If you do not know what to do in the even of such a crash, check out By using this method to crash the game, you can see more debug data than you usually see if you use the Crooked Cartridge technique found at that web page.)

Debug Code
sent in by The Offspring

First of all, go anywhere in the game and do the trick where you pull a bit the cartridge out of the slot. You have to pull it just enough so you can stil hear the music. Once that is done, you have steps to do for this to work.You have to do this step by step and let go of the buttons at each step. Hope you understand.

1-While holding L and R, press Z
2-While holding UP on the D-pad, press C-DOWN
3-While holding C-Up, press Down on the D-pad
4-While holding LEFT on the D-pad, press C-LEFT
5-While holding C-RIGHT, press RIGHT on the D-pad
6-Finally,press START while holding A and B

After doing this trick, you should have some sort of access to a debug mode which I don't know what it does.

Crazy swimming
sent in by dvdmth

This is one of the most bizarre (and pointless) glitches in this game. You must have the Iron Boots to pull it off.

Phase 1: Swim and Sink

Hold "Z" and swim forward. While doing this, pause the game and switch to the Iron Boots. When you unpause, be sure you're holding both "Z" and the analog stick forward. Link will continue swimming while he sinks to the ground. When he reaches the floor, he will somtimes start walking like normal, but this happens primarily when you stop moving or start goind downhill. (Letting go of "Z" will also revert Link to walking mode.)

Phase 2: No Water? No Problem!

Go to a place like Lake Hylia where the shore gently slopes into water. Go into the water, but don't swim too far out. Face the shore, then do the glitch above. When Link reaches the shore, he will continue to swim (though at a slower rate) even though there's no water. To get him to move faster, take off the Iron Boots (but make sure you never let go of "Z"). If you move down some hills, go back into water, get hit by an enemy, use (most) items, or let go of "Z", Link will start walking like normal.

Glitch 3: Endless Dive

Now things really turn bonkers. Get Link swimming on land (as above stated), then move Link a good distance away from water. (The actual distance you have to go varies from location to location.) Make sure Link is NOT wearing the Iron Boots, then press and hold "A" to dive. When the (ineffective) dive is complete, if you are too close to the water, Link will either continue swimming or will start walking like normal. However, if you're far enough away from the water, Link will start "swimming upwards" trying to reach the surface of the so-called water, but will remain stuck on the ground. At this point, you can let go of "Z" and Link will continue his surfacing motion. While he's in this mode, he moves very slowly. The "dive meter" (the number on the Action Icon showing how far you can dive) remains at 8 (or 6, if you don't have the Golden Scale). As if that weren't weird enough, check out the following oddities:

* The "A" button seems to have no effect whatsoever.
* Pressing "B" will take out your sword, but you can't use it. (It looks funny, though.)
* Using the Megaton Hammer has the same effect.
* Take out a Bomb or Bombchu. Link can't throw either of them! The item will explode, knocking Link back to his senses.
* If an enemy hits you, Link starts walking like normal.
* Move into water, and Link will (finally) finish his dive.
* Going down too steep a hill will end the glitch as well.
* Hold "Z" and then hold "R" to take out your shield. Now let go of "Z" and you'll still be able to move around with your shield out. (Normally you can't defend and move at the same time without Z-Targeting.)
* If you use the Ocarina, the Hookshot/Longshot (without Z-Targeting), or other items, Link will start walking like normal, but the "dive meter" will still be on the "A" button. You cannot put away any items at this point, but all other "A" button actions (regardless of whether or not they appear on the blue icon) are fully functional. (Certain actions, such as a Spin Attack, will remove the number from the icon and return everything to normal.)
* The same dive-meter glitch can be achieved in the Fishing Pond (after paying to fish) by swimming towards the door or by finding the Sinking Lure.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Sound glitch
sent in by David M. Avery

When you go to help the sound guy on the stage at zora hall, play the guitar first. After he says it's too loud or too quiet, take off your zora mask and play the ocarina. It sounds just like the guitar. This will work with the pipes and the drums also.

Floating Epona
sent in by David M. Avery

After you have epona, go to the shooting gallery by the southern swamp. Park epona so her back legs are in the water of the pool by the gallery. Soar somewhere, and then come back and you'll find epona floating in midair.

Freeze a cutscene
sent in by Justin Berube

If you help Kafei and get him out side of Sakon's hide out then go in there he will be inside waiting to do his thing. Then if you do it correctly he will begin back to town. Go back later when Sakon opens his cave. He will open it and the movie cut scene will occur but will never finish because Kafei is supposed to run in after him.

Get Link stuck
sent in by mikey d

In the field outside Clock Town, near the "desert" portion of the field you will find a shallow pool of water with a chest laying at the bottom. I assume that this is meant to be opened by Zora-Link. However, if you float above it as Normal-Link and dive down to the front of it your action button will actually switch to "Open" a half a second before you being forced to surface again. If you hit the action button right when it changes to "Open" Link will hover under water in front of the chest as it opens. Nothing will be inside the chest and Link will remain motionless, stuck underwater, in front of it (with your controller completely unresponsive) until such time as your reset your N64.

Weird glitch with Mikau
sent in by mikey d

When you have to pick up Mikau from the water and bring him to shore, if you stop pushing right before you get to the beach and go around to his front, you can pick him up over your head like he was a paperweight. If you then decide to put him down on the incline of the sand, he will fall right through it.

Enter Sakon's Hideout at any time
sent in by anonymous

You're supposed to wait with Kafei until Sakon the Thief opens his hideout at 7PM on the Third Day. However, the "impenetrable security" that Sakon's so proud of has fallen victim to the Glitch Syndrome. Approach the door at any time. Look closely along its edges. You should see a very visible crack between the door and the wall. At most times of the day, you can see light shining through this crack. It certainly looks too small to fit into, but trust me -- you can. Go to the right side of the door (I don't think it works on the left side), and roll straight at the crack. If your angle's good, you'll go right through the crack and end up behind the door! (You can also put on the Bunny Hood and simply run at the crack.) Once you're through, either you will go straight into Sakon's Hideout or you'll jump into some oblivion behind the wall. If the latter happens, HOLD LEFT on the Control Stick. This will usually (not always) steer Link into the doorway, thus into the hideout. However, sometimes, tven this isn't enough to prevent Link from falling into the water below, which in turn shall send him back to wherever he entered Ikana Canyon. (This is common if you use the Bunny Hood.)


Entering the hideout through this glitch on the first two days will leave Link all alone. Go through the door and step on the switch YOURSELF. There goes the alarm! If you stay on the switch, the door will open and the conveyor belt will start, but if you step off the switch, the conveyor belt may not start up until you step on the switch again and wait a few seconds.

If you wish to proceed into the next room, you MUST Goron Spike Roll through the door. This is the only way to get in without the door closing in front or on top of you. Once in, notice that the Sun's Mask stays put in one spot on the conveyor belt, even though the belt's moving! Push a block on the switch, and you will get the response normally heard by Kafei. Suddenly, you'll find yourself back on top of the first switch! From here, go into the first room that Link normally goes in. Kill the Deku Baba, then do another Goron Spike Roll to return to Kafei's side of the hideout. You can step on the switches, kill the Deku Baba on the other side of the conveyor belt with a Spin Attack, and, well, I guess that's it. You CANNOT reach the other side of the hideout again. Your only way out is to play the Song of Soaring. (Trust me -- it's IMPOSSIBLE to kill the other Deku Baba from Kafei's side of the hideout.)


Kafei's here! He will still have on the Keaton Mask unless you did that much of the Anju/Kafei sidequest. You can go through the hideout as if it were normal, and you can get Kafei the Sun's Mask. You then leave the hideout roughly 5 hours after entering. If you reenter the hideout, you can go through the same ordeal again and again and again, as long as time permits.


Now comes the fun part: If you already did part of the hideout when Day 3 starts, the cinema normally seen upon entering the place starts playing. Kafei's there, and he'll step on the switch. He reacts as if the alarm went off and all, and Link is somehow transported ON TOP of the switch! Kafei orders you to step on the switch, but you're already there!

Now comes the fun part: If you completed the first two rooms (that is, the last thing you did was kill the lone Deku Baba in the first room on Link's side of the hideout) before Day 3 started, you can ACTUALLY switch Kafei's and Link's roles! How/? Do another Goron Spike Roll through the door (Kafei is standing there, but you can still get through), then step on the appropriate switch. Control switches to Kafei, and you can go through the rooms on Link's side and use pots to kill the Deku Babas. Continue onward and you can probably make it all the way through the hideout with the two in wrong places! (I never made it through, but I hear it can be done.) What happens then? I don't know.

Keep the C-buttons and rupees, etc. small!
sent in by Sean Christie

You know when the clock goes 'ding dong' and signals that the day/night is over? Well do you further know that when the clock starts donging your C-buttons and other stuff on your screen shrinks? Well then on with the glitch!

It's easy. All you have to do is Z-target anything before the clock starts dinging. Now wait until it stops then it will show a cutscene of it going to day/night. Usually the C-buttons and stuff would go back to normal but if you have something Z-targeted it will continue to be small.

Use Fierce Deity mask outside boss battles!
sent in by anonymous

Yes, you can -- in the US version at that! There were at least 2 glitches that allowed you to do this in Japan but were fixed in the US version. But one more glitch with the same result still exists in our country! Unfortunately, accounts from Europe and Australia seem to suggest that the glitch DOES NOT work in those parts of the world (who have the PAL version). I am sensing similar bug fixes to appear in later versions sold in the US as well, though nothing of the sort has appeared yet.

Here's the trick: First enter Sakon's Hideout on the third day. You may either go through the Anju/Kafei sidequest or use the glitch above to get there. Once inside, have Link put on the Bunny Hood or some other transformation mask (do NOT use the Keaton Mask, however). Then proceed through the hideout as usual. At some time, while controlling Kafei, pause the game and put the Fierce Deity Mask on the SAME C button as he Bunny Hood (or whatever mask you used). Now, when control switches back to Link, be amazed at the transformation you see! Oni Link is now available for your use! (Note: It is IMPERATIVE that you NOT fail in getting Kafei the Sun's Mask; if you do fail, then you won't be able to get out at all!)

Once outside Sakon's Hideout, it is best to jump in the river and swim downstream. This will dump you into the Southern Swamp, near the Old Hags Potion Shop. From there, you can go to Termina Field, Clock Town, or wherever you can go with the abilities you have! Note that the river is the ONLY way to get out of Ikana, since you need Epons to go the usual route, and you can't get on Epona because of what Tatl says (that you'd squish the poor thing).

If you enter Clock Town, the guards won't let you out, even though their dialogue is the same as that which appears if you were normal Link. It sounds like they'll let you pass, but they don't. If you do wish to leave Clock Town, you must first have previously done the following BEFORE becoming Oni Link:
1) Give the code to the bomber that blocks the entrance to the observatory
2) Pop the balloon found in the same cave
3) Plant and grow a Magic Bean Leaf just outside the observatory (where you got the Moon's Tear)

If you did all those things, you can leave via the observatory. However, a little trickery is involved. When you enter the cave leading to the observatory, Oni Link will appear to get stuck in the walls/ceiling of that narrow corridor. To get through, you'll have to perform a spin attack, then roll straight forward, then repeat (this technique worked for me at least). Once through that narrow corridor, you shouldn't have much trouble getting through the rest of the cave, though the camera gets very glitchy at some spots. Once at your goal, use the Magic Bean Leaf to get over the fence and out into Termina Field.

Note that talking to any bombers (except the one blocking the observatory path) will most certainly freeze the game! The same goes with most shop owners. However, talking to most other characters should be fine -- you'll get normal responses. Note that talking to the kid blocking the way to the observatory produces a blank message box. The same goes for the astronomer in the observatory.

You cannot use any items except bottles as Oni Link. Using empty bottles is quite tricky unless you're indoors where you can't use your sword. To use an empty bottle outdoors, you must press the appropriate C button repeatedly so that the bottle swing isn't interrupted by Oni Link's redrawing his sword.

Note that you cannot enter leave the Stock Pot Inn once you enter. While inside, however, you can do some wild things, like jump from the bathroom to the stairs above, or jump from the kitchen to the room above. It's pretty weird! It's a shame you cannot use Oni Link except on the third day. You may want to use the Inverted Song of Time before messing around with him to give you more time to explore.

3 ways to freeze the game in Sakon's Hideout
sent in by anonymous

Back in Sakon's Hideout, there are at least 3 ways to freeze the game (note that all 3 assume it's the third day):

1) After going through the door, take out your ocarina (or try to) before the cutscene starts.

2) After that cutscene, take out your hookshot, hold Z, and sidestep (while holding both Z and C) onto the switch. When control returns to Link, the game will freeze.

3) If you try to put on the Giant's Mask using the same technique as the Fierce Deity Mask glitch above, the game freezes at the point where Link's supposed to grow.

More on the Giant's Mask
sent in by anonymous

The 3rd freeze above is VERY unfortunate. For days now I (among others) have tried to overcome this freeze. This quest was sparked by a report of a possible way to get Giant Link to work (we assume in Japan only, but I can't even confirm this to work in that version). The trick is to put on the mask at the same time I tried to take out the ocarina on the first freeze above. Evidently, the Japanese version must have had a loophole allowing this to happen (unless that report is fictitious). But what's most interesting is the part that says to HOLD Z and RAPIDLY PRESS both the L and R buttons. The game, supposedly, "will not freeze as long as you have it right." Whoa! If this is true, then the freezing could be overcome! But alas, no one can get this to work. NO ONE!! But it did leave the door open for investigations on how to possibly get the Giant's Mask working. Here's what I know:

1) The freeze is NOT caused by Giant Link's massive size and the relatively small size of the hideout. Remember how Oni Link could fit through that small corridor to the observatory? Well, Giant Link would be similar in the hideout (I did measurements and fount that out). There's plenty of room for growing in the first area of the hideout (where the first switch is), but the game freezes there too.

2) The freeze IS caused (most likely) by the fixed-camera nature of the hideout. There's plenty of evidence to back this theory -- the fact that Link is always facing the camera during a mask transformation, the fact that Link turns to face the camera during a transformation with the four OTHER masks (Deku, Goron, Zora, FD) but the camera moves in front of Link when putting on the Giant's Mask (during the Twinmold fight), the fact that Link fails to make eye contact with the camera in the hideout, the fact that the C icons don't disappear and the "black bands" that normally appear at the top and bottom of the screen are gone, and the fact that the camera seems to move rather strangely at the start of the scene.

One peculiarity that came from testing is that if you have NO magic, or have the Lens of Truth ON when doing the mask switch, the game repeatedly buzzes at you, and you can continue to move around but NOT use any C items or the sword. Link still has on the old mask (the one switched off), and the buzzing stops if you reassign that mask to any C button. If you leave the hideout during this "buzzer effect," Link just takes off the old mask and does nothing with the Giant's Mask. If you move the Giant's Mask to another C button or take it off completely, the same thing happens (Link takes off the old mask and that's it). Switching the Giant's Mask with another mask causes Link to put on that mask. Taking the Lens of Truth off the C buttons causes Link to put on the Giant's Mask, thus freezing the game.

If, during the "buzzer effect," you go into First Person Mode, raise your shield, pick up a pot, or roll, the buzzing temporarily stops, but you can't use any other C item during this time. We have tried to take advantage of this to try to get Link in a "favorable position" where he'd face the camera, have room to grow, etc. All has been to no avail. I'm convinced now that it's probably impossible to get on the mask, but considering how glitchy the place is, maybe someone out there can find an avenue that has yet to be explored that may not lead to a mere dead-end....

Disappearing items
sent in by anonymous

Take a C item out, such as the Great Fairy's Sword or Hookshot, then approach a mailbox in Clock Town (Link should still be holding the item). Check the mailbox, then try to give it the item you just took out. The mailbox will naturally refuse, saying it can only accept letters. Now Link can still use the item, even though it has disappeared! The Hookshot is real strange because the invisible chain never sticks to anything! The invisible item can still be used in that state until you talk to someone, leave the area, take out another item, or do something of the sort.

Oni Link uses invisible sword
sent in by anonymous

Do the glitch I sent in before to get Fierce Deity Link (Oni Link) outside boss battles (the Sakon's Hideout method). Go to Clock Town, then put the Great Fairy's Sword into a mailbox. For whatever reason, Oni Link's sword vanishes, and the same effects occur that happen when doing the glitch above!

Oni Link uses bottles?
sent in by anonymous

This is a little weird and is a side-effect of Oni Link's behavior of always having his sword out. If, while Oni Link (either in a boss battle or under the glitch conditions I sent in before), you try to swing a bottle, the swinging action is interrupted by the sword. To get around this, rapidly press that C button until a full swing occurs.

Note: If you did the Oni Link glitch and are in an area where it's prohibited to use a sword (like in the Stock Pot Inn), you can use bottles normally without interruption.)

Music at night
sent in by anonymous

Beat Snowhead Temple, then go to the Goron Shrine at night. Upon leaving the shrine, you should hear the overworld theme music even though it's night time! The music continues to play as the DAWN OF THE nth DAY message appears!

Explore the murky waters around Zora Hall
sent in by anonymous

This ONLY works in the section of Great Bay with Zora Hall. Go to where Lulu is, then get the Ice Arrows out and form an iceberg. As a Deku, hop onto the iceberg, then shoot another ice arrow to form another iceberg. By hopping from iceberg to iceberg, you can explore these waters freely without being sent back to shore!

Volume glitch
sent in by anonymous

In Zora Hall, go to the guy who's sound-checking. As Zora Link, play him a not to get him to adjust the sound to a higher volume. Now go straight to a door and enter. The sound of the door opening will be real lous!

Stop animation
sent in by anonymous

Not sure if this is a glitch or not, but if, while a deku, goron, or zora, you play your instrument WHILE holding down the L button, there will be no animation as you make each note.

Hookshot beam bug
sent in by anonymous

This glitch also works in OOT. Hold Z, then hold the C button with the Hookshot assigned to it. Now, while still holding Z, let the hookshot go, then quickly press and hold R. Once Link takes out his shield, release R, then release Z. If done right, Link will hold the hookshot by his side, and the aiming beam of the hookshot will STILL be visible!

Kafei goes through door
sent in by anonymous

Go to the Laundry Pool and, as a Zora, swim to the doorbell and use your shield attack to hit the gong. The sequence of Kafei coming out of the door will not be in sync with the door opening and closing, and it looks like Kafei's going through the door itself!

Re-earn a mask
sent in by anonymous

Normally, once you get a mask, you cannot receive it a second time by redoing the steps for getting it (you either get a different prize or nothing at all). However, for some reason, you can receive the Circus Leader's Mask from Gorman as many times as you want! All you have to do is go back in time, then go to the Milk Bar at 10pm and play the song for the Zora again!

A few more oddities is Sakon's hideout
sent in by anonymous

1) As I said before, you can use a Goron Roll to get into the side of the hideout normally accesssible by Kafei. If you do this on the third day and Kafei's in that room, you can speak to him, and he'll still say, "Step on that switch!!" You'll have to use the Song of Soaring to excape if you do this, though.

2) If you use CUp and look near the ceiling above an open door in the hideout, you can see the same door up by the ceiling, which is completely black. Note that you must be in one of the room that run along the conveyor belt to see the doors.

3) If you position Link or Kafei underneath a door and let the Sun's Mask fall into the pit, the cutscene that follows will show Link/Kafei inside of the door itself, producing an odd visual effect. When the cutscene finishes playing, you will be immediately sent out of the hideout, regardless of who was crushed.

4) When control switches over to Kafei, the C icons normally dim. If, however, you'are some form other than normal Link (Goron, Zora, etc.) and control switches to Kafei, the C icons keep the status they were while you were Link (for example, the Ocarina would be shown as available while the Hookshot would be disabled). If, during this time, you pause the game and switch items around, the icons will keep the availability as if you never did any switching (in other words, if you switch the Ocarina with the Hookshot, the Ocarina would apear disabled and the Hookshot would appear enabled). The C icon status corrects itself when control goes back to Link, however, so you can't use this to use an item you're not supposed to.

Use Ocarina on B button
sent in by anonymous

I know you're asking, "Why would I be so stupid as to use the ocarina by pressing B?" Well, for one thing, it's a pretty strange and interesting glitch. For another, it can have some use if you got the Great Fairy's Sword (a C item) and no longer wish to use the old-fashioned Gilded Sword on the B button. Also, keep in mind that this glitch is NOT permanent; you can get your sword back on the B button afterwards if you wish.

Here's what you do: Go to Honey and Darling's shop in Clock Town on any day (though for some reason it seems to be a bit harder to perform on day 2). Pay 10 rupees to play a game, then walk up to the edge of the spinning platform. Now turn to face the couple, then wait. When there's about 1 second left, hold Z and move Link over the edge. He should grab onto the edge of the platform. When time expires, he will (usually) touch the ground, but even if he doesn't, it will not matter. As Link goes to talk to the couple again, you should be able to see the three C icons at the corner of the screen (which shouldn't be visible at this time). Also, the B button should be BLANK. That's right, blank.

Even if you leave the shop now, that B button will remain dimmed and empty, as if you had no sword at all. But if you look at your inventory, you'll still see the sword on the Quest Status screen. Now comes part 2 of the glitch: If you play Honey and Darling's game again (while in the "pseudo-swordless Link" condition), the B button will change to the OCARINA once the game is over! The same thing happens if you play the Shooting Gallery game under the same conditions. Now pressing B will have Link take out his ocarina!

Some notes to consider when performing the glitch:

1. While you're another form of Link, the B button functions normally. This only affects you when you're human.

2. If you try to perform the glitch after losing your sword to the Takkuri in Termina Field, you'll find that you can't. You must still have the sword in your inventory in order for the glitch to work.

3. If the takkuri steals your sword after performing the glitch, your B button will go blank as usual. Buy your sword back at the Curiosity Shop that night to get your sword back on the B button.

4. While the ocarina is on the C button, you can perform the glitch again and become "pseudo-swordless Link" again with an empty B button.

5. The town guards will still recognize you as having a sword, even though you can't use it.

I haven't tried upgrading the sword at the swordman's place at Mountain Village, nor have I tried riding Epona as "pseudo-swordless Link," nor have I gone back in time (for fear of data corruption). You may try these things if you want to, but I can't guarantee any good results. I have only played with the glitch for a short amount of time, so there may be other consequences (some good, others not-so-good) to the glitch. Feel free to mess around, at your own risk!

See through walls
sent in by anonymous

This is a nice and easy trick that lets you see what's behind virtually any wall in either OOT or MM. Walk up to a wall and face right towards it. Push the control stick forward (towards the wall) and press A to roll. Right before Link stands up completely, press C-Up. If times right, you should be able to see through the wall while in First Person mode. Things tend to look pretty glitchy in parts. You may even find one or two surprises behind the walls as well. (I haven't had this happen yet, but who knows?) This is a handy tool that can be used to disprove some of the wildest Triforce rumors out there, mainly those that talk of some special door or extension to an area that should be visible if the walls were gone.

Brightness glitch
sent in by Jason Brace

Go to the 2nd day. When it's 7 am, it'll start to rain, and a storm appear. Equip any mask that transform you (Deku, Goron, Zora). When lightning suddenly appear, quicky wear the mask and after u wear it, everything will be bright until another lightning appear! Try this out!

Another way to see through walls
sent in by Jason Brace

Equip the Pig Mask and wear it. Face the wall while wearing the mask then press c-up to look around. Move around until u see through the wall!

The Sky Without A Moon
sent in by Jason Brace

To do it (more pretty on the 1st day), go to the Fisherman hut or the mayor room in clock town. Simple do the glitch that make you see through the wall. When you look through you'll see NOTHING but the sky, and you couldn't see a moon.

Fierce Deity's mask oddity
sent in by Jason Brace

Do the glitch that make you wear Fierce Deity's mask outside boss battles, and go to clock town. When you're there, go in the room where the Swordsman is. Talk to him and he'll say something that you couldn't without wearing Fierce Deity's mask. It's weird. He said something like wait until you're adult (I only did this once!) and won't let you teach anything!

Frog jumps on water
sent in by Jason Brace

Go in Clock Town and go to Laundry Pool. You'll see a frog there. All you have to do it walk toward the frog and Link'll push it. Push it in the water and it'll fell in. You'll still hear the voice of the frog underwater and seeing it jumping up and down like it usually did on the ground!

Tatl glitch
sent in by Jason Brace

Do the glitch that lets u have Kafei at Link's side of the hideout. When Kafei's there, you'll notice that Tatl is with him!

Great Fairy and Oni Link
sent in by Jason Brace

This one is really funny, you should try this! Do the glitch that lets u use Fierce Deity's mask outside boss battles. Before u do this, get the spray fairy in the Landry Pool, then do the glitch. When you wear that mask, enter Clock Town and go to North Clock Town. Go in the cave where the Great Fairy is. Go in and meet her. When you meet her, Oni Link will return the spray fairy and start talking as usual. Before she disappear, he'll start waving his long arm and hold his giant sword with one hand, then his leg will lift up!

Dead Fish
sent in by Jason Brace

Warp to Zora's Cape. You'll see the Great Bay Temple, and normally you reach there on top the big turtle or something. By using exploring the murky water glitch, hop ahead when you're really close to it, you'll notice that it's pretty small and you can go through it! It looks like a dead fish! (Not sure if it's Great Bay Temple or not, it sort of have floating water around it).

Tinkle's balloon glitch
sent in by Jason Brace

It's possible that Tinkle is Link's father? He's old enough to be his father and he's 35! Anyway, on with the glitch. When you pop his balloon, he'll fall down (wow, he have strong hips!). When he's ready to go up with another balloon again, shoot the balloon, it won't pop! It can pop until he reach to his height.

Jim's balloon glitch
sent in by Jason Brace

Jim, one of the bombers kids, tried popping the balloon. Aim your Hookshot at the balloon, but don't pop it yet! Aim a little farther away from the balloon, where it'll almost touch. Shoot it, then the hook will pop the balloon, even though it didn't touch!

Wearing the mask under the sand
sent in by Jason Brace

Go to the Boss room in the Stone Temple. When you're there, it's a desert room. Instead of fighting, run far away until u sink in the sand. While you're sinking, QUICKLY wear Fierce Deity's mask, and he'll put that mask on under the sand! You'll hear him yell then return to the entrance of the Stone Temple. Sadly, he didn't wear Fierce Deity's mask...

Using the Ocarina of Time as Giant Link!
sent in by Jason Brace

To do it, perform the glitch that lets Link equip the Ocarina of Time on the B Button. When you're done with that, enter the boss room in the Stone Temple. When you're there, wear the Giant's Mask. When Link grew into a giant, you still can use B Button, and the Ocarina of Time on the c button will be dimmed. It happened because the game thinks that the sword is on the B Button, but instead, it's Ocarina of Time. Take out your Ocarian of Time and you can play songs as Giant Link!!!! When you play the Song of Soring or Song of Time to escape while begin a Giant, Link will be back to his normal size, pretty disappoint eh?

Huge Statue of Link
sent in by Jason Brace

Do the glitch above. Instead of playing songs, play the song of emptyniness (can't spell it). The statue will be huge! When you return to your normal size, the huge statue will disappear... hmph!

The Ocarina on B Button as Kafei
sent in by Jason Brace

Do the glitch that make an Ocarina on the B Button. After that enter the hideout on the final day. When you control Kafei, you'll notice that the Ocarina will still be on B Button instead of blank. But, it's a shame that Kafei can't uses it.

See only the man in the sky!
sent in by Jason Brace

To do it, wait until the man enter the building where the mayor is (the man with a frightful face, that always says "I'm busy!" or something like that). When he's in the room where the mayor's fat wife is, go to the other door of the room. When you're there, perform see through the walls glitch. When you see through the wall where the man is, you'll only see him in the sky, but not the mayor's wife or the fat Zora.

Oni Link rides Epona!
sent in by Jason Brace

I found a way to get Oni Link ride on Epona!! It's simple to do, all you have to do is to park Epona near the Gorman's brother (one of the brothers that sells milk for 50 rupees). When you did it, get on Epona then get off her. Now go to the Final Day, and slow down time. Warp to Ikana Canyon, then perform "Using Fierce Deity's Mask outside boss battles" glitch. When you're outside, quickly run to Milk Road (have to go there before the night of the final day). Now go where the Gorman brothers are, and you'll see that they're still there. You'll also notice Epona is near one of the Gorman brothers. Usually u can't get on her now, but if you talk to the Gorman Brother that sells milk, he'll ask u if Epona is your horse, and ask u if you want to race for 10 rupees (don't forget the rupees!). Say yes, and then the race begin! The numbers begin (3,2,1, go!). You'll see Oni Link on top of Epona with the bow out! When the race starts, the game will....freeze (hey, I only did it once. Maybe it freeze because I press the B Button). Cool huh? You should try this. This trick isn't dangerous when it freeze.

Repeated phrases
sent in by Jason Brace

ANOTHER glitch! This trick is useless! When you wear Fierce Deity's mask outside boss battles, go to Romani Ranch. Go where you bet with the dog race. Talk to the woman and she'll ask you if you want to play. Say yes, and she'll ask you the question again. Say yes again and she'll ask you a question again. She won't shut up until you say no! (you can't pick up dogs as Oni Link, I tried).

Another oddity
sent in by Jason Brace

Wear Fiece Deity's mask outside boss battles and get some rupees. Now enter Clock Town. Then go in the Treasure Chest Shop and play a game. The odd thing is that the woman will say what she usually says as you're normal Link (Ooh, it's the kid collecting masks!). Pay her to play, and the good thing about this is the game won't freeze, and it's because your B Button won't change, it'll stay as a sword.

More Fierce Deity weirdness
sent in by Jason Brace

I found another glitch for Majora's Mask. I found a way to talk to Tingle while wearing Fierce Deity's mask. To do it perform a glitch that lets u use FD's mask out of boss battles. Then run to Milk Road. Run to the sign that says Romani Ranch. When you're in front of it go down a few seconds and you'll be near the shorter hill. Then go to the left and touch the wall. You'll CLIMB on it!!! You can jump of to the other side and fell down! When you're on top, jump to the mountain. You'll stand on it, and now you're near Tingle. Jump off the mountain and swing your sword in the air and it'll POP the balloon! Tingle fell as usual. Now go to Tingle and talk to him. He'll say what he usual says. It's odd because when wearing FD's mask you don't wear green clothes. The game won't freeze, and you can buy his maps.

Easily get out of Clock Town with Fierce Deity Mask!
sent in by Jason Brace

When you're in Clock Town with FD's mask on, you can get out very easily without buying a seed and get spring water! All you have to do is go to East Clock Town. When you're there, go to the guard. When you're facing the guard, go to the very left side (on the guard's right side). Turn around and hold the Z Button to target. Still holding that button, run backwards at the guard and continue doing it and then you'll get out of Clock Town! That also works with the Deku Mask on!!

Spinning invincible bat
sent in by Canard

Nothing major, but just fun to watch. In any room with a lot of bats in it (like the one near the room where you learn the Song of Storms), put on the Zora mask. Now, turn on the shield by holding R and pressing B. The bats will fly into the sheild and be stunned and lie on the ground for a while. Now, quickly turn off the sheild and take the mask off. If you're lucky, one of the bats will turn red and spin in mid air, and it won't stop! You can't even kill it!

Another way to see the sky
sent in by Canard

In Clock Town, on any day where the dog is out, pick up the dog and go over to the sewer doors. Open one door just a little bit and throw the dog into the sewer. Now push the other door open just a little bit so the dog can't escape. Now Z-Target the dog, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to see the dog floating in the sky!

Use any items on Epona
sent in by Jason Brace

I found an awesome glitch in Majora's Mask! There's a way to use ANY items on Epona, also Fierce Deity's Mask!!!!! To do that, it's quite simple! Call and ride on Epona. Ride her to Milk Road. Go to the front of the Owl Statue still on Epona. Stay a little away from the staue until the blue iron on top the screen won't say "check", but keep Tatl green! NOW Z-Targetting her, and then the blue iron should say check. Now save your game, then load the file you saved from the owl statue. If you did it good enough, then Epona should move forward a little bit. NOW press any c-buttons (do not change the items on the c-button after you did the trick!). You can now use that item you put on the c-button!!! That glitch won't work everytime, but almost! If it never work, then try to let the bird near Milk Road steal your Great Fairy Sword, then do the trick, because I did it that way. It worked to me, and it should to you too! Enjoy!!!! ^_^

Ride Epona in clock town
sent in by Jason Brace

You can ride Epona in clock town! Just do the glitch that lets you use any items on Epona and on her take out your Ocarina and play Song of Soaring. Warp to Clock Town and you'll appear there still with Epona! You can warp on her anywhere!

Use Fierce Deity Mask anywhere on first day
sent in by Jason Brace

Maybe this will work with the PAL Version, but I have the US Version. Anyway, here goes:

Start a new day. Go to Termina Field. Now put Fierce Deity's Mask on any one of the c buttons. Call Epona, and you must ride her to get to Milk Road. Now, while still on Epona, DO NOTHING BUT Z TARGET THE OWL STATUE! Now save your game then load the file. Now, if you did it right, you'll still be on Epona. Now, don't press start, don't use any c buttons, and don't get off her! Just ride her to the ranch on the left of the owl statue. Now there you'll meet the 2 brothers there. Talk to the one who sells milk. Talk to him and race him for 10 rupees (don't forget the cash!). When the race begins, press one of the c buttons where you put the Fierce Deity's mask on. You'll wear it! Now, don't do ANYTHING! Don't even press the start button! Just wait until the race is over. Now you'll be out the race and now you'll still have Fierce Deity's mask on! Have fun exploring around. ^_^

Play Ocarina underwater
sent in by dvdmth

You know how in the Southern Swamp there are some lily pads that sink underwater when you step on them as normal Link? If you get on one of them, then quickly take out the ocarina (timing is critical), you can actually play it while almost completely underwater! On rare occasions, it is possible to put away the ocarina and still be allowed to walk around on the lily pag despite the watery situation. (Usually, however, Link will just start swimming once the ocarina is put away.)

Epona in shallow water
sent in by dvdmth

There is absolutely no use for this except for some laughs. Go to Great Bay on Epona and head for the second section of the bay (where the waterfall is). Head for the higher platform that precedes the waterfall and Epona should jump onto it. Now notice the white texture in the water right before the water level drops (from left to right). Head Epona for this spot and she should run right off the platform and into the shallow water! You cannot get Epona to move very much, though, and there's no way to get her out of the water short of leaving the area altogether. The real funny part comes when you dismount, return to dry ground, and play Epona's Song. This causes Epona to run around the water, first towards the platform, then away, then back towards the platform, until she finally stops a good while later.

Disappearing Epona
sent in by dvdmth

Perform the glitch to use items on Epona, then Soar to Mountain Village. It is possible to ride Epona all the way to the Goron Shrine, even to the chamber with the crybaby. Only one problem, though. Once you enter that chamber, Epona will VANISH, leaving Link mounted on NOTHING! (Sorry, you'll have to reset.)

No punctuation
sent in by dvdmth

In Sakon's Hideout, if you fail to help Kafei retrieve the Sun's Mask, Sakon talks about how (yes!!) his security system is indeed impenetrable. The only thing missing from this piece of dialogue is a Period to end the last sentence!

Wild Epona leaves Link behind
sent in by Kazooie64

After doing the use any items on Epona glitch from Jason Brace,(make sure after saving your game you have the deku mask on one of your C buttons) put on the deku mask and Epona should be riding all alone! if you move around a little bit, the same movement you make on the joystick will move Deku Link too but he goes nowhere in mid-air! Keep in mind that you can't leave milk road with Epona alone, and everytime you press A, Tatl will say you won't reach the horse. Very strange.

Two more glitches
sent in by Jason Brace

I found another Majora's Mask glitch. In East Clock Town you can go over the wall. To do that, do the Bomber Kids test. During the test, don't finish it. Just go back to East Clock Town and you'll see a Bomber Kid holding a chicken. Follow him, and when he dropped it, go pick it up. While holding the chicken go to the roof of the Milk Bar. When you're up there to the top, jump off the roof with the chicken to the wall and if you did it good you'll be over it! While you're falling down, you can move the view anywhere you want!

Another glitch is to get over the wall in Laundry Pool. It's very simple to do. Just do Fierce Deity's Mask outside boss battles glitch and go to Laundry Pool while wearing that mask. When you just got to Laundry Pool, turn left and you'll be facing the grey wall. If you run forward the wall, he'll climb on it!!! You can explore around. Have fun.

Ride bare-back
sent in by The Shadow

This glitch allows you to control Epona without Link. First, perform the glitch that lets you use items on Epona, making sure that you have the ocarina as one of the items. It also works with the transformation masks, but these won't let you get back on Epona. Next, ride to any screen you want to explore(I don't think warping works, but I haven't tested it yet). Play any song on your ocarina except the song of soaring and the elegy of emptiness. When the song finishes, Link will stay in mid-air and Epona will ride off without him. Most of the time the camera will be focused on Epona's butt, but play the Invert. Song of Time and say yes, and the view will be normal. While just Epona, you can't go to another section. To remount, simply press the A button and Link will teleport himself to Epona.

Ride Epona as wrong form of Link
sent in by dvdmth

Put the Deku, Goron, or Zora mask on a C item. Call Epona and ride to Milk Road, then do the Items on Epona glitch. When you reload the file, don't press any buttons--just wait until Epona stops moving. The Action Icon should read Check. Put on the appropriate transformation mask, then start to move Epona (she will move without Link at first). Once she's a good distance away, stop and press A. You'll get that annoying message about how you cannot ride Epona in that form for whatever reason. Now start moving again. Just like that, Link will appear over Epona and start riding her...sort of (the graphics are kind of odd). Just be careful--it's easy to crash the game.

Deku Link can shoot arrows like bubbles, only you cannot aim and may need to press Z to get out of arrow-spitting mode. Don't press B as a Goron if you don't want a game crash. Zora Link can fire his boomerangs, but be EXTREMELY cateful when using Zora Link! If you pause/unpause the game before firing the boomerangs, the game will freeze. Also, if ou pause/unpause the game AFTER throwing the boomerangs, the same thing will happen. You can only throw boomerangs once per screen as well.

This doesn't work with the FD or Giant's Mask. If you want to use FD Link, you must use the above method of riding Epona to the Gorman Track and putting the mask on during a race, then wait for the race to end without pushing any buttons.

Go through a wall
sent in by dvdmth

In Ikana Castle, in the room with the ceiling you must raise, then run underneath before itt falls again, I once had Deku Link get pushed through the wall by the falling ceiling (instead of being crushed). He just fell for a while, then was reset at the entrance to the room, as one normally expects under these conditions.

Fun things to do with items on Epona
sent in by Canard

I found a few pointless but fun things to do in Majora's Mask while playing with the Items on Epona glitch. After being able to use items on Epona, warp to Clock Town and do the glitch again with the Clock Town owl statue. Once you can use Items on Epona again, ride to West Clock Town and play an ocarina song so Link and Epona become detached. Now, try to go to East Clock Town to where you can see the clock tower. You'll go right through the exit - just keep going until you run into the Owl Statue there. Press A to get Link back on Epona, then A again to dismount. Now, you can slice open the owl statue and perform the items glitch once again, but this time you'll appear in the mayor's office, and the ocarina will be equipped to the B button! Also, you can't warp to that owl statue, and it will close itself every time you turn the game off. You can also use Epona to go through other exits and do some fun things. I haven't tried yet, but you can probably exit Clock Town through the West Gate and explore what's beyond the exits of the field.

Make the dog fall off the edge of the world!
sent in by Canard

Pointless and fun, like all my other glitches. In Click Town, pick up the dog and throw him onto the stairs leading to East Clock Town. Be sure that the dog is against the giant treasure chest, then turn into Goron Link. The dog will run away, and when it's running, turn back into normal Link. You MUST do this when the dog is running, otherwise it will run right back down the stairs! Now, the dog is facing so it will go up teh stairs and it is no longer scared of the Goron. The dog will continue up the stairs, take a sharp left turn at teh top, and fall right off the edge of the world! You'll know that it's falling because it barks continuously and the barking gets higher and softer until you can't hear it anymore. It's very funny to listen to!

Jump over the walls in East Clock Town!
sent in by Jason Brace

Ok, instead of beginning as deku Link, be normal Link (without transform masks on). Ask Jim to try the bombers test. Now the test begin. Instead of looking for all the Bombers, go to East Clock Town. One of the bombers there have a cucco (a white chicken or something). Get it from him, then pick up the cucco. While you picked it up, don't throw it, just hold it! Now while holding it, go to the very top of the Milk Bar. Jump over the wall when you're on top the Milk Bar with the cucco and slowly, you'll jump, and float over the wall with it! It's fun! You can move the view camera anywhere!

Save the game with Epona
sent in by Jason Brace

Do the owl statue trick with using any items on Epona. Now use the Ocarina of Time on Epona, and play the Song of Time. You'll warp back in time, and the game saved. When you're in the 1st Day, you'll be in Clock Town on Epona!

Get inside the Clock Tower with Epona
sent in by Jason Brace

When you got Epona in Clock Town, get off her and carefully push the door of the Clock Tower to open it. When it's open enough, get on Epona, then you'll be able to get inside! Try it out!

Freeze the game
sent in by Jason Brace

When you're on Epona and use the Ocarina of Time, play the Song of Soaring and warp to Ikana Canyon. When you warp there with Epona, the game will freeze!!

Weird Warp Command
sent in by Jason Brace

Do Ocarina on B Button glitch, and go in Swordsman School. He'll think that you have a sword on the B Button but you really don't. Try the Practice for 1 rupee and while the Swordsman teaching you how to do stuff with your sword, just ignore him and press the B Button and use the Ocarina of Time. Play the Song of Soaring. While it shows you the map, you'll see the blue iron that reads Warp! I think that's the thing that was left out the game, but it was pretty interesting to see!

Continue the Timer in Great Bay Coast to anywhere else
sent in by Jason Brace

Beat the boss in Great Bay Temple. When you did, go back in Clock Town and do the Ocarina on B Button glitch. When you did, go to Great Bay Coast and there, try the Fisherman's jumping game. When the game begins, and the Ocarina on the B Button, use the Ocarina and warp anywhere (I prefer Clock Town). When you warp and got there, the Fisherman's jumping game Timer is still there, and you can see it behind the hearts on the top left screen!!!! But nothing will happen when the timer is finished...

SUPER fast time!
sent in by Jason Brace

Before you get the Ocarina of Time, take a look at the clock. The time is really, REALLY fast on normal speed! But when you already have Ocarina of Time and put on normal time speed, the game time won't be as fast as before you got the Ocarina of Time! See it on the new file.

Change the Gilded Sword back to Kokiri Sword!
sent in by Jason Brace

This works only in the US version! To do it, do the use any items on Epona glitch. When you have the Goron mask on the c buttons after you did the trick, DON'T MOVE EPONA. Put on the Goron Mask. When you put it on, press A. Skip the text then you'll ride Epona as Darmani. Now get off Epona, and take off the Goron Mask. Now you're normal Link, and you'll have Kokiri Sword on the B Button!!!!! But when you press the B Button, Link will take out the Gilded Sword. To change it into a real Kokiri Sword, go to the Mountain Village, and ask the Swordsmith to make your sword into a Razor Sword. The Swordsmith will think you have a Kokiri Sword because it shows it on a B Button. When your sword becomes a Razor Sword, you can now use it! After the 100th swing of the Razor Sword, it'll be back as Kokiri Sword, and now you can be able to use it by pressing B Button!!!!!!! Plus, it's on the Quest Statue! The Gilded Sword is gone!!! You can still get the Gilded Sword back by getting it over again.

Move Postman's head anytime
sent in by Jason Brace

To do that, get the Photograph Box. Equip it to one of the C Button, and slow down time to do it easier. When you see the Postman running around, take a picture of his head VERY CLOSE. If you did it right, you'll see the Postman's head nod 2 times. This glitch also works with Granny in the Inn.

Oni Link in the Stock Pot Inn
sent in by ~Foe~

This glitch is a 3 for1 so be prepared! First do the be Fierce Deity outside of Boss Battles. Then go to clock town and go in the Stock Pot Inn. Here is 1 glitch. Oni Link will SINK through the floor and open the door. Then when you're in the Stock Pot Inn try to open any door or exit the Inn! You can't! That was the 2nd part. The 3rd part was really freaky but it wasn't too hard to do. Go into the bathroom where the hand pops out of the toilet. Don't talk to it. Instead walk to the left of the exit facing away from the toilet. You should jump through the ceiling and end up on the top floor near the rooms.

Fierce Deity plays Ocarina of Time!
sent in by Jason Brace

Start a new file. You must never have learned Song of Soaring. Don't learn Song of Soaring! Play through the game by getting 23 masks and finish the 4 levels. When you did all of that without learning Song of Soaring, go in the moon and get the 24th mask, Fierce Deity's mask. Now beat Majora's Mask and when the ending is finish, reset and select the file again. Now you've got all the masks! Beat the boss from the Woodfall Temple. Now equip Fierce Deity's mask on one of the c buttons and get 10 rupees. Get on Epona in Termina Field, and ride her to Milk Road. When your there on Epona, don't get off her and don't press start. Save your game on Epona from the Owl Statue. Now select the file again, and don't press any of the c buttons. Go to Gorman's brothers ranch and pay 10 rupees to race. Now when you're in the race, press the c button where you put Fierce Deity's mask. You'll wear it! If you have arrows, you can shoot them on any c buttons with the glitchy bow as Fierce Deity. But you don't need any arrows, and you can't move around. Just wait until the race is over, you don't have to win. When it's over, you'll be Fierce Deity on feet! Now go in the swamp, and climb on the green wall (If you haven't beat the boss from Woodfall Temple, the rope won't be on the wall). When you're on top near the entrance to Woodfall, you'll see an owl on the next cliff. Now run, and roll over the edge and you'll reach it. When you did, the owl will talk to you and fly away. Now check the sign where you learn Song of Soaring. Fierce Deity will read it and will take out Ocarina of Time!!!! You can play notes. Have fun.

Fun things to do in the Lottery Shop
sent in by Jason Brace

When you're in the Lottery Shop in West Clock Town, put on the Deku Mask. When you did, hold the B Button. Deku Link's head will become smaller and smaller until you let go of the b button and it'll shoot the bubble. When you hold the b button, you can move around that you can't normally do! You can also be able to see Link to do the thrust attack at the front of him instead at the back. It's cool. Try to wear the Zora Mask. Hold the B Button to aim and you can move around! Let go of the b button to shoot. It's a good place to view Link's sword, too.

Getting in Honey and Darling's Shop at 11 p.m. or over in 1st or 2nd Day!
sent in by Jason Brace

You can normally get in at any time of the night on the Final Day, but in the night of the 1st or the 2nd day at 11 p.m., that shop will be closed. But there's a way to get in! To do that, try the Bombers test. Now go in East Clock Town and grab a cucco from one of the bomber kids and bring it to the top of the Milk Bar. The trickly part is that you'll have to throw the cucco on top the brown fence. But when you did that, get on the fence and grab the cucco quickly before it runs off. When you picked it up, run and jump off the fence and you'll fall slowly. Glide through the hay on the wall and try to fly down behide the Honey and Darling's shop. You'll notice the black thing behind the door. Touch it, and you'll enter it! If you can do this, then try to wear the Zora Mask and glide there. When you're in at 11 p.m. or over, you can play as long as you want until it closed again at the night of the 2nd day at 11 p.m., and you can do the trick again to enter.

Get in Treasure Chest Shop at 11 p.m. or over on the night of the 1st and 2nd day!
sent in by Jason Brace

To do it, it's quite simple. Do the Fierce Deity's mask anywhere glitch and go in Clock Town. Pick up a cucco, and bring it on top the Milk Bar. When you're running to the fence, he's so tall that he can jump on it. When you're on the fence while holding the cucco, jump off and glide to the top of the Treasure Chest Shop. When you're on top, he'll fall through the roof and touch the black thing behind the door! When you're in at 11 p.m. or over, you can still play!

Easily get the dog to fall over the edge of the world
sent in by Jason Brace

When you're in South Clock Town, pick up the dog without any transform mask on. When you lift it, go really near the entrance to Laundry Pool and carefully don't go there. Just throw the dog. The dog will sits there, wagging its tail. After that the dog will run a turn to Laundry Pool and fell way down. You can hear the barking fade away.

Use Deku Nuts on B Button
sent in by Jason Brace

When you start the file, equip Deku Mask to one of the c buttons. Now go out to Termina Field and get on Epona. Ride her to Milk Road and save your game there from the Owl Statue on Epona. After you saved select the file again. When you did it right, press the c button where you equiped the Deku mask (Epona should not move while Link is wearing the mask). He will wear it! If you did this all correct, you'll be able to ride around on Epona WITH the Deku mask on. Now ride her back to Termina Field. When you got there, get off her and now take off the mask. When you did, you'll be back as Link and the B Button will be a Deku Nut! You can use it with the B Button when you have any. To get the sword back on the B Button, get on Epona as Link then get off her, OR put on Fierce Deity's mask then take it off.

Finish the Deku games in under 1 second
sent in by Jason Brace

The Deku game from North Clock town, you can finish it in under 1 second on 2nd day, but you'll need a Deku Mask and Goron Mask. When you got them, enter the game on 2nd day but do not play it yet! Put on the Goron Mask. Now here's the tricky part: You'll have to roll down onto the closest platform! When you got on it, put on the Deku Mask and fly around on all the platforms, get all the rupees. When your done, now pay to play. When you start the game, the game will be over RIGHT AWAY (and got an impossible record!). You can do it on the 3rd day too.

Jump far exactly the same with the Bunny Hood on but without wearing it:

It's simple. When your at the edge, just roll fast close toward it and you'll jump far as you run over it with the Bunny Hood on.

Ride Epona in a void
sent in by dvdmth

Do the Items on Epona glitch, then warp to Snowhead. Ride Epona to the right so that you are in the area with the Goron jumps. Now head over to the edge of the cliff and ride Epona alongside it. Stop for a moment, then hold the control stick towards the edge of the cliff and press "A" to speed up. Epona should fall into the void and start running across the bottom. (If you get off Epona, the screen will fade and you'll be back where you came from without Epona.)

This glitch does NOT work at Snowhead itself; riding Epona over the edge here still causes the screen to fade out. I'm not sure about Stone Tower, though...

Mario Golf

Save Trick
sent in by Jason Whalls

Before I start, I must give a warning. This trick only works in certain modes. The most effective of these modes being "get character" and "tournament" mode for reasons which you'll understand later. However, it also works in "stroke" and "minigolf" modes.

As anyone who has saved a game in Mario Golf knows, when you restart the save, it erases the save data. Of course, this was an obvious attempt on their part to stop people from resetting when they mess up. Well, they didn't think it through well enough...there IS a way to restart a hole if you make a mistake.

It's actually rather simple to do this trick. Though the game deleted data when you start the saved game, all that does it stop people who jump for the reset button at the first sign of an error. All you need to do is save it again when you make a mistake, and restart it again. What this will do is place you back at the tee of the hole you're on so you can easily take another crack at the whole hole again (even though you already played some of it).

As I said before, this is useful for tournament mode because you can easily restart a hole to collect all the birdie badges (which are necessary for a certain good thing to happen...I won't spoil it). It's also useful for the "get character" mode because you can make sure you don't lose to any of the opponents. You must be careful in the "get character" mode though, because if the opponent scores when you've missed a shot (for example, you take a putt your 3rd shot and miss it, but they sink their 3rd shot), you're screwed. They will have won the hole, so you can't restart. For this reason, I suggest getting the best green positioning possible (or at least something you know you can hit) before you risk taking a shot that could cost you. There are some other uses for this trick, and it's led to some cool moments in my gaming, but I'll leave you all to figure other uses out.

Graphics error
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

In the tenth hole in Mario's Star (the Koopa Troopa), don't aim for the hole. Instead, aim for the corner of the course, careful not to go out of bounds. It is easiest if you're in Training Mode and you turn off the wind and rain. Aim for the back right corner and if you don't shoot too far you'll be in Deep Rough. Choose Continue, then set up a PUTT. I know, it's not the best idea to putt from rough, much less Deep Rough, but if you set up a putt here, the "Rest" numbers may be screwed up a bit.

Mario Kart 64

Freeze the game
by David Wonn

Play a game of Battle Mode and make sure that the game ends with the winner resting on top of an item box. Keep pressing the Z button to fire off whatever items you collect. After a while the game may freeze up.

Freeze the characters' faces
by David Wonn

Go to the character selection screen with 2 or more players. Have one player select a character, and then press the B button and some direction on the control pad (or stick) at the same time. That character's face will freeze, and you can repeat this until 7 of the 8 characters have a frozen face.

Watch the demo with no sound and no changing camera angles
by David Wonn

Just before the demo is about to start, press the Start button. If you time it right, it will sound like you are about to go to the selection screen, but the demo will start without sound. The camera will also remain fixed on the character(s), since the camera changes usually happen at certain points in the demo music.

Destroy the rotating Mario sign
by David Wonn

In Mario Raceway, you can destroy the rotating Mario sign if you run through it with Star Power. It looks pretty awesome if you watch it happen from another player's screen.

Music glitch
by David Wonn

Select Time Trial Mode and go to any course. Complete two laps so that the music changes to warn you that you're starting the final lap. After about 1½ seconds, press Start and select Retry. If your timing is right, the music will speed up at the beginning of your next race until Lakitu signals you to start.

Small Invincible drivers
by Adam Kontras(?)

[Ed. Note: The first time I saw this trick performed was in the local Mario Kart tournament that I was in more than a year ago. I'm not certain who found this trick first, but it caught me off guard the first time I saw it.]

Ordinarily, the Star supersedes the Lightning Bolt in MK64, but it is possible to shrink an invincible driver with good timing. Select a Vs. Mode match on any course and try to let one player get a Star and let another one get a Lightning Bolt. If both players use their items at THE SAME TIME, the player with the Star will shrink, but will still be invincible! [An easier method is to pause the game, hold the Z button on both controllers, and then unpause for the same effect.]

Helium voiced finish
by David Wonn

This one's good for a few laughs if you're not expecting it. Play a Vs. Match on any course and let one player get a Lightning Bolt. Have another player finish the track, but just before the driver finishes, activate the Bolt as he/she is skidding into the finish line. Now listen to the player's voice!

Stuck in Koopa Troopa's Beach!
sent in by "me"

When you Start, go backwards and face towards the mountain between the ramps just before the finish line and jump the mountain and turn a little to the right and if you were lucky, you would have been stuck in the mountain while turning around and around!!! You can do the same trick in Choco Mountain, you just have to jump the mountain to your right when you start. It doesn't freeze it, you just have to press start and go to quit.
[Ed. note: From my own experience with this glitch, you don't really get stuck forever. Just wait about 30 seconds and an "invisible" Lakitu will pick you up.]

Smokin' finish
by David Wonn

In GP, Vs., or Time Trial mode, go through any track as usual, but just before you hit the finish line, make a complete stop. Now hold A and B and just drive into the finish line. It will appear that your kart is letting out extra smoke! It's not useful, but it does look like your kart is in need for repairs. :)

Double finish!

In Vs. mode with 3 or 4 players, drive backwards into the finish line using Down + B, and you will finish twice! Take a look at the stats after the race and you'll see what I mean.

Weird Doppler effect in Time Trials
sent in by Steve Smith

Get a ghost saved somehow or just race a course and complete it to make a temporary ghost. Then, start the race against the ghost and hit start(To cancel the ghost, because once you hit start the ghost disappears, not even a ghost is good enough to pull off that good of a disappearing trick, only the START button).

Well, of course that is not it, we all know how to do that =)

Now, go forward a little bit and all of a sudden you should hear something, an engine running(besides yours fool! DOH) It gets louder. What that is, is it is actually your ghost frozen there, now what is cool is if you go past the ghost, and then come back kinda at a medium speed, listen to the doppler effect! That sounds awesome!

Carry a sound effect into the menu screens
sent in by Andrew Kent

First, you go to DK's Jungle Parkway, (it might work on other tracks with different things and banana skins, but DKJP is the easiest to pull it off on). Now this is a sound glitch.

If you go off road, and get hit by the coconut things, you may eventually spin out. Now, as you are sort of wobbling before you actually start spinning, (at the point when you can press the breaks to get that music note thing), press start to pause, and then quit.

When you get back to the Main Menu, it will make the noise of your kart spinning out, (without the character's noise), whilst playing the normal main menu music. It sounds different to any other sound glitch on MK64, and it may have other applications, which I haven't thought of yet.
[Ed. note: I've also had this glitch occur in Battle Mode. If you manage to exit out of Battle Mode just as a player is spinning out onto a banana, you'll hear a similar effect.]

Fall through sand in Koopa Troopa Beach
sent in by Andrew Kent

This really isn't a glitch in itself, but is an application of the "Palm Tree Glitch", (where you fall between the first two palm trees and tumble endlessly). Get Toad to do that, and then push a heavyweight on top of him. He'll go Aaaaaaaaagggghhhh!! a few times, and then fall through the sand.

Block Fort glitches
sent in by Andrew Kent

If you have two players, Bowser and Toad, have Bowser get a normal start, and have Toad get a good start. Have them head straight for each other, and when they meet, get Toad to jump. He’ll fly over Bowser, and up onto the bridge in mid-air! This can be a great advantage.

Also, if you get player 1 to get a banana skin, and move him onto one of the bridges, (above player 2), and position him so he is almost backing off the edge, you can drop the banana skin on top of player 2, who will subsequently spin out.

Take a two player game, and have one player drive into the other player, who must be stationary. The first player must drive straight, and not turn even when he hits the other driver. You need to push the other guy into the wall, and keep pushing until the second guy is pushed up against the wall. Now, drive forward with the second guy, and he’ll fall right through the ground!!

Double Deck glitches
sent in by Andrew Kent

Notice that you start on an extended square platform thing. Get off this and go to the top story with the giant hole in the middle. Drive off the top level and fall to the platform where you started. As you fall, hold down the break and the left or right direction on the analog stick. Now, when you fall down to the platform, some of your kart will be stuck in the ground. As you're stuck in the ground spin around, it looks cool. If you keep messing around with this technique, you can eventually get the whole Kart stuck in the ground with the shadow suspended in the air.

This next trick can be done with two players. Have Player 1 get a red shell. Park Player 2 on the top red floor. Have player one stay on the green level. Try to get right under Player 2. Fire the red shell. It will stop beneath Player 2, and will cover itself in a blue mist. This also works in several places in Block Fort.

Now, I found this one on DD myself, whilst testing out the push-the-guy-into-the-wall-and-drive-him-through-the-floor glitch on BF. Have Player 1 get a good start, and have Player 2 stay in one place. Once P1 hits P2, hold P1's brakes immediately. You should push P2 over the edge of the platform, and just stay on it yourself. Now, edge P1 towards the edge, and when they go over, they should tumble between P2 and the wall, and go through the floor.

Be Pushed Through The Bridge
sent in by Clint Emsley

Start a 2 player game, one person a light-weight, one a heavy-weight, in Royal Raceway. Right after the big jump, have the light weight turn around and fall off the road into the water, and then have the heavy-weight do the same thing in the same place. The heavy weight will be placed on the bridge on top of the light weight, if the light weight did not move.

Use other controllers in Time Trials
by David Wonn

In Time Trials, go to any race where you have a ghost (either a course ghost or one of your own). On controller 2, you can press the L button to change the volume just like you could on controller 1. You can even pause the game as long as the ghost still exists on the track. In other words, once the ghost finishes the race, or if you have already paused, you will not be able to pause again or change the music volume on controller 2. Furthermore, if you have your own ghost on Luigi, Mario, or Royal Raceway along with the course ghost, these options will also work on controller 3 as well.

Toad under the bridge
sent in by

1. Have Toad in Frappe Snowland.
2. To make this quick, go reverse to the bridge behind the start.
3. Try to make him fall (that's right, make him fall) somewhere near the bridge.
4. If everything goes right, Lakitu will pick you up and put you somewhere very near the road and... TOAD WILL FALL THROUGH THE BRIDGE!
5. Lakitu will pick him up and put him where he was again and... HE KEEPS FALLING OFF!!! To get out, press B to brake, and then press A to keep on racing.

"Black Ice"
sent in by PHNX

Get a two player vs. mode on Frappe Snowland. Let 2p sit at the starting line. Get the 1p to go towards the jump with a stream on the other side of it. When you go off the jump make sure you land off the road to your right. Then keep going until the cloud guy comes and picks you up. He should try and put you on the bridge near the finish line, but he will drop you through. He will continue to do this a few times then he will just give up and let you fall. When you stop falling you will find yourself in a blue/black place where you cannot move.
[Ed. note: This is one of the side effects of my infamous half-lap skip glitch in Frappe Snowland.]

Blue fire/red fire
sent in by PHNX

Do what is said at the top but now get 2p to go find a spike shell or a red shell. MAKE SURE THAT IS SAYS HE IS IN SECOND PLACE AT ALL TIMES!!! Once you have found one head back to the starting and go backwards to the bridge. Fire the shell\shells. It should go off then abruptly stop at the starting line. If it is the spike shell then it should have a red flame on top of it. If it is a red shell it should have a blue flame on top of it!

Push a kart through any vertical wall
by David Wonn

Play any track that has a flat wall in GP or Vs. mode with two or more players. Park the lighter player against any wall. Now have the heavier player approach the lighter player very slowly. You'll easily push the lighter player through the wall. There are several useful applications for this. One thing is that you can push players off the tracks in battle mode (if they'll let you). :-) Another thing you can do is prove that the mysterious caged Thwomp is just an illusion. Still yet another use is that you can determine the order of the players from lightest to heaviest. That order, not surprisingly, is as follows: Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Luigi, Mario, Wario, DK Jr., and Bowser.

Freeze the game in Yoshi Valley
sent in by farsight37

Hit character over edge at U turn, use Lightning Bolt right before they hit the bottom - timing is critical. The player will be flattened, and the game will eventually freeze.

Freedom in Mario Raceway
sent in by Andrew Kent

Remembering the rules about spiny shells, I was in 1st place on MR, with Luigi. Just into the final lap, I hung a left after the stands, and drove up the dark grass to the right of the fence, in a hope to evade the spiny, by going into an OB place. No such luck. It hit me, and propelled me over the wall. But instead of me going right through the ground, or instantly getting picked up by Lakitu, I BOUNCED, and then fell through the ground.

Stuff this, I thought, and went straight into 150cc VS Mode with Toad and Luigi. I successfully propelled Luigi over the wall after a few mins, and I actually landed on a DRIVABLE PIECE OF GRASS outside the fence!!!

But the fun doesn't stop there! After about a quarter of an hour, I came up with an even better technique: one that didn't require ANY items whatsoever. Firstly, get both Toad and Luigi up onto the little platform above the track, behind the Yoshi sign. There's sort of a little dip, leading towards the fence, which meets at a definite point. It looks as though there's a hole under the fence. Park Luigi in front of it, and back up with Toad until he's almost on the edge of the precipice.

Then, do the triple A start and hit Luigi as hard as you can. (I don't know if this works with any other character combination, but I used these two this time.) Luigi should now be on the other side of the wall, and sliding! You need to stop him quick, or he'll fall in the drink. If you start exploring, you can get Luigi to go up the hill until the place on the other side of the fence, where he would normally tumble back. Downhill, towards the rotating Mario sign, you can only go so far, then you fall through. If you head straight forward, though, you can get quite some distance. (I'm guessing 15-20 kartlengths), but then Lakitu comes and drags you back to the track.

Mario Party

Quadruple the winnings! (or close to it)
by David Wonn

Normally when you clear a board in multiplayer mode, all the winnings from just the active human players will accumulate in the total on the game pak. This would seem unfair if you are playing alone so I've found a way to get around this. :) If you are playing alone against three computers, play the game as you normally would until the last turn. At this point, pause the game, and change the Controller options so that the computer players are now human opponents. Now you can rake in on all their winnings in addition to your own. :)

Easy Money
by David Wonn

Alright, now this one may seem cheap, but I'm sure you want to get money fast, right? Go to the Mini Game Stadium and set up a 1P game. Choose any characters, and give each player a 50 coin handicap. Also set all the computer opponents to Hard setting. Select any number of turns and start up the game as usual. When the game starts, pause and change your controller settings so that your player is computer controlled on Hard setting just like the others. Also change the Mini Game settings so that there are no explanations. Unpause and let the computers take over! Now you can go ahead and find something else to do for a while, but be certain to get back to your game before it ends. When the game is on the last turn, pause the game and take control of all players. At the end of the game, you'll get all the coins from all the players into your totals ! Talk about easy money! For an added effect, be sure to have either the Lucky Box or the Casino Box selected in order to increase your winnings even more!

Mario Party 2

Bowser Sounds
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

Play Bowers Chance Time Sound in The lab, then get a chance time on Bowser's board. You will get the Bowser's chance time sound, only it will be a normal chance time.

Mortal Kombat 4

Flesh Eating Virus glitch.
sent in by diogo

In MK4 for the N64, turn on whichever Fatality cheat that works for Reptile's Face Chew in the cheat menu. Then go into a fight as Reptile. When you're about to use your Fatality on your opponent, become invisible first. Then use the Face Chew. Reptile will still be invisible, making it look like the opponent is being attacked by a flesh eating virus!

Meat Fatality Glitch
sent in by Scootch

When you are playing as meat and your opponent gives you a fatality where you see meat's body (example: reptile's face eat) all you see is a lot of blood but the face is still the same!

Big head mode glitch
sent in by Scootch

When you have big head mode on and Sub-Zero does his head rip fatality he grabs a hold of your gigantic noggin and when he rips it off it is a normal sized head.

Odd Fatality glitch
sent in by Bobby Johnson

Use Reiko against Noob Saibot. It works best if you're Reiko, and your opponent is Saibot. Beat Saibot in both rounds, and do Reiko's chest kick fatality. Saibot's chest should fly back, his arms should fall to the ground, but instead of his head also hitting the ground, it should be stuck in Reiko's stomach, like it was part of him!

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: SUB-ZERO

Windless jump
sent in by Cl0vis15

On the wind level, you can get a wind aided jump, even when it's not blowing!!! Wait until the wind is just about to stop blowing, then jump. Your jump will be wind assisted, without any blowing.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Use Motaro for the whole tower
sent in by Wes McKinney

Go to the Wasteland or some other level in a two-player game where you can use the left-HK LK trick to turn into Motaro. Hold these before the first round to turn into him, then defeat the motionless opponent. Here's the trick. Hold left-HK LK again! A puff of smoke will appear, and you will still be Motaro. Now kill, then wait the continue timer out. Voila. Now just don't die, and you have him forever.
[This also works with Shao Kahn]

Move Screen Glitch
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Choose Baraka, and get the opponent into a corner. Then do his "Lift 'em Up" fatality, (B, F, D, F, LP) and the screen will move over some revealing more of the level. On some levels you will see black space. Others there are actually more of.

Fatality Glitch
sent in by Derek

What you do is start a normal game and select Kung Lao, beat your opponent and when it says Finish Him/Her do his hat slice fatality (F,F,B,D,HP close) what you do for the glitch is hold Block and press F,F,B,D and just as you release Block press HP. He will throw his hat and it will go past your feet and it won't slice up the dazed opponent and it won't return to him, funniest thing of all is it counts as a Fatality.

Unexpected ending
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

I was fighting Shao Kahn, and lost. I gave up on beating him and went to fight Khameleon with the "Toasty!" trick. When I beat her, I finished her with an uppercut and she flew up into the air! Then, the area changed to Shao Kahn's place and all the characters flew out of him, as if I beat the game! It even said I beat the game! Weird.

Secret character battle glitch
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

This one is simple. Access a secret character battle when in an endurance match. When the match starts between your first character you picked and the secret character, the other characters you picked for yourself and the characters you picked for the CPU (except the first) will be there! However, this doesn't effect the match.

Mystical Ninja

The Outer Limits?
sent in by Cl0vis15

Have Mermaid Yae swim into the submarine in the Japan sea. Now here's the tricky part. Instead of swimming up the second elevator passage, swim over to a console and start thrust swimming into it. Eventually you end up in the area outside of the level. You can now see the entire level in a semi transparent form. This is useless since you can't get back in.

Money Mania
sent in by Cl0vis15

This is not exactly a glitch, but it's still very useful. Once you get the Dragon's flute you will never have to worry about cash shortages again. When ever you're running low on cash, ride the dragon to Oedo castle. Enter the castle's first room and collect all the gold there. Leave the castle, then return and repeat until you have all the money you want.

Play as Yae in mini-game
sent in by Alex Evans

Fail the shrinking game at the Golden Temple, then talk to Ushiwaka again. When Ushiwaka has finished talking, just before you go into the game, you can get one button press in. If you press the change character button, you can play as Yae! I found it out when I was just being impatient, bashing A to get through the conversation, then after he had finished, just before the mini-game started, Ebisumaru jumped. I thought, if you can jump, why not change character? Your timing needs to be good.

Nightmare Creatures 64

Crazy Contortionist
sent in by Cl0vis15

When using Nadia, jump out in the air and move forward, while doing this swing your sword. Then when you land keep moving, in a second the game will have all of Nadia's (body)parts out of order, and this will stay this way until you stop moving.

Many more tricks to come so stay tuned!

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