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AeroFighter's Assault

Freeze the game
sent in by Bobby Johnson

If you get to the Goliath Defense mission, and you wait around too long without killing any enemies, eventually the game will freeze from too many enemies on the screen at one time.

Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

Floating Tree
sent in by Flying Omelette

Aidyn Chronicles sure is one glitchy game! Anyone who's played it can probably tell you that the game sometimes freezes up or crashes, randomly. But here's one rather hilarious graphic glitch that isn't random and won't harm your game at all. Go to the area of the game where the bog is (that dark swamp with the weird trees where Shamsuk's Tower is or used to be, depending on how far in the game you are.) Head east towards the shore. Now start going south along the beach towards the desert. You'll find an area where the bog and the beach sort of "meet", and you'll start seeing a lot of palm trees. Try looking at the palm trees in this area, and eventually you should notice something very strange about one of them - it's not connected to the ground!! It may be difficult to notice if you look at it facing west (towards the mountain), but if you look at it facing east (towards the ocean), you can clearly see it suspended in the air at just above Alaron's height. You can run underneath of this tree or stand directly under it and somewhat look up inside it. You can clearly see that it's hollow! Since there's no reference to this tree anywhere in the game, and it has no special function, then it must've been an oversight on the programmer's part.


Freezeezy Honeycomb Glitch
sent in by Code Hunter 64

First, get access to Wozza's Cave in Freezeezy Peak. Then, get and activate the Wishy Washy Banjo code. Now, return to Freezeezy Peak, go in Wozza's Cave, and jump in the water. Banjo does not get hurt. Furthermore, go against the wall, jump and perform a Beak Buster to go underwater while holding the Control Stick towards the tunnel so you go in it. You can get the Honeycomb in there without becoming a walrus!

Two glitches
sent in by Koopa55

1. In Spiral Mountain, go to the entrance to Grunty's lair. While Talon Trotting, carefully inch you way to the edge of the giant Grunty head's mouth. Keep inching till you're as close to the edge and as far up as you can get. Then jump out and around towards the rock wall. If you do it just right, you'll go into a weird tunnel thing behind Grunty's head. It took me about 100 tries to get it right.

2. Go to spring in Click Clock Wood. Stand on the tree directly above the boulder blocking Gnawty's house. Poop eggs off the edge onto the rock. After a lot of hits it will break and the camera will screw up. Now go in Gnawty's house and you'll be in a VERY strange white tunnel full of water. You can do some pretty nutty stuff with this.

sent in by Karri Billing

Now that I have your attention, here is a little trick that I found very useful. This isn't a glitch because it was programmed into the game intentionally, but I'm not sure that Rare knew quite what was possible with it. This can be done at nearly any time in the game. All it is is the Beak Buster move ('A' to jump + 'Z' to slam). Sounds easy? It is. This will only make you invincible from the time you bounce off the ground, to a little after you land so you have less than a second of invincibility. You also can't do anything apart from move a little bit so you may think this is just about useless. That's where you're wrong.

You can use it to fall infinite height without taking damage, just walk up right to the edge and slam, then as you leave the ground hold the way you want to go, and unless you weren't quite far enough over and you skimmed the platform before falling off, you should be able to fall onto solid ground from 200 metres or more without so much as scuffing your fur or putting a feather out of place. But that's not all you can do.

Another great way to use this trick is when fighting Gruntilda, the first attack she uses - the Foul Swoop can be avoided with a quick (Z) trigger finger and good timing. You can tell this wasn't taken into consideration by the developers because the old bag cackles as though she hit you with a ten hit combo, but she passes through Banjo without him losing even one honeycomb piece. 'Oh wow' I hear you remark with more than just a touch of sarcasm in your voice, but perhaps this will be a little more impressive...

Gruntilda tries many dirty tricks in her attempt to get the better of Banjo, but the only one that works every time (unless you use a valuable gold feather) is the "magnet spell of Banjo homing", which is of course the homing white energy ball. It seems that no matter what you do, this spell takes from you either a honeycomb piece or a gold feather. Not any more. You can see where this trick is headed so I'll insult your intelligence no longer. One word of advice though before you make this mistake - since Grunty's fireballs are explosive, try to be hit by them just as you bounce up from the slam. If it hits you too late, even if you're invincible at that moment, the blast from the explosion it causes may still hit you. Read on.

Extra height
sent in by Karri Billing

This has got to be the best move in the game. Not only is it the most powerful 'free' attack (the Wonderwing costs a gold feather). More than just that, it is also the key to the above trick(s). That, however is not where the Beak Buster's greatness ends.

Although this is not a glitch, and probably known and/or ignored by the majority of the Banjo-Kazooie playing population, I'll still mention it in case someone doesn't know it and can find a practical use for it somehow. If you need just a little bit more height to grab something out of reach, you can press 'Z' to do the Beak Buster at the peak of ANY jump to take you about a foot or two higher.
Note: If you need extra height to reach a higher platform, then this trick isn't for you. Try the next one...

Through the roof
sent in by Karri Billing

An extension of the trick above, this trick may only work in Rusty Bucket Bay. At the place near the crane where there is a Shock Spring Jump pad (the green thing that lets you jump real high), instead of jumping out a bit, around the platform, and back in to land on it, you can just do the Beak Buster when you hit the bottom of the platform to slam up through it and land on top. This also works at the place where you climb the ladder to get up the smoke stack. I know this isn't really all that great, but combined with the other mentioned tricks, the Beak Buster truly is a force to be reckoned with.

Banjo the Hummingbird
sent in by Karri Billing

In Rusty Bucket Bay, find the galley (the ship's kitchen) through one of the ventilation pipes. You'll know when you've found it because you will see a metal grating just to Banjo's left. Kill the two Seamen Grublins and find the shelf on the right side of the room (from the camera's point of view) that has a bunch of eggs on it. There is a Grille Chompa up there so be careful. Use the above 'through the roof' trick at the side away from the Grille Chompa to get onto the shelf, then kill it with any attack you like (I chose to Rat-a-tat Rap him, but the Forward Roll Attack is probably easier. You've probably realised that the shelf is inside a cupboard of some description, and that the door is half closed, well if you run towards the door, along the wall that the Grille Chompa previously occupied, and keep running, Banjo should start doing slightly weird things. If you walk slightly slower and a little away from the back wall, and stop when you touch the door, you may see Banjo move his arms up and down without falling. If this happens, hold the 'Z' trigger and Banjo should flap his hands really fast. You can then rotate the analog stick around while you hold 'Z' and it will look like Banjo's trying to clothesline someone!

Fall forever
sent in by Karri Billing

Well, not really. In Mad Monster Mansion, walk up to the front door to the house and turn left to the window. Don't break the window, just try to jump into it when it's closed. If you do it right, and keep holding toward the window, Banjo will never land. He wont actually be falling, but if you press the 'Z' trigger he will slam like if he was in mid-air, and if you press 'B' he will do the Rat-a-tat Rap, pressing 'A' will make him do the Feathery Flap. So it seems like he's falling forever.

Gobi's Valley Jigsaw glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

For those of you who have not yet hit the Witch Switch in Gobi's Valley, here is a little trick you can do that is very, very strange. Go outside of Gobi's Valley where there's a big urn with a Shock Pad spinning around it, stand in front of the sarcophagus, and wait for the Shock Pad to spin around to where you are. Then, use the Shock Pad to jump on top of the sarcophagus, then get on the back of it and do a Beak Buster. If you did it in the right place a Jiggy will appear in Banjo's hands from seemingly nowhere! Actually, it's not a new Jiggy. It's just the one that was in the sarcophagus.

Washing machine glitch
sent in by Jman

I found a glitch in bk where first you must go to banjos house and look at the pic of bottles and finish his seven puzzles. He gives you the code to turn into a washing machine and then you go to the sandcastle and turn into the washing machine. Then go to the first world, mumbos mountain and change into the termite. Now go out of the level as a termite and when you reach the point where mumbo says magic is getting weak he will automatically change you into the wash. mach. and then you will start slidiing backwards for a bit , it is pretty cool and I am not yet sure if it works in other levels.

Walk on the bottom of a lake
sent in by Ben Cartledge

You may already know that in Click Clock Wood you can get into Gnawty's house in the Spring by breaking the boulder from above. And, upon swimming in, you'll see distorted images. But, if you angle the camera so you can see in the direction you came in, you'll be able to see the lake outside, and if you jump from here, and aim for between the surface of the lake and the lake floor, you'll land on the bottom of the lake and you'll be able to walk around, rather than swim. Metal Banjo!

Shortcut to Jiggy (aka Hidden Jiggy)
sent in by Morgan Atkinson

OK, go to the room with the golden pot, you know? Now use the shock jump pad to hop on top of the sphinx statue and slam his head to make a Jiggy appear. This is a shortcut instead of going into King Sandybutt's maze and stomping the Gruntilda switch I'm told.

Wozza Glitch
sent in by anonomos

While Wozza is talking hit A & Z and Wozza will sound different.

See under the island in Treasure Trove Cove
sent in by Flying Omelette

This seems to be an extension of the polygon glitch that allows you to see through walls. This, in effect, will allow you to see underneath the entire island of Treasure Trove Cove. Enter the Treasure Trove Cove level and walk off the docks, and head to your right. Walk past the first dark path in the sand and keep walking until you find a place where two polygons in the sand meet. You can see the line where they meet. Follow this line out into the ocean. (You may want to kill the shark first, by luring him to the beach and pooping eggs on him. Also, activating the infinite air cheat may help, too.) Continue to follow the line out all the way into the ocean as far as you can go. Dive underwater and get close to the bottom. When you get far enough out, you'll notice a change in the polygons. When you see this happen, turn around and press C-Up to look around. (It may help to try to press Banjo's head into the sand.) Eventually, a big polygon near the bottom of the island will disappear and you can see underneath it. Cool!

Go through the Snowman in Freezeezy Peak
sent in by Flying Omelette

Stand on the Flight Pad that's on the pile of gift boxes and take off into the sky. Fly around to the front of the snowman where his buttons are. Try to aim at the spot above the top button near the polygon line where the snowman's scarf and neck meet. Now press B to do the move that makes Banjo & Kazooie rocket forward and aim right at that spot. If done correctly, Banjo will hit the snowman and fall through the polygon line! You will fall through the snowman and fall out and land between his feet. It happens really quickly, though.

Go through a window in Rusty Bucket Bay
sent in by Flying Omelette

If anyone's having trouble collecting the Jiggy behind the ship's propeller in the allotted time, this glitch could help! When you're inside the Rusty Bucket ship, in the area with all the gears where the two propellor switches are, you can see a window on the left side. When you look through the window, you can see another room of the ship. While facing the window, move over to the left side of it, where the polygon line of the window frame meets the wall. Hold down Z and press A to do the wing-assisted flip jump, and press into that polygon line as you're jumping. If you did it right, Banjo will go right through the window! You'll end up in that other room, and when you leave, you'll be much closer to where the Jiggy behind the propeller is. It may take several attempts to do this, so keep trying, but it's not that hard. Incidentally, this glitch seems similar to my BK Snowman glitch...I wonder if there are other places in the game where Banjo can go through a polygon line where he normally could not go?


Splash glitch
sent in by David Ruse

In Banjo-Tooie after learning the Bregull Bash by having Heggy hatch one of the secret eggs, go to Humba Wumba's wigwam and step on the edge of the pool. Then do the bregull bash and slam Kazooie into the pool. Notice he doesn't make a splash like someone should when they hit water.

Get Mystery Eggs
sent in by Alex Bradley

Get the Mystery Blue Egg - Go to Spiral Mt. and use either of the flight pads to fly into the waterfall. After you swim upstream, use the grip grab to break the bars and grap the pak.

Get the Mystery Pink Egg - Go to Spiril Mt. where the tree stumps are near the holes with the shoes. In the holes, the metal bars can be boken with a few grenade eggs, giving you the game pak

Get the Ice Key - Behind the green Jino family's house in the Jinjo Villiage, you will see a sandy spot on the ground. You'll see a crack in the wall, which you can follow around to the ice pak with the ice key. BEWARE: Biting plants are nearby...

Cheats and other info
sent in by Alex Bradley

Return 5 ripped out Cheato pages to Cheato in the Mayhem Temple, and get a cheat. Here they are...
EGGS- 2X egg carrying capabilities
FEATHERS - 2X feather carrying capabilities
HONEYKING - Infinate Air and Health
GLOKING - Infinate Glowbos
SUPGLOWKING - Infinate Mega Glowbos
FALLPROOF - No damage when falling
HOMING - Eggs home in on nearest target
JUKEBOX - Enable Sound Test in Jolly Roger's Jukebox
GETJIGGY - JiggyWiggy's ? Signs give Jiggy hints

Enter these in near the Wigwam in Mayhem Temple. Keep in mind, just because you know these cheats, doesn't mean you can use them right away. You will have to wait until you get the cheats from cheato.

Jet Force Gemini posters are in Bottle's house. Just incase you'd like to know.

To swim faster, press A and B when in the water...

Kazooie Swims
sent in by Eric Pillwein

Okay, first go to Jolly Rodger Lagoon and split-up. Take Kazooie to where the mumbo pad near the water used to be. Now, leg spring and as soon as you press A let go of A but hold Z and hold the control stick towards the water. If done correctly, Kazooie will land in the water and start to sink until you touch the ground or until you let go of the Z button.

Control Mumbo from the first floor
sent in by Waylon Calhoun

Ok go into mumbos hut thingy but mumbo must be standing up and go to the green thing in the middle and press the A button and mumbo should respond and you will be able to control mumbo from on the first floor!!

Go through a wall as Clockwork Kazooie
sent in by Victreebel64

In the Giant Trash Can in Cloud Cuckooland there is a big bottle (it says "Jolly Juice" or something like that on it) with a switch in it that you can only reach by going in as Clockwork Kazooie from the outside. Just for kicks I shot a Clockwork Egg into the space between the bottle and the wall of the trash can. As I was walking around Clockwork Kazooie suddenly disappeared, the screen zoomed out (like if you enter another room) and I ended up on the ledge outside the trash can! I could then turn around and enter the little hole to get inside the bottle the normal way. I tried it about 10 times after that and it never happened again...

Game Freeze
sent in by Victreebel64

In Grunty Industries get a battery in your backpack as Banjo alone. Now, let the battery out anywhere (except the place where it's supposed to go) by holding Z+Left C and pressing B. The battery will fly out and disappear, and after a few seconds the game will freeze up completely with the music still playing in the background. You have to reset the N64 to unfreeze it.

Glitchy Graphics
sent in by Victreebel64

In Jolly Roger Lagoon go to the Turtle View Cave (where the JamJars Hatch is) go into first-person view and look through the bars. You should see TipTup the turtle on the beach (if you haven't gotten the Jiggy from him yet). Zoom up really close on him (press and hold left C button while in first person view) and TipTup's graphics will start to glitch up. This works in a lot of other places as well (e.g. in Grunty Industries, try looking through the window in the boiler plant and zoom in on the rabbit), but this is the first place where I noticed it.

Ghost Bottles is in a box!
sent in by Victreebel64

Get Dragon Kazooie (unlock the chest in Hailfire Peaks with the Ice Key; take the Mega Glowbo to Humba Wumba in the Pine Grove) and go to Spiral Mountain. Walk up to Ghost Bottles then get about two or three steps away from him. Press B to make Kazooie breathe fire, then turn around so you're breathing fire right at Ghost Bottles. If you do it correctly, you'll notice that Bottles seems to be stuck in a weird invisible box, and you can see right through the edges of it when you turn around while breathing fire. It's pretty hard to explain, so I'll let you see for yourself ;)

Terry Duplication
sent in by Victreebel64

After you hatch all of Terry's eggs, but before you return the biggest Baby Terry to the nest, you can go back to any of the places that had a Terry Egg before and you can still hear the baby Terrys squeaking even though they've already flown to the nest. After you return the big baby Terry to the nest, you can go back to Unga Bunga's cave, and sometimes the big baby Terry will still be there! You can even carry it all the way back to the nest, but you won't get anything for doing so.

Confuse Chief Bloatazin!
sent in by Victreebel64

In Mayahem Temple, return the Priceless Relic Thingy to Chief Bloatazin. He'll start dancing around as usual. Now switch to Mumbo and go back to the Treasure Chamber. Bloatazin will say "I'll only talk to Banjo or Kazooie", then start running around the room digging through gold piles like he does BEFORE you return the Relic to him! Now switch back to Banjo and Kazooie and re-enter the Treasure Chamber. Blatazin will be dancing around in the corner (instead of the middle of the room), and the Priceless Relic Thingy will be gone! (but you don't have to go find it again ^_^)

sent in by Victreebel64

In Jolly Roger Lagoon stand where the Mumbo Pad used to be and shoot an Ice Egg into the sun. If you aim exactly right, the whole sky should turn a darker shade of blue for a few seconds. I know, it's not much...

Jump through a wall as Banjo
sent in by Victreebel64

Split Banjo and Kazooie up on the Fire side of Hailfire Peaks, then take a solo Banjo to the pool of steaming hot water with a Jinjo, a fish, and a Honeycomb Piece. Use the Shack Pack (Z + C-down) and jump into the water. Stand in the little alcove at the back of the pool (where the Honeycomb Piece was) and deactivate the Shack Pack. Banjo will jump straight through the wall above you and land on a platform above!

Swimming glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

In Jolly Roger Lagoon split Banjo and Kazooie up at the start. As Banjo, use the Shack Pack move and jump into the water. Walk towards the big hole in the middle of the lagoon, and Banjo will start swimming like you're on the surface of the water, even though you're UNDERwater (hard to explain :P)

Go high for a cool view
sent in by Caspar Hansen

In Hailfire Peaks, on the Ice Side, you can climb the hill to get to Cilly Willy (I think his name was) as a Snowball. Get down to one honeycomb so you are as small as possible. Then, go up to the wall where Kazooie's footprints are. Hold B and forward on the control stick while tapping A, and you will fly up about halfway! It takes a LOT of practice to get to the very top, and I myself have only done it a few times, and I think that the grate was over the door, so you don't get anything but a really cool view.

Banjo's Double Jump
sent in by Your Almighty Emperor

To do this glitch you must be playing as Banjo alone, and you must have aquired the Pack Whack. To do this glitch, jump into the air and do a Pack Whack. During the Pack Whack, jump again. This glitch can be useful for long jumps and areas were you have to jump frequently.

Beetle Adventure Racing

Metro Madness shortcut
sent in by Jason Whalls

Okay, this is kinda hard to explain, so bear with me. Metro Madness is the course it's in, and it's suggested you use the cop car for maximum speed. View the map of the course before racing....the SC takes place near the oval part of the map near the finish flag. Takes approx. 2 minutes to get there. Now, when you get the area just before the start of the first stretch of the oval, there will be a small tunnel that goes down, then flat, then up. What I realized is that if you go right off the up part, have the right speed and angle, and you hit the slightly higher elevated part on the right in a perfect way, you'll bounce up in the air, and over the fence thereby skipping the whole oval and being near the finish!!!! This saves TONS of time, but is EXTREMELY hard to do. I totally fluked and hopped right over the time I did it! If done on the last lap, you're screwed because the path would change and you'd be blocked off from the normal finish line......never done'd be weird 'cause you're not supposed to be able to make it there on the last lap.

Blast Corps

Mega High Jump glitch!
by David Wonn

In Oyster Harbor, go all the way to where the three ships are located. Make sure to clear any necessary obstacles on your way there so that the missile carrier doesn't explode. Now board any one of the ships and back it up so that the smiley face disappears. Now slowly inch it forward and stop immediately when the happy face reappears. Use your Z button to get back on foot and walk all the way to the back of the ship. Walk along the back edge either to the left or right. If you did this right, the guy will jump VERY high into the air! Step aside Mario, this guy can really jump! :)

Drowning glitch
by David Wonn

In Echo Marches, get inside the J-Bomb and take it to the place where you normally take the boat. There is a small stone formation in the water that prevents you from moving the boat any further upstream. Jump onto this rock formation with the J-bomb. If you manage to land in the middle of it and press Z in the right spot, your character will fall out and drown! The level will end immediately.

Another way to drown is in Oyster Harbor (there must be something about that course). Set TNT onto the crane and blow up the the walls as usual. After doing that, drop it on that same area, but make sure that part of the crane is sticking out into the water. Now get onto the crane platform on foot and walk toward the water. Your guy will drown and the level will end!

Unlimited Flying Time
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Go to the level where there is a flying robot and a cliff past the truck that you can fly up to and walk on, but you can't go up any higher. Get up there and press the button that normally makes it fly. Fly off and you will keep flying until you land.

Body Harvest 64

Weird warp glitch
sent in by Matthew Squire

First find a Perkanskauf wagon in Grease(a tank)then when an alien gets beamed down (it has to be the small 6 legged ones that shoot lasers) just go up to it slowly, then when you are touching it, press and hold A, and that small alien will warp across your screen in a thin stream!!

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Cheat oddity
sent in by

When you start off in the bar, select the Options section and go to the screen where you'll enter a cheat code. If you type in a bad word, the Fire Imp will say something like "Well THAT wasn't very nice, now was it..?"

Swim in invisible poo
sent in by Ben Cartledge

Note: This is VERY difficult to do. I only discovered it through chance, and have not been able to repeat it, even after many attempts. But if you're feeling lucky (punk), then try it out.

Once you have prevented the cows from being burnt in a big pile by farmers along with some sheep, by getting rid of them via another way, jump down the central hole. When you reappear, falling, you need to press "A" at EXACTLY the right moment while pushing forward on the control stick (You can't repeatedly tap it, as you'll then end up hovering or diving as soon as you appear. Same if you press it too late). If you do manage to time it perfectly (You'll have no signal as to when you do have to press it so it's completely down to luck), you'll jump in midair and you'll be above where the wall in front of you "starts". Try to hover over it (This is why it helps to hold forward on the control stick when you appear), and you'll land on the other side, in some invisible poo (Same level as the poo inside). You are now outside of the intended playing area and everything around you is black, except the "proper" part of the level that you're supposed to be in. But the weirdest thing is that when you move around, an image of whatever frame motion you were currently in is left behind creating an orange blur in the path of where you have been. Finally, if at any point you want to get back into the proper area then just swim back through the wall.

Flying glitch
sent in by chrono44

First go to colors. Then get in the gun turret and aim down and left or right. Shoot then jump out and hold back and you should be flying for about 10 seconds.

Fly forever
sent in by chrono44

First get a weapon (I chose the rocket launcher) then have a friend shoot you but right when he shoots put your gun away then your guy will be flying for ever.

Note: Your guy can fly anywhere but only about 10 inches off the ground. You can't go flying in the sky. It just looks cool and is a wierd glitch

Debug Mode Glitch
sent in by Onevidkid

Dang, this has to be the craziest glitch in the game. I do not have a screen shot at all though... But, first go into the cheats and enter the debug mode code ("XFYHIJERPWAL_IELWZS" _ indicates a space). Then, start a new game and when you see the things like, Nintendo presents and stuff, hold the right side of your cartridge down and slowly, EASILY, pull up the left side until you hear scrambling noises. Then you'll see a whole bunch of freaking numbers on the screen!!!! Then quickly, press your cartridge back into place and press the A button to view the menu. Why this was made, I do not know. See if you people can find anything out with this!

Secret Multiplayer Gun
sent in by Onevidkid

This wasn't even in the instruction manual!! Plus, it's not on anyone's FAQs I've looked on!! Also, this is probably not even a glitch. But, I think everyone should know this. In deathmatch mode, in the levels bunker or temple, is probably the best gun... the SHOTGUN! Yeah baby!! This crazy gun can tear people up!! If they're a little bit away from you and you shoot, they'll go flying about 10 feet!! Plus, if you shoot them up close, it's an instant kill! Also, you move normal running speed when holding it!! Just don't use the aim because it isn't very good. You'll love this gun. In bunker it's near at the top of that one room where you walk across the planks to get the bazooka or chainsaw. It's to the right when you come in that room from where the crossbow is. You'll see it and freak. In temple I don't remember but it's somewhere at the top... Have fun with this!

Skip Some Swimming!
sent in by Cl0vis15

After you've replaced all the cogs and pulled the Dog Fish's leash in you have to lead the blue blooded cat fish over to the safe, but now on the way back there will be those oh so annoying green guys in the spikey armor doing their best to piss you off. However, you can take the cat fish straight to the safe without swimming there at all. After talking to the cat fist immediately select the quit option. Now reload your save file. Your save point will be at the underwater door near the dogfish where you can get to the cog room from, but the flag for the cat fishes to follow you will be set as well. So now when you load up your save file the game will place you and the cat fish right next to the safe, all you have to do iss wim a few feet right over to the safe without having to worry about any of those annoying green spikey guys.

Diddy Kong Racing

Hovercraft Glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

Go to Haunted Woods in Tracks mode and race it with the Hovercraft. On the 3rd lap, start bumping into the right wall right before the finish line. Make sure you are still bumping the right wall when you cross the finish line. If everything is cool, then when it shows who placed what, your character will turn around and drive the whole course backwards.

Lose.. I mean, win
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

Go into icicle pyramid and wipe out two people. Have two bananas and your opponent have two. Hit each other with homing missiles at the same time and it will won't say winner, but the screen will say first place and no music will play until you leave the screen.

Get stuck in Crescent Island
sent in by Devin Monnens

Enter the code for full powerup (to make it easier to enter) and rocket fuel (all balloons will give you boosts). Now, go to Crescent Island with a car and full boost and drive up to the ship. Go inside the ship and turn around so you're facing the bow. Now, aim a little to the right and fire your engines. If done correctly, you should fly over the side of the ship and land on the ship itself and become stuck! (the only way out is to end the race). You can drive around if you landed right where the deck meets the side and even drive onto the gangplank, but your kart will be on its side. It's kinda interesting.

Change the sky color
sent in by Sean Christie

First of all go to the Cheats Menu and type in the code 'DOUBLEVISION' To select the same player. Now you and one other buddy should select the same player then go to Star City. The sky should be Blue instead of Red.

sent in by Morgan Atkinson

In Crescent Island (w/ hover on tracks mode), after getting the key and beating the boss, in the Silver Coin Challenge, go to the first pillar on your left. Now start turning. 3/4 of the screen should be BLACK! Cool huh?

Taj appears in Wizpig's mouth
sent in by

Challenge Taj to a hovercraft race. On the final lap, cross the finish line at the far left, below the Wizpig head. When Taj appears to congratulate you, he'll be in the mouth of the Wizpig head. If this is the first time you beat him, the Golden Balloon will appear in the Wizpig mouth, but it will move to the central area near the Taj pad next time you play, so you'll still be able to get it.

Wall Grind, with a HOVER!
sent in by Morgan Atkinson

In Pirate Lagoon, directly across the track from the finish line (on the corner) is a zipper. Get 6+ bananas and then hit it FROM THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Hit the LEFT SIDE (/. \) [period is where you hit] and after that it with hurl you around. Go FAR RIGHT and Try to hit the edge, now "skate" around. If you ride it AWAY from the zipper for a while you can be HOVERING ON THIN AIR!!!!!! I don't know if character matters but I used Conker, who I ALWAYS use. ;) If codes matter I was in Tracks mode with FREEFORALL on. I also had to use the restroom. (LOL, that was good!!!)

Skip a lap
first encounter by David Wonn (~Jan. 1998)
recreated and explained by Morgan Atkinson

This is an extension of the above glitch "Wall ride, with a HOVER!" Enter the cheat FREEFRALL and go to tracks mode, Pirate Lagoon, and the same place as before. This time, get a blue balloon and wall ride, and then go somewhere mobile (where you can easily jump off the edge) and use your blue balloon. If your aim is right, you will end up INCHES away from the other edge. If we can find out how to get through this, like using a magnet, then we can either skip a minute and 10 seconds or 10 seconds, whichever. And we all thought DKR was shortcut-less. :D
[Ed. Note: I had a fluke encounter with this in the early days of DKR at the wall near the finish line. Although I'm uncertain of how I did it, I believe that the finish line stops somewhere close to the top of the wall. What this means is if you hit just the right spot, you can trick the lap counter into thinking you completed a lap. Unfortunately my interest in this game didn't last more than a few months, so feel free to experiment.]

Make Pipsy Go Nuts!
sent in by Victreebel64

This is a modified version of the Hovercraft Glitch I sent in earlier. Pick Pipsy as your character, then go to Tracks Mode, then pick the Haunted Forest and race it with the car. (Make sure Time Trial is OFF.) Race through the level as usual, except make sure you hit the last Zipper in the tunnel right before the finish line at TOP SPEED (let go of A right before you hit), so that you will cross the finish line while in the air. If you do it on the last lap then when it goes to the screen that shows who placed what, look at the small screen above that shows your racer going around the track, and Pipsy will be doing all kinds of weird stuff. She will shake repeatedly and keep going in the wrong direction and eventually get stuck behind a wall and not be able to move, then a big Wizpig face will fly into the screen and laugh. Creepy. I haven't got this to work with any character other than Pipsy.

Where am I?
sent in by Victreebel64

In the main overworld (where you begin the game) have Taj turn you into the airplane then fly out to the beach area. Get WAYYYY out in the water beyond the door to Sherbet Island, Where you almost hit the invisible wall but not quite, get as high up as you can then perform a "loop-de-loop" (hit R two times FAST). If you did it right you will disappear for a couple of seconds. It's not much but it is kind of fun to do.

Secret Music
sent in by Victreebel64

This next trick was more than likely put in the game intentionally, but it's still pretty weird. go to the overworld, get the hovercraft, then go over to the big Wizpig face and stand perfectly still under it. If you wait, you'll hear Timber's theme. Then after a few seconds you will hear all the animals singing to the background music. If you don't hear it right away pause the game for a few seconds and there it is! I got it accidentally. it's really weird once you do it. You can also hear it at the entrance to the big log.

The Amazing Flying Car!
sent in by Victreebel64

Unlock the Icicle Pyramid multiplayer course and put in the FREEFORALL cheat on the Codes screen. Enter Icicle Pyramid with any character, and get a Green Balloon so you get the Bubble power-up. Drive up the ramp that leads to the top level of the pyramid, but stop right before you get to the end of the ramp. You should see a line on the ground where the ramp stops and the floor of the top level begins. Drive SLIGHTLY past this line (not too far, or it won't work - just so there's a tiny strip of floor between your back tires and the line) and set a Bubble trap. Now back yourself into the bubble trap, and if you did it EXACTLY right, you should float up, stay suspended in air for a while, and when the bubble pops, you'll STILL be floating in the air! You can stay up there as long as you want while all the other players attack each other! :D To get down, just drive forward a little ways and you'll drop back onto the regular course.

Donkey Kong 64

Training Barrel glitch
by David Wonn

Note: You will need to activate the infinite oranges cheat (accessible after finding 20 fairies in any game slot) for this to work:

Start a new game and go to the training barrels which involve picking up 5 barrels and climbing trees for a coin. In either of these two training levels, you can just throw 5 oranges. You'll hear "Well done!" even though you never accomplished anything. :-)

Chunky goes through ice
by David Wonn

In the Crystal Caves level, there is a rock and five green bananas encased in ice. In order to perform this glitch, DON'T melt the ice. Instead, take Chunky Kong there and go into the Chunky barrel to become Hunky Chunky. Walk up to the ice structure, hold Z and press B to perform a Primate Punch. This will make Chunky go partially through the ice. Now hold B and you can pick up the boulder right through the ice! Take caution because if you shrink while inside the ice, you'll be trapped! You'll need to select Exit Level to get out if Chunky reduces to normal size.

Disappearing rock glitch
by David Wonn

After you've rescued Chunky from the Frantic Factory, go back to Jungle Japes and find the rock located beyond where the Rambi sign used to be. You'll see a rock located on top of a Chunky switch. Pick up the rock and try to exit the caves with it. The rock will vanish and Chunky will be holding air!

Freeze the game
by David Wonn

After you've earned the charge move from the Banana Fairy, and once you have rescued Chunky Kong, you can perform a very odd glitch. Take Chunky Kong up to any rock in the game, but before you get too close to it, face the other way and hold the B button to prepare your charge attack. Now while the B button is still pressed, walk up to the rock and Chunky will attempt to pick it up. At the moment you see him throw it up in the air above his head, let go of the B button. Chunky will now unleash his killer belch and the rock will fall to the ground. After he's done belching, Chunky will be holding air! Even if your timing is off, you can still perform other oddities. Take caution, as this glitch will sometimes freeze the game, forcing you to reset. This glitch also seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to my data corruption glitch in DKC2, but so far I haven't seen such adverse side effects in DK64.

Duplicate steel kegs
by David Wonn

In Fungi Forest, take Chunky into the barn and pick up one of the steel kegs. Now carry it outside the barn. The game will continue to keep track of the keg's location until you enter a door. Now go back into the barn with it. You'll still see the other steel kegs in their original positions. In effect, you have just duplicated a steel keg. This may seem like an innocent glitch, but it can lead to other things....

Carry two steel kegs at the same time
by David Wonn

First, perform the previously mentioned duplicate steel keg glitch with Chunky. Now you should have access to 3 steel kegs. Pick up one and place it on top of another steel keg. It will rest off to the side a little bit rather than being directly on top. Now pick up the third keg and set it down next to the first steel keg, but set it right under the one that is on top of the first one. Now the kegs will be in somewhat of a triangular formation. Pick up one of the bottom kegs, and if you do it right, you will also pick up the one on top of it! Now you can carry two kegs at the same time. Once you set them down, you won't be able to pick them both up unless you redo this glitch.

Swim through the ground!!
by David Wonn

This very odd glitch will allow you to swim to areas that you cannot normally enter. As a result you will be able to take any character to the Banana Fairy or even to the secret room! Here's how it goes:

First, find an area of water that gradually leads you to land. Many places including the main DK island feature this. Swim away from land just far enough so that your character can dive underwater. Face the surface then press Z to dive. As soon as you dive, keep tapping the B button! As long as you keep doing this, you will notice a ton of bubbles reaching the surface. Just keep rapidly tapping B and you will eventually go through the ground! You may be surprised just how useful this can be. Try it out in many places if you're daring enough to see where you can go.

A few examples of results of this huge glitch include being able to take DK behind bars with Lanky, take Diddy behind bars with Tiny, as well as reach the Banana Fairy and the secret room. With more creativity, you can even reach certain golden Bananas in the first stage long before you are supposed to. The possibilities are huge....

Take Chunky to the Banana Fairy!
by David Wonn

photo courtesy of Jason Whalls

Just when you thought that only Tiny Kong could visit the Banana Fairy, think again! First, have Chunky swim toward the front of the Banana Fairy Island. As you get close, swim very slowly toward it. If you do this right, Chunky will begin to slide back down into the water. As soon he goes under water, press Z to dive. With good timing, Chunky's head will go through the wall. At this point press A to start swimming forward. If all goes well, Chunky will swim right through the wall! This may take a few tries to get the timing right, so if you don't get it the first time, keep trying to get Chunky to roll downhill and backward into the water.

Once you've managed to swim through the wall, try to line yourself up so you are "inside" of the Banana Fairy structure. The camera angles may go haywire, so remember to use the top C button for first person perspective whenever you are in doubt of your current location. Now look around and you should see two platforms. The one at the back side of the island will just leave you trapped behind bars, so don't go there unless you just want to see your character get stuck. Instead, aim for the narrow platform in the front of the island. Once you've jumped onto the narrow platform, walk toward the entrance. You will end up going through the entrance the wrong way! If you haven't yet visited the Banana Fairy, then you will be able to talk to her. The conversation is the same as when she talks to Tiny, but you just gotta love how she refers to Chunky as "little one". :-)

Take anyone to the Banana Fairy!
by David Wonn

Swim to the Banana Fairy island with any character and perform the "Swim through the Ground" glitch above. Once you are underneath the island, the technique is the same as Chunky's method above. Now with this knowledge, you can take Donkey Kong there right from the beginning of the game!

Take Chunky to the hidden room!
by David Wonn

photo courtesy of Jason Whalls

After you have gained access to a Hunky Chunky barrel near the tree on the island in the overworld, take Chunky there to become big. Now head back to the main island and look for two steps that you'd normally use to head up the the Angry Aztec stage. Jump into one of those steps, and if you time it right, Chunky will fall through the floor! Now that you are underneath the island, look for the waterfall and run toward it. Once you get close enough, Chunky will begin swimming in mid-air! As soon as this happens, double back and stay underneath the island. At any point while you are under the island you may de-activate the Hunky Chunky ability if you wish. Swim up as high as you can and look for a blue rectangular formation underneath you. Swim around for a bit not too far from this area and you should eventually see Chunky vanish. If this happens, rotate the camera angles a bit and then jump. If all goes well, you'll end up inside a secret room! This is the same room that is seen during one of the cut-scenes and it contains 5 computer monitors. You don't earn anything for going here but it sure can be a great way to stump your friends! :-)

Take anyone to the hidden room!
by David Wonn

At virtually any place in the overworld, perform the "Swim through the Ground" glitch mentioned above. Once you fall through the floor, the process is the same as it is with Chunky. Even from the very beginning of the game, this room is reachable!

"Small" Chunky can carry large boulders
by David Wonn

Go to any level that has a very large boulder, such as the Angry Aztec level. Now take Chunky to a Hunky Chunky barrel to become big. Pick up the large boulder and walk to a place where the Hunky Chunky ability automatically wears off. The entrance to Cranky's lab is a good example of a place to try this. After you see the red slashed circle appear on the screen, Chunky will automatically drop the boulder in place. Now go back to the Hunky Chunky barrel to become big once again. This time approach the boulder where you left it, and wait for the red slashed circle to appear. After you see it appear for roughly a second, pick up the boulder. If you time it right, Chunky will now have it in his hands while he is normal-sized! This will allow you to carry the boulder virtually anywhere. Just remember that once you set it down with Z, you might not be able to pick it up again!

Freeze the film counter
by David Wonn

Once you have learned the charge move and have some film for your camera, you can execute this glitch. First hold down the B button to start up your charge move. Now press the top C button to switch to first-person perspective. While still holding the B button, press Z and the bottom C button to switch to camera mode. At this point you can now let go of the B button. Your character will do a charge attack, but the film counter will now remain on the screen.

Alternate way to enter mill
sent in by Karri Billing

It's possible to enter the second mill room through the little hole before Chunky has even gotten rid of the '?' box blocking it. All ya gotta do is swap to Tiny, Jump in the Tiny barrel, locate the hole in the wall, and slide into the hole with Tiny's Z+B while running slide move. With a bit of luck you'll end up inside the '?' box on the other side(!) OK, OK, that was a tad lame, but good luck trying to exit the mill after doing it! Bwa ha ha haaaa! What's that? You got out?! Fine, I give up.

Take Hunky Chunky anywhere in stage 1
sent in by Darrel "Subclub" Cox

After rescuing Chunky head back to the first level and go up to where Chunky gets into the barrel to become Hunky Chunky to climb the big trees. After you become Hunky Chunky, jump on the shell thingy in the same room that Tiny has to crawl through. You should fall through and end up on the path heading to Cranky Kong.

Go through a cage in stage 2
by David Wonn

After you've rescued Chunky, go back to Angry Aztec and look for a bonus game barrel encased in a cage. Normally you would need to pick up the large boulder with Hunky Chunky to make it available, but there's a sneaky glitch that will allow you to get there without ever picking up the boulder. Just go into the Hunky Chunky Barrel, and head straight for the cage. Go to the back side of it, run toward it, and jump with A and then press B when you are close to the height of your jump. If you time it right, Chunky will go right through the cage! :-)

Go through a wall in stage 4
sent in by David Avery

In Gloomy Galleon, use Chunky and go to the room that Cranky's lab is in. Shoot up the cannon on to the BROWN boat and swing on the vines across to where portal number 3 is. Turn right and go across the boards to the wall. Hold Z and jump into the wall. You'll end up in an orange area and if you keep walking it will take you back to the portal at the beginning of the level.

Go through a floor in stage 6
sent in by Daniel Kielman

Hey, I found a pretty weird glitch in Donkey Kong 64. Okay, first, go into Crystal Caves. Then, head to the place with the Bongo's in front of a house. It is the house with the battle arena pad. Anyway, go inside and go to the right wall. Here's the tricky part. Hit the switch, then IMMEDIATELY after hitting it, jump into the wall on the right. It can take a few tries, but eventually, you will fall through the floor and land on another floor below. You can even look up and still see the room! And, if you walk off into the black, you can eventually get back to the start of the level! It somehow automatically takes you to the front, thinking you entered the DK Portal.
[Ed. Note: Once you are under the floor, if you line yourself up with the exit door above, you can safely exit the room like normal. However if you go too far, the game acts as though you fell into a pit, which is why you are sent to the beginning of the stage. I just happened to come across this glitch by accident the very first time I came to this room.]

Perform extra moves with a weapon
by David Wonn

Here's a handy glitch that lets you perform extra moves that you can't normally do while holding a weapon. With any character, activate your shooter with Z and the left C button. Now go to any hill or steep surface that causes you to slide downhill. Now jump at any point while you are sliding, and you can then perform moves that are normally accessible without a weapon. For instance, you can press Z to do a Simian Slam even though you are holding a weapon. Even better yet, if you have the charge attack, you can hold B while in mid-air and after you land you can use a charge attack even with a weapon!

Carry ammo in water
by David Wonn

This is one of the neat side effects of the hidden room glitch. Perform the glitch above with Hunky Chunky until you are underneath the main island. Deactivate Hunky Chunky and arm yourself with his pineapple launcher. Run toward the waterfall until you see Chunky swimming. Now look... Chunky is still armed! Swim wherever you want, and as long as you don't jump out of water, you'll stay armed as long as you like. To take advantage of this, press the top C-button whenever you are at the surface. This will switch your camera to first-person so that you can shoot from the surface! Don't press the top C button again, or you will lose this special ability. Instead, press Z and the left C button to switch to your fairy camera. This will immediately deactivate and you will once again be able to swim while armed. Also take note of yet another glitch... the camera film counter will freeze on the screen. Not incredibly useful, but it can be fun to mess with.

Kill a Kasplat through a wall
sent in by Craig Makepeace

This really isn't a glitch but is fun to do. In the creepy castle lobby jump into the middle section in where Lanky's door is. Wait a second and the Kasplat will walk up to the wall and he will try to kill you through the wall. He can still hit you will his charge move thingy. You can kill him when his body comes through the wall partially.

Bypass B.Locker with Lanky!
sent in by Matt

If you use Lanky's arms on some of the clock counter dudes that count your bananas then they will go through the clock (or if that isn't working try the wall next to them) and go into the level.

Go to level 4 early with Lanky
by David Wonn

Start up a new game, conquer the training barrels and go to the main overworld. Swim directly toward K.Rool's ship and go underwater. Not too far away you may notice some "sharp" edges where several polygons meet. If you swim directly into the spot where 6 polygons meet, you can swim right through it! Now you are underneath the ship. Look around and you will see a locked gate which is supposed to prevent you from accessing level 4. Since you are underneath the ship, all you have to do is swim toward that gate. Presto, you've made it into the entrance of level 4! Combine this trick with Lanky's glitch and you'll be able to access level 4 long before you have enough bananas.

Take DK to level 4 at the start!
by David Wonn

First, perform the glitch above to gain access to the main room leading to level 4. Now the only problem is getting past B.Locker. I have devised a way to take care of this problem by going "around" him. Go up to B.Locker and to the right (left from B.Locker's point of view). This is right near the pink door with the ? mark symbol. The platform lowers just slightly at this point.

What you need to do is get DK up against the back wall and try to jump up toward B.Locker. If you press B in mid-jump, you should be able to just barely get on the platform where B.Locker is. Walk toward the back wall and press B. If you time it right, DK will fall back to the slightly lower platform. If you are very lucky with your timing, half of DK will be through the wall! If not, keep trying by jumping up to the platform, pressing B in midair, then pressing B to get DK to fall back down slightly. This is NOT easy at first and may require a lot of practice before you see DK partially through the wall. Once this happens, walk around B.Locker, and DK will be partially through the floor. While you are just barely under the floor, head toward the green door with the ? mark symbol on the other side of B.Locker. Now you will be able to go through the wall!

Once you've made it this far, you're just about there. Look for a narrow ledge behind the door that B.Locker is blocking. You will need to jump up a few times and head toward the back of this ledge. Once you manage to get there, jump up to it and approach B.Locker from behind. He will probably tell you that you don't have enough bananas. Ignore his warning and keep walking toward him. You will now walk right into stage 4!

Why would anyone want to reach level 4 this early? Well, just by walking into that stage and exiting, you will have the authority to buy any level 4 abilities from Cranky, Funky, and Candy long before you are supposed to! Just talk to any of them in the earlier stages and see how much stuff you can buy!

Freeze the parrots in stage 1
sent in by Mystical Chicken

Ok, you know how when you first enter Jungle Japes you can hear parrots squawking? Well if you do this glitch you can keep the parrots where they are indefinitely.

1. Get Chunky Kong and go to Jungle Japes.

2. Go to the area where there are 4 large trees and a Chunky Barrel. Jump into the Chunky Barrel to become big.

3. Go over to Tiny's shell thing and jump on it. It will take a few tries but eventually you should fall through and end up in the caves leading to Cranky's Lab. You will still be Hunky Chunky.

4. Go to where Cranky's lab is and go to one of the inlets. Press Z and then A to jump, then you have to have perfect timing for this, press B and you *should* go through the wall. If you can't do it after 5 tries, try another inlet.

5. Keep walking once you are inside the wall and you will be transported back to the beginning of the level and you will no longer be Hunky Chunky. Quickly take out your shooter (you'd better have homing ammo) and just start shooting. The homing ammo will hit one of the parrots, and all the parrots that are on the screen at the time will freeze in mid-air!! They will keep flapping their wings and squawking but they will not go anywhere. They will also stay where they are until you exit the level by going through the DK portal. Unfortunately, you can't kill the parrots.

Hunky Chunky glitch mania in stage 1
sent in by Jon Barber

Possibly the coolest glitch I found is that you CAN BECOME RAMBI when you're Hunky Chunky! Just get into one of the inlets by Cranky's Cabin, as in the trick above. Then closely follow the wall, not going too far out so you go back the beginning of the level, but not coming back into the room itself. Make you way to Rambi, then walk into the box and you turn into RAMBI! What suprised me was that you can run right through the bars of you cage and get out into the open! Also, I think that Rambi is "chunky" himself, he looked a little bigger, but I'm not sure. When you run out of Rambi's area, you still get the "No Rambi" sign, but then you'll turn back to Hunky Chunky.

The next coolest thing is if you take Chunky back out of the caves, then make your way up that big vine and all the way to the top of the mountain, by Snide's HQ. Then you can high jump on top of his HQ. When you do, you'll slide off the back, through the wall, and fall for a few feet. When you land, you're back in the room with the Hunky barrel and the Spiny Shell! You'll have to fall through the shell again to continue.

Nintendo obviously wasn't planing on having Chunky in the rest of the level, because you can fall through almost every one of the walls if you want. When you're in the caves, jump and hit B at almost any corner, and you'll go through the wall. The entire background in pure black in some places, and in other places, it's green and white.

The easiest way to get through walls is by walking into the small pit in the caves, where there are 2 vines to swing on to help you get across. Well, just jump against one of the walls and hit B, and you'll find yourself walking BENEATH ground level, with just your head sticking out. The coolest thing that happened when I used this was when one of the bees saw me and tried to come down and sting me, but he had to go below the ground to get me. He got stuck with half his body below the ground, and the other half above it! He stayed that way for about 10 seconds before I bumped into him and killed him. Also, when you're Hunky, you can walk right up the steep slopes that you used to only be able to climb as Lanky. This is because Hunky only needs to take about 3 steps to make it to the top. And when you're Hunky, you can kill every enemy in the level, just by running in to them. This even includes Splat!

Take Chunky inside K.Rool's ship
sent in by Jon Barber

When you're Hunky Chunky on DK Isles, it's simple to get into K. Rool's ship. Just bump up against the bottom of it, the side that is facing DK Island, and most of the time you'll go right into it! Jump and hit B to fix your camera, and then you can swim into the room by Gloomy Galleon Entrance if you want.

Go inside a cage for a Banana!
by David Wonn

In Jungle Japes, you can collect one of the golden bananas that is encased underground. Just gain access to Rambi, break the wall and then go to the small pond where you normally find a banana fairy. Perform the "Swim through the ground" glitch above so that you can go underneath the caves. Now if you try to head back outside the cave, and go around the most of the water, you can actually grab a Golden Banana that is encased behind a cage under the floor! Normally you'd have to stomp a switch to make the Banana come out, but who says you need to do things the conventional way? :-)

Go behind bars with your trapped Kongs!
by David Wonn

If you haven't yet rescued Lanky or Tiny, here's a neat glitch you can do. In the Angry Aztec, find either of these imprisoned Kongs, and look for water nearby. Perform the "Swim through the Ground" glitch above, and swim toward Lanky or Tiny until you are under the floor. In Lanky's case, you will want to swim off to the right since there is a mysterious force that will cause you to slide if you try to approach him directly. Approach Lanky's cage from behind or approach Tiny's cage from the side. Now if you jump just right, you can go behind bars with Lanky or Tiny! You cannot walk through them, but if you try to jump on top of them, you'll land "inside" the other Kong! It turns out that the Kongs are as much of an "airhead" as Mario was in Mario 64. (Remember my "Mario the Airhead" glitch on anyone?) ;-)

Freeze glitch variation
sent in by

Hold B to get the charge attack ready, but instead of going to a rock, go to the large apple with the worm in it, located in Fungi Forest. When he throws it in the air before catching it, release B. The apple will appear to hover above you for longer than it usually does, then explodes when it hits the ground. The worm floats for a few seconds suspended in air, then the apple reappears. This will not work if you already got the banana from the worm.

Take Tiny into Wrinkly's cave
sent in by David Avery

In Angry Aztec, Make it so Chunky's clue (Wrinkly) is available. Then, turn back into Tiny and go to the top level. Get right above Chunky's Door, and fall as close as you can to it. Wrinkly will come out and talk. When she leaves, walk through the door and, tada, you're in her cave. You can't get out with out making Wrinkly talk first, but it looks like she comes out of Tiny.

Invisible Diddy and Walking on top of a cave
sent in by Shadow Archon

Take Diddy at Angry Aztec and go to the Diddy barrel. Fly behind the llama temple. (the temple with that llama on the door.) Go to the wall behind it, and fly backwards in the middle of the wall. Then try to center the camera by pressing R repeatedly. Diddy will go invisible! (all the buttons still work, you just can't see him.) Then land and look down. You will be on top of the cave where crank's lab is! You can even hear everything there. Even the cave music. To get out, simply walk to the right. You will slip down the slop at the wall and land in the sand so make sure you have a melon or two to spare. The cave music will stick but simply leave the Aztec to stop it.

Battle Glitch
sent in by Roger Peters

In battle have someone get rid of almost all your watermelons and stand right in front of a warp pad. Have the other character hit you so you land on the warp pad. You should get lose a life and get your watermelons back but stay where you are.

Plunging Camera Trick
sent in by Justin

Get the rocket barrel and fly as high as possible in the outside of DK Isles. Fly to K. Rool's ship, still staying as high up as you can. When you get to it, the cross out sign appears and you lose the rocket barrels. The camera will plunge down but Diddy will hover for a second. It makes it seem like he is shooting off into the air. After a second Diddy catches up with the camera and falls normally.

Swim through vertical walls!
sent in by anonymous

Swim with any Kong alongside a vertical wall. (You MUST be as close to the wall as possible while it's on your left/right side.) Press CUp to change your view to First Person Mode, then reangle your Kong DIRECTLY AT the wall. In a few rare cases, you will actually see through the wall, but this is not necessary for the glitch to work. Now press CUp again to return to Third Person Mode, then IMMEDIATELY press and hold the A button. You should swim straight through the wall! (Note: it does NOT work at all areas, so if you cannot get it to work somewhere after several tries, go to another spot.) You can do this trick to get into the sunken ships of Gloomy Galleon through a closed gate. Also, try it at the waterfall in DK Isles. You should be able to go through the wall beneath the #3 bananaport there. (Not that you wanted yet another way to reach the secret room, but...)

Strange game freeze
sent in by anonymous

For some zany reason, I had the game freeze three times in Frantic Factory. All three times I was using Diddy. All three times I was on the R&D level (upper). All three times I was in the area with the #2 port and the tag barrel. All three times I was near (but not at) the corridor leading to Diddy's room (with the four numbered buttons on the wall). All three times I was doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but walking around. Once the whole screen went black; once Diddy disappeared; and the other time, well, let's just say if I took a snapshot you wouldn't be able to tell nothing was wrong. All three times the music stopped (extremely rare on today's systems). Have you experienced something like this?? Or am I just going loco?

Mess up the music and more!
sent in by anonymous

To activate the glitch you must go into Mystery Mode and select any of the three scenes mentioned above. The easiest (by far) is K.ROOL PRESS BUTTON. After you start the scene, wait until K.Rool exits the scene and his chair hits the floor. After the chair comes down, but before the screen fades out, press A to end the scene. As a result, you should hear the theme of that cutscene (and most other DK Theatre scenes at that) in the main menu.

If you select END SEQUENCE, rapidly tap the A button. If you're lucky, the scene will not display even for a split-second, and the music of that scene will be heard on the main menu.

If you select INTRO STORY (beware if you do), wait until the scene starts to show up. Timing is VERY critical here. A split-second after you see the blue sky fade into view, press A. You'll probably have to try this several times before it works, but once it does you will be in silence when the main menu loads.

All of the above three methods of activating the glitch do that same thing -- mess up the music in some (not all) areas of the game. It would take me a long time to explain the precise way it happens, but it's not entirely random (that is, if you do the same things the same result will happen). It doesn't make a difference which method you use EXCEPT that the music heard on the main menu after completing the glitch will vary (as stated above), AND THAT THE INTRO STORY SCENE HAS SOME SIDE-EFFECTS (see below).

Okay, so what happens if you used INTRO STORY to get things going? Well, I'm not sure about what goes on OUTSIDE Adventure Mode, but while in Adventure Mode you'll find that certain actions will cause the INTRO STORY scene to play out of nowhere! Things like opening Wrinkly doors, going through DK Portals or Troff n Scoff doors, entering any of the shops (Cranky, Funky, Candy, or Snide), etc. What's weird is that it doesn't ALWAYS happen, and it may be accompanied by some weird camera trick (like what happens once when I went through a Troff n Scoff door; the Troff n Scoff room displayed with a camera slowly moving left, then the INTRO STORY scene took over.)

The game will not enter the INTRO STORY sequence from the beginning. Rather, it will open at one of the points during the sequence where the screen fades out so a new area can be displayed (like just before the Crocodile Isle crashes into a rock). At the end of the scene, where DK is interrupted by Squawk's annoying chatter, he will magically transform into the Kong you were playing before the cutscene took over (assuming you weren't DK himself), and things will be back to normal (the music corrects itself when you leave the tree house).

I haven't done much more experimenting with the glitch yet, but I can say that most cutscenes in the game (where the top and bottom of the screen are black) have the potential to activate the glitch, and it is also possible there might be a danger of losing data (since the scene normally plays before anything is accomplished in a game). So far I haven't had any permanent side-effects to the glitch, but it's possible, so explore at you own risk! (In other words, don't do it on a complete 101% game unless there's a backup.)

By the way, if you play any DK Theatre scene after performing the Messed Up Music glitch (be it INTRO STORY or one of the others), you will in effect break the code. The code also breaks if you go through any passage where the screen NORMALLY fades out while the music still plays (such as K.Lumsy's cave). In either case, the music will be fully restored to normal once you encounter a more typical DK fade. (Note: If you encounter a DK Theatre cutscene in Adventure Mode, the code will NOT break unless it's K.ROOL PRESS BUTTON.)

Hear cheers everywhere
sent in by anonymous

After performing the music glitch above, go to a Battle Arena. Once you leave (with or without the crown), you will find that that cheering will remain with you wherever you go. The only way to get rid of it is to undo the glitch (see above for two ways to do this). The same cheering problem occurs if you go to fight King KRool himself, only the cheering is twice as loud (and twice as annoying).

DK arcade strategy guide!
by David Wonn

Click here to see my online strategy guide for getting higher scores in the classic Donkey Kong arcade game!

Fungi Forest nighttime/daytime transition glitch!
sent in by Glitch Master Busta

This trick is kinda cool. First go to the Fungi Forest Level. If you play your characters instrument just after you hit the block on the clock that changes it from day to night and vice-versa you pulled off this easy game glitch! What will happen is if it is daytime and you switch to nighttime the outside will remain sunny as if it was still day but everything else is as if it were night! It works the same with night to day. And depending when you play your instrument when the sky is changing it will stay that way untill you switch the clock again. You can sometimes get the sun and moon to say out at the same time! It is very helpful to use this for night so you can see everything outside crystal clear unlike trying to see in the dark of night.

Why this happens is because when you play your instrument the screen goes black and a spotlight is on your character. The information being processed between the sky transitions is interupted by the instrument screen and stops on the last frame of the transition before the instrument screen is displayed.

Chunky's reflection
sent in by dvdmth

In the museum of Creepy Castle, Chunky can see a reflection of himself through either of two windows. Stand in front of his reflection, then press C-Up. While in First Person mode, take out your shooter. Chunky's reflection will start nodding and not stop until you leave First Person mode or put away the shooter. (Note: He does not do this if you go into first person mode while having the shooter already out.)

Disappearing boulder
sent in by dvdmth

In the same museum, pick up the boulder, then throw it (it probably doesn't matter where, but I have always thrown it towards the three things you punch to get the boulder to appear). The boulder should reappear at the spot where you got it. Now leave the museum (don't bother with the boulder), then come back. Sometimes, the boulder will be gone when you return! It will not come back until you exit the level altogether.

The strange pillar
sent in by dvdmth

I'm sure you all know that weird pillar room Tiny can reach by monkeyporting to the museum, right? Well, as of right now, there is no known use for the pillar, but there is something rather odd about it that will make you wonder if Rare is really concealing something secret here. When you first monkeyport to the museum, hop into the Tiny barrel to shrink down, then take the other monkeyport to the pillar room. You can look through the pillar (and just about anything else) as small Tiny simply by pressing C-Up while standing next to it. Do this, and you'll see an odd polygon beneath the pillar. It's a trapezoid that had textures that precisely match what you see directly above it on the top of the pillar. I don't know of a single place in the game where you get such a strange appearance, but I do remember in an earlier game that if you managed to get the camera to go through something you could press down or otherwise alter, you could see a piece of the altered version of the object (not the whole thing, just a piece) underneath.

Wrinkly the glitch
sent in by Daniel Jessup

Go to Gloomy Galleon's lobby and go to where there are two Wrinkly doors near each other. go to one and as soon as she comes out start pressing B rapidly. If done right, she won't say anything. go to the one right next to it and make her come out and keep on pressing B. the game will freeze and Wrinkly won't say anything and she'll just float on...and on...and on..until you reset the game.

Give DK's banana to another Kong
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

This trick is weird. It allows you to take a Gold Banana from Donkey in Gloomy Galleon and give it to another character. It is simple. All you have to do is walk, I mean swim right up to the wall where the entrance is to the race. Preform the "Swim Through Vertical Walls Glitch" and swim up to the cave. Jump in, and you'll be racing Clapper with character that you went through with! Even better, if you win, THAT character will get the Banana, not Donkey. I don't think it affects your percentage score however.

Race Car Glitches
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

The Car that Tiny Races has two Glitches: One on each track! I'll start with the first. In Frantic Factory, choose a Character other than Tiny. Go up into the RND Room, and Kill The Kasplat at the top. Slowly walk over towards the edge of the hole that points toward the place where Tiny has to go in order to race the Car. If you time it right, you'll fall perfectly. Press C-UP and turn around Completely. Press C-UP again. Then, if you do it properly, you should be able to walk through the floor! Follow just outside the left wall. Try to keep the camara with you. Don't go too far out or else you'll be sent back to the start of the level. Try to get into the room where you enter the race. Slowly walk over to the entrance to it from behind and try to fall in! If done correctly you'll enter! Any character can race. Look at Lanky, he drags his arms around as he races. If you finish and win, the car says some stuff and you get the Gold Banana if you haven't already. But it is invinsible and can't be touched! The game will try to give it to your character, but nothing will happen. The camara will return to normal then, but you are stuck there and so is the car! Reset, or press Start and exit the Level.

The Second Glitch is easy! Go to the 2nd race in Creepy Castle, and Miss some targets to go through 4 times. Before the fifth time, make sure you have at least 1 coin. Keep on going through targets correctly until you end up going up a Ramp. Now, you'll see two flags and a Box. Ignore the Flag you need to go in through and nail the box dead on. If done correctly, you get the "Bad Luck" message, but the victory music will play! The Car still won't give you the Banana though. :(

Jam a Switch
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

You know those swicthes that can be pulled using DKs Gorilla Grab? You can get them stuck. Infinite Grenades helps here. With DK, throw some grenades near a switch to bounce off a wall, and go to grab the switch. If a grenade nails you while you are pulling the switch, it'll be jammed! If you try to pull it again, nothing happens. Either exit the area or play your instrument. Instrument playing doesn't always work though...

Another grenade glitch
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

A VERY weird glitch. Go near the exit of a certain area, where the screen does a DK fadeout when you go through a hole. Chuck a couple of grenades through the path but not too many and walk through. If a grenade hits you as you are exiting...nothing happens. As it seems of course. Get hit, and you'll take one extra quarter-melon damage then normal. For each time you do the glitch, you will take a quarter melon more damage the netxt time you are hit. Take note though: Sometimes the grenades can damage you before you exit the screen so take caution!

Yet another grenade glitch
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Compared to the last few grenade glitches, this one is a pratical joke. Go into first person viewage mode, hold Z and press C Right rapidly to throw grenades at a super-fast rate! Use this in battle mode and bombard your opponents with this.

sent in by dvdmth

Under Mystery Mode, select END SEQUENCE under DK THEATRE. Stop the cutscene at eny time while some credits are onscreen on the left or right side (or at just about any time after the first credit piece scrolls off and before the last one does). Then, reselect END SEQUENCE. When the credits begin to roll again, the first thing you see at the top of the screen, which should say "Development Team", will instead show the first name that was displayed when you stopped the sequence last. The text of the credits cycle from there, with names out of place and the category headings mixed on the left/right side (usually). When the end of the credit names is reached, the number 33 is displayed, then the credits start from the beginning.

Intro credits
sent in by dvdmth

In DK Theatre, select INTRO STORY, then stop the cutscene a split-second or two after it starts to fade into view (in order to cause the music/cinema screwup). If you return to the main menu without hearing any music whatsoever (not even one note), then move to END SEQUENCE.

If you select END SEQUENCE right now, the credits will roll with a very weird screenshot from within the glitchy region beneath Kong Isle (things flicker around, and DK can be seen as an odd position). However, if you wait about 45 seconds BEFORE entering the END SEQUENCE cinema, a different outcome will occur. Rather than the weird screenshot, you will view the credits while the INTRO STORY sequence plays! This causes rendering slowdown and will even cause K.Rool to talk and laugh at the same time near the end. After the cinema is done, the game will NOT automatically return to the mystery menu. Unfortunately, the Control Stick doesn't function, nor does Start. But most other buttons DO work. Pressing A causes DK to jump as the screen fades out to end the cinema.

Walk through some walls
sent in by dvdmth

This seems at a glance to be useful, but in practice its overall use is very limited. For one thing, the wall has to be smooth and vertical, the same kind of texture you need to swim through them with a certain other glitch. The other requirement is that it must form the side of a higher ledge. For example, the glitch can be performed in the Fungi Forest lobby to get inside the boxes nearest the camera. I will provide instructions for that specific place. The same procedure will be used elsewhere.

Stand on top of either box as any Kong (preferably NOT DK nor Chunky). Next, move VERY slowly towards the edge. As the EXACT moment you go over the edge, press C-Up. You will fall down while in First Person mode, but just because you do that doesn't mean you succeeded. While still looking tthrough the Kong's eyes, turn around and see whether or not you can look through the side of the box. If you CANNOT look through the box, or if your view is limitted (that is, you ony see small pieces here and there along the sides or something), then you pressed C-Up too late and need to try again. If you CAN see through the box, you are most likely golden. Press C-Up again, then simply walk through the wall. (If you are DK or Chunky, however, you will be able to see through the wall sometimes but not be able to walk through. This is why I recommend using Diddy, Lanky, or Tiny instead.)

It will take anywhere from a few to many tries to get through these walls, so this glitch is almost impossible to master. But it can be done, and if you can find places where it works, you may be able to take advantage. Other places where this glitch works include:
- DK Isles, where two large steps start your climb to Angry Aztec (the same spot Hunky Chunky can jump through)
- Various boxes in Frantic Factory and Fungi Forest
- The steps leading to the DK portal in the Creepy Castle lobby

Walk through corners
sent in by dvdmth

This is a somewhat easier (though still tough) variation of the glitch above. You need two walls of the same makeup that meet at a right angle.

An example is in Frantic Factory, on the R&D level. Get rid of the Kasplat, then focus on the depression where a Battle Arena pad was. Approach the corner of this depression slowly, stopping as soon as you step over the edge. You do not have to press C-Up this time. Rather, simply step off, then turn around and try to walk through. It still takes several tries, but at least you can skip the annoying C-Up step, allowing you to try multiple times in less time.

Another application of this glitch is that you can face the Spider in Fungi Forest as Chunky. Enter the barn through the appropriate door as Chunky, then head over to where the blocked hole is. You should, in front of this hole, see a corner just like the one we penetrated earlier in Frantic Factory. Do the glitch, then walk around the spiderweb to the LEFT to gget behind it. From there, walk to the right into the hole to get to your destination.

White arrows below the ground (Part 1)
sent in by dvdmth

Enter Frantic Factory. From the main room, go down the tunnel behind the #2 bananaport, only stop when the tunnel starts to curve to the left. Stand in front of the right wall, facing away from it, then rapidly press R until the camera goes behind the wall, Start to slowly move to your right, so tthat the camera turns that way. Pay close attention to the black oblivion underneath the room at the end of the tunnel. You should see two small, white arrows under the floor, pointing towards the rear of the room.

White arrows below the ground (Part 2)
sent in by dvdmth

Go to Fungi Forest (daytime). Take the #1 port, then enter the barn in front of you. Once inside, turn to face the chain-linked fence separating the three levers from the rest of the room. Walk up to the fence, then turn right and face the wall. Walk up to it, then turn around, facing away from the wall, then rapidly press R to send the camera behind this wall. (You may need to first press C-Left a few times to get the camera near the fenced area before hitting R to get this to work.) Once that's done, press C-Down a couple of ttimes to get the camera as far back as possible, then do a squat-jump. While in the air, you should see two small, white arrows beneath the floor, pointing to the left (towards the conveyor belt).

Infinite health (and other oddities)
sent in by dvdmth

This is another side-glitch of the INTRO STORY music/cinema madness. First, go under Mystery Mode and play the INTRO STORY cinema, stopping it almost immediately after it starts, hoping to get complete silence. Now, the must steps MUST be done within fifty seconds, or you won't get the desired effect. Quickly enter Adventure Mode and select any currently created file. Once in play, immediately select QUIT GAME. Press A or Start to end the cutscene (which should have DK Isles music if you did everything right), then press Start to skip the rap. If you make it to the title screen without interruption, you're golden.

Odds are that you'll see Diddy's demo now. Wait through it, to make sure enough time passes, then press Start as Lanky's demo is playing. You should go right back into the INTRO STORY cinema.

When I did this, I selected the 101% game, so the effects will probably vary depending on the status of the game you selected. After the cinema was over, I still had the three melons, all Kongs, and all levels defeated; however, I was short 80 Gold Bananas, Diddy (and probably also Lanky) had no coins or bananas. All regular bananas were back in play, but Gold Bananas were not. Most importantly, however, I was INVINCIBLE. If I got hurt, I heard the sound of a melon slice being taken away, but I did not lose anything. Unfortunately, I could not pause, ever, and none of this was saved (despite the Auto-Save feature in the game). My guess is that, since Diddy and Lanky appeared in the demo, their stats were altered for the occasion. Beyond that, I have no idea why these things happen. It may be worth experimenting with.

Note #1: The side-effects of the glitch aren't predictable--you may end up being able to access all areas, or everything may be closed off, or somewhere in between. It seems to be caused by the game being confused as to which saved file slot to load information from (that is, it starts using data from other saved games).

Note #2: ***WARNING*** Should you go to Snide's H.Q. and all 40 blueprints are credited, do not, I repeat DO NOT play any of the bonus games! Doing this will undo the effects of the glitch AND cause the corrupted data to get SAVED onto one of the game slots. It won't necessarily be saved on the save file you selected when doing the glitch. You do not have to explicitly tell the game to save--it automatically saves once the screen fades out (once the glitch is undone). I repeat, do NOT play Snide's Bonuses AT ALL with the glitch activated, or risk data corruption! You can go to Snide's safely; just don't try one of the minigames.

Cranky's Back Door Glitch
sent in by DiddyKongiscool

I was playing Diddy in the DK's tree house area. I was on the side of Cranky's Lab and I jumped up. I was trying to get on top of his Lab, instead I was sliding down the side of the lab and Diddy went right through the lab! I did the C Up thing and I could see right through the lab. I went through the door and it showed Diddy coming out, but then the screen went black and it showed Diddy inside Cranky's Lab. It did the same oh same oh thing where Cranky's ask "Do you want to play Jetpac" I tried to do this in other areas, but I could only do it in the DK tree house area.

Getting Stuck
sent in by Victreebel64

About the Strange Game Freeze bug on your site - I've had it happen to me too. I was also in Frantic Factory playing as Diddy. It was in the area where you have to kill the enemies that come out of the doors before you can advance. Everything was going normal, until one of the enemies just walked away - straight through the wall! Now since you can't go anywhere until you kill ALL the enemies, I couldn't do anything but just sit there waiting for that enemy to come back out of the wall. It never did, though, and after about two minutes the game just froze up entirely. I have no idea how I did this, and it never happened to me again after that.

ANOTHER Glitch Room!
sent in by Victreebel64

I didn't find this bug, so I can't take full credit, but it's actually really cool. Get all the blueprints in the game and go to any Snide's HQ in any of the actual levels (for some reason I can't get this to work in the Snide's HQ on the main island). Press C-up to bring up the Bonus Games menu. Select any game and then press A and B at the exact same time. If you time it EXACTLY right then you will not be sent to a minigame, instead you will be sent to a weird glitchy room!! It's not the same as the weird secret room already mentioned on this site. This room is COMPLETELY black except for the floor, there are four brick things in the middle, a yellow balloon, and Donkey Kong! That's right, even if you go into this room as DK you will still see a completely motionless DK clone standing in the middle of the room. You can walk right through him too. If you walk out into the blackness you will be sent back to the "start", and the only way to escape the room is to reset the game.

Enguarde glitch
sent in by 9lk

When you go into the enguarde box in gloomy galleon, jump up onto any piece of land and while you are in the air transform(Z and left-C). when you land, you are walking on your side or something like that (it varies).

202nd Golden Banana
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Yes! You can get more than 201 golden bananas without sharking! How? Well, first off, start a new game unless you haven't reached Fungi Forest yet or haven't collected Donkey Kong's banana where you Gorilla Grab the switches 21132 (in the mill area) there. Anyhow, don't collect it if you haven't already and if you have, start a new game and get there. So then you want to go up over to the blue switch DK stomps to open the area to the switches with a Kong (it seems to work better with Chunky). Go up to the box nearest the small hole Tiny can go through. Now, while staying as close as you can to the wall (this is tricky), preform the "Walk through Vertical walls" trick but stay near the wall where the hole is.

If you are able to get through the box (walk forward slowly), then try to walk through the wall! If you do it, congratulations! Now it is simple. Walk forward slowly so the camara can follow your Kong through the wall, but don't trigger the glitch that makes you return to the start. Staying close to the wall, you should be able to get around over to the place where the Golden Banana is (I have no clue why you can get it as any Kong).

You should notice a small opening between the machine thing that opens when the banana goes through normally and the caged wall. Go through it and you are in with the Banana! Grab it and you have a Golden Banana for the Kong who got it (any Kong works, but like I said before, it is slightly easier with Chunky). Now, just walk out of the cage! You will go right through it.

So now you are thinking "But isn't this like the 'Give DK's Banana to another Kong'" glitch? Since there is no Banana to go through the hole it won't appear on the other side when DK does that Banana right? WRONG!

Right after you do the above (so you don't forget), go switch to DK and stomp that blue switch to get into the caged area. Now, Gorilla Grab the switches in this order-- 2-1-1-3-2 (hence the numberson the cage where the 202nd Golden Banana was). The cutsence plays as normal. BUT when it goes outside a Golden Banana appears! Go get it and when you complete the game, you should have 202 golden bananas! I haven't finished the game that I used to find this glitch so I don't know if it effects your game percentage.

NOTE: Since 2-character hex code, which many games use provide up to 255 characters of space, there may indeed be 52 more Golden Bananas in the game! Somewhere...hiding...but where?

Not another grendade glitch!
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Go to anywhere where water is and use "Swim through Vertical walls" around the walls nearby to see if you can get in. If you are successful, move your Kong over to a point where the water ends, so you are swimming in nothing. Surface and jump. Your Kong should land. Now, throw a Grendade. Nothing will appear! Go into first person mode and look up. Throw a Grenade, and you'll see it in above you! Try this in the area where you start the game with DKs treehouse for easy results.

Missing game elements!
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Start a NEW GAME. When you can exit DKs treehouse, go over to the waterfall near the banana horde. You can swim in it from the surface, but can't dive. Now, go to Cranky's. After that, complete his Water Training Barrel where you need to collect a coin in the water. After that, go over to the waterfall again. Now, you can dive! Dive in and use "Swim Through Vertical Walls" to pass through it somewhere. Swim around and into the cave, where you normally slam a switch to exit. Here is a diagram.

        |               |
        |       Exit    |
        |_______________| Gate
        |               |
        |        _      |
   Wall |       |_|     |
        |       Switch  |
        |               |Wall
        |               |
        |               |
The idea is to swim close to the wall and past the gate, so DK is outside the area, around the gate. Get close to the platform, but not too close. Jump and press B, while going forward. Hopefully, you'll land safely and can exit the area. Try again if not. Anyways, back to the main thing, now, go through the game normally, taking note you cannot slam. Talk to K Lumsey and feel free to preform the "Take DK to Level 4 at the start" or "Take any Character to the Banana fairy" tricks if you want, and get the Golden Banana at the Jungle Japes entrance. Enter the level. The first thing you'll notice is that there are no vines! Try to throw a grenade. You can't! Also, I think that Barrels might disappear! If you want to continue, climb up the tree nearest the slam switch and try to jump onto the switch, which automatically activates (Lazy programmers...). It's tricky as heck, but it still is possible to move onto Angry Aztec! I think. But anyhow, try it. It's real fun. Oh yeah, try to go back to Cranky's as Diddy once you've rescued him and he'll call Diddy "Donkey." Finish those training barrels whenever you want.

More freezing
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

I have also witnessed the freezing bug, except mine happened with Lanky. Once, I was jumping up the boxes in Frantic Factory that lead to Crankey's and Candy's place. I was doing high jumps with Z, and when Lanky was about halfway there, the game froze, no music played.

Another one occured in the Beetle Slide in Crystal Caves. Lanky was sliding down, and I sort of lost control of him for a second. Now, you might think Lanky would fall and die. But instead, the game froze, keeping the music going and even the sound of Lanky sliding was still there! But it still was frozen.

Something else that happened that may be related happened to me with Diddy in Creepy Castle's Lobby. From the Kasplat's point of view, I was on the right wood thing that was near the steps that lead up to the level. I made Diddy do a slam attack (jump and press Z). As soon as he hit...there was no more music or sound. I tried going into Creepy Castle. Stayed muted. I tried to exit and re-enter the lobby. Still gone. I even tried quitting the game and turning up my TVs volume full blast, and it still failed! Weird.

Go inside a cage for a Banana 2
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

For this one, use Diddy in Jungle Japes. Around Funky's, look for a flower on the wall the Armory is touching. Make Diddy face that way and try to Chimpy Charge, just to the Left of it from your view. Do this and you'll end up in the wall. Stick close to the wall and go around over to the cage. Go in and get the Banana. As for exiting it, just walk through it. Easy!

Blackout / Freeze
sent in by dvdmth

In the lobby for Creepy Castle, go back to where the DK Portal is, but instead of climbing the stairs, head to the back wall on either side of the staircase. Turn around, press R repeatedly to get the camera behind the wall, then hit C-Down a couple of times. Usually, the screen goes back briefly, but everything functions as normal. (This blackout effect is a common side-glitch to camera trickery.) However, every once in a while, doing this causes the game to lock up completely.

Get Diddy in Clock!
sent in by Eric Schaffer

In Fungi Forest, with Diddy, if you use the Diddy Barrel or whatever it's called, you can hover just above the ground near the clock and hit the night or day switch-it doesn't really matter-and right as the bird comes out of the clock to cuckoo, you can fly into its little hole, and walk out again just by walking back through the doors!

Take Chunky inside the shell
sent in by

Check out this presentation to see how to take Chunky inside the shell in the first level. (external link)

Transparent Kong
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Go onto a Battle Arena Pad in the game and charge your Kong's charge move. When it is charged, warp (but still hold B). While you are warping, release B. Your Kong will stop and preform his or her charge move. However, your Kong will stay as transparent as he or she was when you released B! And no, this doesn't mean invincibility, only partial invisibility.

Day/night enemy warp
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

In Fungi Forest change day to night or night to day. Jump off the balcony and make it in front of any flight type enemy. As the opposite phase of day arrives the creature you see is still with you. The enemy should have left for its night or day equivalent.

Duke Nukem 64

Suicidal Bathroom Doors!
by David Wonn

The bathrooms in Duke Nukem are generally known for their health-redeeming qualities, but they also have some rather deadly effects as well. In the first level, head to the bathrooms and finish off the enemies there. Now open one of the bathroom doors, and stand right where the door normally closes. Go ahead and close the door. If you did it right (it may take a few tries), you will be squashed by the door! It will kill you instantly even if you have Atomic Health! In the words of Duke, "Oooh, that's gotta hurt!" ;-)
See Mike Klass's Shockwave flash demonstration of this glitch.

Having trouble finding a hidden area?
by David Wonn

If you like to explore video games as much as I do, and if you prefer to find things on your own, here's a tip that may come in handy: Select a 1P Dukematch against one Dukebot with Piece of Cake difficulty and Normal games settings. Go ahead and select the mission level that you want to explore. All the hidden areas that show up in the Normal mode will also show up here as well. So what's the advantage of using Dukematch Mode? In this mode you can get an unlimited supply of weapons and items since they regenerate all the time. That means unlimited access to Grenade Launchers, Pipe Bombs, and Jetpacks, which are precisely what you need to find some of those hidden areas! Plus you'll have access to all parts of the levels since you will have the keycards by default. You'll only have minimal resistance from the Dukebot, and sometimes the Dukebot will get temporarily stuck and won't pursue you. Now you can have all the time and resources in the world to find everything!

Nuke the Pipe Bombs in Dukematch!
by David Wonn

If you're looking for a way to prevent anyone from getting Pipebombs, here's an easy trick: Go to a spot that contains pipe bombs, but don't pick them up. Instead, blow them up with an explosive, and they will never regenerate again for the remainder of the match! Keep in mind that you won't be able to get them either, so use this trick with caution.

More squashing mania
sent in by Jason

Another fun squash trick is in Hotel Hell. The most effective way to exploit this trick is to have the invincibility code on.

In the hotel there is an armor bonus behind a set of double doors. Turn on the invincibility and stand next to the recessed area. Close the doors and wait about 5 or 10 seconds. You will have full ammunition of the weapon you are using except pipebombs(they will explode) and advanced ammo(i.e. explosive shotgun shells, dum-dums,and heat-seeking missiles).

Another fun thing to do with this trick is to start a co-op and watch the other guy spill his guts.

Invisibility In Dukematches
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

This is an easy one to do, and it's a LOT of fun too! First, get yourself killed. Then pause the game, go to cheats, and turn invincibility on, then off again. The menu bars should show up. Now unpause the game and you will never have to worry about Dukebots killing you! (But obstacles will)

By the way, With this glitch, you can get a lot of points in L.A. rumble. I got about 120 kills in 15 minutes!!

Go through a wall
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In Gun Crazy, Turn on all items and go thru the yellow keycard door. Now go into the secret place in the bathroom that leads to the sewer. Now go up the sewer hole with a jetpack. Throw a pipebomb up to blow off the manhole cover. Now go to the dead-end slant that is touching the invisible wall, and turn the jetpack on and off like there's no tomorrow. If you're lucky, you'll go through the wall!

Another "Squish" trick
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Start a multiplayer game in Warp Factor. Now go thru the yellow keycard door and go thru the teleporter, which should take you to the place with the little moving room. DON'T HIT THE SWITCH!!!! Instead, walk out into the open space. When you walk far enough into it, SQUISH!!!

Stuck in the vent
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In Hollywood Holocaust, shoot the top off the vent and then turn your jetpack on & off while you're falling. If you did it right, there should be stuck in the vent! (You'll see what I mean)

Yet another squish glitch
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In Flood Zone, go to the place with the blue keycard, and look for a place where there is a little waterfall that goes into the rocks. Fly over there with your jetpack, and move into it until you can't move anymore. Now, turn around, not fast, but not slow, while trying to move farther into the hole ... SQUISH!!

Bring (Almost) any enemy underwater in Freeway!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In the Freeway level, Go up the sewer pipe with invincibility on. Now, try to lure the enemy so the go down the pipe. Now, follow them down when they fall. If you go underwater, then the enemy should be there! Better yet, they will only attack you if you go underwater! This is good to get enemies out of your way.

Kill the Alien Beasts in Area 51 without firing a single shot!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In Area 51, Go into the room where the little spaceship thing is and turn on your jetpack. Have them follow you to the big door on the right when you enter. Since they are going so fast, they may squish themselves in the door by mistake!

If you open the door used in the trick, then do the trick, you can actually get them to get trapped on the other side of the forcefield! Get close and laugh at them, but don't get too close because they can still rip you limb from limb.

Get stuck in almost ANY vertical passage!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In any vertical passage you go into another area to that you can fall down, keep turning your jetpack on and off. You may land on some ground. Sometimes you can just jump to get out, but other times, you'll have to restart the level.

Complete Flood Zone level in record time!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Go underwater and go to the big white building across from the "Alley Cat Lounge" sign. Make sure you have invincibility on now. Go to the right side of the building. There, you'll find a part of the wall that's open Now, go to the corner below this open part of the wall, and hold C-Left. The screen should shake. Now, hold forward on the control stick. If everything is done right, you should go inside of the building. You are in a place you should be later! Hit the button inside and that'll open the door. Grab the red keycard and finish the level!!

Even more squish tricks.
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In the place described above with the "Go thru the invisible wall glitch, go find a corner over on the left side. Hold forward on the two parts that go inward, press C-Left, then C-Right. (Have invinciility on when you do this)

And to sum basically all corner glitches up, if the screen shakes in a corner when you move forward, press C-Left, then C-Right. You'll go "Squish!*

Mess with the Forcefield in the Incubator Level
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Straight at the beginning of the Incubator level, have invincibility on. Now run at the forcefield kicking it the whole time and jumping. You'll get squished. Some weird stuff will happen. You'll go thru the forcefield, it will still be there, and you can't go back in, or, you'll still be in the car, and the forcefield will be there. If you kick it, it will disappear, but if you use any other weapons on it, it will still be there. Strange....

Teleport Squish!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In the Rabid Transit level, go to the revolving doors. Now, try to go through the doors in the opposite direction that the doors are moving. If all goes well, (And you have invincibility on) You will get squished, and be teleported to the middle of the train road, usually near the path that goes to the red keycard door!

Infinite Jet Pack
sent in by Rick L (Formerly Rick (Lickichu))

This is a cool little oversight I stumbled upon when I first started playing the game. If you have invincibility on, you also have infinite jet pack fuel! This leads to my next glitch below....

Stop Enemies From Coming!
sent in by Rick L

To start, have you ever noticed that some enemies teleport in? You can stop those enemies from coming altogether! Just keep your jetpack on and the tricks and traps that normally activate while you're walking will NOT appear! This is really good if you want to avoid an ambush, particually around Keycards.

Go through a fence in the Freeway
sent in by Rick L

When you get into the office area, open the first fence, but when you get to the second one blocking off the place with the couches and phone area, run forward at the fence, and just move left to right while running against the fence, and you should go through the small, hidden opening!

Go off the bridge in the Fusion Station!
sent in by Rick L

When you get to the part where you go across the bridge to take you to the Alien Beast, close the door and go into the left corner of the door you came in. Start strafing to the left, and you will go off the bridge! Feel free to explore the area without getting squished! I still have yet to find a way back in, but I'll find a way soon enough!

Go through the forcefield in Area 51!
sent in by Rick L

In Area 51, open up the big door in the room with the spaceship. Remember my trick in getting the Alien Beasts past the forcefield? Now that you do, Go up to the forcefield, hold forward, and start jumping in the right hand corner. If all goes good, you should go through the forcefield! Be careful that you don't go out too far, and be careful if you trapped any Alien Beasts in there previously!

Monsters Return!
sent in by Rick L

Sometimes, when doing the squish tricks or the walk through walls, the enemies will come back, even if you have the Monsters cheat turned off! I don't know why that is.

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

sent in by Kyle Guthrie

Turn on Ice Skins and Invincibility, then Freeze somebody in dukematch... oops! But they get an advantage: Invisible Duke!

Blown up
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

Get an AGL and Radium Gas grenade launchers. Shoot one then shoot the other. The explosion of the AGL-9 will get rid of the gas.

Floating Grenade
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

Turn on your gas mask and let a Riot Pig shoot you in the head. The grenade will stop in mid air.

Instant Death
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

In Probing The Debts, don't jump on the last mine car. if you don't and you die when the level ends, you will automatically die when you enter the Cyborg Scorpion level.

The Brothers missing
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

There are enemies that appear when you grab certain items. If you don't grab them, a lot of enemies will be missing. Plus, If you don't kill Apocloplyspe Duke When he shows up, X-Terminator won't appear.

Blow up the plane
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

If you throw a bomb at the plane on the H-Bomb level before you exit, the bomb stays on the plane when it leaves. Time it right and it'll look like the aliens shoot you down.

Alter Duke's appearance
sent in by Justin Peytral

I was playing on some board in DN Z:H that had BMF Thunderstrike in it. Well,if you have invincibility, shoot a round from the BMF and stand in the area of where you took the shot. After all of screen clears, Duke will be a plasma, sort of lightning color for the rest of the stage.

Debug Mode!!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

On the "Press Start" screen, press the following buttons:

C-Up, Up, C-Left, Right, C-Down, Down, C-Right, R, A, B.

If you did it right, you'll hear a horse whinny. Now, start a game, and use controller 2 (Or controller 3 or 4 for a 2-3 person Dukematch) to scroll thru some menus. Press the Start button to switch menus. The menus are as follows:


L or R: FX down/up
Left or Right: FX down/up by 10
B: First person view
A: Third person view
Z: Play SFX

Level Warp
L or R: Level down/up
B: Skip level
Z: Advance to selected level

L or R: Song down/up
A: Play song
B: Stop song

Global Palette
B or A: Red down/up
C-Left or C-Down: Green down/up
C-Up or C-Right: Blue down/up

Z: All weapons
L: All items
R: All keys
A: Invincibility

AI Debug Values
B or A: GVAR 1 down/up
C-Left or C-Down: GVAR 2 down/up
C-Up or C-Right: GVAR 3 down/up

The rest of these (Except the Player Menu, the AI, and the GFX) change the color of different things.

B or A: Red down/up
C-Left or C-Down: Green down/up
C-Up or C-Right: Blue down/up
Left or Right: NR down/up
L or R: FR down/up

Sky Top
B or A: Red down/up
C-Left or C-Down: Green down/up
C-Up or C-Right: Blue down/up

Sky Bottom
B or A: Red down/up
C-Left or C-Down: Green down/up
C-Up or C-Right: Blue down/up

Clouds 1
B or A: Red down/up
C-Left or C-Down: Green down/up
C-Up or C-Right: Blue down/up
L or R: HT down/up
Down or Up: AN down/up
Left or Right: SP down/up

Clouds 2
B or A: Red down/up
C-Left or C-Down: Green down/up
C-Up or C-Right: Blue down/up
L or R: HT down/up
Down or Up: AN down/up
Left or Right: SP down/up

L or R: DN Down/Up (changes player's character)

Can't be changed

A: AI 0/1 (set to 1 to stop enemies)
L: Difficulty 0/1/2
R: Auto aim 0/1

Alpha Palette
B or A: R0 down/up
C-Left or C-Down: G0 down/up
C-Up or C-Right: B0 down/up
L or R: R1 down/up
Left or Right: G1 down/up
Down or Up: B1 down/up

Experiment with this and have fun!

Excitebike 64

Freeze Excite Bike 64
sent in by Darren McLeod

Have two controllers plugged in. Now got to the special tracks menu, and select Soccer. It will now have Two Players highlighted, press "B", and now select the Desert Track. It will now bring you to the character select screen, and there will be two players. (Desert is for only one player) After you select your players, start the game. It will freeze shortly. A neat thing with this is if there is time, press "A" on the second controller at the start of the race, the racer to the left of you will rev his engine!

FIFA Soccer 64

War with the players
sent in by Kevin Hainline

In any game, play with one or two players, same team. It's more fun to have two players and use the novice-simple setting. This is the hard part. You're going to kick the ball to the opposing goalie and then stand 4 feet away or so facing him and rapidly press B. Hopefully the goalie will kick the ball and it will be blocked by you. Not often, but sometimes, the ball will land on the ground and get stuck. Your player will not be able to move too far from the ball. Turn fouls off and injuries on. Now the fun begins. Streams of opposing players will come to try and capture the ball, but they can't. You can push them over with the up-c button and they'll get up and be shoved down again. After a while, a whole bunch of them will be lying around like a war scene grabbing their legs. Only by turning fouls back on (I do no bookings) will the glitch end, but it's funny to see the other team substitute out four or five players who were injured.

Fighter's Destiny

Sun Knuckle oddity
sent in by rezq_dude

The trick is done with a player named Leon To do this trick you must gain a fighting skill from a mode called Masters Challenge. The skill is called sun knuckle. after you get that go to training mode to practice the move. After awhile, when you have mastered this new move, try to do the move with about half a second delay on the last key configuration (Up and B) if you did this right Leon should yell and have a thick mist of blue colors coming out of his hands and hit the practice robot/dummy and he should hit the ground like a Knockdown move hit him. Which it did. This is not put in the move list.

GoldenEye 007

Complete Weapon Analysis!
by David Wonn

Ever wondered how powerful the weapons really are? Which is more powerful, the regular Shotgun or the Automatic Shotgun? Is the Golden Gun really more powerful than the Gold PP7? Now you can find out! Go here to get the inside edge.

4 Flag Tag Tricks
by David Wonn

I have found some awesome tricks for GoldenEye 007 as a result of an interesting glitch. First, select the Living Daylights (Flag Tag) mode in a multiplayer match (No Radar is also recommended, but not required) and then try out one of the following scenarios:

1. Destroy the flag:
Select Grenades as your weapon of choice. Before you pick up the flag, hold the Z button to activate one of your grenades, and continue to hold the button even after you have picked up the flag. After 5 seconds, the grenade will set off in your face, but it will do more damage than you might initially think. This may sound like suicide (actually, it IS suicide), but the end result will be the destruction of the flag itself! Try this out on your friends when you have a 1st place ranking to guarantee a victory. It's cheap but effective. This isn't the only way to destroy the flag, BTW, but it's the easiest way....

2. Get the cutting edge:
Select Throwing Knives as your weapon of choice. Before you pick up the flag, hold the Z button to get a knife in its ready position, and continue to hold the button even after you have picked up the flag. This will allow you to be armed while holding the flag! As an added bonus, your opponents won't see you holding the flag, which further adds to the confusion. You will only have one chance to throw the knife before you become unarmed, so make the best use of it.

3. Get the upper hand
In this scenario, it doesn't matter which weapons you select. Before you pick up the flag, disarm yourself and hold the Z button to continuously slap. Continue to hold the Z button even after you have picked up the flag. Now you can attack your opponents with your hands while holding the flag! Once again, your opponents will not see you holding the flag. This is a great way to be both James Bond and David Copperfield at the same time!

4. Tick, tick, tick, more confusion
There is yet another way to confuse your opponents. Select any gun except the Laser and hold the Z button so that you run out of ammo and then pick up the flag. Now it will appear that you are holding a weapon. You won't be able to attack, but it can be pretty funny watching your opponents run away from you while you're holding a Rocket Launcher even though you really have the flag! BTW, if for some strange reason your opponents keep asking about some ticking noise, either deny it or just tell them you have a bomb attached to your chest. Either way, their confusion should buy you just enough time to run to your favorite hiding spot.

These are just a few ways to spice up a Flag Tag game, so have fun with these tricks.

Destroy the Golden Gun!
by David Wonn

Yes, it's true: Even the mighty Golden Gun has its flaws. In multiplayer mode, Select The Man With The Golden Gun scenario and pick either the Archives or the Water Caverns. Get the Golden Gun and duck near an explosive crate or barrel. Now fire away to create an explosion which kills your player. Even though you will receive a suicide count, you will also destroy the Golden Gun in the process! This trick is especially handy if you're low on health and don't want to risk losing this great weapon to another greedy player. After all, if you're going to lose it, then why let anyone else get it?!

Head Caught in the Wall
sent in by Mike Klass

In the Complex, go into the room on the top floor with the featured weapon. Go to the window overlooking the room with the two ramps, and you can sink your head into the wall. You must have a very tall player, Jaws recommended, and have DK mode on.

Odd Strafe Glitch
sent in by Mike Klass

This isn't really a glitch but it is strange and cool to watch! Look up then while holding C-Up press strafe in any direction. This only works in multiplayer and while a person is looking at your character.

Freeze up the game at will!
by David Wonn

*WARNING!* I do not endorse using this trick so use it at your own risk. First you'll need the All Guns Cheat and Infinite Ammo cheat enabled. Go into any level which contains an item that you need to pick up during the mission. Examples include any key, any keycard, or any document, just to name a few. Go toward the item that you need to pick up and throw a Remote Mine so that it attaches to the item. Now pick up the item and detonate the Mine with your watch shortly after picking it up. The music will continue to play but the game is completely frozen up! The only way to get out at this point is to hit the Reset button.

Bond goes psycho in Depot
by John Lingo

Slow Animation is highly recommended to get this trick to work. Go through Depot as usual and collect the Proximity mines in the level. Get to the train and throw one near one of the guards inside the train and quickly switch to the D5K without shooting and enter. If you're quick enough and if you timed it right, Bond will shoot at the guards during the cut-scene as usual, but he will continue to shoot up at the ceiling like a madman!

Ammo from nowhere?!
by David Wonn

During the cut-scenes where Bond fires a weapon, he will still shoot even if you ran out of ammo before clearing the level! One great example of this is in the Depot level, where you can get a KF7 but no ammo. If you have that gun selected at the point in time when you clear the level, Bond will start firing the KF7 even though he has no ammunition! You can also take advantage of this glitch in multiplayer games when you kill an opponent who has a gun but no ammo.

Get under the truck
sent in by Mike Klass

Turn on Tiny Bond and select Dam level. Duck down and go to the front of the truck and let it drive over you, then stop ducking. Yowl stop it completely! The truck wont move unless you duck again. The enemies get confused and run back and forth trying to get you also! Its pretty funny to watch, especially if there are a lot of guys around, they just run around in circles near you. Another thing to note: Once you stop ducking the truck walls are blocked, so you cant shoot unless you duck again. You can use it as a shield, just duck and move under it with it, and when guys start to try and shoot you, you can just un-duck and re-load or switch weapons so you can take em out when you re-duck.

Playing cheap in multiplayer
sent in by McNeill

Most people don't realise this, but if you're playing 2-Player timed mode, there is a VERY easy way to win. All you have to do, is get two wins ahead of the other player. This means that you have killed him twice, and he hasn't killed you at all, or you kill him three times, and he's killed you once. Once you get two wins ahead, LET him kill you. Now, you're one win ahead. Don't continue. You're already up on points, and there's no way for the opponent to get more points, so you just let the timer run out, and you've won! (My brother despises me for this, and won't let me do it anymore)

Also, you can sooooo cheat in the caverns in 2-Player mode. If you haven't noticed, the caverns is basically in the shape of a big figure-8. If you aren't playing with proximity or remote mines, and the radar is turned ON (For more observative players, even when it ISN'T) this means that you can stay away from your opponent INDEFINITELY, by watching to see which path he takes, and going the opposite way. Wait until he gets to the middle of the 8, where the "locker room" is, and watch the radar, or his screen, to see which way he goes, and run the other wy. If he doubles back, double back yourself, but if you're good, he'll never catch you. This works well in flag tag and timed modes. (My brother despises me for THIS, as well)

Invisible mine trick
sent in by Gordon Humphrey

If you put a Remote mine (or any mine) on a box of ammo in multiplayer and if you take the ammo, the mine will disappear, but will still be there. When one of your opponents walks by, detonate it and they will die.

Spinning tank of death!
sent in by Mike Klass

In a level with a tank (runway, streets), you probably already know that if you press C-Left or C-Right the turret moves from left to right, respectively. But what you probably don't know is that if you press the control stick in the opposite direction, the bottom half will move! This is good for swiping enemies, just move up to one and press the combination, and the back will swing around and kill them! This is best performed on Runway because of the re-generating guys, more people to mow down!

Remove body armor from deathmatch
by David Wonn

Just when you thought it was safe to play deathmatch, guess again! Find a piece of body armor and take a few shots at it with any gun, but make sure not to blow it up completely, or else it will regenerate. If you do this right, you'll disable that piece of body armor so that nobody can collect it! This technique is very effective when there are only one or two pieces in the whole level, and you don't want others to get their hands on it. In some circles, my opponents have said that this is cheap, but I call it strategy! :) After all, if I can't have it, nobody can!
That's not all! I still have more in my bag of tricks. :)
Truck is stuck inside doors!
sent in by

Go to dam with nothing on. First run ahead of the truck but make sure to kill all the guards up to the first tower on the part of the dam where you jump off. hit the alarm and run back to the two big doors where the truck is go behind the truck and kill the two guards. Then run in and let the truck past the first door. NOT THE SECOND! go through the second door and close the door behind you so the truck cant get through it. Go up to the building where the guy in the yellow looking suit was. Hit the alarm and go back to the door ( don't blow up the alarm after you set it off ) wait till after the alarm goes off and go up to the thing that opens the door and instead of hitting it once hit B a lot so it keeps going back and forth now the door should be a little open and the truck will drive through the door, but it will get stuck halfway! Its stuck in the door!

Ammo pick-up death syndrome
sent in by mercatfat

All you have to do is get killed as your watch is coming up after pressing start. You'll hear the ammo pick up sound over and over as the blood falls down the screen!

Get back up the shaft in Facility
method sent in by Dan Gardner

In the facility,in the bathroom, go into the stall right under the vent. Get on the toilet. Look all the way down using the aim button. Then, while doing all the previous, press and hold the left c button (left strafe). If you do it right, you'll get into the airshaft.

Quick detonation of Remote Mines
sent in by Dan Gardner

It doesn't matter what scenario your playing this will work anytime. Get out your remote mines, fire, and press a and b at the same time. This way, you can detonate your mines any time you want, even in mid-air.

Helicopter oddities
sent in by Dan Gardner

This just looks funny. Put on slow or fast animation. Go to the cradle and beat the mission. Either the helicopter will take off without Bond, or Bond will take off without the helicopter.

Floating enemies
sent in by Cody S.

Here's a glitch in Golden Eye 007, Go to the stage called the Runway and have All guns, unlimited ammo, Invincibilty, and slow animation on. At least that's what I had on when I did this glitch. Then take out the Sniper Rifle and zoom in until you can't zoom any farther. Now aim at the ground. The graphics are all weird and the soldiers are floating!!! To stop the glitch just let go of the aim button. Weird? Huh?

Get stuck in Frigate
sent in by "me"

Most of you will have noticed there are locked doors in the room overlooking the front of the ship but you wouldn't be able to figure out how to get there. Here's how.

Turn on Bond Invisible and stand beside the locked door and shoot a few bullets near/at the locked door. Make sure there's more than 2 guys in the room otherwise it won't work!!! When 2 or more guys stand near the door, the door usually opens!!! There's one more thing, if the door automatically closes while you're on the balcony, you're stuck!!!

Shoot through wall
sent in by "me"

Go to Cradle with either 2x Grenade Launcher or All guns Cheat on and stand outside the room which Trevelyan activates the console. Shoot Grenades into the room and........ it'll go right through the floor/ceiling/wall!

Superman Trevelyan
sent in by "me"

Turn on Invinciblity & all guns cheat to perform this funny glitch. In Cradle, once Trevelyan's down at the bottom of the Cradle, plant a remote mine on the floor and kill him. Once he's on the ground, detonate the mine and watch Trevelyan fly!!! It also works with a normal guy but they move around quite a lot so it's a good idea to turn on Slow Animation as well.

Walk Through a Wall
sent in by "me"

Bond Invisible is recommended for this glitch to work, but not required. Go to one of those Floor-to-ceiling windows in Archives and shoot it until it breaks. Then shoot a few times at where the window was. Walk slowly towards the window until you automatically look about 45 degrees down. Then turn 180 degrees so you're facing the broken window frame. Look!!! You've just walked through a invisible wall!!! (Do it and you'll see what I mean). If you shot a few times before you went through the window you'll see the bullet holes through the other side of the wall!

See the sky
sent in by "me"

Turn on 2x Rocket Launchers (it might work on other guns) and go to bunker 1 (it might work on other levels) and go to the main control room. This bit is kinda hard to explain so read carefully. Stand at the place where you can see the sliding door type thing (the glass door where you have to go to finish the level) and when you turn 90 degrees, you can see the end of the hallway leading to the mainframe terminal and the body armour on agent. Now, if you understand what I mean, face the sliding door and get 2x rocket launchers and hold R for like split second while holding left. Keep on turning left until you see the hallway I mentioned. You'll see the sky at the end of the hallway (or something else)

Memorize the spawning locations in multiplayer
sent in by "me"

Tired of losing nearly every single game against your friends? Does your friend keep on getting body armour while in a shootout? Get 100% pure revenge and quadruple your winnings with this trick !!! I'm pretty sure all of you know where the spawning sites are in your favourite level but I bet you didn't know that there's a special order the game follows. In each level there are 5 or 8 respawning sites. play each level by yourself and describe what the order is and get ready to WASTE your opponents. When you start the game, the spawn site seems random, then it'll follow the order. On a small level (eg. Bunker) you can keep running to the next spawn site and waste your opponents before they know how you did that. If you're too close to the spawning site, then the cart will automatically skip it and keep following the order. It works especially well on 2 player mode. But it doesn't work well in 4 player but you can keep track on one player and keep killing him until steam comes out of his head and begs to play Tomorrow Never Dies on the Playstation. Important note: If you aren't clever, you'd better forget about this trick or else you might get the spawn sites mixed up and let your opponents.

Sound glitch
sent in by RonaldWick

When you play multiplayer in the facility with throwing knives,get as many knives as you can hold go down the hallway until you are between the bottom of the stairs and the door to the blue room. Look up for the support beam. The beam will have a glitch that reveals black space. Throw all of your throwing knives into the space. This causes the game to have no sound for a while.

Bond can float
sent in by James Backlund

In Goldeneye, make sure you have the Tiny Bond cheat on. Go to a level where there's a flight of stairs in it. Go to the top of the stairs and crouch so it looks like the bottom of the screen is touching the ground. Then walk forward. You should now be able to float, but it only lasts until you reach the bottom of the stairs, then you'll drop down.

Freeze Objects
sent in by glitcher

First activate the All Weapons and Infinite Ammo cheats and go to Bunker 1 or 2. Go to the control room and you'll notice two sets of four TV's hanging from a frame on the ceiling. Throw a remote mine on each TV of one of the frames and blow them up with your detonator. From now on, all solid objects that you can fire or throw (rockets, mines, etc.) will freeze as soon as they appear. Also, the guards' hats and guns will be glued to their bodies.

Kill Natalya and still accomplish mission
sent in by glitcher

Activate All Weapons and Infinite Ammo and go to the Archives. Then rescue Natalya and go to the lower of the two rooms that has three large windows. Throw six mines out the door and throw a seventh a few inches to the left of the farthest window. Now detonate the mines and QUICKLY run out the window. If you timed it right the seventh mine should go off during the cut-scene and kill Natalya. But if you check your stats, it will say that you still completed the mission.

Kill Baron Samedi a FOURTH time
sent in by glitcher

Activate All Weapons, Infinite Ammo and Invisibility and go to the Egyptian level. Now go to the largest room (where Baron Samedi is first found) and place a remote mine at the entrance of the long corridor. Walk forwards and continue placing remote mines so that it makes a trail of mines leading to the opposite end of the corridor. When you reach the end, place a proximity mine at the end of the trail and be careful that NO ONE steps on it (you'll have to be very quiet). Now collect the golden gun and kill Baron Samedi three times. During the final cut-scene when Bond walks down the corridor, he'll set off the proximity mine and start a chain reaction of explosions that will lead back down the corridor and kill the pursuing Baron! For even more satisfaction, try and delay the reaction so that the explosions kill Baron Samedi just when he's having his last laughs!
Note: This will also freeze the cut-scene

Fail and complete an objective
sent in by glitcher

Activate Infinite ammo and stroll over to the helicopter on the frigate. Place a tracker bug on it and then shoot it off. It should give you an "objective failed" message. But you still have infinite bugs with you, so when you throw another one on the helicopter, it should say "objective completed" again.

Freedom 1
sent in by glitcher

Activate All Guns , Infinite Ammo and preferably Fast Animation and go to the Statue level. Now work your way through the level until you reach the point where Ourumov is holding Natalya hostage. Go over to the gates and throw a proximity mine just outside them and then exit. During the cut-scene, Bond will set off the mine killing Ourumov and his men in the explosion and walk scot-free!

Freedom 2
sent in by glitcher

Again, activate All Guns and Infinite Ammo and go to Surface 2. Work your way through the level until the only objective you have left is to enter the bunker. Now open the door and throw a grenade down the stairs. Keep practicing until you think you've got the maximum distance on your throw. When you do, throw the grenade and quickly enter the bunker. If you timed it right. The grenade should explode during the cut-scene killing Bond's captors and allowing him to escape!

Yellow Guards
sent in by glitcher

I'm not sure if this was intentionally programmed, but it's a weird trick anyway. On Surface 1 or 2, simply lure the guards onto the yellow stripes on the helipad. When one steps on them, he'll turn yellow.

Freak Mode
sent in by glitcher

First activate All Guns and Infinite ammo and go to Surface 1. Now this is a little hazy, but go to the helipad and start firing about a dozen rockets straight up into the air. When they start to land, try and open the door and sound off the alarm, then blow up the panel on the wall with the golden gun. If you're lucky, the faces of the elite guards will be completely blank and the ammo sign for the R. Launcher will become scrambled. Sometimes even the guards have two heads and become transparent!

Out of body experience
sent in by

Go to the facility in multiplayer and go up the shaft. Have your opponent get in the stall where you just went up? Go towards the hole in the shaft until you automatically look down. Here the catch: you will be looking down, but your opponent will see you on the toilet looking down! Cool, huh?

Freeze the game in Aztec
sent in by Joshua W Hardin

Select the cheat codes all ammo, all guns, invincibility, and invisibility may be useful too. Select the Aztec temple and complete all the objectives. While the countdown is going for the launch of the shuttle, get on the ground right underneath the shuttle and throw remote mines all over the shuttle, as many as possible in the countdown time. When the countdown hits zero, the game will freeze. Pretty cool, no?

No guards capture Natalya in Statue park
by David Wonn

In the Statue park level, complete all objectives until you find Natalya lying by the helicopter. Allow her to get up, and once the helicopter explodes, look for the flight recorder, as usual. Once you find it, don't pick it up! Instead, keep shooting at it and try to bring it close to the exit gates. Once you can see Natalya within view, go ahead and pick up the flight recorder. Normally, guards would appear and capture her, but since you were within visible distance of Natalya, no guards will appear! The only time you will see them is in the cutscene.

For added fun, you can even get rid of the guards in the cutscene as well. Just toss a grenade out not too far from the exit, and the guards will all bite the dust in the cutscene.

Another way to kill Barron Samedi in the cutscene
sent in by Jon

  1. Set controls to Domino 2.3
  2. Go to Egyptian level (doesn't matter what difficulty)
  3. After completing the level and Baron comes out and laughs at you in the movie at the end press Z on the second controller to shoot him.
  4. Baron will die in various diferent styles - never the same.

Mixing Guns
sent in by General Zoshi

Guns can be mixed by firing only one gun of a set of two, or a single gun, and changing weapons while you reload it. For a split-second, a mismatched set of guns will come on-screen. If they are both fired IMMEDIATELY, you will be able to use them as a legal set.

You can only mix together guns that are a few "clicks" apart in the weapon list, as you only have the reload period to switch weapons.

Some guns always fire before others. For example, in a mix of RC-P90 and Rocket Launchers, the Rocket Launcher will always fire before the RC-P90, no matter how they are combined. However, a mix of Lasers and Rocket Launchers takes turns firing, like a normal set of DD44s.

For a mixed set of weapons, the game always uses the scope setting of the RIGHT gun.

Guns come in 1x only (you only have one of it), 2x only (like the 2x RC-P90 cheat, where the two guns are locked together), or 1/2x (like when you pick up two DD44s, and can choose between 1x and 2x).

If you have 2 sets of 2x guns, you can reload either gun, and switch to the other set of 2x guns, forwards through the list or backwards. This means that you can have Laser/RC-P90 or RC-P90/Laser.

If you have one set of 2x guns and one 1x gun, you can either fire the 1x and switch to the 2x, or fire the LEFT gun of the 2x set and switch to the 1x set. Either way, the 1x gun will be on the right.

If you have a 2x set and a 1/2x set, you can fire either gun in one set and switch to the other set. Depending on which gun you are switching, and which direction you are going (in the list), you may need to press the "change gun" button twice for this to work.

If you have two 1/2x sets (like you will using All Guns), you can switch in either direction, but you must make sure that the gun higher up in the weapons list (Laser is higher that DD44) will be on the RIGHT for this to work. If you switch backwards down the list, you will have to press the "change gun" button twice for this to work.

One excellent example of mixing guns can be tried as follows. Select the 2x Rocket Launchers cheat, along with any other NON-GUN (no Golden Gun, 2x anything, etc) cheats, and select the first Surface level. Bring up your Rockets, and fire the LEFT one. QUICKLY change back to your Sniper Rifle while the Rocket reloads, and hold "Fire". If it works, you now have a Rocket mixed with a Sniper Rifle. Your scope is from the Sniper Rifle, and the Rocket will always fire first when you pull the trigger. This is tons of fun!

Statue Park Rescue
sent in by

Everytime you try to rescue Natalya, the helicopters proximity fuse will trigger. You can avoid that by inching towards her. If you do it right, you can wake her up without triggering the fuse.

Shoot Tank Shells From Head
sent in by

Turn on Infinite Ammo and go to Runway or Streets. Get on the tank. Select the weapon just before the tank shells. Now Select the tank weapon with A, but press B to get off before it finishes, so you have tank shells out even though you are not on the tank! You don't need All Guns for tank shells!

2XRCP90s without Cheating
sent in by

Some of those guards at the end of Water Caverns have 2 RCP90s, so you don't have to worry about getting the cheat!

Dam Island
sent in by

If you use a Sniper Rifle to view across the water of the Dam at the docks, you can see a guard tower in the distance. This was a scrapped objective, but the building still remains.

More Multiplayer Ammo
sent in by

Sometimes if you shoot the boxes, you can cause them to split into 2. Pick both of them up for double ammo!

Cloning Trick
sent in by

If you want 3 characters to be the EXACT SAME PERSON, do this! Select a game with 4 players. Make Player 4 the person you want cloned. Now switch it to 3 players. Make Player 3 the person you want cloned. Now switch to 2 players. Make Player 2 the person you want cloned. Now switch it to 4 players and press START! There you go!

Above Max Ammo
sent in by

Let's say you have 2x RCP90s and a PP7 PP7 has 793 rounds and 7 in the gun....if you whipped out the 2XRCP90s, it would read 80/640....Now collect the 160 shots to get the reading to 80/ switch to would read 7/960... If you do this with a Sniper rifle and a KF7 or AR33, it would make the Sniper Rifle have 422 extra shots and 8 in the gun.

Shoot in Cinema
sent in by

Turn the Player Controls to 2.3 Domino so Player 2 fires. Turn on Infinite Ammo (All Guns if you want) and press Z on Player 2s controller. Press A to switch weapons and Z to fire while the cinema is rolling! You can kill guards during the cutscenes!!

Harvest Moon 64

Freeze the game
sent in by Tom Sikkema

Alright, in order to freeze up the game, all you have to do is one of 2 things, and they're both basically caused by the same thing.

The first way to activate the glitch is to turn on the TV in the morning, and leave it on Channel 3. Then, when you're done working on the farm, turn on the TV again. The screen will glitch up, and you'll have to hit reset.

The second way is a much easier way to get to see the glitch. Just turn on the TV, switch to Channel 3, go to another channel, and go to Channel 3 again. I don't know if it's a glitch in the programming or what, but it's odd that it happens at all.


Get Grounded
sent in by Jose Cuadra

Note: This is not really a glitch.

In ISS64 go to options turn the fouls off and when the goalie takes the ball try to hit him ( press a plus b) and you'll end up in the ground.

Own goal... except not
sent in by glitcher

If your keeper gets a free kick, boot the ball into your own goal and the opposing team will receive a corner! Konami, you lazy buggers, you....

Update sent in by Cele the Ref:

Well, as a soccer ref I can tell you that if a player boots a free kick inside his own goal, the own goal is NOT awarded and a corner kick is given instead, exept when the free kick is taken in the defender's penalty area. In this case, the free kick must be retaken.

(Law 13 of soccer "Free Kicks" )

So, we should applaud Konami for their accuracy in implementing the rules of the game... :-)

Jet Force Gemini

Tribals fall through the floor
sent in by Avolin

On Tawfret, get to the Bridge area and make your way up to the second platform, where two tribals are waiting. If you use your Flamethrower to set them on fire, they will fall through the floor and drop into the water far below. The fire will be put out and you can still rescue them.

5000% accuracy
sent in by Avolin

In Tawfret, lure a zombie drone over to you and throw a few shurikens at and around it's feet. If it walks over the shurikens, it will get stuck but lose no health, tricking the CPU into thinking you are hitting it multiple times every second. Keep it on the shurikens for several minutes and your accuracy stats will climb dramatically, sometimes over 5000%.

Double-dose on Gem Quarry
sent in by Morgan Atkinson

Fly to Gem Quarry with Lupusand look around the rock structures. _ /<Pointer Right at the pointer is a rock structure that towers over the() launch pad and if you jump towards it and hold forward, then you will stay and then jump again to look like you're hovering - WITHOUT the flame. Now jump again to melt rock!
Read on.....

Now again at Gem Quarry go BEHIND the launch pad | go to the darkened area. Now jump and use your hover and rest. You will then be splittin' wheels!

Just when you finished Ichor, right? Most people have trouble in the first area. Well here's a neat trick to cream the first room. Just stand behind the big guy. While aiming for for you, the drones will "accidentally" shoot big guy, and its ALL over. Now after they're all dead, just shoot big guy in this foot or wherever and life is over for him. Let me guess, you JUST finished Ichor, right? lol Thought so...

WHAT will a fish do for food? Or death.......

Throw a fish addiction (a grenade or fish food) right barely touching the water. Now throw one so id doesn't touch water. Then a fish will come on land. If its a grenade, then the fish will die there. 6_9

A little HELP here...

GO to Goldwood, go backwards in the area with the big hut and water. Try to hover out. Keep holding forward, you CANNOT EXIT THE ROOM! Man Lupus, you need to shed. LOL

Make Lupus disappear
sent in by

To start off with beat Mizar I to get the jetpack, then unlock Walkway, go to it with Lupus, charge up the jetpack, go to the highest pillar and if there is a jetpack fuelpad, use it. Then use the hover trick, (after activating the Jetpad use "B" to hover at half the fuel cost) to go off into the sky until you run out of fuel, then use the jet boots, eventally Lupus will disappear. I don't know what happens if he falls when invisible though.

Stop throwing animations
sent in by Avolin

Here's how to stop the throwing animations of either Juno or Vela:

1. Choose either Juno or Vela and equip the Plasma Shotgun.
2. Charge up the gun with Z and hold Z down.
3. Using A or B, select a weapon that you can throw. Here's a list of the weapons that work:
- Grenade
- Shuriken
- Timed Mines
- Remote Mines
- Cluster Bombs
- Fish Food
4. Let go of Z once you've selected the weapon you want.
5. Your character launches the projectile, but doesn't move at all.

This works with Lupus, but the throwing animation is not as defined as Juno or Vela's.

created by Morgan D Atkinson

Check out these two FAQs for Jet Force Gemini:

Jet Force Gemini FAQ and Multiplayer FAQ

Many more tricks to come so stay tuned!

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