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This page is a collection of other stuff that may or may not have a place in other sections on this site. Its purpose is to make it easier for you to find other pages that you may have seen linked from other sections even if you forgot where it was. Most of the stuff here has to do with video games, but occasionally I may put up something of interest non-game related. Anyway, here are some other things you will find here:

N64 on 4 TVs! - Check out my experience with playing the N64 on 4 separate TVs! Read it to believe it!

Preserved Web sites - Some old web sites that are no longer up have been preserved here.

Equinox trick - Can you believe that we balanced 17 eggs on end? Go here to see proof along with an explanation.

Wrecking Crew Maps - Go here to see some levels that I designed for Wrecking Crew on the NES. See if you can beat them!

GoldenEye weapon analysis - See all the relative strengths of all weapons. You may be surprised. :)

Locations of the Crystalis Warp code - Lots of pictures are included.

Tecmo Bowl extra teams - See photos of oddities that result from my cracked passwords in Tecmo Bowl on the NES.

Rambi glitch - See various photos of this major glitch for the Super NES.

A letter from NOA - See what Nintendo of America had to say about my (in)famous Rambi glitch in DKC.

Toad's Turnpike shortcut - See my initial impressions when I first discovered the Toad's Turnpike shortcut in Mario Kart 64 back in March of 1997.

Secret Page Hunters - Here I will list who has found the secret page.

Story 1 2 3 4 5 - Read some stories sent in by Cl0vis15.

Many more sections will come so stay tuned!

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