A Mario story

This story was created by Cl0vis15:

"Mission: Implausible"

(Fade from title to a celebration party. Near by there is banner that reads: "CONGRATULATIONS MARIO BROS. DEFENDING THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM FOR FIVE YEARS!")

MARIO: You didnít have to throw us a party...

PRINCESS: (interrupting Mario) Mario, youíre so modest.

MARIO: You didnít let me finish my sentence, you didnít have to throw me a party without any pasta.

PRINCESS: (Rolls her eyes then hands Luigi two coins) Youíre right Luigi, you win the bet, Mario does only think of food.


LUIGI: Donít blame me, she thought youíd eventually outgrow over-indulgences.

(Mario growls something under his breath, as he does, Princess Toadstool lays a very big package down on the table.)

PRINCESS: Mario, stop saying things under your breath, me and Luigi also got you a present.

(Mario jumps out of his seat)

MARIO: Wo-hoo! A present! And itís for me!

(Toad groans at Marioís over-joyment)

TOAD: Iím only glad weíre the only ones to see this.

(Luigi nods)

LUIGI: (In a whisper) Sometimes I think heís mentally 6.

(Mario hasnít heard a word of what everybody has been saying about him, during the whole exchange, heís been busy ripping paper off of the present)

MARIO: (Ripping off another piece of paper) How much paper is on this?

(Princess Toadstool looks over to Luigi, Luigi starts smiling.)


(Luigi produces another wrapped package)

LUIGI: Sorry Mario, I could resist the chance.

(Mario shakes his head, then unwraps the real present)

MARIO: WOW! Itís a "Super Duper Handy Dandy Extra Nifty Spy Kit"!

LUIGI: (Smiling) I know youíve always wanted one, just donít get in trouble with it.

(Fade to scene of King Koopa pacing back and forth in front of the Koopalings.)

KOOPA: When was the last time we kidnapped Princess Toadstool?

KOOKY: Last week?

KOOPA: Correct! Sheís way over due for another kidnapping, and this time, I want the security to be top notch here. I donít want those Marios to just waltz in this time.

(Fade to black screen, on it are the words: TWO DAYS LATER. Then fade to a scene outside the castle.)

KOOKY: You two know the plan right?

HIP: Yes, we ring the door bell and run away...

HOP: while theyíre chasing us through town...

HIP: you kidnap the princess!

KOOKY: Good, places everyone.

(Fade to scene inside the castle, a guard is pacing back and forth in front of the Princessí room, when the doorbell goes off.)

PRINCESS: Could you get that for me?

GUARD: Of course I can.

(The guard walks down the Stairs to where the front door is, and opens it)

HIP: Hey mister loser...

HOP: you canít catch us!

(Hip and Hop turn and immediately begin to run away)

GUARD: Wanna bet?

(The Guard chases after the two koopalings, after he is out of site, kooky runs in. When he gets to the Princessí room, he pulls out a small box.)

KOOKY: (in a whisper) letís see if my voice alterer works.

(Kooky twists the nob till it points to Mario.)

KOOKY: (In the voice of Mario) Princess, come quick, I need your help, Luigiís about to kicked out of town.


(As Princess Toadstool leaves her room, Kooky throws a bag over her head, and drags her the whole way back to King Koopaís castle. Fade back to a scene of Princess Toadstoolís room.)

LUIGI: Weíve searched the entire place.

MARIO: (Shaking his head) This can mean only one thing.

LUIGI: (GASPS) You donít mean, it hasnít even been a week since the last time.

MARIO: You guessed, Toadstool been Princess-napped again.

(Fade to scene of a pipe just outside of Koopaís Castle, that leads into it.)

MARIO: (Grumbling) Theyíve beefed up security, we canít even just waltz in the front gate like we always do.

LUIGI: Hopefully, theyíre not smart enough to think of the plumbing system.

(Mario and Luigi jump into the pipe, five minutes later, they both jump back out. A piranha plant sticks itís head out the pipe)

PIRANHA: and stay out!

LUIGI: (Looks to Mario) Now what are we going to do?

MARIO: See that window up there?

LUIGI: Yeah.

MARIO: Weíre going to climb up to it.

LUIGI: Mario, have you taken your stupid pills today, the castle wall is straight up and down, how do you plan to accomplish that?

(Mario pulls out his spy kit)


(Mario reaches into the box and pulls out two sets of Gloves, he tosses Luigi a pair. The gloves have suction cups all over them)

LUIGI: (groaning as he puts the gloves on) I canít believe Iím putting my life in the hands of a toy spy kit worth only 50 gold coins.

(Fade to a scene of Mario and Luigi scaling the castle wall.)

LUIGI: If this works, I would like to reward the people who made that spy kit.

MARIO: No you donít!

LUIGI: Why not?

MARIO: I think itís made by the Apook Crop.

LUIGI: But thatís Koopaís company.

MARIO: Yep, heís going to be mad when he finds out how we got in.

(Mario and Luigi reach the window and go in, they find themselves in a room with a giant tub of Lava seperating the room in half, on the other end of the room, is Princess Toadstool.)



(Mario reaches in the spy kit, and pulls out a gun with a plunger in the barrel, he points it to ceiling, and fires. The plunger shoots from the gun, trailing rope behind it, and sticks to the ceiling.)

LUIGI: Good thinking Mario, we can now swing across!

(Mario and Luigi grab the rope and swing over to Princess Toadstool. Mario pulls a mini Pirahna Plant from the kit, and uses is to eat threw the Princessí ropes.)

MARIO: Letís go!

(At that moment Koopa walks in, and pulls the plunger of the wall.)

KOOPA: Not so fast plunger for a brain, now youíre all trapped!

LUIGI: Can the kit help us get out of this one?

MARIO: I donít know.

(Mario reaches into and pulls out an instant warp-door vile. Upon seeing this, Koopaís gets real mad)

KOOPA: (Shouting) wait a second, isnít that the Spy Kit I made.

MARIO: It is!

(Mario throws to flask against the wall, a door opens appears, and they all run out of it to safety. Meanwhile Koopa who watched the whole thing is pounding his head against the wall.)

KOOPA: Why did I ever make that stupid spy kit, there was a thousand other cheap things I couldíve made to get money to fund my campaign against the Marios.

(fade back to a scene of Princessís room)

PRINCESS: lookís like one of Koopaís own products did him in.

LUIGI: Yeah, that thing must have everything in it a person could ask for!

(Mario shakes his head)

LUIGI: It doesnít?

MARIO: (frowning) I still havenít found a pizza in it yet.

(Everyone starts laughing, the scene fades out.)


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