NES Glitches

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Bionic Commando

Easily defeat reactor guards
sent in by redslime

photo courtesy of redslime

Anytime that you fight a shielded bionic guy guarding the reactor, as seen in bionic1.gif, just head directly to the right, firing at the reactor. He will respond by shooting up his bionic arm, throwing you back - But this causes no damage. It also stalls him until you have time to get back over there, at which point he does it again. In other words, he wastes time and you lose no damage as you plunk away at the reactor.

Skip long speech
sent in by redslime

photo courtesy of redslime

Ever get tired of sitting through that long-winded essay in Safe Area 15? Attach to the upper ledge with your arm, as shown in bionic2.gif, just before he pops onto the screen, and swing to the right. If done properly you'll go over his head and not have to listen to his blatherings, as shown in bionic3.gif.

Get orange communicator early
sent in by redslime

photo courtesy of redslime

You can get the Orange communicator early, either by shooting in Safe Area 15 to get rid of the walls, and avoiding the paratroopers, or by using your arm on the lower level, aiming at the block of orange rock between the two barriers, and popping up on the far ledge, as seen in bionic4.gif.

Blaster Master

Boss Room Glitch
sent in by Travis Nelson

One time when I was playing it, I walked into one of the bosses room and just as the game was about to seal off the door behind me I walked out of the room. I must have been extremely lucky, because the game combined rooms and the boss who usually moves around a lot was stuck inside the wall and I could still get hits on him.

Easily destroy bosses
sent in by PODUNK320

When you get to fight the boss, shoot him with the grenades, I think the button is the B button. Anyway when you hit the boss press start to pause. the boss should be blinking, don't unpause until like 20 seconds, after you unpause the boss should be dead. This trick works on all bosses except the crab/lobster and the final boss.

Acid Burn Mode
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

Beat level 4 and get to the boss on level five without losing a life. When you get to him and he's comming in to the room flashing hold reset and SLOWLY push the game down. Let your self die. When it says Left 2 release the reset button and the game cart at the same time. Then hold reset again and push the cart back in. As soon as you put it back in relase reset and press power twice. This screws up the games colors.

Beat Boss on level five easily
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

As soon as you see this boss run and get behind him. You will get hurt. Do the level 2,4,ect. boss code(move forward so the grenade hurts)You can't be flashing from getting hurt. Leave it be and unpause and quickly move out of there! If done right you should have almost no health, a headache, and the diving bell. Warning: This code has caused The game to freeze but only when you are dying doing it so hurry it up!

A Boy and his Blob

Super shortcut!
by David Wonn

With this shortcut, you can finish the game in roughly 20 minutes! Start out the game as usual and work your way down to the part where you would normally knock out a spider web with a cinnamon blow torch. On this screen, feed your blob a punch jellybean to create a hole. Now stand near the blob, and press B to whistle, then quickly fall into the hole before the blob retains his regular form. If timed right, you'll be partially through the floor. Now here's where the glitch kicks in: Run to the right side of the screen but let go of the control cross just before you reach the edge. You will now warp to another section of the cave way off to the left! At this point, press right on the control cross to land safely onto ground. It will take a long time for your blob to catch up with you, so it's best to use up a Ketchup jellybean to make him appear nearby.

Now just work your way back up out of the cave, picking up a few treasure bags along the way, and use the apple jack to remove the sewer cover. Run to the shop to claim your goods. You won't get much stuff since you skipped most of the treasures, but you'll have just enough to beat the game, including the lime jellybean. Use a root beer rocket and blast off to the blob's world and conquer the game in record time!

Programmer's Easter eggs!!
by David Wonn

Use the trick above to create holes in the ground after you have reached the blob's world. Depending on where you place the holes, you may find where the programmers hid some secret text! Some of the text appears in the ending, while other text seems to be idea the programmers had in some early beta stage. Make sure to check them all out!

Captain Comic

Stay alive
sent in by T.R.M.

If you run out of energy but continulously jump you can still move and it won't count you as dead until you hit the ground for a short while. Great for moving further in rooms if you lost your life.


My FAQ / Walkthrough!
written by David Wonn

If you have ever struggled against some of the tougher bosses in Castlevania, you won't anymore. I have created a handy text guide to help you through the game. Since I have beaten the game on one life, I figured it was time to make one. Inside you'll find multiple strategies for each boss in the game so that you can choose which strategy you like best. Even the toughest bosses will be a piece of cake. :-) And for those of you who have already beaten the game and are looking for more to do in the game, my guide also includes the locations of all the hidden bonus items in the game, including some which are exclusive to the second quest. Don't fear the Reaper anymore!

Disable music in first level
by David Wonn

To disable the music in the first level, all you have to do is let the third demo play. You can press Start to cut the first two demos short if you wish. At any point while the third demo plays, press Start to cut out of it and press Start again to play. No music will play in the first level until you either die or reach the first boss.

Flashing statue
by David Wonn

During any of the demos, wait until you see Simon pick up a whip upgrade. The moment he picks one up, press Start to get out of the demo and then start a game. At the beginning, you'll briefly see a statue change colors before Simon appears.

Continuous jumping & whipping
by David Wonn

After defeating any boss, just touch the ball and hold the A and B buttons. Simon will continuously jump and whip until the fanfare finishes, then he will freeze in place as you are awarded points.

Collect bonus item without touching it!
by David Wonn

At the beginning of stage 4, climb up the first set of stairs and whip the two blocks on your right. After you have cleared the two enemies, walk into the gap you created to unveil the bonus item. Normally you'd go downstairs to collect it, but skip it instead. Walk up the stairs to the next screen and you'll automatically collect the bonus due to a wraparound glitch in the game. Cool!

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Suspended in Time?!
password CRACKED by David Wonn

photo courtesy of redslime

With this password, you may be wondering if I found a way to make time stand still. It's not possible to achieve this during the normal course of the game. I cracked the password system, and this is the only password you'll ever need:

445X V3ZX

You will have all the items in the game and full experience PLUS you'll start out on the first day! That's right, you get everything in zero days!

Jump higher than normal
by David Wonn

Ordinarily you can only jump a height of two blocks, but if you crack your whip in mid-air, it is possible to jump three blocks high.

Fall through floors!
By David Wonn

Stand on a platform that is exactly two blocks higher than the one next to it. One great place to try this is at the very beginning of the game, off to the left. Slowly begin to fall off the higher platform, but crack your whip just as you begin to fall. If your timing is perfect, you'll end up falling through the floor! Be careful as it is possible to get killed or even stuck in some places with no way out! This glitch can lead to hidden areas in the game, especially in some of the mansions...

Warp to Draculas Castle
sent in by Hologramomega

Here is a cool glitch that I found, for one of the all time greatest NES games, Castlevania 2. Go to the left of Deborah Cliff with the red crystal and kneel. Make sure that there is one of the flying heads coming towards you. If you have the timing right, the enemy will hit you just as the tornado is coming to take you away, and the tornado will leave you stuck in the wall. To get to Draculas Castle though, you have to jump out as fast as possible and the game graphics will mess up, and you will be in a messed up version of the first room of Draculas Castle. When you get to Dracs lair, the graphics return to normal. If you are unlucky, you will get stuck in the wall and have to reset, this happens to me all the time. Just practice and you will be able to get to Draculas Castle without clearing the last 2 mansions.

Warp from Camilla Cemetary to Joma Marsh
sent in by Glitch Master Busta

Yes, you can indeed leap the wall behind the merchant selling the silk bag in the Camilla Cemetary! This graveyard is located left of the town past the Dead River and down the stairs. Get near the wall and jump into the air just as a blob is about to hit you. With excellent timing and luck you'll be bumped to the top of the wall and transported to the Joma Marsh! Don't stress if it doesn't work the first time because it does take several attempts to pull it off. This is a very odd trick and I guess can be sort of helpful.

Jump the spikes
sent in by ensockerbagare

A strange glitch or bug or what you would call it but its easy (and useless) go to any castle and find a wall with deadly spikes and move so only your feet touches the spike a litle and start jumping. You will start jumping the spikes.

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Hidden Worlds Glitch
sent in by Flying Omelette

NOTE: I did not find this glitch on my own, therefore, I cannot take credit for it. However, I have seen it mentioned on various sites, but I don't believe I've seen it on this one, yet, so here goes:

Play Castlevania 3 until you reach the Clock Tower and defeat Grant. Allow Grant to join you once you've defeated him. Now, when you begin to make your way back down the tower, make sure you're playing as Trevor when you reach the first set of stairs going down. Walk slowly down the stairs. Now, here comes the tricky part: Press Select to switch to Grant *just* as Trevor is about to walk down off the screen. Trevor's feet should be together, at the very bottom of the screen, and if you did it correctly, once he transforms into Grant, he should automatically walk down onto the next screen. Now turn around and start going back up the stairs, and just keep walking. You'll find that you'll be able to keep going, up past the stairs and off the screen into a glitched-up area of the Clock Tower that you normally could not get into. For some more interesting results, try going back down the stairs one screen, then going back up again. Sometimes, Grant will be repositioned on the "invisible stairs", and thus, be able to go farther with this glitch.

This glitch can also be performed on the first stairway going down in Level 3, the swamp area. This one's even better than the Clock Tower glitchy area, because you can keep this one going longer, and you may even end up seeing graphics from different levels of the game! If you keep going far enough with this glitch, you may eventually end up in a glitched-up version of the boss room where you'd fight that huge Bat, but the boss will not be there, and once you enter the room, there is no way back out of it.

I have heard this works on other staircases in the game, such as the first one on the Pirate Ship and the last one before you get to Alucard's Boss room, but the two above are the only ones I've actually performed, myself. Have fun exploring these "hidden worlds" of Castlevania 3!


Warp Code
sent in by redslime

Hold A and B on controller 1 and Up and A on the second controller, and you'll warp to a different town. Additionally, pressing B on controller 2 causes the game to pause without going to the pause screen.

Warning: If you use this on the final tower then save you will not be able to finish the game!

See locations of the warp code.

Double Dragon

Point loss glitch
by David Wonn

Here's a glitch that causes you to lose points! Execute a head-butt to an enemy by pressing left twice or right twice when the hundreds digit of your score is a 9. Instead of gaining 700 points as you should, you will end up losing 900 points! Why does this happen? I believe it is a faulty implementation of neglecting a carrier bit during the conversion of hexadecimal to decimal. If you don't have a clue what I just said, don't worry... it's not important. :)

Mission 2 boss skip
sent in by Glitch Masta Buzda

On mission 2 go up the latters until the boss appears. Then go back down two latters and you will be warped to mission 3 without having to defeat the boss!!

Beat boss with a baseball bat
by David Wonn

If the trick above seems too cheap, consider this as an alterative (although it is cheap too.) :-) Near the end of stage 2, pick up the whip from one of the Lindas. Work your way up the ladders until there is only one Linda left. Allow her to knock the whip out of your hands. Now defeat her, and stand by the whip. As she fades out of existence, wait for the 4th flash, then immediately pick up the whip. If your timing is good, it will transform into a baseball bat instead of vanishing! Enjoy the easy battle with the boss.

Final Fantasy

Major Gold and Experience
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Start a new game. Do your usual stuff of leveling up before fighting Garland (it's a good idea to buy Cure and Harm for White Magic and Fire, Lit and Slep for Black Magic. Get Wooden Armor for your all characters (or cloth if they can't use it) except blackbelts, and get them weapons suitable for them (skip the blackbelt again!))

Yeah, it's not a walkthrough. But you'll see what I mean eventually. Walk around the strip of forest above the Castle (as shown in this picture), and eventually, an enemy from the area past the bridge will fight you! That's why I said to prepare first. Kick their butts for some major Gold and Exp, but watch out!

This also works in other areas, but this is the most noticable area.

Final Fantasy III (Japanese version)

Poison glitch
sent in by

I know the game wasn't exactly released in america, but I found a glitch for it nonetheless. It's simple; have 4 dragoons or less as your party and have one of them get poisoned. Then have everyone jump. This should make them all stay in the air, out of harm's way, but still taking damage from the poison.


Hidden Demo
sent in by Cl0vis15

Did you that Codemasters added a demo of "Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy" into the FireHawk cartridge? Well it's true. If you collect enough points to get on the highscore menu (over 20,000) and then type "DIZZY" as your name, a demo of Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy will appear when you hit the "A" button.

Ikari Warriors

Clear levels with Invincibility!
by David Wonn & Jeff Walker

To accomplish this trick you'll need to have two controllers. If you don't already have both players active, use the continue code (see below) to get the other player on the screen. Now find a tank somewhere in the level, and have the second player get into it, while the first player is at the top of the screen. Keep moving player 1 forward, while making player 2 continuously exit and re-enter the tank. If you do this right, player one will scroll the screen forward and attempt to “pass up” the other player. The second player will mysteriously “warp” and will not coincide with the background properly. Player 2 will now be invincible to all enemies!

Warning: In stages 3 and 4, you will need the other player on the screen at the end of the levels in order to clear the stages. Otherwise, you'll be stuck and forced to reset.

Change tanks into helicopters!
by David Wonn

Do the trick above but be careful not to completely “pass up” the other player. If you do this in certain locations, the tank may end up transforming into a helicopter! This is another great way to quickly get through the levels, especially if you find some gasoline cans. Note: If you attempt to exit the helicopter, it may disappear!

Infinite continues

When you run out of lives, press ABBA to continue. This will work anywhere except at the ends of stages 3 and 4.

Stage select

At the title screen, quickly enter the following 32 button code on the first controller before the demo begins. You'll need to be quick. (U=Up, D=Down, L=Left, R=Right on control cross)


Split up the tanks and helicopters in two

This trick is very useful when there are two players, but only one tank or helicopter available. Have both players stand over the tank or helicopter, let player 1 enter it, and shortly afterward, you can let player 2 enter it as well! Note: Only one tank or helicopter is “real”, meaning that if both players exit their tanks, one of them will disappear.

Kid Icarus

Platform glitch
sent in by Brandon Marks

In the Overworld stages in Kid Icarus (2-1, 2-2, and 2-3) there are floating platforms that move up and down. If you walk slowly towards one (before it's on the screen), it'll appear on both the right and left sides of the screen. The platform should be moving, so if it just sits there, the glitch won't work. The platform must also be moving up and down and when it goes down it should be going through the ground where you normally can't pass through. Jump on the part of the platform that's on the left side of the screen and just stand there. When the platform goes through the ground, Pit will teleport to the right side of the screen.

Slide through a wall
sent in by Randy Solem

In level 2-2 jump up to the second lion head statue at the beginning of the level. Now jump up again and try to get Pit's foot caught in the lion head's mouth. Pit should stick there for a second. As soon as you stick hold down and to the left. Pit will slide through the wall onto the right side of the screen.

Kirby's Adventure

Infinite Mike ability
sent in by The Shadow

During the fight with the second boss, you'll see many different power-ups. One of them will be the Mike ability(it looks like a microphone). Get the boss at half health. Spitting three items at him works best. Then, wait for the Mike to appear. Swallow it and use it twice. For the last one jump up to the middle of the room, where the star rod will be. When you use it there, the boss is defeated, the star rod appears, and the game doesn't have time to acknowledge that your power ran out. Sadly, it doesn't work for the crash ability.

The Legend of Zelda

Erase game data! (and how to avoid it)
by David Wonn

*WARNING* Do not attempt this if you care about your game data. Don't say I didn't warn you! In order to do this, all you need is a NES Advantage controller. Turn on the game and then unplug any controller that you have in slot #1. Now plug in your NES Advantage into slot #1. The game will freeze at this point. Once you reset, you'll find that your data in the first save slot will be erased!

If you wish to switch to a NES Advantage in the middle of a game and avoid data loss, do the following: First, unplug whatever controller you have in slot #1. Before you plug in the NES Advantage, move the switch on the controller over to controller 2. Now you can plug the first cord into slot #1 safely, but just be sure that it's the first cord and not the second! Once it is in safely, you can move the switch on the controller back to controller 1. As always, take caution!

Vanishing key door
sent in by dvdmth

This is a well-known oddity. Enter the first level of the first quest, then immediately exit. Upon reentering, the key door at the top of the screen will be open!

Wizzrobe at the top of the screen
sent in by dvdmth

This is rare, but every once in a while it is possible for a blue Wizzrobe to go through a doorawy at the top of the screen and end up at the top, where the map and life meter are located. If this happens, just leave the room after killing all other enemies, then return to find the Wizzrobe where it belongs. (Note: If there were any pink Wizzrobes in the room, this Wizzrobe may transform into a pink one while you're out of the room.)

Overworld music in a cave
sent in by dvdmth

This works best with stairway entrances in the Overworld, but normal caves (with the fancy entrance cinema) can also be used. After making a large transaction (such as buying the Blue Ring or uncovering a 100-Rupee secret), leave the cave, then either reenter that cave or go into another one. The only requirement is that the Rupee count is still increasing/decreasing as you enter. About 50% of the time (does not work on all occasions), the Overworld music will continue to play even while you're indoors! If you enter a Dungeon this way, the Overworld music will play until the dungeon is fully loaded, after which the dungeon music takes over.

Leave a fairy fountain before reaching full health
sent in by dvdmth

Tired of waiting forever at the Fairy Fountain while those dumb little hearts are circling the fountain and your Life Meter slowly increases? Well, you cannot speed up the healing, but you can leave the fountain before it's done. To do this, you must be in the Second Quest and have finished the first four dungeons. Blow the whistle so that you are taken to the location where Level 5 used to be. (Remember, whistly drop-off locations remain at the First Quest locations, and where you can go is dependant on which Triforce pieces you have not received, not the onscreen level number.) When you arrive, the Fairy will start the healing process BEFORE Link appears, and Link will actually be able to move around, even leave the fountain. Better yet, your Life Meter continues to go up even though the fountain isn't onscreen any longer!

(If you don't know how to control where you end up after blowing the Whistle, here's how it works. It is dependant on which level you last warped to. If you haven't warped before, or you have Saved since the last time you warped, I think it assumes you last went to level 1, but I could be wrong. Anyway, each time you blow the whistle, the game cycles through the levels you have completed, skipping over those you have not. If you are facing to the right or upward onscreen, the game cycles forward through the levels. Similarly, facing left or down makes the game cycle backwards. Then it's a simple matter of blowing the whistle the right number of times in a row before getting picked up.)

Life Force

Wraparound glitch
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

When you're fighting the boss of Level 3, (Cruiser Tetron) If you go up all the way to the top of the screen, he will follow you. When his head goes all the way up, the screen exibits wraparound behavior and part of his head is at the bottom of the screen.

Maniac Mansion

Hamster Cloning
sent in by Cl0vis15

If you have the first release of MANIAC MANSION for the NES, then you can try this. First, stick the HAMSTER in the MICROWAVE, then shut the door, and turn on the MICROWAVE. Now, without opening the MICROWAVE, use this command, 'GET HAMSTER', a copy of the HAMSTER will be added to your inventory, but there will also still be a HAMSTER in the MICROWAVE. The HAMSTER in the MICROWAVE will blow up. Using this trick, you can blow up the HAMSTER as many times as you want. If you can't get the HAMSTER in the MICROWAVE in the first place, then you're either using the wrong kid, or you have a later version.

Stopping Edna
sent in by Cl0vis15

Both (NES) releases of Maniac Mansion have this glitch

This glitch will allow you to make it so NURSE EDNA can't move and give you all the time you need to explore her room. First you have to have one kid become WIERD ED's friend. Now place the kid that is ED's friend in his room, and since they're friends, you won't have to worry about him getting captured. Now, move the other kid into EDNA's room. Now here's the tricky part, you have to switch to the kid in ED's room, before EDNA's catches the kid in her room. If you can accomplish this, wait 15 seconds, then switch back to the kid in EDNA's room. EDNA will be by the door and unable to move. If you switch to another kid, or leave EDNA's room, the effect of this glitch will disappear.

Fast ending
sent in by

To recieve the quickest death in Maniac Mansion, do this: Enter the mansion and go up the staircase. There should be a keypad hidden near the side of the steel security door. I forget where exactly it is; I haven't played this game for months..Anyway, find that keypad and enter '9111'. If the trick was performed correctly, you should hear a funny 'tick-tock' tune playing. This'll go on for 2 minutes or so, then the music will switch back to the original music for just a split second before..THE MANSION BLOWS UP! Yes, you've somehow activated a self-destruct program with the nuclear generator in the basement. ..You've destroyed not only yourself and the inhabitants of the mansion, but also everything in a 4-mile radius from nuclear radiation. WHOOPS!

Mega Man

Repeating actions [aka START Button Glitches]
sent in by Andrew Rae

Both of these glitches involved pressing the START button, thus they're easier to do with a slow-motion controller.

1. When you get hit, press START repeatedly. If your timing is correct, you'll keep taking hits! Kind of makes up for the SELECT trick against enemies...

2. This one can be done when you first enter a stage or are going through the teleporter hatches in the final stage. At the EXACT second Mega Man's 'phasing in' hits the ground, press START repeatedly. If your timing is correct, the 'phasing in' action will repeat as long as you're pressing the button!

Super Arm glitch
sent in by Andrew Rae

Sometimes when you pick up a block with the Super Arm [Guts Man's weapon, just so you know], it will stay there even though you're already holding one. Try standing a few pixels away from the block for this to happen. May be useful when battling Cutman, since they are his weakness.

Mega Man 2

"Scrambled Warp" glitch
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Play through Air Man's level until you get to him. Now, fool around near the cloud. Jump around, jump at the wall, and you might go through an invisible door. You will end up in the second level of Dr. Wily's castle, but all screwed up and scrambled. Since you need the jet sled to cross the spikes, and you only get that by beating Air Man, you have to lose all of your lives to get out.

Mega Man 3

Invincibility and High Jumps
sent in by redslime

This trick is done easiest on MagnetMan's stage, but will work on almost any stage.

Go up to a pit (i.e., the first pit on the magnetman stage) and hold RIGHT and A on the second controller. Jump in the pit. You won't die. At this point, a magnet guy should be going by overhead. As soon as he goes by, you will lose ALL your life. But you won't be dead.

Jump. You will rocket out of the pit, and be invincible! You can let go of the second controller, as well.

Additionally, if you hold in RIGHT and A on the second controller, MegaMan will jump REALLY high.

High Jump glitch
sent in by mercatfat

Use the super jump at the pengiun machine and it will screw up!

Use Rush Marine before getting it
sent in by abonetochew

First get the Spark Shock from Spark Man. Then enter any level. On the pause screen select Spark Shock on the menu but stay on the pause screen. Then press right as if you were selecting Rush Marine. Press start. You now have Rush Marine but it has 0 energy so you have to take weapon capsules from enemies before you can use it. Once you have some weapon energy and you use Rush Marine in some water and get in it will appear on the menu and be fully usable. I think this might also work with Shadow Blade and Rush Jet but I haven't tested it.

“Undead” Mega Man
sent in by Jess

My bro and I had read in NP that you could hold -> on the 2nd controller to get extra high jumps, and that you could jump right into pits unharmed. So we explored it ourselves and discovered plenty.

Holding 2R (I abbreviate :) you can jump into any normal pit unharmed. Some pits contain nastiness however, either offscreen enemies or objects that will injure you while you're in the pit. If you lose all your life while your in the pit, the death toll will sound and the music will stop (and you'll see your flashing shrapnel fly around, etc ;) but you'll simply survive (We used the term "undead" ;). When you jump out of the pit (still holding 2R) you'll fly quite high indeed (even in 2R's standards), but it turns out this will always be the case when you jump out of a pit, dead or undead.

The strange things about being undead are that your P-shooter doesn't work (it always displays your life meter as the ammo meter for your P shooter in the inventory screen, so we presuppose that the game thinks your out of ammo ;) which forces you to rely entirely upon your special weapons, and to keep your ammo up. Secondly, as long as you remain undead nothing can hurt you any further (just pester you). So, oddly enough, small energy packs become your worst fear! :)

To add to this, the Up arrow and the A button on controller 2 have interesting effects. I do not recall *precisely* how they work, but you hold down one of the buttons and it will slow down the games internal event timer, and the other will stop the internal timer completely. (I think you actually hold both UP and A for one of those two effects. It should only take a moment to rediscover.)

When the timer is "slowed", some (many? not all) of the enemies slow down. When you do the thing to "stop" the timer, many of the enemies do stop. I know that not all of the enemies are effected (I'd imagine this effects one of many timers their AI has access to) and some are affected strangely. For instance, I clearly recall an enemy (a large one) that would have it's eye(s) closed and sit there for a moment. It would open it's eyes, bounce into the air (trying to stomp you), and close it's eyes again when it landed. A moment later it would try again. Since you can't get around this guy when he's "asleep", using the stoptimer while he's on the ground is fruitless. Using it while he bounces however, or using the slow timer at all, is quite an adventure, since his timing of when he "awakens" and "goes back to sleep" is the only thing directly affected. If you stop-timer mid bounce, he'll land, and then keep right on bouncing like a maniac until you let go! if you put him on slow mode he'll stay asleep unusually long, and then wake up and bounce, but make several bounces before he goes back to sleep again.

Kill the last boss in one hit!
sent in by Rick L

After beating the first form of the last boss, if you use the Top Spin where Wily is, you'll kill him in ONE HIT!! You may need to use a Super Jump, though.

Mega Man 4

Color glitch
sent in by Tom Otting

I found a glitch a while back in Mega Man (whichever had Skull Man). It's kind of tricky to do. I believe that you have to charge up a normal particle shot and release it RIGHT as you're frozen after defeating a boss. If you do it right, then Megaman will stay in his freaky charge colors for the short remainder of the stage. Here is a picture of it.

Flying Rush Marine!
sent in by Rick L

For this glitch, you need to have already beaten Toad Man, for you will get the Rush Marine from him. Go to Dive Man's stage, and get to the point where the water rises and sinks. Call up the Rush Marine and follow the water as it goes up, but stay at that height when it goes down. You're now out of the water! You can go down, left, and right, but if you move up, you'll be teleported back to the water.

The Moby Dick Glitch
sent in by Sb27441

In Dive Man's stage, use the Flash Stopper to beat the first mechanical whale you encounter. If you destroy it in one Flash Stopper, you may (and this is quite rare) see the whale turn white and stay after its death. You can walk through it. In addition, the Wire Adaptor and Dive Man will not appear in the stage, so it is impossible to beat. Here's a screenshot.

Mega Man 6

Get Auto Charger early
Password CRACKED By Rick (Lickichu)

Here is a password to start you off with the Auto Charger:
A1, A5, C3, E1, E5.

You don't normally get the Auto Charger until you have the Rush Power.


Invincibility, Infinite Missiles, and all Power-Ups!!
by David Wonn

WARNING! I do not endorse using this trick, so only use it at your own risk.

First, you'll need to have the original style NES (spring-loaded, not the redesigned top-loading style), and your NES unit and game pak will need to be in decent condition. If they aren't, I highly recommend buying a cleaning kit. Now on with the trick:

Turn on the game as usual, but slowly eject your cartridge while he power is ON. Keep doing this until you hear a few beeps and put the cartridge back in. Now start up a new game. If you are lucky, Samus will appear without her usual armor, but her skin color will be green. If not, repeat the process of ejecting the cartridge slowly and starting a new game until you see Samus appear without the armor. You may need to do this several times, and it seems to only happen by luck. One way to speed up the process is to use a controller with the Slo-Mo feature so that the Start button is repeatedly pressed. This allows you to free up your hands so that you can constantly repeat the process of ejecting the cartridge and putting it back in. Note: If the power flickers on and off, then either you've ejected the game too far or your NES isn't in mint condition. Press the Reset button if this happens.

If you are lucky enough to get Samus to appear without armor, one of two things will happen:

1. You'll start out without any power-ups or any special abilities (if you're not so lucky) or
2. You'll start out with all weapons, infinite missiles, and infinite energy (preferred).

You will be able to tell if the second option occurred since your energy will always remain in the 30s and you will have a strange form of the ice beam. No matter what you do, you cannot die unless you run out of time in Tourian or if you use the death code (Up and A on controller 2 while paused). Even though you have all the power-ups, the power-up items still appear in their original locations. This trick will last as long as you don't hit the reset button, but you can't store infinite missiles or invincibility as a password. You can however store your power-ups in the password. Good luck and enjoy the trick!

Super Shortcut
by David Wonn

While I may not necessarily be the first to have discovered this, many people may not know about this, and it works extremely well with the trick above. Go to the room with the statues of Ridley and Kraid. This is where you'd normally create a bridge by shooting at the statues after defeating both bosses. As long as you have the Ice Beam, Ball, Bombs, and Missiles, you'll never have to even meet either boss! To take the shortcut, head for that room, but don't go in yet. Blast the door open if you haven't already, and try to get one of the Rios to go into the room with you. In order to do so, you'll need to get one to swoop down near you, and jump to the left at the right time, so that it will swoop back up near the door. This is tricky to do at first and will require practice, but it becomes easier with practice.

With good timing you can get into the room, and the Rio will go in with you and take off a little bit of energy. Jump when the Rio gets close to the other side, but before it gets trapped on the other side. Morph into a ball and fall into the lava. Freeze the Rio with your Ice Beam when it gets close to the left side of the screen. Remember that you can time your jumps so that the Rio appears precisely where you want it. With a well-timed shot, you can jump on top of the Rio and then bomb your way up to the ledge on the left. Just blast the door open and you're on your way to Tourian! If you use this trick in conjunction with the trick above, you can beat the game several times in a row at record-breaking times!

Samus_ beats_ Mother brain_
password CRACKED by David Wonn (circa 1990)

Here's an old password that I have decided to reveal because of its very strange nature:

Samus_ beats_
Mother brain_

(make sure to put a space where you see a _ symbol)

This code takes you into Tourian without Samus's Armor, and the Ice Beam, Screw Attack, Bombs (but no Ball), 255/220 missiles, and 5 energy tanks. The challenge behind this is that you cannot use bombs if you get trapped by a Metroid, so you'd better find a door quickly if that happens!

But there is something VERY STRANGE that I must warn you about. First, the Rinkas will often yield Energy and Missiles when destroyed, which is unusual itself, but there's something even more weird. If you beat the game with this code without continuing, you'll find that Mother Brain ISN'T THERE AT ALL!! Instead, you'll hear the sound of a door opening when you approach where she should be, and you'll see the regular warning message, but it will stay on the screen, and no timer will be set! You can exit Tourian at your own leisure!

Just in bailey
sent in by Chris J. D.

Type in Justin Bailey in caps then Put all dashes under it. You get samus without armor and all power ups including the ball and the bombs that you can use when you are in a ball but no ice shots. My personal Favorite code.

The Secret Worlds
sent in by Glitch Masta Buzda
(thanks to the Metroid DataBase)

To "discover" these Secret Worlds you must first learn the classic Metroid trick known as the "Wall Jump" (or door jump):

1) Open a door.
2) Stand in the doorway, preferably facing outward, and let the door close around you (so that you are caught in the door). It's a good idea to try to time a short jump with the closing of the door so you can make sure you're stuck.
3) Start jumping rapidly (this is where a Turbo controller comes in real handy).
4) As you are jumping, tap DOWN on the control pad (or joystick) every once in a while so that Samus turns into a ball for a split second and jumps out in a while so that Samus turns into a ball for a split second and jumps out of it immediately.
5) Each time Samus jumps out of the ball, she should work her way up the wall just a bit.
6) Once Samus nears the top of the screen, allow the scrolling to catch up with her by jumping repeatedly without pressing DOWN. This will scroll the screen down so that Samus will have more room to work up the wall. If you make Samus jump out of the top of the screen, it will scroll upwards instead and Samus will either get stuck or come up from the bottom.


1) Let the door close around you as above.
2) Press Up and Down on the control pad (or joystick, which is recommended) rapidly, so again, Samus starts turning into a ball and jumps out of it right away, causing the same effect which allows her to work up the wall. *note:not only can either of these "wall jumps" find the secret worlds, but can also be used in shortcutting through most of Zebes!!

Now once you can perform this wall jump you are ready to explore these secret locations!! Most of these "glitched worlds" can be found in Kraids Hideout. But the most "popular" one is located in Ridleys Hideout in the room with the square blocks, energy tank, and invisible floor. This secret area is absolutely HUGE and contains TWO Ridleys (if you haven't defeated him yet)!!!!! There are MANY other secret areas but I'll let you find those... GOOD LUCK!!:)

On one final note, if you do get stuck in a wall doing this trick (and all arrows point to YES), heres the old NES kill trick that'll take you back to the last elevator you visited:
1) Pause the game
2) On controller 2, press UP and the A button at the same time
3) The game will stop and it'll show you your password.

Password/ending debugger code
sent in by Arend Remsen

This code is very simmilar to the Samus_Beats_Mother_Brain_ code you've already go up, but with some interesting differences. By the fast fashion you can use it to reach the end, I'm inclined to say this was a test code of sorts for the end sequence.

For startes, the code itself. _ denotes a space.


(Yes it's in all caps)

And to think, if I'd known how to spell attack correctly back then I'd never have found the code. :D

* You start with 111/???(235 if I remember correctly) missles, the Ice Beam, Bombs, and 4 energy tanks
* You start with the ball, but can go fetch another one.
* You don't have the Long Jump boots, but they aren't around to pick up.
* The missle door to the long beam is open, but you haven't collected it yet.
* Kraid and Ridley's statues have been activated(as well as the door to them opened) to get into Tourian, but they aren't dead yet.
* Mother Brain can also fail to show up like with your code, however, if she is there you can scroll back and forth to make chunks of her sprites dissapear until the way is cleared. The text about getting the hell out will be there, but will be brown in the space that is usually occupied by MB. All but a couple Zebetites will have flown the coop, too.
* Since you don't have the LJ boots available to you, you can't get the Varia.
* Other misc. missle doors throughout the planet will be opened.

The rinkas won't provide energy however, like with your code. Another thing I've noticed, with or without this code, is that in the long tunnel room of Tourian, if you freeze a metroid without destroying it and then move on, it's upcoming fellow near the floating platforms over the lava won't show up. Sure, this only gets you out of fighting like 2 Metroids, but still... :)

The odd space
sent in by dvdmth

When entering a password, inserting a "space" is functionally equivalent to inserting a "dash". However, if you leave a space blank without inserting anything, it functions as a "zero". For example, if you insert "JUSTIN BAILEY" and follow it with six spaces, it will be as if you inserted "JUSTIN BAILEY ------ 000000" (which is a legal password, in case you didn't know).

Continue glitch
sent in by dvdmth

If you continue from any password that starts you in Tourian, the plasma rings of that level will leave behind energy and missile refills, which doesn't usually happen.

Odd passwords
sent in by dvdmth

Inserting "000000 00000B 000000 00000B" or "000000 00000F 000000 00000F" will usually cause the game to freeze.

Missing Mother Brain, again
sent in by dvdmth

Inserting the password "999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK" will also remove the Mother Brain from the end, provided you don't die first. Note that this password removes the Varia from the game as well, so getting that far may be a little tricky...

Mickey Mousecapade

Final door game freeze glitch
sent in by Glitch Masta Buzda

Go to the last level (the Castle) and go to the very last door, which takes you to the Evil Queen boss. If you touch the door and get killed by an enemy (more than likely the Walrus) all at the same time, you'll enter the Queen's room and the game will freeze and force you to reset!! This is more of a forewarning to a glitch not to perform!! :)

Monster Party

Go through some enemies
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In level 2, you can crawl throught the mouths that stick their tounges at you, you can crawl through the tounges, but that's not all, in the levels with the alligators, you can crawl thru them UNHARMED!!! I guess they missed that one.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Glitched Level Skip
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

I was on my last continue and life and I was asleep in Freddy's house when on the protion of 9, 10 Never sleep again I died. When game over appered It was on the Freddy attacks screen. This led into a "glitch" title screen of Freddy attacking my teeneager (Who could not move) on the orignal title screen. When I started the game, I was on freddys house again, five lives and continues, at the boss! It was cool.

I tried my old code on other levels. I couldn't time it just right. But I did do it in the school in the basement right before I fought every boss in the game. It sent me straight to Freddy and when I beat him, it went to the screen that said all on how you beat Freddy, but the 1, 2 Freddys coming for you music played. When the words for now or whatever appared the music stopped altogether. I started a new game and was immeditly asleep. Best part... you'll see. Try it.
If you can't do it, here it is. You can play as FREDDY!!! Only you can't attack. Whoops! And It only works until you enter a house. Guess Freddy dosen't like fans impostering him.

Paper Boy

Sound Glitch
sent in by Rick L.

Go to one of the houses with the trash cans on the lot that is a subscriber. If it has a stack of papers on it, get the stack and quickly throw a paper toward the door. If you did it right, the sound will be one long beep for a second. This doesn't do anything, but it's fun to do anyway.

Power Blade

Kill bosses quickly
sent in by Dark Warrior

I have found an a glitch in the game Power Blade for NES (at least, I don't know of anyone else that has found it). It causes almost any boss to instantly die. Here's the set up.

First you need at least one grenade and also the security card in order to open the door to the boss's liar. Once you have these, go to the door to the boss liar. Now make sure that the select button will use a grenade and not an energy tank. Open the door to the boss liar and hit the select button repeatedly just as the message about the door opening finishes on the top of the screen. If done correctly you should hear the sound of the grenade going off, but it won't actually count as firing until you're inside.... the moment BEFORE the boss has any energy! And since the boss is at zero power and the grenade does damage... it is counted that the boss is in the negative, and it simply explodes! This does not work on the 4th level boss because it cannot be harmed right as you enter. The final boss is not vulnerable to this glitch either.

Pro Wrestling

Various oddities
sent in by Andracsek

There are a handful of things in here. First, you can actually attack running opponents from the top rope. This works best in the upper left corner, since you can climb the turnbuckle and come down with the wrestlers lined up the right way. Whip your opponent to the ropes and get your behind right up the turnbuckle. As soon as you get up there, use one of the flying attacks. If the guy is coming back at you, and things are timed right, you'll "run into" the guy coming back.

The next one requires you using Fighter Hyabusa(sp?) and the back brain kick vs. the computer. If you run the ropes and get the computer to stay on the same level as you, you can use the jumping knee attack to get the computer to move up the screen a bit. Get the distance right and when you land, you're in perfect position for the back brain kick.

This last one I've only seen once using the Advantage with A on turbo and Fighter Hyabusa. Hit the piledriver and keep holding A. I don't know if I was also holding down at the time. Before the computer finished the piledriver animation sequence, I went right into a back brain kick with the guy standing on his head!

Here's a screen shot from Pro Wrestling. There's apparently a 1-frame/cycle period of time where you do stand and the opponent is still in piledriver mode. It had to have been at this time that I hit the back brain kick. Never have been able to do it since.

Rescue Rangers

Two glitches
sent in by T.R.M.

Go to Zone E and go to the room where the two jumping crates are on the ledge right before the boat. Destroy the jumping crate on the right. Then start lifting up the boxes on the right while being careful not to destroy the other umping crate. After you lift up the crate right of the jumping crate, the jumping crate will "go inside" the normal crate. You can now walk on the jumping crate and such without getting harmed.

Also if you beat the boss and the boss beats you at the same time in any of the zones, then you still will win yet you were defeated too.

Ring King

Delay spinning animation into the next round
sent in by Andracsek

About 1 or 2 seconds before the end of the round, use a charging hook (the one that spins the opponent around before dropping). Make sure the spin animation does not finish by the end of the round. During the next round, land a charging uppercut. The spin animation from before will finish, THEN then super-uppercut animation will play.

River City Ransom

Refill health for free!
by David Wonn

This trick is extremely handy when playing a two player game. First you need to go to a screen that has a bottomless pit. Let one player fall into the pit, but make sure the other player is off the screen, heading toward a new screen. As long as you change to a new screen before the message "Alex [or Ryan] has lot all of his power" disappears, the player who fell into the pit will regain all of his health AND will not lose any money! Just repeat the process for the other player and now you can both be filled up instantly!

Illusion weapons!!
by David Wonn

This glitch is a side effect that can occur as a result of the previous trick. First, decide who is going to fall into the pit, and make sure that player has a weapon. As soon as both players enter a screen that has a pit, immediately send that player into the pit, and make sure the other player goes back to the previous screen. If everything was done right away, the player that fell into the pit will have his health refilled AND he will still have his weapon! But that's not all. Your weapon is actually not even there! You can use this illusion weapon with your A button to hit enemies, but if you throw it with the B button, it will instantly disappear and may sometimes end up tossing another weapon that is on the ground! In some cases, you'll even throw a weapon out of an enemy's hands!! If you repeat the process for the other player, both players can have an illusion weapon. Normally there cannot be more than 3 weapons appearing on any given screen, but with this trick, you can have 5! As long as you don't throw your weapon or get hit in any way, this trick will last as long as you want! Enjoy!

Hidden pit on first screen
by David Wonn

Start up a new game, and just move your character to the very top-left corner, but not on top of the wall. Now just do a quick running jump kick to the right by tapping right twice, then press A+B to jump, then press and hold B in mid-flight. If you are quick enough with your timing, you'll go right through the wall and off the left side of the screen and fall to your death! It's not very useful, obviously, but it is good for a few laughs. :-)

Continuous jump-kick trick!
by David Wonn

This trick is very handy for getting you out of a tight situation. Just make sure that you do NOT have the Dragon Feet technique activated. All you have to do is perform a running jump, then as you are just about to land, press B to kick. You'll do a quick hop and execute a jump-kick. Now just as you are about to land from that, press B once again. If you keep pressing the B button just as you are about to land from each hop, you will continuously do jump-kicks for as long as you like! The timing is roughly two presses of the B button per second. As long as you continue this technique, the enemies around you won't even move! In the hands of a master, this can get you out of almost any situation.

Copy another player's password instantly!
by David Wonn

Here's a very handy trick for those times when you want to have the same stats as your partner, or if you are entering a new password and want to give it to both players. This even works in a one player game. First, if you are manually entering a password for a player, go ahead and do that first, then leave the password screen. Now go into the password screen and decide whose stats you want to get rid of. Let this player press A one time to overwrite the first letter of his password to a different letter. The password is now invalid. Now go to Swap and press A. Once that is done, just press Start on the first player's controller to leave the screen. Now both players will have the same stats! The reason for this is that the player who ditched his old stats now has the other player's password. However the other player who had the better stats now has an invalid password, so it is discarded and he is back to his original stats. You can also do this in a one-player game by copying your stats over to the second player, so that you have a "backup" of your stats. You can always "restore" your stats from that backup anytime you wish. It's a whole lot better than manually re-entering 33 characters everytime. :-)

Start with ANY item!
passwords CRACKED by David Wonn

Check out this text file for some cracked passwords that allow you to start with any item, even ones you cannot normally hold in your inventory! How about a Sauna or even an item called "Nothing" or even "Main Menu"! Click the link to find out.

Enemies beat each other up!
sent in by Flying Omelette

This seems more like something that was intentionally left in the game, rather than a true "glitch", but it's rather funny and something I haven't seen anyone else mention, despite the large number of people who like this game. Start a new one-player game, and when it begins, don't press any buttons on the controller at all! Just let Alex stand there motionless. Eventually, one or two enemies will run onto the screen and attempt to beat up Alex, but the funny thing is, the enemies can never seem to hit him! Here are some funny things that can occur:

- If one enemy runs onto the screen without a weapon, he may punch and kick for awhile to no avail, then eventually turn around and run away.

- If one enemy shows up with a weapon, he may attempt to throw the weapon at Alex, but it will miss and hit the edge of the screen, bounce off, and the hit the enemy himself in the head! (Really funny!)

- If two enemies without weapons show up, they may take swings and punches at Alex, but end up hitting each other, instead. It's even possible for one enemy to knock out another, though it's rare. They're more likely to give up and run off-screen.

- If two enemies show up, and at least one is carrying a weapon, they may end up hitting each other with the weapon. I've even seen one enemy throw the weapon, only to have it miss and bounce off the screen and hit the second enemy in the head!

Occasionally, an enemy may land a blow on Alex, but for the most part, they can't, and you can watch this funny show go on and on and on! :)


Two glitches
sent in by Brandon Marks

1. When you climb up a rope, hold down right when he "hops" off and you'll be ducking in the air.

2. When you reach the overhead view level, you can get on top of the grassy areas that normally aren't accessable. This trick will pretty much work anywhere with the same type of area, but to make things easier to explain follow the directions. From the first starting point, walk up and take a left, then walk up and take the right path when you come to the fork in the road. When you reach a dead end to where you can only move to the right which takes you to the next screen, hold up and get next to the dirt wall. Move to the right and press up on the next screen, Rygar should walk up a little bit. Walk back to the left and you'll be on the wall, so hold up again and Rygar should walk up even more. Walk back to the right and hold up. Rygar should be on the grass now. If you walk to the left again you'll be on top of the wall.

Scroll to a strange place
sent in by Elliot

Once you get to the last area in the game-its that castle maze in the sky whose name I forgot, you have to blow some horn to get to it or something-if you move immediately left to the end of the screen it looks lke a dead end and death if you jump off the edge, but if you jump fairly close to the edge, you end up hitting the edge of the screen and scrolling it to a secret, weird sub area of the final area in which you can run on top of walls and other weird things.


Red Jacket
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

In the game, you can get a red jacket which increases punching power. But the main charcter has a green one at the stage select screen. Make sure your game hasn't been played for a while and let it colect a little dust. If your game starts with lines all over the screen, beat stage A and the guy will wear a red jacket. This may freeze your game.

Snake's Revenge

Weird Glitch
sent in by Cactuar

When you are on top of the trolleys in the Green Base area, and have just gotten past a 2D fighting part, hold the down button on the D-Pad before it shifts back to overhead mode. If you did it correctly, you'll warp back to the Green Base for some odd reason, the bad part is that you're stuck! If you try to take the elevator back up, you'll see that the room is all glitched up, so you won't be able to progress any further, bummer.

Super Mario Bros.

Small and Fiery
by David Wonn

First, go to any castle level (e.g. W1-4, W2-4, etc.), preferably one that contains a power-up. Now get to Bowser when Mario is big. Get past him (over or under) without getting hit and wait beside the axe. Let Bowser come toward you, and when he gets close, jump into the air. Try to land on his head and the axe at the same time. The timing is very tricky, and will require a lot of practice. If you time it right, you will become semitransparent like you normally would when you're hit, but you will still be big! The reason for this is that you are frozen when you touch the axe and don't have time to shrink. Now Mario is actually big and Regular. Now find a power up in one of the following levels. It is actually a mushroom! Collect it to shrink! Now when small Super Mario gets another power-up, it will be a fire-flower! Collect it to be small an fiery!! If you ever feel the urge to grow, just run into an enemy. But don't run into an enemy while you are big or else you'll die immediately. The effect of this reversed "small-fiery mode" will remain in effect as long as you don't die. For some real fun, try getting it to work in W1-4 and finish the rest of the game without losing the effect!

"Minus World"
Did you know...?

The "Minus World" is not actually World Negative One, but is actually world "space", level 1. The "space" character actually represents a higher number (World 36 to be exact), but most people mistakenly refer to it as World Minus One.

OK, for those of you who aren't familiar with the "Minus World", here is how you reach World 36: In World 1-2, get to the end of the level and find the pipe that takes you to the exit. Mario must be big for this to work. Instead of exiting through the pipe, jump on top of it and stand on the leftmost portion of the pipe. Break some of the bricks above, but DO NOT break the rightmost brick. Now here's the tricky part. You will need to jump up and lean your jump to the right, so that Mario's head goes through the rightmost brick. This may take several attempts before you get it right. If everything goes well, Mario will then go through the rest of the bricks! Now you will appear where the three warp pipes are that ordinarily take you to Worlds 2, 3, and 4. As long as you don't scroll the screen too far, this trick will work. Go down the 1st (or 3rd) pipe and you're off to the "Minus World"! It's really World 36-1, but the programmers didn't make enough room for more than one digit in the level, which shows up as a space. The level is virtually identical to World 2-2 with one critical difference: THERE IS NO WAY OUT! The trick isn't very useful unless you plan on brushing up on your swimming skills :)

There is an alternate trick that you can do, which is more useful. Do the trick above and go through the bricks. Instead of taking the first pipe, take the second one. This will take you to World 5-1! If you enjoy World 5, this is the fastest way to get there.

Glide glitch
sent in by Brandon Marks

In Super Mario Bros on NES, you can make Mario run while standing on one leg. Find an area where you run into a pipe from the side that exits at the top (like in area 1-2 where the pirhana plants are). As Super Mario with fireballs, hold the B button and run into the pipe and don't let go of B. As soon as Mario exits the pipe press jump, and when Mario lands he'll be standing on one leg while you move him around.

Jump in mid-air!
by David Wonn

Here's a handy glitch that only works on the NES version: Whenever Mario is not Fiery, find a powerup Mushroom or Fire Flower. Now try to jump on top of it but release the A button just before you land on it. While Mario is growing or changing colors, hold the A button. After Mario transforms, you will be able to jump in mid-air! This can be especially for sticky situations where a mushroom is about to fall into a pit or if you just want to gain some extra height that you normally could not reach.

Climb to the top of the screen
by Jeff Walker

Here's another very handy glitch for SMB. In many of the castle levels and other areas, there are often tall bricks or platforms suspended in mid-air. In some cases they are up high enough where you can't seem to climb them. With this glitch you can! I will use W2-4 as an example, although this can be applied in several other places.

In World 2-4, get past the spot where you collect the power up and you will see that the screen allows you to take two possible paths. The trick is to make the beginning of the upper bricks scroll to the leftmost part of your screnn, but don't go too far. Knowing precisely how far to do this will depend on your TV screen. If you get to the right spot, you can jump to the very left side of your screen to get onto a low platform that you almost scrolled away, then jump again off that platform at full speed. If everything is done correctly, you will be able to jump up the side of the screen a few times, and make it to the very top! This is especially handy on levels like 2-4 and 5-4 since it allows you to bypass more dangerous paths. Be careful though as you can get stuck in some levels, especially in Worlds 1-4, 2-2, 6-4, and 7-2.

Jump backwards
sent in by Another Gamer

Turn Mario in the direction opposite of where you want to go. Then hold down and then in a downwards diagonal direction. (Mario'll stop crouching if he's big). Now, as long as you hold the controller like this, he'll remain facing in the same direction he faced originally until you release the controller, jump to the flagpole, or go down a pipe. Since you're holding in a direction, he can't walk, so you have to move by jumping. Also notice that he'll skid whenever he lands from a jump.

Floating glitch
sent in by Randy Solem

In level 1-1 go down the pipe. When you come up two goombas will be coming at you. Wait until they are almost near the pipe, then walk off and land on one of them. Mario will "bounce" up in slow motion. It's kind of dumb but a glitch none the less.

Turn Spinies into Koopas!
by David Wonn

This glitch works best in World 6-1, but it can be applied to some other levels. It also works best if Mario is small, but not required. Find the hidden 1-up underneath a row of bricks and activate that block. Now scroll the screen so that the block is almost to the very left of the screen. Now jump on top of that block. If you're big, be sure not to break to bricks above it! Now wait until Lakitu drops some Spinies onto the bricks above. As soon as one is directly above you, jump to knock him off the block. As long as the screen was scrolled just right, the Spiny may turn into a Koopa shell!

Jump through a brick
by David Wonn

This is a side effect of the glitch above, but Mario must be small for it to work. Jump on top of the hidden block that contained the 1-up and wait for a Spiny to walk on the brick above you. This time, jump twice in a row rapidly. With good timing, you'll not only knock the Spiny over (and possibly turn it into a Koopa) but you will also jump up through the brick and land on top of it!

Score points after dying!
by David Wonn

If you ever get killed by an enemy while there is a moving shell on the screen, you can still score points even after Mario dies! All you have to do is pause the game a few times repeatedly after Mario has been killed by an enemy. Normally all enemies are frozen after Mario is hit, but by doing this trick, they will unfreeze. If the turtle shell that you kicked hits any enemies, you can still score points!

Repeated death glitch
by David Wonn

This glitch is another extension of the previous glitch. If Mario gets killed by a Hammer Brother, pause the game a few times repeatedly. After the Hammer Bros. unfreeze, they will throw more hammers. If one of them hits the dead Mario below the screen, you'll hear the sound effect of Mario dying again! You can repeat the process for as long as you feel like torturing Mario, but he will still only lose one life.

Die and clear a castle
by Jeff Walker

In any castle level, let regular Mario jump on Bowser's head and the axe at the same time. You'll see Mario's death animation but still clear the level.

[Ed. Note: This is the very glitch which inspired me to find the Small and Fiery glitch!]

Do the Mario!
sent in by Victreebel64

On any level with a vine, climb up to the top of the vine, jump off, then jump back on and hold UP. Mario will be doing a cool little dance on top of the vine ^_^

Platform pulley glitch
sent in by Glitch Masta Buzda

This lil glitch has been throwing me off for years. First let a platform pulley (you know the two platforms connected together by a string on all of the jumping levels) fall down to earn 1000 points. If you try to jump past the area were the edge of the platform would be if it didnt fall, it should act as if it really is still hanging there and block your way!! It may even cause you to fall to your death!! Usually the invisible platform doesn't get in your way anymore after you touch it once.

ex.   0=====0
      1     1
      1    <------aim your jump at the arrow's tip

Easy 8000 points
by David Wonn

This could possibly be the least known method to get a quick 8000 points, although I've known about it for a long time. Go into any level which has a Koopa Troopa or Buzzy Beetle on top of bricks. Worlds 2-1 and 3-1 are notorious for this, as well as World 1-1 on the second quest. Just try to knock a Koopa or Beetle from underneath, and then kick its shell while it is still in mid-air. It takes a little time to get the timing right, but you'll be a pro at it with practice. As long as you kicked it in mid-air, you will immediately receive an 8000 point bonus. Cool!

Enemies walk on air
sent in by Jeremy Stone

In World 3-2 (and possibly others) about halfway through the level (at the two gaps with a block above the land in between the gaps) jump on the green turtle after it walks off the edge into the hole, and bounce up to solid ground. If done correctly the turtle will be in mid air. Let it come back to life and it will be walking halfway through the ground (if you beat the game you can do this with the beetles and they wont fall in holes, they walk over them like its solid ground).

Dance down a pipe
sent in by Jeremy Stone

In any world with a pipe you can go down get a running start and as you land on the pipe press down, Mario will dance down the pipe.

Vine glitch
sent in by Jeremy Stone

In at least level 3-1 go to where the vine is, if you hit it, and jump up where it comes up, fast enough youll be standing on the block instead of holding the vine. while your there you cant jump. It can be fixed simply by walking to the side untill you grab the vine.

Star trick
by Jeff Walker

In the first level, grab the Star as late as possible. Once you collect it, run full speed to the finish. If you are fast enough, the end of level music will change into the normal theme while your score is being calculated.

Going overboard on lives
by David Wonn

In the original NES version, if you use the "turtle on the stairs" trick repeatedly, you gain lots of points, and eventually lives. The end of World 3-1 is the most famous example of this exploit, but there are numerous other levels that work as well. The reason it works is that Mario is stomping the Koopa or Buzzy Beetle, then on his way down, he kicks it. In a fraction of a second, it ricochets back to Mario, and Mario ends up stomping it again, repeating the process, and gradually accumulating points as if he were stomping several enemies in a row. If you're not careful, you can go overboard and get too many lives. From numerous tests, I have concluded that you can safely accumulate as many as 129 lives, and that this value is stored in a signed byte (meaning that the number can be negative or positive). If you collect 130 or more, your life counter is treated like you have less than zero lives! This means if you get killed, the game will immediately end. If you go way beyond 130, and back to more than 257 lives, your lives will be back to a positive number! This means that you can safely die without ending the game. Cool.

Super Mario Bros. 2
(NES version only)

Fifth warp zone!!
by David Wonn

Sure, everyone knows about the first 4 warp zones, but I'm going to show you how to get the 5th one! First, here's the list:

1. W1-3 to W4-1
2. W3-1 to W5-1
3. W4-2 to W6-1
4. W5-3 to W7-1
5. W6-1 to W6-1

That's right, it's not a misprint! Now on with the trick:

In World 6-1, select any character, and go down the tube which has the Magic Potion. Now pick up the Potion and carry it all the way to the blade of grass between two cacti, which also contains a Potion. Drop the Potion directly on top of that blade of grass and enter subspace. Upon exiting, you'll need to execute the "Illusion item glitch" (see below). If you executed that glitch properly, you'll have an illusion of a Potion on top of your head. If you don't succeed, you'll need to start over from scratch by getting the Potion from the tube and repeating the process.

After successfully getting the glitch to work, go into the cave ahead where you'd normally go. Once inside you'll have a real Potion which you can take with you. Drop it where you see the long series of tubes and go into Subspace. It just so happens that any tube which you can't normally enter can be turned into a Warp Zone inside Subspace. Now you can warp to... W6-1 once again!

So why would you want to warp back to the same level? You can collect coins over and over, as well as the TWO 1-ups (see the 2-up trick below) in order to rack up on lives if you haven't already reached the max of P4 (254) reserve lives. Enjoy!!

Illusion Items
by Jeff Walker (circa 1989)

Select any character in any level and find a Potion. Pick it up and drop it directly on top of a blade of grass. Now enter subspace and leave. Once you leave, press the B button repeatedly and rapidly. If all goes well, you'll end up with the item appearing on top of your head, but wait - it's not really there at all! It's just an illusion, but once you enter a door, climb a vine, or die, the item will become real! The advantage to doing this is that you can carry items to places where they would not normally occur. You can carry items to the bosses, but better yet, this trick ultimately leads to the 5th warp zone! (See above)

by David Wonn

In W6-1 select either Mario or Toad. Go into the cave and go down into the tube which has 4 blades of grass beneath a lot of sand. The two pieces of grass on both ends contain a 1-up, while the ones in the middle contain Sprouts. Ordinarily you can only collect one 1-up in a given level, but with speed you can get two. Pick up the two middle pieces of grass and throw the Sprouts. Now stand on the right edge of the left piece of grass or the left edge of the right piece of grass. Pick it up and quickly run to the other one and pick it up as well. If you manage to pick up the second piece of grass BEFORE the first 1-up vanishes, you'll be rewarded with BOTH.

Double Jump
by David Wonn

Use any character and run right toward an enemy at full speed. Just a split second before you think you're about to get hit, jump! With good timing you'll be able to jump yet again in midair! This technique is very useful for reaching high places, and now you can jump higher than you could with just a power squat jump! Try this out with Luigi to reach some places that you previously thought were unreachable.

Jump in Midair
by David Wonn

This is yet another way to jump in midair. Stand on the ground while you have 3 or 4 life units and let an enemy run right into you. You'll lose a life unit, but you'll be able to jump in mid-air.

Mega High Jump!
by David Wonn

Here's an alternative to the previous techniques which will give you an even higher jump. First do a power squat jump when you have 3 or 4 life units. Now you need to get hit by some enemy while in mid-air to get a super high jump. One great place to try this out is when you're fighting Mouser at the end of W1-3 with Luigi. Take a bomb and go to the left of all the pieces of grass. Do a power squat jump when the bomb starts flashing and try to time it so that it explodes at the peak of your jump. Using this technique, you can get on top of the entire screen!!

Turn your enemies into an Elevator!
by David Wonn

photo courtesy of redslime

This one can have some practical uses in some levels, but for the most part, it's just fun to do. Go into the first level, preferably with Toad or Mario. Go to the area where the first POW block is located, pick up an enemy, and ride on another enemy. Now when you're away from one of the pillars, throw the enemy at the pillar and quickly pick up the one you're riding and throw it at the other enemy while it is still upside down. If you are quick enough, the enemies will collide as usual, but wait - instead of falling, they're flying up! If you're still quick enough, you can jump on top of these enemies and take a ride all the way to the top of the screen!

Several ways to reuse items
by David Wonn

1. Pick up a vegetable and run toward an enemy at full speed. Throw it at the enemy and continue to run. With good timing, the vegetable will bounce back into your hands to be used once again!

2. Throw a vegetable at an enemy that is situated above you. A good place to try this is with a power-squat jump in the first level and aim for the Shyguy that is near the first potion. After you've thrown it, try to make the vegetable land on top of your head after you land from your jump. With good timing, you'll get the vegetable back! For even more fun, try climbing the vine while landing from your jump. It's even possible to catch the vegetable while you're climbing! This can be very handy in some levels if you want to carry a vegetable to another section of a level. Similarly, you can carry bombs while climbing the chain in your second encounter with Mouser on W3-3.

3. Throw a vegetable at an enemy and then try to jump on top of it. You can pick up the vegetable once again by using the B button.

4. You can reuse Turtle Shells by jumping on top of them after they are tossed. You can also reuse them if you get one to land on top of your head. This can lead to many possibilities... (some of which will be revealed later)

POW madness
by David Wonn

photos courtesy of redslime

The POW block is known for its great power of destruction, but it actually has a few weird properties that can be handy in some situations and some that are, well, destructive to your own character!

1. Try dropping the POW block while you're standing on top of a Turtle Shell, a Crystal Ball, or even a moving log in a waterfall. You'll be sent soaring into the air! If you do this on top of the Crystal in W1-3, you can end up stuck in the wall! The only way out of this is to use the old suicide trick on the second controller. (Up + A + B on controller 2 while paused)

2. Drop a POW block and quickly pick up a Sprout and throw it. It will also fly high into the air.

3. Here's a really weird one. Go to a level which contains both a Bob-Omb in the grass and a POW block nearby. W3-3 and W5-2 are great places to try this. Pick up the POW block and stand on top of the piece of grass where the Bob-Omb is hiding. Now drop the POW block and quickly pick up the piece of grass. The Bob-Omb should go right through the floor. Now if you die on the same screen or if you go through a door or even down a tube, you'll be in for an explosive surprise! :)
I'm not even close to revealing all there is to know about SMB2...
Destroy Birdo with Invincibility!
by David Wonn

You can do this in W1-2, W2-1, and W4-2. Just before you are about to reach the end of the level, make sure that you've collected 4 cherries. Pick up the fifth cherry as late as possible and pick up the Star when it is as close to the end of the level as possible. Run toward the end of the level at full speed, and if you are quick enough, you can defeat Birdo simply by running into him!

Destroy Birdo with a key on W1-2
by David Wonn

This trick works best with Luigi, but it is possible to do with any character. First, get the key and carry it near the door where you'd normally take it. Pick up a Ninji and throw him near the door. Now pick up the key and do a power-squat jump from the Ninji when it is at the peak of its jump. Luigi will easily make it to the top of the screen, but if you use another character, you'll need to get hit by one of the Snifit's bullets while you have 3 life units. Now you can carry the key all the way to Birdo! An alternative way to get the key across the large pit is to get the Beezos to fly toward you, and take a ride on one of them by using continuous jumping to stay afloat. With this method, even Toad can get across. Now you can destroy Birdo as easily as fighting him in the last level.

Destroy Birdo with a Turtle Shell!
by David Wonn

In the first level, get the Turtle Shell and carry it to the vine which leads up to the vertical scrolling sky section of the course. Luigi can easily get there with the shell, but any character can make it there as well. Either power squat off of a Tweeter or if you use the POW madness trick and reuse items trick (see above) to get it there.

Now here's the tricky part which takes time to master: Stand back about 4 or 5 pieces of grass behind the vine. Do a running jump toward the vine and throw it in midair. Now climb the vine. If your timing is right, you'll climb the vine just as the Turtle Shell lands on your head. You can now carry the Turtle Shell up to the next section!

Continue to scale your way up, using Ninjis and Hoopsters to help you make some of the trickier jumps. Once you reach the top of the area, stand on the cloud just to the right of the vine and stand back as far as possible, and then repeat the process of throwing the shell in mid-air toward the vine. If you make it this time, you will be able to carry the shell all the way to Birdo!! Just hit him 3 times with the Shell to take him out.

Run at hyper speed
Did you know...?

Toad can run even faster than his regular running speed if you are holding an enemy or a ripened vegetable or certain other items. After picking an item up, continue to hold the B button. If you accidentally let go of B, or need to execute a power-squat jump, just pause, hold B, and unpause. This hyper speed run can come in handy in some areas.

Destroy Mouser with invincibility
by David Wonn

You've heard of several ways to take out Birdo, but did you know that Mouser can also be destroyed with invincibility? This one's extremely tricky because of the timing. In W1-3, get to the last section before your encounter with Mouser. This area contains 6 cherries, a POW block, and a Crystal. Collect just 4 cherries and then get the Crystal. Go over toward the Hawkmouth so that you see its mouth open all the way. Now run back and collect the nearest cherry to get the Star to appear. Collect the Star when it's at its rightmost point, and run like madness into the Hawkmouth. Run toward the brick wall after you fall, and let one of Mouser's bombs destroy it. If your timing is right on the money, you may be lucky enough to kill Mouser just as your invincibility is about to wear off. The hyper speed run trick above makes this even easier to do.

Destroy Phanto!
by David Wonn

Yes, that annoying Phanto can be destroyed! Here's how: Go to a level that contains a Key, and take it to an area that contains a vegetable and a cherry in the same general area. World 1-3 is an excellent example. Be sure to collect precisely 4 cherries and 4 vegetables. Find the key where you'd normally find it and take it back outside. Take it back to a nearby vegetable and taunt Phanto so that he comes toward you. Now quickly drop it and pick up that piece of grass before he goes away to get a Stopwatch. This will freeze him into place. Now pick up a nearby cherry to get a Star. With good timing, you can finally get rid of that pesky Phanto! He will come back if you go through a door, so enjoy your freedom while it lasts!

Hyper Speed Rocket
by David Wonn

Here's a great way to add some extra powerful fuel to those rockets. Go to a level that contains both a POW block and a Rocket, like W7-1. Pick up the POW block and take a ride onto an Albatoss until you get to the piece of grass that contains the rocket. Stand on that piece of grass, drop the POW block, and quickly pick up the piece of grass. The rocket will now take off at hyper speed! It's not particularly useful, but it is fun to watch.

Play SMB1's music in the background!
sent in by

First, get a potion and then get invincible (this works best in World 1-3) enter the door while invincible. Wait until your character flashes slowly when the stars effect wears off. Now exit. If you timed it right, the subspace music should still be playing and will continue to play until you die or enter a door.

Major Life Meter Glitch
by David Wonn

Here's another rather useless trick, but it is a very weird glitch. Go to any level that contains a rocket, and pick up the piece of grass that contains it. Shortly after the rocket launches up a little bit, press the Start button to pause and do the suicide code (Up + A + B on controller 2 while paused). Unpause and watch what happens on the next screen! The music will stop as though you're dead, (except on W4-1, since the music changes), but wait, you're still alive! But you have no life units!

Now here's the resulting glitch: You'll shrink if you were already big, and you will have ZERO life meters filled. Be careful not to get hit, or you'll die as usual. Collect a heart to go from zero life units to TWO life units. You'll still be small! Collect another heart and you'll finally grow. If you get hit at this point, you'll be knocked into the air AND shrink! If you get hit again, you'll go from 2 life units to 0 units, and not get knocked into the air. This glitch will wear off if you are killed or if you complete the level, whichever comes first, so have fun with it while it lasts!

Repeatedly collect coins trick

This is a rather well-known trick which allows you to seriously rack up on those coins. Find a potion and drop it in an area that contains grass and a pit on the same screen. Go into subspace, pick up the coin(s) and fall into the pit. You'll lose a life, but you won't use up one of your two chances to pick up coins since you never exited the door! Repeat as often as you'd like, but make sure not to use up all your lives! With effective use of this trick, and with good timing in the bonus games, you can reach P4 (254) lives before you even finish World 1!

Instant death 1
sent in by Victreebel64

Sometimes, if you're running really fast and try to go down a vine, ladder, or rope while running fast, you'll fall straight through the ground and lose a life.

Instant death 2
sent in by Victreebel64

Get the Potion at the end of 5-1, but don't drop it right away. Jump on one of the logs falling down the waterfall, then get up on top of the ceiling so you can't see your character (NOT in one of the pits that has a mushroom block in it). Drop the potion, then go in the door (for this to work, the door has to be off-screen!). You will die as soon as you enter Sub Space. Obviously, it's easier to do with Luigi.

Magic Ostro
sent in by Victreebel64

At the beginning of World 5-1, there is an Ostro with a Shyguy on it. Jump on the Shyguy's head and ride it over to the fire-breathing plant. While the plant is on screen, hit B. You should pick up the Shyguy, but the Ostro will vanish into thin air.

Double Doors
sent in by Victreebel64

In world 5-1, get the Potion that's on a high platform with a 1up on it. Take it all the way to the end (right before the door to Birdo) and drop it. Take the other potion and drop it right next to the door that formed when you dropped the first potion (but NOT on top of it). Now go into either door. Both doors should open at once then one will disappear. It's not much but it's fun to do.

Suicidal doors!
by David Wonn

WARNING! Don't do this unless you really want to lose ALL of your lives. Just go to any red door, press up to enter, and before you attempt to reach the next screen, pause the game quickly. Now do the Suicide code (Up + A + B on controller 2) and upause. You'll die as usual, but now when your next lives appear, you'll fall through the floor, and you have no control! This process will continue with each and every life you have left. I found this out the hard way one day when I decided to see what happens when you do the suicide code inside a door. The worst part about it was that I was on the final level and had over 200 lives. I had to watch each life die one by one! Obviously this trick has no practical purpose, unless you're just really evil one day and decide to tell a friend to try it out. ;-)

Pick up Ostro and Shyguy at the same time!
by David Wonn

First, go to a level that contains vegetables and Ostros. World 5-2 is a great place to do this. Pick up 4 vegetables and then pick up a fifth one while there is a Shyguy riding an Ostro on the screen. You'll get a stopwatch which will freeze them in place. Now pick up the Ostro and look, you're holding both the Shyguy and the Ostro! Just be careful as this effect only lasts while the Stopwatch is active. After it wears off, watch and see what happens. :-)

Climb through a wall and beyond!
by David Wonn

Just because there is a ceiling above your head, that doesn't mean you can't go through it! Near the end of World 3-3, make your way to the top of the last vertical scrolling chamber. There you will find a ladder that leads to a door, which leads you outside to some Ninjis and the masked gate. Don't go through that door yet! Instead, position your character just to the right of the ladder. Jump while ducking and try to grab onto the ladder at its highest possible point. This is easiest with Princess since she can float at the top of the screen, but any other character can do it as well. As long as you grabbed the very top, you'll climb upward through the ceiling! You'll climb up an invisible ladder to the section where the door leads. It may not seem useful, but this glitch combined with a couple others below will lead to something very unusual.

Get an enemy stuck in a wall
by David Wonn

This trick works in any level, but it's easiest to see the results in levels with a very thick ground. The end of World 1-2 or any place in World 2-1 are good places to try this. All you have to do is throw an enemy while your character is growing from a heart or while an enemy causes you to shrink. With good timing you can get an enemy stuck inside a wall or stuck into the ground! You can also achieve this effect if you throw an enemy just as a Stopwatch is about to wear off. Read on to see how the previous glitch and the next glitch can be combined with this one.

Skip a row of sand
by David Wonn

In any of the desert levels, you can actually skip a row of sand with this trick. Start digging downward until you come to a row where a Shyguy is walking back and forth, but don't dig any sand on his level! Just try to jump and land directly onto the Shyguy. This may take several tries before this works. If you're lucky, you'll land on his head, rather than onto the sand. You'll know you did this correctly if you start moving along with the Shyguy. Just pick him up and toss him out of the way. Now you'll see a complete row of sand untouched. This is useful in keeping the enemies above from ever reaching you. This may not sound like much, but when this is combined with the previous two glitches, you'll be in for a treat....

Warp backwards from 1-2 to 1-1!!
by David Wonn

Just when you thought the fifth warp zone was unusual, wait until you see this! This should not be counted as a warp zone, though, as it does not involve going down a jar in subspace. What it does involve is a mixture of the three previous glitches. Now for the trick...

Make your way to World 1-2 with any character, and open the locked door with the key. Make sure that you have picked up 4 vegetables along the way. You might have to go in and out of the door to do that. Once you have that set up, go inside and destroy the first set of blocks in your way with a couple bombs. Don't worry if there is a stray block above your character's head. Now pick up a stopwatch to freeze all the enemies. Now pick up the Pink Snifit (NOT the gray one!) and stand underneath the stray block that wasn't taken out with a bomb, and face to the right. The trick is to throw the Snifit so that he lands inside the brick directly beneath the ladder. As you will see, timing must be perfect for this to work, so it may take several failed attempts before you get the timing right. It helps to know that the Stopwatch sound effects repeat themselves 16 times. You'll need to throw the Snifit during that 16th time. Alternatively you could try getting the Snifit stuck in that brick by throwing him while you are growing or shrinking if you prefer.

Once you have successfully placed the Pink Snifit under the ladder, you're ready for the trick! It helps to get rid of the Gray Snifit, as he can be a nuisance. Stand at the bottom of the ladder, and jump up and down a few times until you successfully land on top of the Pink Snifit's head. Sometimes it helps to move in midair to accomplish this. Once you've done this, tap down on the control pad briefly just to make sure you are lined up with the ladder. If your character ducks, you aren't lined up right, but if your character attempts to scale the ladder, then you're all set! Just pick up the Snifit and give him a toss. Now your character will be halfway inside the floor! Just climb down the ladder and you'll be in for a big surprise....

Now you are back in World 1-1!! At this point you may end up in one of two locations. You might appear at the very beginning of World 1-1 from an invisible ladder to the left of the door in the sky. The alternative is that you may appear inside of a brick in the underground section. If this happens, be sure to hold Up on the control pad! Then gradually move off to the side. Otherwise you might get stuck inside the wall! If that happens, you'll have to use the suicide code (Up + A + B on controller 2 while paused). Be sure to move out of the way on your next life. As long as you are holding Up, the game thinks you're climbing, even though there is no ladder there. Be careful!

So now you must be thinking, "Why would I want to go backward a level?" At a glance, it's not particularly useful, but if you're good with the bonus games, you can use this to your advantage to rack up on more lives than you'd expect at this early stage in the game. You could actually have P4 (254) lives in the very first level this way! Also, this trick can give you some insight on how the game was programmed. Once you beat World 1-1 again, it will count again in the ending toward your final stats. The most obvious reason to do this, of course, is to impress your friends. :-) Good luck on pulling this trick off!

Get back to the top of 1-1 or return to 1-2!
by David Wonn

This glitch is very similar to the previous backward warp glitch. The difference is that you will be using the very first vine that you encounter in World 1-1. Get a Shyguy stuck under the vine using the procedures in the previous glitch. Once you manage to get your character stuck in the ground, climb downward. You'll be on an invisible vine at the very top of the stage, above the very first door! Even stranger yet, if you perform this glitch AFTER you warped from 1-2 to 1-1, you'll appear in the cave of World 1-2! In essense, you could warp back and forth between these levels as often as you wish!

Warp backwards from 3-1 to 1-2!!
by David Wonn

The backward warp is back once again! Follow the procedures for the warp trick from 1-2 to 1-1, but this time you'll be using the ladder near the pink Shyguy and the moving pink Panser in 3-1. Pick up five vegetables to get a Stopwatch, but make sure the Shyguy is on the right side of the ladder before you freeze him. This way, you can prevent the Panser from coming back. The tricky part will be lining yourself up. I prefer to have the ladder showing on the left side of the screen. Throw the Shyguy around the 14th or 15th cycle of the Stopwatch. If all goes well, you'll have the Shyguy under the ladder, just as in the previous backward warp glitch. Once you go down the ladder, you'll be back in the underground section of World 1-2! But it isn't exactly 1-2 -- It's actually World 3 Level Negative 4. Notice that if you go out the door on your left, you'll find that it is locked! Also, do not collect the 1-up mushroom -- It's a trap!

Now you'll have several options at this point. If you decide to do the backward warp in this level, you'll be back in World 3-1 again! If you decide to beat the fake World 1-2, you'll appear in a fake World 1-3 but without ever going to the bonus game! You'll even carry your life meters over! It's as if 1-2 and 1-3 are one continuous level! If you decide to use the warp zone in the fake World 1-3, you'll warp to World 5, just as if you warped from World 3-1! Or you could try to beat 1-3 to face a Mouser that is as strong as he is in World 3! Also note that if you unlocked the door in the fake World 1-2, the door in the fake 1-3 will also be unlocked! Once you beat this level, you'll finally get to the bonus game, as though you legitimately beat a level. Once you've done that, you'll go back to... you guessed it, World 3-1! You can loop through these levels as often as you wish if you're good at it. Enjoy!

Shortcuts galore and more!
by David Wonn

While some of the shortcuts in the game are obvious, others might catch you by surprise. Read on to find routes that you might not have explored....

World 1-1: Certainly everyone has seen the alternate route to Birdo by blowing up a wall with bombs, but there is another shortcut prior to this. You don't have to enter the cave section from the lower door to reach higher ground. With Luigi or Princess, you can easily get up there from the platform to the right of the second POW block. With Mario, you can use the double jump glitch from a Shyguy or Tweeter to get up there. Even Toad has a way up there. Just powersquat from a Tweeter and you'll make the jump.

World 1-2: Yes, any character can take this shortcut! Most people may have noticed that you can skip the key by doing a power squat jump from a Ninji-2 with Luigi to reach the higher ground. You can do the same thing with any other character, but you'll need to get hit by an enemy above you while you have 3 life meters to get just enough extra height. Another way is to continuously jump on a Beezo. Still yet another way is with the magic carpet ride! As soon as you get on the carpet, go to the bottom of the screen so that part of your character is below the screen. Doing this will cause you to move faster than normal! Now you should have just enough time to make it to the top of the screen with any character.

World 3-1: You might think that only Luigi or Princess could do this, but actually all characters can do this! With Luigi or Princess, it's just a matter of doing a running jump to the left after you climb the vine. How can Mario and Toad do this, you ask? Grab some mushroom blocks and throw them on top of the clouds in the background. They will float in mid-air! Just one well-placed mushroom block should do the job, but it wouldn't hurt to get more. Fortunately, the programmers were savvy enough to keep this accessible in the SNES version as well.

World 3-2: You're probably thinking of using Princess, but Luigi is better! Sure, everyone knows about the small gap in the underground accessible to Princess only, but if you take Luigi down the first ladder, you can do a power-squat to the top of the screen and skip everything below! The other characters can get up there by jumping from a ladder, but only Luigi and Princess can carry an item across the top! To carry a potion across the top with Princess, you'll need to pick up the Pink Shyguy and make a leap of faith across the pit to the left. Then clear the bricks with bombs. Then get the Shyguy once again and carry him to the leftmost ladder. Pick up the Potion after you've thrown the Shyguy on the platform with the ladder. Then go up to that platform and power-squat off of the Shyguy to make it to the very top of the screen. With Luigi, you don't need to go through all that -- Just power-squat with the potion and you'll make it to the top.

With clever use of managing bombs and carrying the Potion back over, you can actually get 5 coins per trip to subspace. It's the only level where Luigi and Princess can get more coins than Toad and Mario!

World 3-3: This handy shortcut will allow you to skip the key altogether! Bring any character into the door just to the right of the ladder. Inside this area, you'll see a Ninji-2 on the first screen. Carry him up to the ledge just to the left of the only Red Snifit in the game. Throw the Ninji onto this platform, then do a power squat jump at the peak of the Ninji's jump. You should easily jump to the next platform.

World 4-3: With Luigi or Princess, you can skip most of the level! After riding on Birdo's egg, you'll come across a door to your right. Instead of going through this door, make a running jump to the right! Also, skip the next door that you see, and the one beyond that will lead you to the end! It is also worth mentioning that any character can continuously jump on the Beezo to go all the way back to Birdo at the start of the level! This is handy if you plan on collecting the patch of coins twice.

World 5-3: After you have gone underground and into the next door, you'll be in the section with several Sparks and jars that contain Shyguys. Just go down to the first jar and pick up the mushroom block that is blocking Shyguys from coming out. Throw it anywhere and then do a ducking jump. Tweak your jump so that you can squeeze yourself over the top of the jar and to the left. It's a small shorcut, but handy nonetheless.

World 6-2: After you collect the only mushroom in this stage, wait for an Albatoss or a Beezo to get you back to the left. Take a ride, and soon you'll see a Beezo moving to the right. Jump on him continuously to make it to the end of the level faster than you normally could on an Albatoss. It helps to use Princess or Luigi for this.

World 6-3: Just about everyone knows this one. From the beginning, you can let your character start sinking into the sand, but run toward the wall on the left. Now you can go under the wall. As long as you keep jumping, you'll make it to the other side. The door will take you near the end of the level!

World 7-1: After you've taken a ride on the rocket to the next section, you'll notice that there is a tall wall preventing you from reaching the ladder. Normally you'd have to navigate the small maze of clouds and dodge enemies along the way, but there's an easier way! Look at the pole to the left of the tall wall. If there isn't already a Snifit on that pole, scroll off the screen and come back so that there is one there. With Luigi or Princess, you can just powersquat from the Snifit and clear the tall wall! If you are using Mario or Toad, don't despair; there's still a way up! Use the enemy elevator glitch with a Tweeter and a Snifit and you can ride them up to the top!

World 7-2: This is probably the least known about shortcut in the game! In several locations, you can climb a chain to the top of the screen. If you jump from the chain, you can walk across the top of the level! In some areas, this is very handy, as it allows you to go from one location to another faster than you can imagine! Try approaching the Birdo with the key this way. As long as you came from any chain except the chain in his room, Birdo will immediately drop his key! Use it against him for an easy victory. With this shortcut, you should be able to get both mushrooms in record time!

An easier way to ride Beezos
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

You don't have to keep jumping to stay on a Beezo's back. Instead, just jump on his head once, make sure you're NOT holding the run button (B in the NES game, Y in the SNES version) and just hold the Control Pad in the direction the guy is flying. Your character will sort of "vibrate" on the edge of the Beezo and will not fall off. (If you do this in 6-2, you'll still have to jump to dodge Albatosses and other Beezos...)

Climb an invisible ladder
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

In 3-3, when you first enter the castle, go left until you see a ladder near the locked door. Grab a Ninji-2 up there and throw him so that he lands in front of that ladder. Jump on his head and get into the "climbing postion". When he jumps, you'll go up with him, off the top extent of the ladder, but you're still in the "climbing position" and will be climbing and invisible ladder just below the ceiling as long as you hold Up. But you can't climb off the screen.

A lesser shortcut in 6-3
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Don't want to take the huge quicksand shortcut? You can take a shortcut in the cave and skip a few rock walls. But you'll have to sacrfice some life units (unless you can time your throws awful well) so you should power up when you first go into the desert at the beginning. Find a wall of cracked blocks that goes to the top of the screen. Pick up a bomb and stand against the wall while holding it. When you think it'll explode, jump up and try to get the bomb to blow up when you bump your head on the ceiling. It's easiest if you're holding the bomb so you'll get hurt this way. Now that you've put a gap in the wall, get another bomb and stand in the gap while it's in your hands and you should be able to demolish the topmost block and get on the ceiling. You're small from being hurt from bombs, but you are within easy reach of the vine by just walking on the ceiling. This isn't a good shortcut since you have most likely have to get hurt twice to do it, but a shortcut nonetheless.

Bye Bye Birdo!
sent in by Rick L

In world 1-2, pick someone and get to the place with the locked door. Don't unlock it. Now, take a Ninji, throw it near the hill there, and try to get on top of it, like in the trick to take the key to Birdo. Now, kill the Snifit and Ninji so they don't bother you. Now pick up the potion. Go back a ways until you get to blade of grass that has the Potion in it. (Normally, it's the first potion you get in the level) Throw the potion on the blade of glass and perform the "Illusion Items" glitch so that the potion turns into an illusion. Now, repeat the trick to get up to the higher hill, and go to the end of the level. Go in the door and throw the potion on the platform where Birdo is and go into sub-space. When you leave, Birdo will be gone! But, he will come back if you go off screen a little ways and come back.

Get rid of Autobomb for good!
by David Wonn

If that bothersome Autobomb gives you trouble, you can get rid of it for good! In World 4-2 after you have used the rocket, pick up the Shyguy from the Autobomb and throw him at the platform on your left. He should eventually fall into the small gap to the right of that platform. Scroll the screen back far enough to make another Autobomb appear. Repeat the process of picking up a Shyguy from the Autobomb and throwing it to the left. Once you have 5 shyguys, you'll max out the enemies on the screen. At this point no Autobomb appears. Now kill off the trapped Shyguys if you wish, but here's the unexpected result: The Autobomb won't come back! You have just lost your ride to get across the spikes! The only way you'll get the Autobomb back now is to either die, go into subspace, or go through a door.

Turn enemies into illusions!
by David Wonn

This trick is an extension of the "illusion items" trick way up above. It just has a slight twist to it. First, place a Potion on top of a piece of grass which contains a bomb. World 1-1 or 1-2 are excellent places to try this out. Once you get out of subspace, quickly pick up the bomb. If you're fast enough, you'll turn it into an illusion, but this time, it will hurt you! Before it explodes, quickly pick up a nearby enemy. You won't see the bomb, but it will still detonate and cost you a life meter. Now look at the enemy. You just turned it into an illusion! This leads to some useful tricks....

Carry a Shyguy to the first Birdo!
by David Wonn

In order to carry a Shyguy to Birdo in the very first level, you'll need to take advantage of two glitches. Bear in mind that this is tough to pull off. First, you'll need to pick up one potion in the first level and carry it to another potion. Drop it there, go inside subspace, leave, and attempt to do the "Illusion items" glitch. Once you are successful, you'll have an illusion potion on top of your head. Now what you want to do is go into the topmost door near the end of the level. Luigi and Princess can easily jump up to it. If you're using Mario or Toad, either use the double jump glitch or power-squat off of a Tweeter to get the needed height to reach it. Make sure you have at least two units of health at this point. Now for the hard part:

Once you have gone through the door, head left and jump over the waterfall to the area with the Bombs and the pink Shuyguy. Note that your Potion is real now. Drop the Potion on the rightmost piece of grass, but do NOT pick up that grass! Throw the pink Shyguy out of your way, and pick up the leftmost piece of grass. With this bomb, be sure to blow up two rocks that are in your way. Now go into Subspace, then exit, and try to execute the illusion item trick once again. If you fail, you'll have to start over from scratch. If you succeed in having an illusion bomb on your head, quickly pick up the pink Shyguy and do not throw him! If you're still fast enough, you could fall down to where the remaining rocks are, and let the illusion bomb on your head blow up some more, but that isn't necessary if your first bomb destroyed two rocks. Once it detonates, you'll have an illusion Shyguy on your head. You know what to do now. Go through the door and throw him at Birdo. Sure, it's a lot of effort, but now you have yet another way of attacking Birdo.

Take an enemy into subspace!
by David Wonn

As weird as it may seem, there is a very practical reason for carrying an enemy into subspace. First, you'll need to perform the "Turn enemies into illusions" glitch in the first level. Once you've done this, head over to the other potion. Allow yourself to get hit so that you are down to just one life meter. Now go into subspace, throw the enemy, and pick up some coins. Before the time runs out, get killed by the enemy. This will effectively give you another chance at getting coins! Repeat as often as you like or until you run out of lives to spare. With the aid of the 1-up mushroom in the level, Toad and Mario are both capable of getting 7 coins while dying on each of their 3 lives in reserve, then they can get 8 coins twice without dying. This adds up to 37 coins, which potentially could mean as many as 185 lives!

Super Mario Bros. 3

Rock Hard Mario
sent in by Cl0vis15

Now we all know that when Mario's in the Tanooki suit, he can turn into an invicible staute for 5 seconds, and that he can't move while he's like this. What you didn't know was that, if you hold "B" while you go DOWN a pipe, Mario will come looking like plain old Mario wearing a Tanooki suit, but he'll be gray, without being a statue, and is now both mobile and invincible.

Easy Underpath
sent in by Cl0vis15

In DOOMLAND (level 8), there is a fleet of BATTLESHIPS, that can really give Mario a hard time. Did you know that with a certain glitch, and a big gulp of air, Mario can avoid this altogether? You must first complete the all dangers of the first ship. At the other end, you jump into the water, now sink below the level of the upcoming ship, while swimming forward. Once under this ship, rapidly press the swim button. Mario can now swim under the ship, safely, and avoid all the nasty cannons it has.

Take items back to previous levels
by David Wonn

While this may not seem to be worth the effort, there are a couple ways to take items back to previous levels in NES version. It's certainly trivial to pull off in the SNES version since you can save your progress and then go back to a previous world. Anyway, here are some ways to do it in the NES version:

1. The easiest way by far is to collect an item like a Hammer Brother Suit in World 6, then use a warp whistle to go back to World 5. This will give you a chance to put on a Hammer Brothers Suit sooner than you normally can!

2. Warning: I don't endorse using this method, so do it at your own risk. This method requires the old version of the NES, but it will need to be in good condition. If it's not in the best shape, you may want to get a cleaning kit. First, collect an item in any level, and slowly eject your cartridge. You'll want to eject it until you see the game reset on its own, but don't cause the Power to flicker on and off, or this won't work. If you're lucky enough, you can start a new game, and you'll have whatever items you had before! I suspect the reason this works is somehow related to how you get 28 P-Wings when you start a new game after beating it. With this method, I've been able to use the Frog and Tanooki Suits in the first level! No game enhancers required!

Turn Hammer Bro. Mario and Frog Mario GRAY
by David Wonn

This trick isn't at all useful, but fun to play with. Enter World 7-8 with Tanooki Mario and go down the pipe that has the Hammer Brother Suit. Just before you collect it, press Down and B to turn into a statue. If the Hammer Brother Suit hits you while you are a statue, you will transform into Hammer Bro. Mario but he will be gray! Unfortunately, the game still thinks Mario is ducking since he was a statue. Consequently you cannot exit through the pipe. You can also do this in World 3-9 to get a gray Frog Mario, and get the same results. You'll have to use the previous trick above in order to take a Tanooki Suit back to World 3. You're better off not wasting a precious Tanooki suit this way, unless you happen to have plenty to spare.

Kuribo's glitch
by David Wonn

In World 5-3, you can pull off a strange glitch with the aid of a Spiny shell. The first thing you'll want to do is start the level as Raccoon Mario or at least get the power-up within the level. Now whip a Spiny with your tail and pick him up. Knock Kuribo's Goomba out of his shoe and let it land on you from above. Now take a look! Mario's graphics will look strange. Mario looks normal, except the bottom half of him will be green! This odd effect will last until you kick the Spiny, or until it shakes itself out of your hands. If you kick it, you'll see a kicking animation, and then you'll be in a normal Kuribo's shoe. Basically, you CAN carry a Spiny while you're in Kuribo's Shoe after all. :-)

Kill Boom-Boom with a Star
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Go to the First Castle in Iced Land. Make Sure you are small. Go to the Second room, avoiding the Roto-Discs. Get the star out of the box, and wait until it is near the hole. Run Towards it and get it! Run like Heck now! Quickly Jump up to the door and make a Mad Dash towards Boom-Boom. Nail Him while still Invinsible and Boom-Boom Will Go "KAAAAAABOOOOOM!" The P switch will appear in the middle of the screen on the floor but it'll be Upside Down And Mirrored. Funny!

Fading glitch
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Use a P-Wing before entering a ship where you fight a Koopaling. Make it to the end with the Wing, and destroy the boss. Fly into the middle of the screen and go to the top of the screen, Part of you needs to be off the screen. Now catch the wand. If done correctly, it will seem like nothing will happen but if you are high enough, the screen just fades out before Mario can fall!

sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Want a T-Wing? No, that's not a Misprint. I really mean T-Wing. It means Tanooki Wing, or in other words, you have Max P always and a Tanooki Suit on. Onto the Glitch! Put on a P-Wing before you enter a level with a Tanooki Suit. Get it while the P-Wing is still on, and you will still have Max P always, but will be in a Tanooki Suit.

Seeing green
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Shoot a Fireball when in a Toad House. It'll be Green! Also, the "Gas" that appears when you transform into a Tanooki will also be green!

Frictionless ground
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

The Game Genie Code for frictionless ground is AOZXVL...however, for frictionless ground without a Game Genie, go to level 1-5 with a P-Wing. When you start, fly up onto the wall at the start. The ground up there is frictionless! In other words, if you go up there and run then stop, you'll keep moving!

Walk through a wall in Bowser's Castle!
sent in by Victreebel64

Before going into the last Castle (the very last one, with Bowser) use a P-Wing. Get to the last room where there are donut lifts and Bowser shoots fire at you even though he's in the next room. There should be a statue thing over the door to Bowser's room. Duck down and start flying, then land on the statue's head. Stand up, and Mario will go straight through the wall! You end up somewhere else in the castle. DON'T DO THIS TRICK A SECOND TIME! If you do you'll get stuck in the wall and you'll have to wait for time to run out before you can escape!

[Ed. Note: Many levels in SMB3 have places where you can walk through walls. This property of the game existed since the original SMB. Try W1-1, W3-9, and W6-1st Mini Fortress for starters....]

CRACKED by David Wonn

Although I do not officially have a Game Genie section, I thought I'd mention this code due to its very useful nature. Originally I created the code KKGZSO. Despite some nasty bugs it had, it allowed for many great things. First, it gives you one of each item in your inventory, plus an extra Whistle, and the remaining slots are filled with P-Wings. But that's far from all the potential this code has....

In addition to getting a full arsenal of items, you can start in ANY world you wish simply by pressing Up or Down on the Title Screen! You'll notice an extra cursor moving to indicate this. Also for each press of the A button on the title screen, you gain an additional 5 lives! A sprite in the Super Mario Bros. 3 logo will alter to indicate this. You can press A up to 19 times to get as many as 99 lives in reserve! In addition to all of this, if your timer ever reaches zero in any level, you will not die! This effectively makes some Game Genie codes obsolete. But the fun is only just beginning.... :-)

At any time in any stage, you can press the Select button to alter your current powerup condition! Each press of the Select button cycles through your powerups in this order: Small -> Super -> Fiery -> Raccoon -> Frog -> Tanooki -> Hammer Bro. -> back to Small and so on. Now you must be thinking the code is awesome at this point but there's still one more thing. If you hold A or B while pressing Select, you'll toggle Kuribo's Shoe!! Yes, you heard it here first. This code does it all. (Am I starting to sound like a salesman?). :-) All of this in ONE Game Genie code for the low, low price of $0.00!

In this code's original 6 letter form, it had a nasty bug in it, though. Fiery Mario and Hammer Bro. Mario could only jump a very low height, but they gained a spinning tail for some odd reason. It also caused you to die if you used certain pipes. But these bugs have been fixed, thanks to dso47 on the GameFAQs message boards, who converted my original 6 letter code into an 8 letter code. Now it is KKKZSPIU. I went through every level in the entire game to verify that the game doesn't crash. Sure enough, the entire game is playable with this code! This code works very well with YPXXLVGE so that Mario can re-use any of his inventory items. Now if only Luigi could re-use items too....

In addition to all of this great stuff, you can exploit some fun glitches. To play as a Statue in any power-up condition, first change yourself to Tanooki Mario. Now hold Down and tap B to turn into a Statue. While still only holding Down, press Select. Now you are a Gray Hammer Bro. Mario, who is immune to all attacks, except for pits and lava. You can cycle through your other powerups and remain invincible. The side effect to that is that you cannot enter any pipes. To remedy this, simply switch back to Tanooki Mario to cancel the statue effect. You can also be a statue in Kuribo's Shoe too! Also, if you use a P-Wing, then press Select twice while you're in the air or water, you can be P-Wing Tanooki Mario! If you're fast enough, you can turn into a Statue in the air, hold Down, and press Select 5 times without touching the ground to become P-Wing Gray Mario! Super Mario Bros. 3 will never be the same again. Enjoy!

Mario Skywalker
sent in by Luis Vasquez

Here's a trick that I found out a long time ago. On the world 2 level with the sun that chases you (it has no level name), you can skywalk. The skywalking that Mario does with this glitch is like the skywalking that a certain game genie code can do. Anyways, you need a leaf so that you can fly. To do it, get to the end of the level but don't end it. When you get to the end, run left as fast as you can so that the p-meter gets all the way up and starts making noise. Now start flying, and then fly down into the last quicksand area for a very quick instant (so that the p-meter is still going), then press the A button very fast to fly out of it. Mario's walking sprite will replace his flying sprite and he will be flying. Only he will now be walking in the air very fast and it looks silly. Sometimes it goes back to normal after a few seconds. This works best with the P-wing because it's easy to run out of flying energy while attempting this trick.

[Ed. Note: World 8-2 was one of the first places where I also found this glitch. My first encounter with it in World 2-Desert just happened to be at the beginning of the level since I liked to use a P-Wing and Star to take out the sun. Basically any level with quicksand has this glitch. Also note that Mario will skywalk behind background objects such as clouds if any are nearby.]

Double ice block!
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

In a level with a Buster Bettle (those small things that pick up ice blocks and throw them), go next to an ice block nearby one of those enemies. If you pick up the ice block as it picks it up, YOU'LL BOTH END UP GETTING ONE! Yes, it splits into two!

Pipe glitch
sent in by Frank

First, you need to be big for this to work. Near the end of 3-9, there's a pipe with ice blocks surrounding it, 4 on each side of the pipe, and 2 above it. Grab the second-highest block to the right of the pipe, keeping the highest one in place. Duck under it to grab the other 2 blocks. It will appear you are now trapped in this little area, between the pipe and the wall... if you try to escape by ducking out of the little space, you'll go down, as if you were going down a pipe, though you're not really going down the pipe on the screen... you'll wind up somewhere off-screen, at the bottom of the level. You can move around the entire bottom level, but you are stuck, and must wait for time to run out to continue. And when time does run out, it takes about 5 minutes before Mario finally falls to the bottom of the screen and the "Time Up" message appears.

This glitch does not work with the ice blocks to the left of the pipe. Also, this cannot be done in All-Stars, as the block formation has changed slightly, so that there are only blocks to the left and above the pipe... the only block to the right of the pipe in All-Stars is high enough so you don't get stuck.

Tecmo Bowl (NES and GameBoy)

Self-Designer Ultra Password with extra teams
passwords CRACKED by David Wonn

With the following cracked passwords, you can now select both your team and the computer's teams in the final playoff game. In addition, you can have mirrored teams, but the ultimate bonus is that you can even select 4 invisible teams to choose from!

The first two characters determine what team you will be using and the last 6 characters determine the computer opponent that you will be playing in the final Tecmo Bowl:
You Team Computer
C3 Indianapolis BFFEA4
C6 Miami BFFDA3
C9 Cleveland BFFBA1
CC Denver AFF7AD
93 Seattle AFEFA5
96 Los Angeles 9FDFA5
99 Washington 7FBFA5
9C San Francisco 3F7FA5
63 Dallas AEFFA5
66 New York 9DFFA5
69 Chicago 7BFFA5
6C Minnesota 37FFA5
33 Inv. Indy
36 Inv. Miami
39 Inv. Cleveland
3C Inv. Denver

For example, if you wanted to use San Francisco against Denver, just take 9C from the left and AFF7AD on the right to form 9CAFF7AD. Simple. You can pick and match any teams as you so choose. Try playing against the same team for the ultimate challenge!

For even more fun, try out the invisible teams. The graphics will mess up and turn gray on the NES version, and it's difficult to see where your players are. You may also get stuck when you try to do some offensive plays, so if this happens, you'll have to reset. On the bright side, you will have players with absolutely phenomenal capabilities. Some of the players on the Invisible Cleveland team can run the full 100 yards in just a few seconds! Now go out there and run up those scores!

See pictures of the invisible team glitch.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Classic Rocksteady Cheat
sent in by Glitch Masta Buzda

All you have to do is reach level one's final boss (Rocksteady) and then stand on the edge of the boxes on the right. Then choose Donatello and when Rocksteady comes to the boxes aim your bo down everytime Rocksteady jumps. Just keep doing this until he's destroyed. Trust me you'll need it for this difficult game!!


Get a free Tetris!
sent in by Rick L

Wait for the demo mode to start. It'll get one of two tetrises. When the screen flashes, hit the start button, and set up any game as usual. The screen will flash for a few seconds and you'll get credit for a tetris!

Trolls on Treasure Island

Move edited level glitch
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Start the game on the map screen, but don't press A! Go to the "Edit" selection, press start, so the magnifying glass turns into a shovel, and then press A. If it goes to a place near the lake, edit your level, beat it, and try to make another one on the island in the upper right corner. It'll be the same one you made!

If this doesn't happen, Go to the place where there are houses and trees in this formation.

T= Tree, H= House X= Edit here


Edit a level in there, beat it, and make another one on the island. Now, once both levels have been edited, Go in between the two with the "Shovel" cursor on and keep hitting the A button. Now, press start. If you're lucky, the first level you made will be in the new spot, but this seems to happen only 80% of the time. Enjoy what you can do with this trick!

Zelda 2

Go through locked doors easily
by David Wonn

Have you ever wanted to go through a locked door inside a temple but didn't have a key? Well, you can get through without a key! As long as you have the Fairy spell, just activate it and fly through the upper portion of any locked door, just above the keyhole. Piece of cake! :-)

Glitch up Darunia
sent in by O'dell Hicks

In the town of Darunia, you can jump onto some buildings that are very high up on the screen - so high that jumping will allow you to jump above the top of the screen (assuming that you used the high jump spell to get up there - I know of no other way to get up). Ready your fairy spell. As Link jumps high enough for most or all of him to no longer be visible, use the fairy spell. Press up and you will see Link falling like he usually does when going down a secret hole.

Upon landing, you will be in a weird town, which is just a combination of parts of other towns. Exiting the east side of the town will cause you to be stuck in the ocean and the west side will take you out where you should be. If you repeatedly enter the house near the west exit, the town will glitch further.

More Fairy weridness
sent in by sl1me

In Zelda 2, get the Jump and Fairy spells. The next part you can do in several spots, with different results. You can go in several of the palaces, where you can jump off the top of the screen, or you can go to the town north of the cave which is north of the town to the west of where you use the Pegasus boots. (I hope that part made sense.) Anyway, use the jump spell to gain more jumping height, and jump off the top of the screen - if you can get behind the status bar at the top of the screen, you're high enough. Then, cast the fairy spell, before you come back down.


It'll show the screen where Link is falling, and you'll end up in a different part of town, a different town, a glitched town, or something else, depending on where you did the glitch, how you did it, and other stuff.

If you did this in a palace, you'll be teleported to another part of the palace (usually). When you do this in that town, it can cause some really interesting bugs that can also result in being teleported to parts of the map that you normally can't get to (because it's all mountains and you can't move once you go there :D).

It seems like this bug would have some other useful effects, but I never really found anything useful. But it's sure fun to play with. :)

Turn Link Blue
sent in by Jason Brace

Go in any town. Select any magic beside the Fairy spell. Select the Shield spell, and when you're near a character, turn on the magic. While Link is blue, quickly talk to the character before Link already got the magic on. After the talk, Link will stay that color, blue!

Stay tuned for more!

If you think the Metroid password was cool, you haven't seen anything yet! Sometime in the future I plan on revealing how to design your own password for Metroid. I may post it in yet another hidden page, and if so I will announce when it's up.

Your video games will never be the same again!

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