GameCube Glitches

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Agent Under Fire

Major shortcut in final stage
by David Wonn

In the beginning of Evil Summit, you can take a quick shortcut which completely skips the first section of the level. At the beginning, head forward and go behind the boxes that are slightly to your right. Look down and you can see that you can land on a platform which is slanted downward. You can actually jump into the section below if you shoot the glass and time your jump just right. It's tricky but it saves you the hassle of having to climb any of the sniper towers. You'll be in the next section in roughly 12 seconds. You can very easily beat the target time this way (not that it was too difficult anyway.) :-)

"Live and Let Die"
by David Wonn

After performing the shortcut above, you can exploit a fun glitch. If you are low on health by the time you take the shortcut, walk to the end, triggering "Objective complete." Before the scene fades to the next, allow the gunman inside to kill you. You will start the next section without having lost a life, but you will have zero health. Hence, I call this "Live and Let Die" Bond. :-)

Extreme G 3

Get stuck
sent in by Kunfoozed

On Atradaitoshi, there is one segment of the track, right before a slight curve upwards I think, where if you drive past it and shoot rockets toward the border on the left side your vehicle will get stuck and you wont be able to get your vehicle to go anywhere... you can try and turn and shoot and stuff but your bike will be stuck. It's only happened to me in co-op, and each time it's happened I've used the girl rider from the talon team.

Luigi's Mansion

Cut Luigi's speech short
by David Wonn

At any time while Luigi is close to an object but not right next to it, press A so that he yells out for Mario. Immediately as he is doing this, go up the object and press A right away. Luigi's voice will be cut short as he inspects items or knocks on walls. This is just a minor glitch with no practical use.

Partial cleanup
by David Wonn

Go to any table or similar object that has a cloth that can be vacuumed. Begin vacuuming as usual, but if you quit vacuuming at the right time, you can cause the cloth to move without getting sucked up. In some cases, the cloth will be mysteriously suspended in air with perfect timing.

Survive fake doors
sent in by Tony

Go to a fake door, and then press A to open it. As soon as you hit A to open it, start rapidly pressing A as fast as you can. With luck (I think you have to time it as you hit the wall, but I'm not sure) Luigi will get flattened, but with no loss of coins or health!

This is very useful in case you forget about a door, you can still survive!

Survive fake doors 2
by David Wonn

Anytime after you take a hit, take advantage of your temporary invinicibility by opening fake doors. Normally you'd lose coins and health but in this case you won't if you do it almost right away.

Spot out fake doors in advance
by David Wonn

Who says you ever need to take chances with doors? Just vacuum around any door first. If it rattles, it's a real door; otherwise it is a fake door.

Knock on doors
by David Wonn

Hold the L or R button, then press A when Luigi approaches a door. He will knock on it rather than attempt to open it.

Madden 2002

Stats raiser glitch
sent in by Perfect Die

In Madden 2002, if you run close enough to the goalline without scoring the touchdown and run out of bounds you'll get credit for the touchdown on players stats, but not on the scoreboard.

No more injuries
sent in by Perfect Die

Just put 4 of your team players on the injured reserve list during a "Franchise" mode or a "Season" mode and no more of your players will be injured for the rest of the season.

NHL Hitz 2002

Weird clipping glitch
sent in by Mike Nardiello

I was playing as my created team, and scored a goal against the Florida Panthers. After I had scored, I went to the instant replay, (the one in the pause menu) and zoomed in on the back of Pavel Bure (8)'s head. Once it clipped through his head, the back had an animated face that looked dead and really freaky! The mouth was square and the eyes were huge round things staring back. This was on the back of his head!! There might be some connection to this and the third eye on daisy, maybe it's how the models are made or something. I couldn't get a picture.


Special fireworks
sent in by Lost Reaverbot
from Nintendo Player's Guide

While playing press Down on the D-Pad to make Olimar go to sleep, then the Pikmin will carry them and beam him up to the Onion, then he will hit it and fall, like a Breadbug, then Fireworks in all 3 Pikmin colors will come out of the Onion.

Resident Evil

Get Barry's magnum without him dying
sent in by Perfect Die
source: Gamefaqs (Quiz Master)

In the "Alter" area, when barry tries to kill u, and u are asked to take his magnum select "yes" and skip through the cut scene and he wont be dead! (he is supposed to die from Lisa Trevor pushing him off the cliff)

Ammo to Have Fun With!
sent in by Clovis15

Step 1: Place all items in the item storage box, then put the Grenade launcher in the upper left hand corner of your personal storage, and the grenade launcher ammo type you wish to have lots of ammo of in the upper right hand corner of your personal storage. Now Close the item box.

Step 2: Equip the Grenade launcher so it is your active weapon. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

Step 3: Re open the Item box. Select the ammo in the upper right hand corner of your inventory and click A twice to put it in whatever slot of the item storage box the game automatically selects for you. Now press left twice and you'll be in the part of the item storage box you put the ammo in. Take the ammo out by clicking A twice. The ammo will go straight to the grenade launcher and there'll be 240 rounds of it.

This may be repeated as many times as needed for any kind of Grenade Launcher ammo be it Acid, Explosive, or Incendiary.

Sega Soccer Slam

Kill the Killer Kick
sent in by Darren McLeod

When in Quest Mode, and you reach the Killer Kick Challenge, you always have the Killer Kick ability. However, There is a way that you can not have it. When you have the ball with the Killer Kick, run towards the other half, and about a second before you cross the center line, start holding R and A to do the Killer Kick. Once you cross half, it will say No Good, but keep holding R and A, and your player will start the killer kick. The ball will go up in the air. Now run your other player there to do the killer kick, but act fast. Soon, the screen will restart. If you did it correctly, you won't have the killer kick ability, so it's impossible to get any points (until you kick the ball or cross half again, and it restarts)! Of course, this is useless, but interesting nonetheless.

Sonic Adventure 2

Battle glitch
sent in by cdadams

I'm not certain if this glitch occurs in the Dreamcast version of this game, but it definitely does in the Gamecube version. In order to do it, you must first unlock the dark chao garden (raise a dark chao to do it). Once you've done that, enter the dark garden as anyone EXCEPT Dr. Eggman. Go to the tree on the right side of the lake, and you'll see a cage hanging from it. Jump towards it, and your character will end up inside it.

Get the first boss to sink!
sent in by Will Day

I think this is how you do it. First, go to the first boss battle via story mode. Then after he is down to his last hit, right when he lands, attack him. Instead of his legs spreading and falling, he will stand in the standing position and sink into the ground!

Big white fog
sent in by cutman

Goto 2p battle mode and goto skyrail with metal sonic. After the 2nd checkpoint, goto the left and see 3 boxes there. Run around and get some speed and run and jump to the rock pumpkin in the backround. If you land on it, rotate the camera to see some weird fog.

Bounce off the water
sent in by cutman

Goto 2p battle mode with metal sonic on green forest. As soon as you start hold b (black sheild) and watch him fly!

Explore the start of city escape
sent in by cutman

Goto 2p battle (again) with any character and the 2nd character must be Amy. Get the 1st character to stop still at the start and get amy to the end of the start bit where there are some rings and some boxes. Use the storming heart and you can get the 1st player to explore the start of CE! (although theres not much to explore)

Continue fire with eggman
sent in by cutman

When you beat the egg golem with eggman, jump and start hovering towards him as he dies. When eggman goes "Yes!" try shooting around you.

Up the pyramid and beyond
sent in by cutman

2p battle, metal sonic, grindrace: When you get to the pyramid try to run up it to the top. you will start to fly and then fall off. If you can get to the opposite side of the pyramid, you can fall through it (and die).

SSX Tricky

Aloha Ice Jam Clipping
sent in by Perfect Die

Do a Front Flip jump before the first Eddie Billboard and u should cut through the scenery, Press "y" and get back on course around 40 seconds and ull be very close to the end of the track, easy way to earn gold medal.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Full armor glitch
sent in by PEN

On every level, if you crash your fighter right before a cutscene, you'll enter the next part of the mission with full armor and you will not lose a life for the crash (but you will not get a secondary weapon refill).

Super Monkey Ball

Punching madness
sent in by Josef Blom

In Monkey Fight, after a round has ended and the camera focuses on the winner, you can still rotate and fire the boxing gloves until the screen fades out. After experimenting with this 'glitch' that allows you to continue punching in Monkey Fight before and after the bell, I discovered that it is possible to punch the camera, and have it react accordingly after a match. Apparently this isn't a glitch and was put in intentionally. It's still fun though.

Super Smash Bros: Melee

Stats Regressing?! Gain KOs too!
by David Wonn

For some strange reason, this game doesn't always record your stats correctly. In the case of the multi-man melees, Break the Targets, and even Home Run Contest, the game may occasionally record an inferior score and overwrite your best record! This seems to happen most often in Cruel Melee, most likely due to some mismanagement of temporary memory. I have had my stats regress for Dr. Mario, Peach, Ganondorf, Falco, Fox, Ice Climbers, Young Link, Pichu, and Roy. Other characters might be effected as well. Basically if you play these modes over and over with a certain character, his or her stats might eventually be "forgotten" and overwritten. On the plus side, you will sometimes gain KOs. Now you can find out how....

After more investigation, I have found how to take advantage of this. To set this up, keep track of your KO counts for Ganondorf, Pichu, Roy, Dr. Mario, Young Link, and Falco. Either write them down or just memorize what you had for each. It is best if you have just started up your GameCube. This clears any temporary variables that the game may be using. Now start a Cruel Melee match with Ganondorf. The moment you start the match, his KO count is cleared. Whether you decide to fight any polygons or give up is up to you. If you get any KOs, they will overwrite your old score. However, your old score is now in a temporary memory location. After his match is finished, start up a round with Pichu. The moment you begin, Pichu's high score will be replaced with Ganondorf's old score! Pichu's old score is now floating in this temporary memory location. Exit the round and choose Roy. Now Roy's KO count is replaced with Pichu's old score! Once again, Roy's old score is in the game's memory. Now select Dr. Mario and his KO count will be replaced with Roy's original score! Choose Young Link next and his score will be replaced with whatever Dr. Mario used to have. Pick Falco next, and his KOs will be replaced with Young Link's original KO count. Very strange!

So what purpose does this serve? You have shifted Ganondorf's KOs over to Pichu, whose KOs are now under Roy, whose KOs belong to Dr. Mario, whose KOs moved to Young Link, whose KOs transferred to Falco. Wow! The key is that if you use any one of the aforementioned characters and then choose the next one in the sequence that I mentioned, their KOs will be transferred to the next character. So how can you take advantage of this? Simple. As long as you are good with one of those characters (I find Roy and Young Link to be pretty good in Cruel Melee), you can give their KOs to the next player in sequence! In theory, if you can do well with Ganondorf, all 6 of those players could benefit! Try in any of the 6 multi-man melees for the same results.

For even more fun, I have found that it is also possible to copy KO counts instead of transferring them. It's a bit tricky to explain, so I'll just give a quick example. After a character's KOs have been cleared or altered, you can do this. To copy Roy's KOs over to Dr. Mario, select Roy and do whatever you want in the match. By doing this you have copied his KO record to the temporary location, rather than moving it. If you happened to break Roy's record, his previous record will go into the temporary location. Now select Dr. Mario and he will end up with that number. If you want to copy that to Young Link, select Dr. Mario again before you select Young Link; otherwise you'll end up giving Dr. Mario's old score to Young Link. If you also want Falco to have a copy, make sure that you have selected Young Link twice for the same reason as before. Select Falco after that to receive a copy. I know that all sounds complicated, but the more you play with it, the more you'll understand it.

Now you must be asking how you can avoid the loss of KOs. Unfortunately when you select any of those 6 players after starting the GameCube, you'll lose any KOs you had with that specific character. The first time you use each character, their KO total will be cleared, unless of course you selected the previous character in the list before the fact. This applies to all multi-man melee modes. If you select each character in reverse order after starting the GameCube, you'll clear out all their KOs so be careful!

This still leaves some unanswered questions that I have not yet resolved:
1. Where does Falco's old KO count go, and is there a way to bring it to another character?
2. Is there any way for Ganondorf to pick up another player's KO count?
3. How did I ever manage to lose KOs with Peach, Fox, and Ice Climbers?
4. Are any other characters affected by this?
5. How does the glitch work in other modes outside of the 6 multi-man melees?

Hopefully by finding the answers to these questions, we'll unlock more to this flaw in the game's design, and potentially take advantage of it even further.

Home Run contest oddity
by David Wonn

In Home Run Contest, pick a character who has a move that takes time to animate. Ganondorf's standing B move is an excellent example. Try to knock the bag into the air and get it to land on nearby ground in front of the initial platform. Just be sure to have your character standing near the place where it will land. Charge your move a split second before it lands. With good timing, the game will think that you're done, and the score will get closer as it always does at the end. But if the bag is beaten up enough, it will still be moving in the air! The game may even exit the contest while the bag is still flying and while the distance is still increasing! Weird.

Start as Sheik immediately
by David Wonn

I just happened to stumble upon this while playing around with different buttons. Since this wasn't documented anywhere in the instruction manual, this is likely to be unknown to most people. Before any match starts, select Zelda and just hold the A button while you press Start. As soon as you have pressed Start, you can release the A button. That's it! This has many great applications. In adventure mode if you were already Sheik in the previous level, this will allow you to switch back to Zelda. In Break the Targets, Home Run Contest, Race to the Finish, and any other mode, this can be a very handy time saver! Not to mention that this even allows you to play as Sheik in Single Button Mode!

Save Sheik's B move after dying!
by David Wonn

During any Classic or Adventure mode, you can take advantage of this oddity. Charge up Sheik's B move until she is flashing. Now you can press L or R to shield and you can release B. This will allow you to save your fully charged B move! Furthermore, if you change to Zelda and die at any point, you can change back to Sheik in your next life and it will still be charged! Cool!

sent in by

When you hold the taunt button (Up on the D-Pad) when playing as the Ice Climbers, you (The blue one that you control, AKA Popo) and Nana, (The pink one) they both taunt, but if you hold up on the d-pad after they taunt, Nana will keep on doing her taunt! Using this glitch, you can make the glitch below much easier...

Play as Nana (The pink Ice Climber) alone, kinda...
sent in by

Normally, your supposed to play as Popo (The blue one) and have Nana be controlled by the computer, well, if you break Popo's shield without breaking Nana's shield, you'll be able to control Nana, with restrictions:
1. You always jump back to Popo when you go near a ledge, even if you are jumping and could easily make it!
2. You can only go in the direction Popo was facing before his shield broke.
3. You can only go away from Popo a certain length before you jump back to him

Now, if you use the Showoff! glitch, and start shielding right when Nana starts taunting by herself, you'll get a head start at breaking your shield! Oh, and if you didn't know, this won't work if Nana's shield breaks along with Popo's.
[Note: You always have some control over Nana, at least to some extent. Let Popo get trapped in ice, stunned, or sleep and watch how much control you have over Nana.]

I thought you said you wouldn't attack!
sent in by

Another Ice Climbers glitch, this time, you start a training match against them, make sure it's set for them to just stand, and start beating them up by grabbing them and throwing them or punching by pressing Z while your holding one of them! If you do this, sometimes Nana will attack you, even though it's set for them not to attack!

Final Cutter on a shell
sent in by

Ok, to do this one, play as Kirby, and find a shell, (Red or green, doesn't matter) then do your up b attack, (Final cutter or blade or something like that, it's the one where Kirby goes "Eh yah! Eh!") and land on the shell, trying to get Kirby to land on it, not his sword, normally you would land on the ground and shoot your blast that comes from your sword when you land, but when you hit a shell, you always seem to bounce, so you bounce, still in the falling with your sword position, and then you'll probably land on the ground. (And if it was a red shell, you'll probably get hit by it.)

Nintendo All-Stupids!
sent in by

In the All-Star event modes, (This works in others two, but it's best in these) play as Kirby, and fly high, fairly higher than your opponent's height! He will then stand under you, doing nothing! Using this technique, followed up by a rock attack, (Down B) you can beat these modes easily, just make their damage high, then start battling, trying to knock them out of the arena, it'll be easy thanks to this! Now, if you only didn't have to worry about the time...

Easy trophies
sent in by

When you open up All-Star mode by getting all the characters or something like that, you can find trophies after every third battle! Well, they did that purposely, but they didn't think you'd use it like this, just kill three opponents, take the trophy, and kill yourself! Then look at the trophy, use any coins you might of gotten, and go back to get some more!
[Ed. Note: Maybe it's just me, but I found it quicker and easier to get trophies by playing Adventure Mode on Very Easy with one stock. They pop up quite frequently in the first level. When you're satisfied, just fall in water and you will have collected any trophies you found plus possibly gain some coins.]

Special messages for Fox & Falco!
by Danicess

When playing on Cornerea (The StarFox level similar to the one in SSBM) as Fox or Falco, (Hidden character) mess around with pressing the bottom three buttons on the B Pad, (Left, down, and right) I don't know what your supposed to do in what order, b ut it has to do with those three buttons! Now, when you get it right, Fox or Falco will face the screen and start shaking for a bit, and then pop up like they had an idea or something! Then, you'll hear the members of the StarFox team say stuff, it's different depending on who you play as, (Falco or Fox) and each has several messages! If you get hit and take damage though, the messages will stop...
[Ed. Note: I find it easiest to just press down on the control cross. You simply have to wait a few seconds after the match begins before you can use it.]

Crazy Hand Viewpoint Glitch
sent in by Andrew Lucivero

First, you need to be fighting Master Hand at Final Destination in Classic Mode. You have to have fulfilled the requirements for Crazy Hand to appear, as well. Now, here's the trick. When you get Master Hand down to half HP, the action stops and it shows a cutscene of Crazy Hand appearing. During this cutscene, you can press start and pause the "paused" scene. Depending on when you pause the game, you can either see Crazy Hand coming in from a still camera view, or you can see weird camera angles that might not even show Crazy Hand. Once, I saw a view from underneath the arena.

Mr. Game & Watch's Everlasting
sent in by Lost Reaverbot
found on IGN's message boards

Follow these instructions using the Chart Below to allow Mr. Game & Watch to have a permanent (and secondary) turtle in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The Turtle does not affect Gameplay but does make a few optical Glitches.

Step 1: Play in Mushroom Kingdom as Mr. Game & Watch.
Step 2: Stand Facing the away from the center of the Level.
Step 3: Jump Backwards onto the Falling Platform Platform.
Step 4: Immediately Jump Backwards and use the turtle (Back+A)
Step 5: If you hit the correct blocks, Mr. Game & Watch should be holding his Turtle.
Step 6: Jump into the Pit, otherwise the turtle would disappear after using the Aerial Back+A Attack.
Step 7: Now all of Mr. Game & Watches will include the Turtle Note: The Turtle does not make Mr. Game and watch do extra damage.

            <                                 >
           ---                               ---
  /\                 XXX            XXX                /\
[][][]                                               [][][]
           +++                               +++


 X  =Block that should be hit.
 [] =Block that should not be hit
 <  =Character facing Left
 >  =Character facing Right
--- =Falling Platform
+++ =Pit
 /\ =Starting Point

Ganondorf & Captain Falcon's secret move!
by David Wonn

While attempting to find a way for all characters to reach the bottom platform of Hyrule Temple from the rightmost edge, I discovered something unusual. It turns out that Ganondorf and Captain Falcon share this one trait that no other character can do:

Both characters can repeat their 2nd jump! All you have to do is jump, then do the double jump, then do either character's Down+B move in midair. After doing this, you can repeat the 2nd jump! Do another Down+B and you can still repeat a 2nd jump again! Unfortunately there is only so much air available, so this move is only effective if you are far from a platform and still high in the air. Ganondorf benefits tremendously from this since his jumps don't carry much horizontal distance to begin with. Just keep in mind that once you use either character's Up+B move or aerial dodge, you will forfeit your ability to continuously jump. Enjoy!

Keep the Power Count the same every time!
by David Wonn

Here is a nifty trick you can do to prevent the Power Count from incrementing each time you play SSB:M. First, start up a game without a memory card. It will ask if you wish to start a game anyway. Just hit OK. Once you are on the title screen, hit the Reset button. It will mention once again that you have no card in slot A. This time, insert your memory card. Then let it load from your card. Now look at your Misc. Records. The Power Count is the same as it was the last time you played! So what purpose does this serve? It's a great way to tell if someone else has used your memory card when you're not playing. Other than that, it's just for fun.

Quick KOs in Cruel Melee
by David Wonn

Although this isn't a glitch, you might find it handy if you want to rack up on kills quickly in Cruel Melee.

Here's an easy way to get 6 KOs in just 5 seconds. Use Jigglypuff and double jump to the platform on the right. Use Rest as the male wireframe appears for one instant KO. Now a female wireframe should kick you from behind for 8% damage. Just enough to wake up Jigglypuff. :-) Now double jump to the right and hover over the pit. Another male wireframe will reappear in place of the one you KO'd and by now, all 5 wireframes should be grouped on the right platform. The trick now is to just land on the platform below them. All 5 wireframes will try to drop down to you. At this point just use Rest and you'll kill all 5 at once for a quick 6 KOs! Repeat the process as necessary to continuously kill 5 wireframes at once. I have 35 KOs with Jigglypuff alone this way.

Easy combos in training
by David Wonn

Here are several methods to build up combos quickly in Training Mode. One way is to use Link against Ganondorf in Onett on the platform to your left. Slash him until he's lying flat. Continuously slash for as long as you wish by rapidly pressing A. I had 1854 hits this way.

Another good method I found is to use Mewtwo in Fourside against Sheik. Have Sheik stand against a wall, and change her to Human controlled. Set the speed to double and set Mewtwo next to Sheik, but facing away from both the wall and Sheik. Charge up his B move. Sheik will continuously get hit and will be sent into the air. As her damage increases, she will go higher, slowing down the combo. To counter this, just pause and unpause periodically to put Sheik's health back to 0%. I had 2600 hits this way. The cool thing about this method is that you don't have to do any button mashing, as opposed to Link's method.

Here's one more easy one: Choose Bowser against 3 CPU Bowsers in Green Greens or Great Bay. Move the CPUs to the leftmost or rightmost platform on either stage (not including the turtle in Great Bay). Stand in the middle of the other Bowsers and fire away with Bowser's bad breath at a CPU Bowser. You want to trap a Bowser under the main platform in Great Bay or under the breakable blocks in Green Greens. The other two Bowsers merely serve to prevent you from backing up too far. You'll have 100 hits very quickly if you play on double speed. If you're lucky you might even get 200 or 300 hits. As with my Mewtwo method, no button mashing is required.

Freeze the game
found on GameFAQs message boards

Go into Green Greens in training mode and wipe out all the middle blocks except for the bottom. Stand in the gap and fill it with a dozen red shells. Step on one and the game will freeze.

Music skips like a broken record... and more
by David Wonn

WARNING! Only do this at your own risk. Do the glitch above to freeze the game. You'll notice that only the music is playing. Eject the disc at this point. Normally if you do this in the middle of a game, it will halt the game and tell you to put the disc back in. Since the game is frozen, no error will pop up! Instead, the music will skip over and over like a broken record! It probably isn't a good idea to do this for very long, so go ahead and put it back in. After a couple seconds, the music will resume where it left off, but the game will still be frozen! Weird.

Daisy's third eye!
pictures sent in by Scott Horvath

In SSB:M, on the Daisy trophy (which if you played the game for 5 minutes you should have at least one ;) if you manage to rotate/track/zoom the camera just right to where you can see the back of her head but NOT her hair, you'll notice a big ol' eye printed on the right side of the back of her head! It's really weird and fun to freak out friends with. Using my "state of the art" (ha) digital camera I took a series of shots of it which I'm including here. Sorry for the quality of the pics (or lack thereof) but I don't have any sort of screen capture device so this was the only way I could get them.

Notice that between these series of pictures I rotated the camera (with the C-stick) from the left to the right

Shot 1: Where you have to be to see the eye (give or take a couple degrees up/down)
Shot 2: A little rotate gets you INTO the hair
Shot 3: More rotation, the eye is coming into view
Shot 4: Here it is!
Shot 5: Moving any more to the right gets you out of the hair.

Cheat the Lottery
sent in by Ferret79

This is a cheat for getting new trophies in the lottery without wasting all of those hard-to-earn coins.

Step One: Enter the Lottery screen with the trophy dispenser machine thingy-
Step Two: Take your memory card out of the slot.
Step Three: Insert desired amount of coins. (I suggest one at a time until you get to like 5% or lower chances)
Step Four:
A) If you like what you get, put the memory card back in the slot and EXIT the Lottery screen to overwrite the data with the new trophy. Repeat as desired.
B) If you DON'T like what you get, or you don't get a trophy at all - Put the memory card back in the slot and push the RESET button. It will load the game data with the amount of coins you had before you played the Lottery machine.

Freeze 2
sent in by

I was playing as Peach in training mode, I forgot who I was fighting, I was in Onett, I went into the area between the houses, put as many shells as possible, red I think, then I tried using Peach's Toad attack on them after hitting them, got knocked onto the 1P starting area, and then I started just taking out Toad a bit, and the game froze!

End the Hammer Music early
sent in by

Play in training mode and get a Hammer while in 1/4 motion, the music will end before you are done hammering!

Sound test oddities
sent in by

If you check in the narration part of the sounds area, in the character's name part, you'll hear the names Master Hand, Giga Koopa, (It sounds like You got a Koopa, it should be Bowser, actually, when set to Japanese, it does say Giga Bowser!) and Fighting WireFrames! You'll also hear what sounds like "Weapons!", that's just what it sounds like when you win a tournament I think...

Rainbow ride glitch
sent in by Zaxter

When using Kirby on the rainbow ride course (note this only works while on the airship part), try grabbing your opponent and using the upward toss (the one where you and your opponent briefly leave the screen). depending on where you were standing and your timing, you might "hit" some invisible platform at the very top of the screen, which will cause you and your opponent to bounce up just enough to be KO'ed off the top of the screen! WARNING: Try to avoid doing this while playing all-star mode (or any mode if you have only 1 life left), because you WILL die first!

4500 feet in Home Run Contest!
sent in by

Well, not too sure if this classifies as a glitch, but in the home run contest, if you manage to hit it 4500+ feet, the screen will stop moving, and there's no field after that, the bag will keep moving till the game freezes due most likely to ram implications..

How to hit 4500 ft. you ask? Only a few people have done it, I think I was first... basically, Ganondorf is the only one who can do this.

1. Turn Around, grab the bat.
2. Run towards bag and do an up+A smash, no charge.
3. Now the hard part: Double jump, at the peak of your second jump press z to drop the bat, then tilt the control stick down a bit to not fast fall, and press a to do a stomp. If done correctly, the stomp and bat hit at nearly the same time, resulting in the bag staying in place, 40 damage to the bag, the bat bounces upward off the bag. Now on top of that, press L as you land. This is called an l recover and allows you to immediately jump again.
4. Anyways, after pressing L, jump once, And now press z to catch the bat in midair. At the top of your jump, press z, stomp, L recover, bla bla. This should be done 4 times all together not including the double jump one.
5. Now after doing all those, your time will be short, so I hope you L canceled all those times for an extra second or 2 at the end. Jump, air grab the bat, throw the bat up, and mash the b button and hope you press b in time. the bat falls on the bag, and immediately Ganondorf warlock punches it into oblivion, it should be at about 275%. I could easily have 5600 feet if the stage didn't end like this, now I settle for 4556.6, the maximum possible.

[Ed. Note: This is very difficult to do. The basic concept behind it is that you are using the bat to prevent it from traveling high into the air, thus giving you more time to do more damage.]

Floating turnip
sent in by ryuken

Choose fox vs peach on final destination. have Fox hit Peach as she pulls a turnip from the ground. If your timing is right, the turnip will be floating in midair! Press A on ground or Z in air to grab it. When thrown, it only moves a few inches and stays airborne....forever! Try it!

Camera angle oddity
sent in by AnimeFanatic

Go into adventure mode using Jigglypuff and on the first level hold down L or R until it pops. Jigglypuff should fly into the air when she is push the joy stick in any direction the pause the game you should get a very screwed up camera angle.

More Ice Climber tricks
sent in by Ultimate X

Trick 1 - Bodyguard: A) have both pick up projectile weapon (that you throw like a Bob-omb). then, double jump in the air and do belay attack. since the cpu ice climber lands first, they will throw it at the enemy to ensure your ice climber has a safe landing. B) have both pick a projectile weapon. have your ice climber break his shield. the cpu ice climber will throw the item.

Trick 2 - Double-crosser: have both pick up a Bob-omb. then do the " Showoff" glitch. wait until the cpu IC is about to put up their hammer, then run away in the direction they are facing. when they put it down, they will throw the Bob-omb at you! Ha!

Trick 3 - Sharing: have your IC pick up a projectile weapon. make another one fall. turn so your back is to it. press "A". instead of throwing it, you will give it to the cpu IC. this will work for different projectile weapons ( the ones you throw w/ "A" like pokeball) and the same projectile weapons.

999,999,999 points!
found on GameFAQs message boards

To get almost a billion points, start up a classic or adventure game and try to get a negative score in the first round. It helps to break your own shield multiple times to get a big Shield Stupidity award and it helps to use up a lot of time.
[Ed. Note: Be warned, this will permanently cause your character's score to stay at 999,999,999 points! I'd recommend playing with this without a memory card if you don't want this permanent effect. It also has a nasty side effect. Your grand total is stored as a 32-bit signed integer, meaning that once it exceeds 2,147,483,647 points, your grand total will be negative. You can bring it back to positive by doing this with even more characters. Just don't do it with all 25 characters, or else your grand total score will be stuck at -769,803,801 points!]

Static Ness
sent in by Ultimate X

Do a PK Thunder on a platform or flat land. Aim it so you shoot straight down into the ground. The static electricity will remain until you die or do certain moves.

Rainbow Ride shortcut
sent in by Ultimate X

At the top before the screen goes down, you should see some of those blocks that fall when you stand on them. Get on the last one (furthest right) and fall, you should grab on to the front of the ship, instead of going to the side and trying to drop through fast.

Special weapon users
sent in by Ultimate X

As C. Falcon, do a smash with an item you hold and bash people w/, like star rod or homerun bat. hold down "A" while smashing and you'll do a second attack (w/ star rod, you poke, then fling 3 stars; w/ homerun bat, you poke, then knock upwards). or you could let go and do one attack. As Mewtwo, dash w/ a bashing item. you'll spin it around and attack multiple times.

Ledge grab after air dodge
sent in by Ultimate X

As Samus, Y. Link, or Adult Link, you can do grappling beam/hookshot after an air dodge. While dodging or immediately after, (before you stop dodging and fall) press "Z" (or "L" + "A") and you'll do that grab too.

Samus tricks
sent in by Ultimate X

If you look very closely, when Samus jumps, a thrust or boost will come from her back. If you repeatedly use down+B, you can bomb jump higher and higher. The bombs will explode and bounce you to another explosion (you can jump over Ganondorf w/ this.) It's not that useful except when coming back.

Tingle attacks
sent in by Ultimate X

In Termina, Great Bay pop tingle's balloon.i'm sure you know if you are near the balloon, you'll take 2% damage, but that's not all. When he waves his arms and legs around, anyone not on the team of (unless team attack is on) the popper or not the popper will get 2-4% damage done to them.

Mewtwo's double damage
sent in by Ultimate X

When you do his forward throw, the maximum damage is about 8%(if all blasts hit). Although, the damage doubles when you do it against a wall. against a wall, the blasts also make small explosions that also damage opponent making the damage increase to 17%.

Blank screen reset with music playing
sent in by Ultimate X

To cause the game to reset to the screen right after you press start at the title screen, WITH the music still playing while the background is still black, first go into 1-P mode. Next, select regular game, classic mode, and choose a character. Now, to make the game reset, gut hold down L, R, and press start. The game should return to the beginning, but the music never gets interrupted. Strange, but cool.

Deflection on projectiles
sent in by Ultimate X

Everyone knows that Marth & Roy's counter works on physical attacks, but it also works on projectiles. I've tested all and it works w/ all but ice climber's and Bowser's projectile, mainly because the other hits knock you out of your countering. Also, if the projectile is strong enough, it will be deflected behind Marth or Roy. attacks that can be deflected are Samus' missile, Mewtwo's shadow ball, and sometimes Fox and Falco's blaster (it depends how it hits). Please note, I said delfecting, not reflecting.

Young Link's fire spike
sent in by Ultimate X

Normally, when you do Young Link's aerial down A, he hits them down or if they're above him, they'll fly up. Although, if young link is doing his down A while moving downwards and the enemy lands or falls on him from above, they'll be spiked down, engulfed in flames. A better way to say this: jump and almost at the peak of your jump press down A (this works after double-jump too). you should be moving down, or coming back down to land, with your sword still pointed down. If the opponent touches your head (or highest part of body) they'll be shot down in flames

Peach's floating vegetable
sent in by MarthRules

I was playing Peach and and a freind who was Sheik at that huge zelda stage... Anyways he kept using Sheik's whip to hit my vegetables away from him and one bounced up into the air and got stuck. Whenever I or him not near us it would injure us but it wouldn't move. Just a similiar glitch to your peach and fox one..

Automatic Bowser kill on Yoshi's Island
sent in by no1000xs

First make sure you are both standing over the yellow bricks in the center of the stage. Now as fow or falco grab BOWSER and throw him down. Immediately after air evade to land instead of pressing up+b or anything else cuz if you press up+b you will hit bowser again and give him a chance to return.

Kirby oddity
sent in by no1000xs

I'm not sure how to make this happen all the time but sometimes when you do a drill kick as kirby when you drill kick a person can be standing with a little bit of distance between themselves and the edge and still get meteor smashed.

Kirby oddity 2
sent in by no1000xs

If you grab someone on the lower right platform on termina bay and throw them up you will fly up towards the higher platform. (You won't go through it and you will land on the lower platform but the opponent will land on top of the higher one. This is good to know for setting up mines.)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Kissed the rail glitch
sent in by

I found a way to make kiss the rail a special trick! It works best in create a park mode. Build a half pipe so the long part of it touches the boundrie. Now make sure you have darkslide in your special tricks spot (it might work with other special grinds as well). Now go to the end of the halfpipe (the end facing the boundrie) and jump then quickly push the buttons to do a darkslide. If done right you should have hit the wall and only done a darkslide for about a second. It should say kissed the rail at the bottom but it will be in yellow, the color of special tricks.

Glitched area
sent in by Gary Rennie

In Rio if you go down the swerved ramp (right from the start) then out the gap and turn left a little you will see a thin fence... jump it to get to a glitched secret area.

More glitches will come so stay tuned!

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