GameBoy Glitches

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Advance Wars (GameBoy Advance)

Editor glitch
sent in by GreatCaptainDrake

WARNING! This can erase your saved game!

Go to Design Maps,then make a new map. Fill the whole top row with Tanks, then the 2nd row with MD.Tanks, then again with B.Copters until you can't go anymore. Then, make some of the Tanks and MD.Tanks Bombers (All Orange Star). Save the map without a name and go to the Field Training mission Naval Combat. Do everything what Nell says until day 2. When you can do what you want, unload your Cruiser, then end the turn. Your T.Copter will get destroyed. Go back to Design Maps. Pick the last map you made (The weird one). Then, pick the delete icon, go to the top-left, and HOLD the button while deleting everything on the first row. Go back to the left with it (Keep holding it!), then do the same with left row. Continue this until Nell comes up with a message that the Orange Star Army has lost! Now Design Maps will act like a normal Mission, but you can still place units AND attack! Press certain buttons to do certain things, but pressing one button (I think B) will freeze the game. Another button will SOMETIMES delete your saved game, so do it at your own risk! I tried it twice, and luckily, the game isn't screwed now...

I heard that you can also edit campaign maps, but when you edit them, they will be that way in the Campaign, so watch out!

Bionic Commando: Elite Forces

GBA glitch
sent in by Andrew Rae

This is a glitch I should warn everyone [who has this game] about. If you play this on a Gameboy Advance, usually when you're farther into the game [around Zone 13], this is what happens. First, run into an enemy copter on the map. Complete the level, then try to enter a zone. After you've chosen a weapon to take there, the picture will change to the vest [if you have it], the selections at the bottom of the screen will stay the same, no voice clip plays, and the game will HANG. You'll still hear the background track running, but you won't be able to do anything. This never happened when I played it on a Gameboy Color recently. This glitch is not yet confirmed, as it only happened on my copy of the game and my GBA.

Castlevania 2

sent in by Andrew Rae

When you're battling the boss of any castle [Rock castle is best, since that is where I found this glitch], run its energy down to its last point. Then, wait for your remaining time to approach 0. Now, this is the tricky part. At the EXACT moment your time hits 0, lay the last blow to the boss. If you did this correctly, you will gain many thousands of points because it basically cashes in 25500 seconds [the next value after counting down from 0]. Easy to do!

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GameBoy Advance)

Extra damage
sent in by

Activate a summon such as thunder bird then while then in the middle of summoning pause and switch the cards to something like mars + blackdog and the damage of the summon will increase!

Battle Arena Glitch
sent in by Jesse D

There is a way to use your DSS powers in the battle arena like you're not supposed to, though it does not last long. Simply refill your MP with any items you might have with you at the time. Then, select a DSS combo that will summon different familiar creatures. Pick a powerful one and use it before the MP runs out again.

Special modes!
sent in by Zaxter

(note: not really a glitch, but it's cool anyway :P)

If you beat the game in a normal file, you can create a new file as a "wizard" if you use the name FIREBALL, where you will start the game with ALL the DSS cards, super-high intelligence and MP, better luck, yet terrible strength, defense, and HP.

If you beat the game on a "wizard" file, you can create a new game in "warrior" mode by using the name GRADIUS for a new file. In warrior mode, you have awesome HP, strength, and defense, very little intelligence and luck, and the DSS cards will NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE!

After you beat the game in warrior mode, you can start a new file with the name "CROSSBOW" to start in shooter mode. With shooter mode, nearly all of your stats are reduced, except your hearts, which are about doubled! Now, your sub-weapons do extra damage, the DSS cards *can* be found, and here comes the cool part: there is a new sub-weapon! Yes, the homing-dagger, obtained by picking up TWO dagger sub-weapons (without picking up any other sub-weapons in the process, and your dagger also loses it's magical homing properties after you pick up a different sub-weapon, even if you re-pick up the dagger that you dropped), and still the homing dagger only uses ONE heart each time!

Use any DSS glitch
sent in by Zaxter

As long as you have at least one working pair of DSS cards, you can actually use ANY combo of cards, even those you dont yet possess! To do this, you have to select an availible combo, return to the game, and just as you hit the DSS button (usually L) Nathan should start to glow, and at that point (you have to kinda fast) press start to go to the pause screen. From there, go into the DSS menu, and select any combo of cards, even those that you dont have (note: unless you have a chart or memorized the position of each card on the menu, you probably won't know what cards you select, so good luck!). when you go back to the game screen, Nathan should still be glowing as if you just presses L. Now you can use whatever combo you selected, including summons (if you know how to use them :P). Note that you still dont have the card(s) you selected if you didnt have them before, and this effect wears off if you get hit by an enemy or leave the screen/room (another note: I'm not sure if the wearing off info is correct, so dont blame me if I'm wrong ).

Graphic Glitch
sent in by

Perform any summon just before you make a screenchange, requires some timing but its not hard at all. You can find some pics of the glitch here. (external link)

Donkey Kong

Weird glitch and game freeze
sent in by Nathan Johnson

Go to Stage 5-11, and let yourself fall down to where you're supposed to. Select one of the blocks, and move it 3 spaces down, and 5 spaces to the right. Do a handstand on the little ledge next to it, one below it, and put your handstand right next to it. If Mario starts moving up and down very rapidly, when the block wears away, several things might happen, including having Mario explode, and a thing come accross the screen in his place. You get to freeze the game and it turns off. The game stops and an ocean-like noise comes on. Mario disappears, or he just dies. If you jump away just before the block disappears, you will not be hurt.

Donkey Kong Land 3

Blast barrel glitch
sent in by Anthony Broussard

In the Falls level, (That's its time trial name), get in one of the barrels that repeatedly blasts you upward. If you time it right, you can get underneath a ledge while still in the air. Since the barrel follows you, it will blast you into the ledge, but you won't go past it because you're blocked. You can also roll (since you are like a ball when you get blasted) beneath the ledge, or back into the barrel! You can also kill yourself with this glitch, too.

Mysterious Death
sent in by glitcher

In Redwood Rampage (in the Blackforest Plateau world), find the oil drum beside the DK coin and carry it over to the O symbol on the right. There youll come to a ledge overlooking a long rope, which leads down the centre of a monkey-infested tree trunk. All you have to do is jump down the length of this rope while holding the oil drum and you will mysteriously die instead of ordinarily landing at the bottom. I believe this glitch can be repeated in similar places where there are barrels/oil drums near long drops.

Dragon Warrior Monsters

Extra Health
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

If you meet a minster that battles you and you win with getting hurt once and have monsters with full health, he will add extra health to your monsters. This is a one time deal. If you heal your monsters after the drop down past your maxiumum they won't heal back to that point.

Strange Breeds
sent in by Mike Fotinatos

In Dragon Warrior Monsters normally when you breed a DragonKid and a DragonKid you get a Dragon. When I bred my 2 DragonKids I got a GreatDrak. If names matter I'm not sure but the dad's name was DKAN and the mom's name was DRAB.

Final Fantasy Legend

Guild oversight
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

No offense, but really, I truely think that they'd try to be a little more careful when making games. You know that at points in the game, characters that are in the slots of your party sometimes talk too. If you don't have a character there, however (meaning you didn't fill your party up with members from the Guild) the name will be something like 0000 or even (shoesymbol)-2.

An easy way to do this is in Bandit's cave. You can freely choose 2 more members at the Guild at the start of the game in addition to your leader, but don't choose more than 2! So you will have 3 members. Now, go into King Armor's Castle. Normally, the character in your 4th slot is the King's friend. However, since you don't have a member in slot 4, the game just fills in 0000 (a null name, so to speak) in the 4th Character's name slot and goes on as normal. Once you see what I mean, you'll agree that it's kind of stupid.

Game & Watch Gallery 2

Easy Stars
sent in by Cl0vis15

In the Modern version of the Donkey Kong game, you can easily get the 1000 pts needed for the full five stars. Just stay at the bottom of the area the whole game doing nothing but jumping barrels, and squashing the turtles they release. You'll never lose a life this way, and although it may be boring, you'll eventually have your stars. This will even work on the hard setting in modern mode.

Golden Sun (GameBoy Advance)

Game freeze
sent in by Grady Martin

In order to get this glitch to work, at least one of your characters must have the maximum amount (30) of a regular, single-use item that can appear after a normal battle. If any characters do not have the maximum, they must have none of this particular item. A good item to demonstrate this glitch is a potion, which is guaranteed to appear after defeating the Tempest Lizard in the pink tornado located in the Suhulla Desert. After defeating the lizard, you will receive a message saying that Isaac got a potion, but because his inventory is full (or he already has 30 potions), you have to drop something. Now choose something to drop from a character who already has 30 potions, but don't choose the potions themselves. Because the character is not allowed to carry more than 30, but you were given a situation in which you were allowed to force that character to carry more, the game just screws up. In the bottom left corner of the screen, there is white text that says, "(Character name) got a potion". Then, four characters will appear at a rate of about one per second, "a a a Uo", or something to that extent. If the game reaches the fourth character in that sequence, it will freeze, leaving background music.

Grand Theft Auto

Doctor Got a New Car
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

In Bent Cop Blues, get a gray Convertible(you will know it when you see it) and get the Doctors Ride mission. Touch(don't hit) the doctors limo at an angle up and to the left(NE) Get out of the car. Try to enter the docs limo. If you don't, the trick has begun. Keep trying and you can go through every car and more. Some things can screw up your game.

Civilian Cop
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

Get a felony and get a cop to get out of his car. Lose felony status(drive into an AUTO or find a Payoff item) and he will be a citzen and walk the streets. WARNING: Don't fire a gun! He will fire back!

Harvest Moon GB

Lose the Cat
sent in by Philip Wesley

You can "lose the cat" in Harvest Moon GB. Just carry the cat out the door of your house and try to enter the town. You can't with the cat. Just keep pushing left and then put the cat down in front of you. The cat will be "stuck"; and you can't pick him up. Just call the cat with the select button to
unglitch him. :)

Kirby's Dream Land 2

Start with a dead Rick
sent in by glitcher

First, you must have Rick and the cutter power. Next simply wear down his health to a minimum, then throw the boomerang. While the boomerang is still in mid-air, get hit again then quickly pause and exit the stage. Just as Rick is walking out the door, immediately reset the Gameboy. Now next time you start you'll see that you still have Rick with you but he has zero health and will die as soon as he touches the ground.

KuruKuru Kururin (GameBoy Advance)

Go through walls
sent in by glitcher

Select area 3 of Machine Land 3 in practice mode and drift left to find a spiked ball rolling rapidly downwards. Follow its path until you reach the alcove in which it disappears. Now what you have to try and do is line Helirin directly in front of the alcove so that the ball hits you square on the cockpit just as your rotors are lined horizontally. If you're lucky (and I'm talking very lucky), the ball will push you into the alcove and maybe even out the other side! You'll take damage, of course, but fortunately your life meter fills up automatically in practice mode, so you can make unlimited attempts as long as you don't explode. I believe it's possible to repeate this glitch in similar areas. You might even find a way to get out of the course boundaries!

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Freeze the Game
by David Wonn

First, you will need to have the boomerang and three pieces of a heart container. Now go into an area that has another piece of a heart container in which you can exit the screen relatively quickly. Throw your boomerang at the piece of heart container and try to catch it precisely when you exit the screen. If you time it right, you will collect it as you are going to another screen, but the game will start going berzerk at this point. The music will go haywire, the graphics will mess up, and the game will freeze up. You won't even be able to hit all buttons to reset or save! Just take caution when doing this as there is always the risk that you might lose character data, but so far I've never had that happen.

Select trick
discovered by mikey d

This is a rather well-known trick that Nintendo released ages ago. It might not work on later copies of the game, but I bought mine after it became a Million Seller and it still works, so maybe Nintendo didn't take the glitch out after all.

Go to the edge of any screen and press Select just before the screen scrolls. After you unpause, you'll be in that same position on the next screen! This enables you to access areas that you normally wouldn't be able to access, plus it allows you to reach areas earlier than you should. Warning! You can get stuck if you save the game in certain areas, and you may be forced to wipe out your game data in that slot, so be careful!

Wind Fish Warp
sent in by Species 8472

1. You have to be in level 8 "Turtle Rock"
2. Go to the "Rolling Bones" (the guy who jumps around and pushes that big spiked log at you) room and defeat him.
3. Go down into the next room using the direction + select on the edge of screen trick. If you did it right you will appear in the wall in the next room.
4. Now just press the down direction. If it worked you will be in a room that has one treasure chest in the upper left corrner of the room on a upside down "L" shaped platform.
5. From here go Right, Down, Right, Down, position yourself in the middle of the room (to make sure you come into the next room in the right place) then go right. You will appear at the hole that leads to the Nightmares. Jump down the hole and fight the nightmares.

You will notice that when you press Start the instruments you collected will be all messed up. Also with this trick you don't need to get all the instruments or the Level 2 sword and various other items.

A few tricks
sent in by

1. If you beat the game without dying Marin will be flying around in the ending instead of seagulls
2. Sometimes if you get stuck after doing the select trick if you press Select again you will pass through that screen & after getting stuck play manbo mambo on the ocarina (if you have it) and you will go to the pond by Crazy Tracy's house
3. If you do the select trick on the screen above the screen with the old lady with the broom some times the spider things will shoot old ladies at you instead of rocks.

Roast the chicken & dog
sent in by Steve Smith

Note: Must Have FireRod

Go to the Village (I can't remember the name, but the original Village, the one with Marin's house) Now go to either the area with the Store (To burn the dog) or to the Large Bushy place(to burn a chicken).

For the Dog:
Go just below the store then go a screen to the left (The one with the windmill thingee), look where the dog is (He will always be in the same place the first time you enter the screen, which is near the bottom) Make sure you are lined up to horizontally with him, and go back to the screen with the store (to the right) and shoot your FireRod at the right side of the screen, and it will hit the wall that is on the right side of the screen and turn into a flame (now before the flame disappears, go back to the left (the screen with the dog) and the Dog Will get Burnt by the flame!!!

For the Chicken:
The same principles, but you got to go to the bush place, and go a screen to your left (the one with Marin & Tarin's house) and line yourself horizontally with the Chicken that is in the gate there, then go back to the bush place, shoot the firerod to the right, until it hits the wall and turns into a flame, now before the flame disappears, go back to the left and the Chicken Will get burnt.

Disappearing stone
sent in by Steve Smith

Have a sword and your power bracelet out.

Go to a place where there is a bush right beside a stone (The right exit to the village (the one with Marin's house). Go and pick up the stone (without hitting the bush yet). Then, get right beside of the bush while holding the stone. Then throw the stone (and right after, not at the same time...but right after!) Then hit the bush with your sword. The stone won't explode and will disappear.

Off the hook
sent in by Steve Smith

You must have Bow Wow for this trick. Go to the trendy game with the dog and get where the controls to the trendy game are. Then just wait. The dog will eventually get onto the little water current. If he does, he will go with the current, and not stay with you. Since his chain is only so long, it will disconnect from you, but when you start to move, the chain will come back to you.

Get rid of the chickens
sent in by Steve Smith

Many people probably know this, but I am telling you anyway. You all know that if you hit the chicken to many time, then alot of chickens will come after you. To stop the chickens, just kill the chicken that you kept hitting. Looks like those chickens weren't really loyal. =)

Get Marin to follow you FOREVER
sent in by Victreebel64

Beat level 3 but do not get Marin to follow you to animal town. Instead use the Screen Warp glitch to pass the walrus then get the key in the desert. NOW go get Marin. Now you will have her for the rest of the game. If you do this trick you will not see Marin up in the mountains later on. If you get the Flippers and go swimming with Marin following you, she will walk on water! If you want to get rid of Marin, just talk to the Walrus and she'll leave.

sent in by Victreebel64

Do the "get Marin to follow you forever" glitch. Go into level 4 and beat it and when you come out, she is a ghost! (this wears off when you enter a building)

No Fishing
sent in by Victreebel64

Go fishing at the fish pond north of Madam Meow Meow's place. When the fisherman asks you if you want to fish again, chose No. When the fisherman is talking about "You have to have more passion!", hit A, B, Start, and Select. This takes you to the save screen. Chose Return to Game. Now you can swim in the fish pond. If you go offscreen to the left, you go to the raft shop.

Lethal Weapon
sent in by Victreebel64

When you have the Bracelet, the Boomerang, and the Rooster you can become the Linkinator! Simply throw the boomerang and grab onto the rooster before it comes back. The Boomerang will circle you and you'll be invincible as long as you hold onto the Rooster!

"Secret" World!
sent in by Victreebel64

Go to the fisherman's hut in Mabe Village and screen warp south. if done correctly the fisherman will appear in the tree. Talk to him and say yes, and you will appear on the usual fish pond screen, except it's weird and glitchy, and you can move around in it. Push UP to go through the doors, and now you are in the Shop, except the shopkeeper is a bird. Congratulations, you've made it to "Freakyland"! You can go anywhere you want to now, by walking through walls. Make sure you have the flippers, because a lot of stuff will have changed into water. This trick is all about exploring, so look around and you will find neat weird things! One time all the enemies turned into Marin! But there's a catch. While you are in this Freakyland, remember, DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME!!!! Unless you make a copy of the game file you are playing, that is. The reason is, if you save, you'll usually pop back up in "Freakyland", except if you go up the shop will appear normal, and you can exit through the doors and go back to the "real world". But on some very rare occasions, if you load the game that was saved in Freakyland, you'll end up somewhere in Kanalet Castle with NO WEAPONS. I mean, they're still on the inventory, but they look glitchy and you can't use them. You can use the Screen Warp to escape the castle, but your inventory will still be a glitchy mess and you can't get your weapons back (does anyone know of a way to get them back? If so, please please please tell me!) Also, your name will have changed, to something like "iiiiii" followed by a bunch of weird symbols. Well, now you have cursed your game file. Fortunately it only affects the game that is saved in Freakyland, so if you made a copy of your game file beforehand, well, that's good.

Several glitches
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

1. This one ROCKS!! After you've opened Turtle Rock, go to the west wall of Weird Mr. Write's House and use the screen warp to go north TWICE. Hold UP the second time you warp and you will enter the Turtle Rock, but the screen will still be scrolling upward as you go in. You'll then be in a WEIRD parallel universe!!! Check out that music!! The world you're in is a combination of all the dungeons in the game. If you see a teleporter (the type that appears when you defeat a mini-boss of a dungeon) DO NOT ENTER IT!! Or you might end up in a cave falling down the same hole constantly and you are STUCK THERE FOREVER!!!

2. Before Kiki and his fellow monkeys build the bridge to Kanalet Castle, go down a screen and use the Screen Warp to warp across the moat. Kiki will become a Secret Seashell that you cannot reach. (Speaking of Secret Seashells, I found 26. See if you can get more.)

3. Without the flippers, steal an item from the Mabe Village Tool Shop. Then use Victrebee's trick to go to Freakyland. Go north a screen and watch what happens!!

4. Go to the Dream Shrine and put yourself just to the left of the rock in the top left. Walk a screen left, then Screen Warp twice to warp to a cave in Ukuku Prairie. Press down and you might end up in a parallel universe. The sound is messed up.

5. Start a new game. When you see your sword on the beach, screen warp east. Get your sword THERE. Now come back to the place where your sword was supposed to have been. You have just collected the L-0 shield, invisible when used. Now, on some screens, the music has changed to the tune you hear when you first wake up in Marin and Tarin's house.

6. Now go to the Mysterious Forest and enter the cave that ordinarily leads to the Sleepy Toadstool. Go north, and screen warp west from the screen with the slimes on it. You are now in a room with a chest in the top left. Go south (DON'T JUMP OFF THE LEDGE!) and west a little and go north so you can reach the chest. Open it for a Power Bracelet. Go off the south of the screen and back north again, and open the chest again for the Level 2 Power Bracelet. Now go back to Mabe Village and move the Rooster Statue out of the way. Enter the cave. Go north a screen, and screen warp south to go to a twisted Tail Cave. Go south a screen, then west twice, and kill the bats there and go north to get a Surf Harp. When collected, you get the little boy's "Dude! You're asking me when we started to live on this island..." speech. Then the screen turns white and it says "Ar(AA". Weird.

Many more glitches
sent in by glitcher

See this Word document for many great glitches, including how to beat the game in just 15 minutes!
For the "Word-impaired" people, I have converted the file into text format as well.

A weird dungeon world
sent in by Rick (Lickichu) and Pat

In dungeon 1, after you get the flippers in dungeon 4, go to the part where the boss was. Have the feather equipped and fall into the hole. While you are falling, hold Up and the Feather button until you jump off the screen and into some screwy place. Don't climb up the ladder!!!!! Instead, go through the floor. You should go through walls & stuff now. This also can be done in dungeon 5, though with a different method, which my friend Pat came up with. Go to the swimming area and do the select trick, going through the wall and you should accomplish the same thing. Good luck!

Grandma Ulrira is an enemy
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Do the select trick on the screen where the phone booth is in Mabe Village. Swim to the next screen, and there you go!

Fishing Pond Glitch
sent in by Myo P

Make sure to have 15 rupees.Catch runt that goes close to the edge.Then get the lunker under neath the runt you caught. Now get the runts in the middle. Then get the lunker that had the heart piece. The Guy says he'll give you 20 rupees but you actually get 32.(THis works only in the noncolorizied version.

Death Glitch
sent in by Myo P

When you die before the Save Page comes up push all buttons to make the Continue or Save and Quit page. Choose continue you sud see you spin around after that press save and quit. Look at your file it sud have two more deaths instead of one.

Play as Ghost Link
sent in by glitcher

Well, not really. This is a variation of the Dislodged Screen glitch. From the entrance of Turtle Rock, continuously warp up until you find yourself standing on the nightmare door. Now try and warp through the door and the screen should start to blur and fade (you must NOT have the nightmare key or beaten Hot Head for this to work). While the screen is fading, rapidly pound the buttons and, if all goes well, the screen will reappear. The difference here is you'll notice that Link has lost all his colours. He's as white as a ghost!

Get more than 14 hearts
sent in by Jason Whalls

First of all, you MUST have the flippers and the 2nd song on the ocarina (warp to Crazy Tracy's house).

Now, do the "freakyworld" trick by fishing in the wrong area. When you're in "freaky world", walk 2 screens left, then 3 screens down. This should put you in a room with a heart container (it may not be there if you collected this one, I'm not sure. Swim to the heart container and grab it. Now, use the 2nd ocarina song to warp to Crazy Tracy's and out of "freakyworld". Make your way back to Mabe Village (not required) and save the game. Restart and repeat the process...the heart container will STILL be there! Pick it up again, and repeat. With this strategy, you can max out hearts before you are even supposed to be able to. Also, you can collect MORE than all the hearts (14+). However, these won't be added to your total. For instance, when you collect what would be the 15th heart, the game has nowhere to add it on, so it actually registers as the first heart. This mean the game thinks you only have 1 heart, so it constantly makes the near-death beeping noise, and you are unable to use the full health sword shot. Damage to you still gets taken away from your set of 14 hearts, though.

Change the music
sent in by

This isn't really a glitch, and I don't think it effects your game, but anyway, here it is. On Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, go to the file select screen. Go to a blank file and create a new game using the name 'ZELDA', all capital letters. When you return to the file select screen, the music will have changed. It's a sorta re-mix of the music originally there.

Glitchy final battle
sent in by glitcher

This is an extension of my Double Boss glitch.
At the entrance of Turtle Rock (inside), go North one screen and warp back South three times. You will appear in the room with the final nightmare. Instead of fighting him just yet, warp South, then warp back North so that you appear again in the final nightmare’s room, but at the top of the screen this time. Now warp North once, but make sure that the final nightmare stays with you (sometimes he can be dragged off the screen during the warp). Now fight the gel in that room until it turns into Aghanim. When Aghanim is in the MIDDLE-RIGHT side of the screen, wait until he throws a fireball, then QUICKLY warp South back into the final nightmare’s room. If you timed it right, you should have warped while Aghanim’s fireball was flying through the air. This will turn it into THREE MORE nightmares when you enter the final nightmare’s room. If you add them to the Aghanim you were fighting and the final nightmare in the room, that makes FIVE NIGHTMARES IN TOTAL! This will cause some MASSIVE slowdown and the battles will be all glitched up. Here are a few of the weird effects and transformations that can occur when fighting FIVE nightmares at once:

- During the fight against Ganon, one of the nightmares will turn into a bo staff and wander aimlessly around the screen. When Ganon throws his own bo staff, it will follow the other one and never return to its master. (Very often)
- During the fight against the five gels, rupees, hearts and broken stone will flash on the screen, but you won’t be able to interact with them. (Very often)
- When the multiple nightmares turn into Shadow Dethls, one of them will mysteriously self-destruct. It still counts as a valid victory, and the stairs will appear without you having even done anything. (Often)
- You’ll fight multiple Aghanims, and you can deflect one’s fireball onto another. (Often)
- Two or three of the nightmares will turn into fireballs and vanish during the Aghanim battle. (Sometimes)
- After you’ve defeated Aghanim and Ganon appears (the Moldorm battle never occurs), one nightmare will melt into the ground and vanish. (Sometimes)
- If there is an Aghanim throwing a fireball at you while another is turning into Ganon, the game will produce the most spectacular crash you’ve ever seen, complete with buzzing noises and vertical strips appearing on screen. Oddly enough, the EXACT SAME type of crash happened to me in Pokémon Blue. (Sometimes)
- When you’ve defeated the gel, one nightmare will turn into an invincible fireball and constantly throw coconuts or bombs at a super-fast rate. Very weird. (Rare)
- You get to fight multiple Ganons at once. This will ALWAYS make the game crash when you defeat him and the Lamnola afterwards. (Rare)
- You get two fight two Moldorms at once, whose tails get mixed up between which body to follow. Watch in amazement as one Moldorm has two tails and the other has none. (Very rare)
- You can hurt Aghanim with your sword. Either that or one of the nightmares turns into a very slow moving fireball that you can bat multiple times around the room with your sword. This happened to me once, but I could only bat the fireball for about half a second before the game crashed. (Very rare)
- During the battle against Ganon, one of the nightmares turns into a fire keese and flies away. (Very rare)

Complete the game in FIVE MINUTES
sent in by glitcher

I originally sent in a walkthrough on how to finish the game in fifteen minutes. But now I’ve found a way to beat the game in a third of that time. This method is theoretically ‘safer’, but technically less reliable. Here’s what to do:

- Start a new game and speak to Tarin to collect your shield.
- Exit Marin’s house and go to collect your sword on the beach. It’s faster if you warp directly south from where you start. Also, you can avoid the owl’s speech by warping the sword onto another screen and collecting it there.
- Go a screen left and up, then warp south twice. You will appear in the mountains where you find the Turtle Rock warp hole.
- Save and quit to restart at Marin’s house.
- Now go north-east and warp to the prairie warp hole. It should deposit you back in the mountains.
- Enter Turtle Rock, then save and quit to restart at the beginning of the dungeon.
- Go up one screen, then warp south three times to appear in the final nightmare’s room.
- Instead of fighting it just yet, warp south then back north again to reappear at the top of the final nightmare’s room.
- Warp north once (the final nightmare will follow you) and wait until the gel appears and starts to attack you.
- When it is on screen, warp south back into the final nightmare’s room (for the third time). Now you are facing TWO final nightmare’s. This will cause the battle to get all screwed up.
- The gel battle won’t occur (if it does, you have to start again) and you will be facing two Aghanims. Once you’ve defeated one (the other is invincible), it will explode and transform into Ganon (the Moldorm battle won’t occur either). If all goes well, the second nightmare will turn into a bo staff and spin aimlessly around the room. If this doesn’t happen, you have to start again.
- Wait until Ganon throws his staff; it will follow the other one and never return to him. Spin attack Ganon twelve times, then spin attack the Lamnola WHEN THE TWO BO STAFFS ARE OFF THE SCREEN! (this will make the final battle much easier)
- When the Lamnola transforms into the Shadow Dethl, the two bo staffs should transform too, but one of them will mysteriously self-destruct. This will cause the stairs to appear.
- Lure the on-screen Shadow Dethl away from the stairs, then make a dash for them when you think you have the time. The hardest part is getting Link to walk up the stairs without him being killed by the Shadow Dethl’s flailing arms.
- That’s it! If you’ve followed the walkthrough above, you should have finished the game with only your sword and shield in hand and ZERO INSTRUMENTS, all within five minutes! Give yourself a pat on the back if you manage to accomplish this feat!

Glitchy title screen
sent in by glitcher

If you’re still not satisfied glitching up the game, it’s possible to even glitch up the title screen. This doesn’t work all the time, so it may take several tries before you can get it right. All you have to do is warp South off the beach so that you reappear at the top of Koholint Island. Now just save and quit, skip the intro cut-scene, and hopefully you should see that the flashes around the “Zelda” title will be all glitched up. Remember, this doesn’t work all the time.

Beat level 4 in under a minute
sent in by Jason Brace

To do this, enter Level 4, without beating it yet. When you're in the first room, go up one screen, then go back down one screen by using the select warp trick. When you're there, continue down and if you did it right you'll be over the entrance instead of going out the entrance. Down there you'll see the drums, but when you touch it, the game says you've got the harp! Now you'll be at front of Level 5! If you don't have the flippers, then you're stuck! ^_^'

Level 3 shield
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

You've seen Level 1 Shield, you've seen level 2 Shield, and have even seen Level 0 shield. But now you are going to see level 3 Shield! To start, DO NOT collect the Mirror Shield. Get a Fair bit up into the game. Not too far though. Then, Save outside Tarin's, get ready! Quit the game, and make a Copy of your file. Select delete, and select the copy. Hit the A button, and Quickly and Seriously, I DO REALLY MEAN QUICKLY turn odd your gameboy. Don't be too fast though. Turn it back on and get to the Game Select Screen. Is your Copied file still there? If not, copy it back to the same slot and try again. If so, great! Go to it and check your status with START. Is some stuff missing? If not, reset and Retry. If so, EXCELLENT! Go left 2 screens and warp down to the Shoreline at the bottom left corner of the map. Go up a Screen, then Warp down one. You'll be "Stuck" on he shore. Hold DOWN, and if it works, you will fall down onto the screen! Avoid the Raven and Enter Turtle Rock from the top side right from where the portal is. Warp Right once once in, and walk through the wall. Avoid the Boxing Freak, and Warp up once and Snatch the Fire Rod! Jump down and stay on the left wall and warp down. Walk through the wall, and collect the item from the chest. It should be a Braclet. If it is not level 2, go down and get another braclet which should be level 2. Then, Save and quit. Trust me, it is the only way out now. Next, go back to your file and exit Turtle Rock. You should be able to easily get out. If not, don't worry. Just warp up 3 times, then jump off the wall. Warp left once and Jump off the wall. Then, walk up until you see the exit. then, walk right once, then warp once to the right. You be safely off. Just follow the road down to the swamp after you exit either way. Remember to enter the phone booth to avoid yucky messes in case you screw up and kill Link. Blast through the flowers with the Fire Rod. Lift the Stones, and walk up the montain without the Wind Fish. Warp to near the Hen House. Enter the cave there. Walk once to the left, and warp left once. Try to go down, and warp back up if possible. Then, just walk to the Bird Key (you may need to warp). If warping is not possible, just follow the path there, and you "Should" Eventually find Eagle's tower. Maybe...but I haven't done it in a long time however. It is better if you do it this way with the key though. Then, if you used the Key, just warp over to Eagles tower. I don't know how, try to find a way to where it is. You may need to use the cave though, I haven't played this game in a long time. Anyway, once in the tower, SAVE! Now, just get to that Crystal Switch on the first floor. You'll probably need to warp. Nail it with the fire rod to activate it. Go left once, then warp back right. Then, go down until you get to where the entrance to floor 2 is. Jump down and enter. You'll see the chest with the Mirror Shield! But upon opening it, you'll get the message saying you got your shield back! And it'll be a level 3 Shield! What is it like? It LOOKS like the level 1 shield, but acts like the level 2 shield. I don't think it can be eaten be Like-Likes, but still take cation! Now exit and Save! You are done! A level 3 Shield! Now how do you get down? If you have the flippers still, or got them, just jump down the ledge. If not, warp right once, and warp right again. You may need to repeat until you are safely on ground.

Note: Try to get the flippers though, just in case. Get your sword and all neccesary items from dungeons. It may take some exploring with warps in order to end up in the feather. As always, don't save while in the caves until you come out alive with the feather. Then, get your sword and be on your way with warps to the desert area and eat the holder of the Angler Key for lunch, then proceed as normal into level 4. You will need to warp to get the flippers. Do this before diving into grabbing the level 3 shield so you can escape better.

Note 2: To get your Sword Back, you need 20 Secret Seashells. Duplicate them with the screen warp when they're on screen or you'll never get them all, don't get any secret shells however. And be sure to collect the ones in the Mansion for Secret Seashells when you have 5 and 10!

WARNING: Exiting without the Door unlocked traps you in Eagles tower!

Map Glitch
sent in by Jason Brace

I'm surprised that nobody notice that glitch yet. Start a new file, and don't get out of Tarin and Marin's house yet! Just get the shield from Tarin. When you got the shield, still don't get out of the house. Just press select to see the map. If you did it right, the map should say that you're at Tal Tal Mountain Range!

Secret Piece of Heart
sent in by Jason Brace

Ok, go to mysterious forest. Go in the cave where there's a treasure chest with 50 rupees in it. When you're in there, go up one screen, where there're 2 slimes, then one screen to the left. You'll see a Piece of Heart there near the skelton heads (To do this glitch, you must not have a piece of heart in there yet!). If you didn't get it yet, then that's great! While you're there, use the warp trick to the right. If you did it right, you'll be in the screen again where there're 2 slimes, plus a piece of heart! If the piece of heart isn't there, do it again. If you got it from that screen, then the other one will still be there, the one near the skelton heads and the blocks!

Second Yoshi Doll
sent in by Jason Brace

Start a new game, and don't get the Yoshi Doll yet! Go where there's a treasure chest that have 50 rupees in it (the cave in mysterious forest). Go up one screen, and the left. Warp to the right then you'll be over the room where there're 2 slimes. Now continue at the right, then you'll be in the room near where the Magic Lens Glass is! Go up one screen, then you'll see a Yoshi Doll but not a Magic Lens Glass! If the Yoshi Doll isn't there, then get the Yoshi Doll then do this trick again, because I didn't do it in a long time. If you do got the Yoshi Doll there, then I must give you a warning! If you got the Yoshi Doll in this room, then later on in the game, when you enter this room in the normal way, the magic lens glass will NOT be in there, sooo... that means you can't get the Boomerang without it!

Skip Level 4 Boss and get the Instrument!
sent in by Jason Brace

Ok, when you got the boss key in level 4, open the door with it. Guess what? You don't have to go down the stairs and beat the boss! You can skip up in the room and you can get the Instrument! Hahahahahahaha!

Warning on the Trick to Skip level 4
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

This trick has appeared twice, and I must really warn you about this. DO NOT SAVE AFTERWARDS! Why? Well, it looks like the Thunder Drum, acts like the Surf Harp (it says it is, plays it's music and gives you that item) but why do you end up outside level 5? Well, it is actually the Wind Marbama. If you go to beat level 5, you will see that THE MARBAMA ISN'T THERE!!! Another way to get the Harp without beating the boss is to warp through the locked door which opens when you beat the boss. Go down to the screen below the screen where that door is and warp up. Walk through the wall, and you are there. Much safer indeed. Speaking of that fish boss...

Glitched messages
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

...that Fish boss can say something glitchy. In that cave with that flamethrower in Tal Tal Mountain Range. Warp down from the screen with the Flamethrower onto the roof on the screen below. Walk right, and as long as you haven't beat him, he'll be there! But wait! He says "You got the Compass!" Funny right? Well, there are even more funny things like this...

As long as the Owl hasn't appeared on the screen next to the Witch's hut, warp over from the screen with the Tombstone to where the Witch Hut is. The Owl will come down and say "Witch's Hut" and flys off...

Glitch Up the Face Shrine
sent in by Victreebel64

This is a very easy, but cool, glitch. In Mabe Village, enter the cave under the Weathercock. From the first room, screen warp north and walk through the wall. You are now in a glitched-up Face Shrine. The rooms are in the wrong order, and the graphics and music are like those used in caves, not in the dungeons.

Getting Stuck
sent in by Victreebel64

In level 8 (Turtle Rock) go to the room with the mini-boss that attacks by throwing a big metal ball at you. Defeat this enemy, then enter the room directly to the west. There should be one of those "mover" things that fills in the holes in the floor. From this room, screen warp east (back into the room the mini-boss was in). The "mover" should appear in the mini-boss's room. Push the "mover" and it will go off the side of the screen, disappear for a few seconds, reappear on teh other side of the screen, slide off the the side of the screen again, etc. etc. The only way to escape is to play Manbo's Mambo on the Ocarina.

Get the second Power Bracelet early
sent in by Victreebel64

In any dungeon, try screen warping to get to a room that doesn't exist on the dungeon map. You will almost always end up in the same room in Eagle's Tower. There is a chest in this room that for some reason will always give you a level-2 Power Bracelet when you open it. So if you use this trick before level 6, you can get the more powerful Bracelet long before you're supposed to (and as a result, get the Flying Rooster a bit earlier as well)

Funny Sprites
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Go into the Flying Rooster's Grave. Go up one screen, and warp down 2. As long as you haven't got the Rooster yet, (try warping down, then up twice from it's screen, playing the Ocerina in the screwed Face Shrine and saving) the Hen House Music may start playing! Get off the map to see...A GHOST SPREADING SEEDS?!! Talk to him and he'll say what that Hen House guy says! In addition, if you have the Magnifing Glass, you could continue to warp down, and if you proceed right, you could end up in a part of Bottle Grotto with...A STAFOSS THAT WILL TRADE YOU AN ITEM FOR A BOOMERANG?!!

Oh yeah, if you keep going, you'll eventually pass through Slime Cavern, Angler's Tunnel and if you are lucky, even Catfish's Maw!

Fazy Battle with Boxing Freak
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

You know that Boxing Freak Mini-Boss in Turtle Rock? You can have a dangerous fazy (and freeze-prone) battle with him! On the 2nd (or 3rd, I don't remember which) screen of the 1st floor of Eagle's Tower, Warp Left. Continue this and eventually, you'll end up on the Fire Rod Screen of Turtle Rock, but with Eagle's Tower's graphics. Go down a screen and the game will go nuts, with fazy lines and other stuff all over the screen, all while battling the Boxing Freak in Slo-Mo! It WILL freeze after a while.

Another Glitch involving Eagle's Tower is to try to screen warp to the 4th floor before it is lowered. Nintendo, fortanetly enough, wasn't lazy here (phew!) and those 4 map sections that drop down when you throw the steel ball at the pillers still exist up there.

Get an Ocarina at the beginning
sent in by Jason Brace

First, do the glitch where you get the Power Bracelet early. Get the sword. When you got them, return to Mabe Village. Equip the Power Bracelet and go to the house from north-east of Mabe Village. Lift the stones and enter the house. Get in bed. When you're in a dream, continue (use spin attack with the sword to kill enemies from there.). Travel your way till you're block from an odd stone. Now go up stairs where there're 200 rupees in a chest. Get it if you like and stay in that screen. Now use skip a screen glitch down to the next screen. You'll have to be next to an odd stone. Now go down, and if you do it right you'll see a Piece of Heart beside the block. Ignore it and walk left. When you did, go on up and now you'll be over an odd stone without using the Dash Boots! Go up the stairs and open a chest there. You got an Ocarina! Talk to Marin to learn a song. ^_^

Get Flippers at the beginning
sent in by Jason Brace

This glitch is really simple to do. You don't need a sword. Use skip a screen glitch to get the Tail Key, and go on in Level 1, the Tail Cave. When your in, all you have to do is to skip a screen up and up and up and up many times, and if you did it right you'll be in the beginning of Level 4 but do not go out! Now skip a screen around to the room where you get the Flippers and you got it! Save and Quit. Return to your file. You'll be in Level 1, with the flippers!

Get all Intruments WITHOUT a sword!
sent in by Jason Brace

First, do the glitch where you get the flippers at the beginning. When you got it everything is very simple. When your in Level 1, get the compass. Go down the stairs where there're Goombas (stairs that lead to Roc's Feather). Now use skip a screen to the left, and when you reach through the wall at the left, you'll fall down at the next screen. After that you now can go through ANYTHING in Level 1! Just swim yourself over the Boss's room by using a compass. Here's an example of a map to make it clearer:

* = Boss Room
# = Intrument Room
^ = Rooms
& = You (Link)

                                            &  #
This is just an example of a map. So you see what I'm trying to say? Just swim Link over the Boss Room to the Intrument Room from left, the top, or right and there you'll get it! The rest of the levels are the same thing: Just find a basement, skip a screen through a wall at the left, Link will fall, and then you can swim through the whole level. Get the Intruments in the same way (also the items) and you'll get them all without a sword! But you'll have to figure out how to get in the rest of the levels with skip the screen yourself ;) I've got 21 secret seashells, all intruments, all items from levels, and NO sword.

L-2 Sword glitch
sent in by Jason Brace

When you got at least 20 seashells without L-1 Sword, get the L-2 Sword at the Seashell Mansion. When you got it, Link won't have it! Now go where you get the L-1 Sword. There'll be a shield there instead of a sword.

Find a 2nd Harp!
sent in by Jason Brace

Enter where you got the Flying Roaster from Mabe Village. Go inside, and go up one screen. Now do skip a screen glitch down one screen. If you did it right you'll be able to go down through the wall. Do it, and you'll be in one of the rooms from Level 1 with graphics from caves. When your there, go down one screen, then continue left still your in a room of bats. Kill them, and the doors will open. Go in the upper door, and then the door will shut behind you and you are now in a room... with a Harp. But if you got the Harp from Level 4, it'll be still there. Get it! When you got it, listen to the tune from it carefully. Part of it seems to be the background music from a dream where you got Ocarina. Maybe that was the old tune for the Harp that is left out and used in a dream instead?

The New Dungeon Code
sent in by Hugo Janacek

Due to the length, see this text file for details.

The Legend of Zelda: DX

Message glitch
sent in by EYEdintification

After beating the Tail Cave, attempt to access the Color Dungeon before saving Bowwow (push the gravestones on the lower right corner of the graveyard in this order:
Bottom Center Down
Bottom Left left
Top Left Up
Top Center Right
Top Right Up


When you try to push the Top Right one, it gives you the "Cowards don't push Gravestones" crap even though nothing is following you.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Get Ricky to commit suicide!
sent in by glitcher

This one's for all you sickos who like to hurt animals. If Ricky is your partner in the game, go to witch Syrup's house and call him from there. If he appears from the bottom of the screen, he'll jump straight into the water and drown! Cackle!

Say what?
sent in by glitcher

I'm positive this is some sort of translation error on NOA's part. I found this in the American version of the game, so I don't know if it's been corrected in the European version like previous typos have. After you've completed OoA, speak to the guards in Queen Ambi's palace in the past and some of them will say "You look just like the statue outside... Say! Are you (Link)?!? I never thought I'd actually get get to you!" What? I think that was supposed to be "I never thought I'd actually get to meet you!"

Noble Sword Glitch
sent in by Jason Brace

When you got the L-2 Sword, refill all your hearts. Now go to the present and go to Lyanna City. Go to the man who always say jokes (near the small bridge). Shoot the beam from your sword and quickly talk to the joker. When he finishes talking, the beam of the sword will stop for a second!

Nayru glitch
sent in by Pamela Hara

On Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, I found a glitch.
1.You MUST have the Tune of Ages and beaten the game.
2.Find Nayru's house in the past.
3.Use the Tune of Ages directly under Nayru.
4.Go up to the bushes.
5.You must slash them in this order. X=bush

6.Look at Nayru, weird, huh?

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Text Glitch
sent in by Jesse D

Though the Oracle series are excellent games, the game testers didn't try very hard to notice all of the very obvious text glitches. Some include typos, all of which I can't describe. Though the true glitch here is found near the end of the game. Go northward to the house of the guy who owns the key to the floodgates. Talk to him, and you'll notice that he's saying everything that Impa told you at the very beginning of the game! Strange.

sent in by Jesse D

Like I say, there are so many typos that I can't keep track, and these apply for Oracle of Ages as well. Probably the most obvious and dumbest mistake that I saw was the fact that Onox was referred to as Knox at the end of the link game. This shows that he must have been called Knox before the game's release. However, how could the testers not notice that??

Not another typo!
sent in by EYEdintification

In Subrosia Village, go buy the ribbon from the Market. Then, buy the bigger Bomb Bag. Afterwards, you can buy Gasha Seeds for 40 Ore Chunks apiece, but the store owner calls them "Silver Seeds."

Mario Golf

Save trick
sent in by Jason Whalls

This trick is basically the same as the N64 MG save trick. Actually, the only real differences are the system and the modes it able to be used in.

As anyone who has saved a game in Mario Golf knows, when you restart the save, it erases the save data. Of course, this was an obvious attempt on Nintendo's part to stop people from resetting when they mess up. Well, they didn't think it through well enough...there IS a way to restart a hole if you make a mistake.

It's actually rather simple to do this trick. Though the game deleted data when you start the saved game, all that does it stop people who jump for the power switch at the first sign of an error. All you need to do is save it again when you make a mistake, and restart it again. What this will do is place you back at the tee of the hole you're on so you can easily take another crack at the whole hole again (even though you already played some of it).

This is useful for tournament mode because you can easily restart a hole to collect all the birdie badges, and help you win those later tournaments. It's also useful for the "vs characters" mode because you can make sure you don't lose to any of the opponents. You must be careful in the "vs character" mode though, because if the opponent scores when you've missed a shot (for example, you take a putt your 3rd shot and miss it, but they sink their 3rd shot), you're screwed. They will have won the hole, so you can't restart. For this reason, I suggest getting the best green positioning possible (or at least something you know you can hit) before you risk taking a shot that could cost you. There are some other uses for this trick, and it's led to some cool moments in my gaming, but I'll leave you all to figure other uses out.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit (GameBoy Advance)

Tie glitch
sent in by Andrew Kent

In the rather unlikely event that you tie your 3-Lap record on a track, you'll come across this strange occurance. It seems that Nintendo didn't examine the follow on for a 1st place tie that closely. After you finish the race, you will hear the little tune it plays for first place (I'm sure you know the difference by now) and then it goes straight into the music for a 2nd-5th place time! In other words, it treats your time both as 1st, and as 2nd. =) On top of that, this game follows the SMK Ranking format rather than MK64, in that it lists ties as 1st and 2nd rather than 1st and 1st.

Lap counter trick in MC2
sent in by Andrew Kent

There are many shortcuts in MK:SC, and most of them are relatively easy to perform, and relatively uninteresting to watch. One of them though, is rather weird and really is classified as a glitch. It's similar (if it's okay to put it that way) to some glitches in MK64, particularly the Royal Raceway Warp Glitch. The SC of which I speak is on Mario Circuit 2.

If you drive around 3/4 of a lap and use a mushroom before the jump over the track (ah, remember the fun we had on SMK doing that???) it's possible to completely clear the grassy O/B area and also click the lap counter over if you aim sharply left. You need to do it just right to clear it though.

If you don't clear it, Lakitu comes and picks you up and tows you back to the track. HOWEVER, if you still tick the lap counter over, Lakitu will first come across the screen waving the banner for the next lap, and disappear before he comes back to tow you away! What a waste of time!

That's not all either. If you hit approximately the right spot, you will tick the lap counter, but Lakitu will drag you instead to the part of the track which could be described as the "underpass" over which you normally jump, thus skipping half a lap. Pretty wicked, huh?

I drew up a pic to demonstrate.

A better way to make the SC work has been discovered, and it is effective to give you a lap of sub-3"00!!! If you hit the exact right spot and tick the lap counter, Lakitu won't drag you to the aforementioned spot OR the glitch spot, but will tow you backwards and drop you behind the finish line! Credit goes to Archi Lefevre for finding this.

Mega Man 3

Weird Laser
sent in by glitcher

The Gemini Laser is quite a quirky weapon. At the spawn reservoir in Gemini Man's stage, fire a laser at the spawn and it should bounce off. The laser should continue bouncing around the room for a short while until it finally stops being reflected and starts to cut through the walls. If it hits a spawn in that state, the laser will destroy it despite the fact that it can't ordinarily harm spawn.

Freeze Skull Man
sent in by glitcher

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a glitch, but anyway. Skull Man, along with Gemini Man, is one of the few bosses that responds to your moves. However, if you don't do anything at all as soon as you enter Skull Man's room, he won't do anything at all either! You'll just be staring at each other forever, or until you decide to attack out of sheer boredom. :)

Delayed disappearance
sent in by glitcher

At the first or second whale in Dive Man's stage, freeze one of its missiles with the Spark Shock, then destroy the whale. The missile should ordinarily disappear along with the whale, but it won't do so until it can move again. Weird.

Empty spawn
sent in by glitcher

In Gemini Man's stage, reach the spawn reservoir and start blowing some up to release the poles inside. Keep this up without destroying any poles until you have ten of the little buggers following you. After ten poles have been released, the rest of the spawn will be..... EMPTY! I think this is because the Gameboy can't handle more than ten poles on the same screen at once. I'm guessing this might also work for the NES, you'll just have to try it for yourselves.

Delayed reaction
sent in by glitcher

The Skeleton Joes in Skull Mans stage wont normally react to weapons when theyre frozen with the Spark Shock. But if you shoot them with a Dive Missile, Drill Bomb, or Dust Crusher, theyll fall apart once they can move again. Odd.

Out of ammo
sent in by glitcher

This is a weird one. In Snake Mans stage, if you scroll one of the Petit Snakeys just onto the edge of the screen so that you can only see half of its head, nothing will come out of its mouth when it attempts to fire.

Floating items
sent in by glitcher

This one's even weirder. In the second half of Snake Mans stage, reach the beginning of the long vertical section where you can see two Potons hovering back and forth. If you destroy a Poton just as it is entering/exiting the screen on the right hand side, any item it might leave behind will float one block off the ground on the edge of the screen.

Freeze the game!
sent in by glitcher

Oh man! Oh man! This definitely has to be the biggest glitch of the game! In Drill Mans stage, work your way over to any chute releasing boulders and fire a Spark Shock at the boulder just as it breaks apart on the ground. You should be able to freeze all the fragments with one shot. Keep this up with ensuing boulders, firing Spark Shocks as they break apart on the same spot as the frozen fragments, and eventually the game will freeze.

Mega Man 4

Glitchy snail
sent in by glitcher

At the first snail in Toad Man's stage, climb on top of its shell and stay there. When it throws its eyes at you, they won't return as normal, but TELEPORT back to their original position (this also works with the second snail)! Also, if you slide past the snail through the gap above the shell, the snail's eyes will be all messed up.

Weird teleport
sent in by glitcher

In the first half of Napalm Man's stage, find the part where there are grinders coming down onto a long, high platform. If you slide underneath the grinder while its coming down and stay there, you won't be crushed as expected, but you'll teleport on top of it!

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Zero's Insta-warp
sent in by

In Mega Man Xtreme 2 for the Game Boy Color, make sure that Zero has the Drill Crush attack from Tunnel Rhino. Go to Overdrive Ostritch's stage, and get next to (But not close enough to jump on) either of the Land Speeders. Turn away from the vehicle, jump, use the Drill Crush at the top of your jump, and hold towards the speeder. If you go fast enough, Zero will, instead of turning towards the Landspeeder and hopping on, jump away from the speeder in the opposite direction, land on an invisible speeder, and teleport onto the bike right before it takes off!

Metroid 2

Get stuck
sent in by Audie Aderholt

This glitch works basically anywhere in this game where the screen scrolls. First, roll into a ball. Second, roll toward the right edge of the screen. This does not work if you roll to the left edge of the screen. Last, when the screen is about to scroll, press left on the control pad. This has to be exactly as the screen starts scrolling. If the screen starts scrolling and you can see all of the ball, you've done it correctly. The game will start scrolling really fast through the next screen or two and the screen you just left. You can see the ball in the same place on each of the screens. The graphics may glitch too, depending on where you are. There is no way to get out of the glitch, you just have to reset it.

Enemies crawl on air
sent in by Avolin

Enter a new file or go back to the first area of the game, and go right until you see the enemies that can crawl on the blocks that can be destroyed. If you shoot the blocks that the creature is crawling on, it will spin around in the air like mad until the block reappears.

Spider Ball Trick
sent in by Avolin

Morph into the spider ball and press the D-Pad to where you want to go. As long as the D-Pad is held down in one direction, you will keep going (i.e. if you start moving to the left, slowly rotate your thumb around the D-Pad, you will keep moving to the left even if you are now pressing right).

Secret Worlds!
sent in by Glitch Master Busta

Yes even Metroid's first sequel has Secret Worlds!! To perform this Select Trick, move Samus across the screen, preferably down (down is the best way because you don't have to hold the D-Pad, although any other direction will work too). While Samus is moving, begin pressing the select or start button on your Gameboy as fast as you can. I mean, shake your arm! Hit that button as fast as you possibly can! (Drinking a lot of coffee usually helps...) When you press it fast enough, you should notice where blocks or rows have shifted or appeared out of nowhere, and there are sometimes even holes in the walls! These holes are sometimes entrances to Secret Worlds!!

All of this and all of the Secret Worlds are discussed in complete, indepth detail at [external link]

Full screen glitch
sent in by DOGBERT2000

First off you must own a gameboy advanced and a copy of metroid 2 (for gameboy). Now as many people know playing gb games on a gba will give you a smaller screen size because gb has a smaller screen. BUT if you repededly tap(very very fastly) the pause button you should see THE GAME USES UP THE FULL SCREEN!! Everything gets wider and bigger.

[Note: The shoulder buttons cause this effect on any original GB game played on the GBA]


Menu glitch
sent in by Bill

photo courtesy of redslime

In Celadon city, go to the hotel in the bottom-right corner. Go to the wall on the right and face the counter with one space in between you and the counter and press A. A menu should pop up as if you're on a computer, even though there is nothing visible and you can even walk through the area where the computer should be.

Morphing glitch
sent in by Bill

photos courtesy of redslime

Go to cycling road from Celadon City and go the the left border with the trees behind the stone pillars. Go down the hill for about 1 second and go back up. The trees, up to behind the guy two spaces away from the border, will have turned into water! Go back down(or to the right and back left) and there will be trees again! Note: this only works between two points: the biker specified above and a pillar to the right, the last one before going futher right to border the lake.

Statue glitch
sent in by Bill

Go the the Elite Four, and in the first trainer's room (Loreli's), face the statue and try surfing. You will be able to surf straight through the statue, turn around, and surf through it again to get back on land!

Start inside a bush
sent in by Bill

photo courtesy of redslime

First, go to a bush and cut it down. Stand in the area where the bush was and save. Turn the game off and back on, continue your game, and you will start out inside a bush.

Music glitch
sent in by Bill

Go to a place where there's a hole that you push boulders down(i.e. Victory Road). Ride your bike down it and, when you hit the floor, the bike music will still be playing even though you are not on it.

Evolution Abortion
sent in by Cl0vis15

[Note: this is not a glitch]

To stop your Pokémon from evolving, hold the B button when it pauses to evolve. If you time this correctly, it won't evolve. Instead, it will try to evolve again later. This glitch is useful for raising levels, while trying to maintain a collection of all 150 Pokémon.

Ball Upgrade
sent in by Cl0vis15

This trick will let you access the power of the MASTER BALL every time you throw an ULTRA BALL. Right after throwing an ULTRA BALL, press UP and B simultaneously, if you time it right, it will function as a MASTER BALL.

Level 100 Code (Japanese Version Only)
sent in by Cl0vis15

Go into battle and place an ability you do not want on your Pokémon at the bottom by pressing Select. Go to the Item List and go down the to the seventh item from the top, press Select on it, and exit out. Go into a battle and press select on the bottom ability, and then attack the enemy and defeat it, without pressing select again. The Pokémon will then be L:100, but the ability you pressed select on will be gone! It's health bar may do some weird stuff, but just go to a PokéCenter and he'll be good as new.

Duplicate Pokémons!
sent in by Rubee64

This glitch requires 2 Pokémon games, 2 Game Boys, and 1 Game Link. In one version needs to be a Pokémon that they don't care about, and the in the other is the Pokémon to be duplicated. Start as usual and go to the Trade Center. Lets say you want to duplicate a Dragonite. Start to trade him to the other game, when the bad Pokémon is coming to you and the screen(s) say "waiting", get ready to turn your Pokémon game off. When the "waiting" disappears, turn off the Pokémon game that's getting the bad Pokémon before the screen says "Trade complete". When it says that, turn off the Pokémon with the Dragonite. Turn them both back on and you both should have Dragonite. It really does work. I duplicate my Eevee, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Kabuto, Omanyte, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur for others who got only one of them. But I did figure out how to do this AFTER I got all 150 Pokémon.

Give Metapod and Kakuna attacks.
sent in by Linda Pezek

Capture a CATTERPIE and Nickname it Catterpie using a capital and lower-case.Then when it evolving to METAPOD its name will stay the same and it will know Tackel and String Shot. Do the same with WEEDLE nickname it Weedle.Then when it evolving to KAKUNA its name will stay the same and it will know Poison Sting and String Shot.

Missingno madness
sent in by Hauntmee

I have found a glitch in pokémon that works really well! In fact almost too well. Go to Cinnabar Island and trade with one of the trainers in the place beside the Pokémon Center. After the trade surf along the shore line right beside the Gym. Now keep swimming along there until you see a pokémon named Missingno. (your game should be black for about 4 seconds before the battle.) Missingno. will be at level 80 with a high attack and low defence, speed, and special. Capture it (if you like) or finish the battle. He will not appear on your Pokedex. Now go to your item list and if the 6th item from the top is (lets say) a Rare Candy you will have appox. 130 Rare Candies!!!!!!! This item can be refilled by swimming again along the shore line beside!!! Note that it will not work with all items (eg. HM1.) Also you will see other Pokémon from the last place you were at. An example would be the Safari Zone!!! You can ditch the Safari balls and use your pokeballs instead!! (also once you leave the Cinnabar island shore line you will not see Missingno. unless the last place you were at was a town or the Elite Four. And once all the trainers to trade with are gone ((in the whole game))you cannot see Missingno. again!)

More on Missingno madness
sent in by

The glitch above (which can also be done after talking to the old man who does the demonsration in Veridian) does more than it says. While surfing up and down the coast, depending on your name, you can get pokémon with ridiculously high levels (144 Snorlax, 128 Golbat). Some interesting thing about this is that for me, it didn't work on my blue version then my red, while other people said it worked fine on both, and other people have seen different pokémon than me such as Wartortle and Nidorina. If you fight with the pokémon, they revert to level 100 after one battle (or in case of my Snorlax, 97). You can also level them up with Rare Candies up to level 255. Any further and they go to level 1. They usually won't listen to you in battle, even with all the badges. My level 255 Snorlax has 999 HP, an attack of 640, and other very high stats.

Alternate Missingno Trick
sent in by Blake Connolly

It is often thought that the only way to find a Missingno in Pokémon is to trade with a trainer and surf the coast of Seafoam Island. To the contrary, there is another way. In Viridan City (the town just north of Pallet Town), there is a man that teaches you to catch Pokémon. Talk to him, let him show you how to use the Pokéball, then fly to Fuschia City. Go to the coast of Seafoam Island and hover along it. You will see Missingno at various levels, a version of Missingno with a glitched name with all kinds of odd symbols, and a L: 170 Rapidash. I am not sure what the consequences of catching the Rapidash are, so be careful if you want to catch him.

Sometimes you will see other Pokémon while on the coastline. I have seen Tangela, Pigeotto, and there is supposedly a Blastoise or Wartortle that skips to L: 100 when used, but I haven't seen it for myself.

The Old Man on the Roof
sent in by Bill & CyberSpot

First, get a pokémon with surf and, if you have it with you, deposit the Secret key. Go to Cinnabar Island and surf along the right edge and get level horizontally with the space in front of the door to the Gym. Get back on land and walk toward the door. The locked door message will appear and , if you look at the top left corner, there is now a guy on the roof!

Revive a Pokémon
sent in by Bill

I have found a way to revive a pokéon without a revive or pokécenter. Use a Rare Candy on a fainted pokémon and he will be revitalized.

Another music glitch
sent in by Bill

If you get a Pokémon to evolve after the final battle with your rival, the music will be muted until Professor Oak comes up to you.

Get inside a poké ball
sent in by Bill

There are two places to do this. The first is in the Game Corner Basement. Go to the guy with the lift key (he's the on one that says "The elevator doesn't work?  Who has the LIFT KEY?") and fight him. Afterwards, get on his left side and talk to him again. You are now in a poké ball. To get out simply move over in any direction. The second is also in the Game Corner Basement. Just talk to Giovanni from behind and, after the battle, you will be in a Poké ball.

Still more on Missingno
sent in by McNeill

MissingNo is of course a fairly easy to do glitch that can result in getting a very unusual pokémon, BUT there are consequences for doing so. Catching, or even SEEING a missingno can sometimes cause your game to glitch up and screw around with your other pokémon, sometimes becoming so serious that you have to erase your save file. What's worse, trading the thing will glitch up a friend's game.

Although this is Nintendo's official standing on missingno, many sources warned of the same thing, before Nintendo even hear of missingno. Just a word to the wise: try it at your own risk.

Name glitch
sent in by Bill

If a Mew Transforms before you catch it, it will say you caught a Ditto.

Trading name glitch
sent in by Rubee64

If you trade a person a pokémon with the same name as you, it will stay the same and won't grow faster like it regularly would if you traded it (i.e. ASH trades a pikachu to ASH, it will not gain more experience for winning battles).
[Note: The above trick may not work on all game paks.]
Here's an addendum from Mark Matiyosus:

I read this and tried it out (I have two gameboys and both color paks). It did not work. I did some ivestigating and found that each pokémon has an ID number that is unique to each game pak. The number is found in the pokémon's stats.

Game link trick
sent in by Zaxter

First, go into battle with another person (a REAL person, not a trainer in the game), and engage combat. Now, both trainers select an attack. On one of the gameboys while it says "WAITING...", take out the link cable. The gameboy that just took out their side of the link cable will be frozen, but the battle will still continue on the other gameboy!! The pokémon from the frozen gameboy will use the last attack it was told to use every round until it faints. You will have to plug in the cable on the disconnected side each round after the first one to continue the battle, but no big deal. When the frozen gameboy's pokémon does faint, it will be replaced on the not-frozen gameboy's with some messed up picture. After that both games are frozen and you have to turn them off.

Preventing Missingno from stuffing your game pak
sent in by Alex Penev

1) Go beat the Elite 4 real quick (you not only gain $30,000, but you get some EXP points too) After you beat em, beat the Bad guy (I called him Ash in my game =) After you whallopped his rosy red cheeks, Oak comes, and you have to watch the credits. Anyway, this forces the game to save, so Missingno is safely saved, so to speak.

2) Even easier. Just go to a Poke Centre, and change the Box on the computer. This also forces the game to save. It makes your cartridge not stuff up. So each time you have an encounter with Missingno, just force the game to save so you don't wreck your data. The first trick is to be avoided, cos with the other missingno tricks you should have 200 nuggets at least (ie, sell em for tons of cash), and 'infinite' rare candies, and all that. But you know. Just force the game to save and you have no probs ...

Delete a game! *WARNING*
sent in by

Another glitch in pokémon is when your talking to the dude that shows you how to catch pokémon (and he catches a weddle) press all buttons and it will reset the game and possibly delete your saved file! It sometimes works when you talk to other people.

Sound glitch 1
sent in by Victreebel64

First of all you have to get Jynx and Scyther, or at least have their data in the Pokédex. Then go to the Pokédex, scroll down to Jynx, select CRY, and while Jynx's cry is playing, QUICKLY go up to Scyther and select CRY. If done right the game will make a weird sound. Note: you can do it with Mr. Mime if you don't have Scyther.

Sound glitch 2
sent in by Victreebel64

When you're in a trainer battle, and your Pokémon is badly hurt and making that beeping noise, when the next Pokémon comes out, its cry will be messed up. Sometimes it makes another Pokémon's cry, e.g. if it's a Kadabra it will make a Gastly cry.

Disappearing man
sent in by Victreebel64

Go to the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City and find the woman who says that the slot machines have different odds. Stand in front of the slot machine directly above her, and keep an eye on the upper most guy on the right side of the screen. Now, press A. When it asks if you want to play the slot machine, say yes. That guy will vanish into thin air!

Ash goes through walls!
sent in by Victreebel64

Okay, so this one isn't that cool, but check it out anyway. Go to the Unknown Dungeon and find the ladder that goes to the area with the ladder that goes to the basement (where Mewtwo is). Go down this ladder, then when you go to the 1st floor, press Down and you will walk through the wall! I think it only works when you're on the bike.

Gentleman Glitch
sent in by PCDAD

While using the Missingno. glitch to get the 6th item duplicate on Seafoam Island, I encountered a Gentleman who fought me with Missingno. and other strange pokémon. This was very strange because at first I when I encountered him he had a level 240 Missingno. that looked like the ghosts at the Pokémon Tower when you dont have the Silph Scope. When I defeated his Missingno. he threw out another pokémon that blanked out the screen. After this I turn off the gameboy. I returned to the location and fought him 8 more times after this, but these 8 times he had 3 strange pokémon, 2 Nidorinos with a strange name and a Flareon. This glitch worked the same as the Missingno. glitch. I dont know for sure how many people saw this, but its sure strange to me....

Ability Glitch
sent in by Kyle Wightman

There is a strange glitch I discovered in the games. Let's say you have a Pokémon that has an ability lowering attack, such as Tail Whip, and the enemy Pokémon has Growl. If the first Pokémon uses Tail Whip, the enemy Pokémon's defence will be lowered. But if the enemy uses Growl, the ability lowering attacks will "cancel out". This is almost like they were never used at all!

Erie missingno. revenge music glitch
sent in by Alex

OK, here's a strange glitch for Pokémon Red/Blue for GB. It makes strange and even scary music by slowing down and mixing together music from pokémon Red/Blue. For this to work you have to have beaten the elite four. First do the duplicate items trick with Missingno. with any item. Then go to a pokémon center (preferably the elite four pokémon center)go to the computer and select Hall of Fame. Now scroll through the pokémon (take time to look at them they're should be strange pokémon some that don't exist). If it shows the regular pokémon you used to beat the elite four then save you're game turn it off turn it on again turn it off again and turn it back on. Then look through the hall of fame somewhere in the hall of fame there will be a pokémon that says type Flying/Water and after it says it's cry the music will change and doesn't change back until you leave the pokémon center and walk back in.

Was that a.... ghost?
sent in by Victreebel64

Go into the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town without the Silph Scope and wander around until you run into a ghost. The game will tell you that the ghost couldn't be ID'd (what it normally says when you encounter a ghost without the Silph Scope). Now, select PKMN on the Battle Menu, but instead of switching Pokémon, just look at one's stats, then cancel. Go back to the battle screen and you'll be able to see the ghost even though you don't have the Silph Scope! You won't be able to attack it, though.

Glitch City
sent in by Victreebel64

This glitch works for all versions of the game. Go to Fucshia City and make sure you have a Pokémon with Fly and Surf. Enter the Safari Zone, and wander around until you have about 100 steps left. Now try to exit the Safari Zone from where you enter it. The guy will ask if you are leaving early. Say NO, and you will be taken back into the Safari Zone. Try to leave again, and say NO again, but this time, after you are taken back into the Safari Zone, SAVE the game and turn it off. Start the game back up and try to exit again. This is where it gets glitchy. Instead of asking you if you want to leave early, the guy will ask you if you want to join the hunt. Say NO again, then leave the building to the south. Now FLY to Cinnabar Island and SURF up and down the right hand side (same as doing the Missingno. trick). After a while you'll hear the PA go off and see the message that your Safari Zone time has run out. You will then be teleported back to the Safari Zone entrance. The guy will ask you if you had a good haul, come back again, blah blah blah. Now exit the building to the south again and.... what's this?! This isn't Fucshia City! You'll end up instead in a WEIRD messed up city! The colors and music are the same as on Rt. 20, and if you check your map, it'll say that you're on Rt. 20 even though it should say Fucshia City! Explore the city and you might find some weird neat things! Once I ended up in the middle of an endless ocean! Warning: you can get stuck. If that happens, use FLY and go to any city to escape. Also, if you do the trick on Yellow, it may make your Pikachu get REALLY angry, so don't be too mean to the little rat! ^_^

Cool Ditto
sent in by Victreebel64

Catch a Ditto (preferably a high-level one) and take it to the bridge north of Cerulean City. Wander around in the grass until you run into a Pidgey. Have Ditto transform into the Pidgey. The Ditto should have copied Gust, Sand Attack, and Quick-Attack. Switch Gust with Quick-Attack (use Select to switch them) then defeat the Pidgey. Now check out your Ditto's moves. Transform will be gone, replaced by a nameless move with 0 PPs and the type "COOLTRAINER". To use this move, use a PP up on it, then a Max Elixer (healing at a PokéCenter won't work). It almost always misses, but when it hits, you'll see two flashes of light and then it will do damage.

Mew glitch
sent in by Waluigi

If Mew is Transformed when it learns an attack, it will look like the Pokémon it transformed into but it will have Mew's attacks until it is switched out or the battle ends.

Statue glitch #2
sent in by Waluigi

If you surf through the statues in Lance's room in the Elite Four, you can get to the small areas on both sides. (There is no point to doing this)

RE:"eerie missingno. revenge music"
sent in by Waluigi

The music can screw up anytime in the Hall of Fame (even if you haven't seen a missingno)

Play Safari Zone at night
sent in by glitcher

This is a variation on Victreebel64's fantastic Glitch City. Do the procedure mentioned above, but instead of flying to Cinnabar Island, go to Lavender town and walk up to the Rock Tunnel. Now simply wait inside until your time runs out and you'll be transported back to the Safari Zone. The difference here is that the area is still dark, hence allowing you to play at night!

Music glitch #3
sent in by AlienX

I'm not sure if it works for blue or red, but on yellow go to Victory Road from Indigo Plateau. Get on your bike, and it should still be playing the regular cave music!

SURFing Bug: SURF through anything!*
* but there's a small catch
sent in by Christopher Lee

Any Pokemon that knows SURF.

This bug allows you to SURF on any tile (irregardless of tile type or presence of any sprites occupying that spot) one square below your position provided you are adjacent to any water tile you can use SURF on. For example, if your position is represented by "@", land tiles by ".", walls/barriers by "#", and water tiles by "=", "_" marks the position you can SURF into:

Water tiles can be on any non-diagonal adjacent square, as indicated by the "="s in the above diagram.

To use this bug, begin by walking toward the water tile. In this example, the character is walking toward the right:

When your character is walking from the second-closest tile to the water tile:

...and is about to enter the closest tile:
    .......= and hold START. The menu should appear just as you reach the land tile. SAVE the game and reset (turn off and on) the Game Boy. CONTINUE your game. If performed correctly, your character should start out facing the direction you were walking (and not the standard down direction). (If not, repeat the above steps.) DO NOT MOVE. Use SURF. Your character should then SURF onto the tile south of your location:
Alternately, if there is no room to walk, hold down the direction of the water tile (in this example, up):
...and press START when your character's feet are not side-by-side (when he is taking a "step"). The rest of the instructions can then be followed.

Unfortunately, this bug cannot be used in reverse. You cannot begin while SURFing and wind up walking because the game is smart enough to disembark in the correct direction.

This appears to work only on Pokemon Red/Blue. Gold/Silver versions seem to be fixed, and Yellow/Crystal versions have not yet been tested.


- Reboard the S.S. Anne!

Make your way to the dock, to the tile diagonally adjacent to the guard (represented by "t"):

Walk one step to the right, holding START:
SAVE the game, reset, and CONTINUE. Use SURF. Your character will SURF through the guard:
Press down to reach the dock area behind the guard. Welcome aboard!

(Another area where you can SURF through people: Cerulean Gym has a swimmer at the right side of the pool. No special preparation is needed there!)

You can use this opportunity to SURF to the corners of the S.S. Anne screen.

- Reach the land area next to BILL's house.

WARNING! It is strongly recommended that you bring a Pokemon that knows FLY or TELEPORT. If you SAVE after reaching that land area without one, you will have to faint off your Pokemon in order to escape! (You'll waste a good chunk of time and half your money, especially if you didn't bring any fishing RODs.)

Begin south of BILL's house, sandwiched at some point between the barriers and the pond:

Hold up, press START, and SAVE. Reset and CONTINUE - you should start facing up. Use SURF to move through the barrier:
...and press down to reach the pond to the south. SURF around to the right and up. You will reach a small strip of land to leads up to BILL's house. Photo op!

Remaining Questions:

- Can anyone find more ways to exploit this bug?
- Does this still work in Pokemon Yellow/Crystal?

An update from Jason Brace is that it works on Yellow!

Faster teleport
sent in by

On Pokemon Blue, you can teleport faster if you use Diglett or Dugtrio's dig to escape to a Pokemon Center.

Old man in the wall
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

This glitch is similar to the Old man on the roof glitch. Go to Cycling Road from Celadon City without a bike. Once you enter the house, go down all the way, then walk left. The guard will stop you and say that No Pedestrains are allowed on Cycling Road but the old man will be in the wall!

More on Glitch City
sent in by The Glitch Reaper

When doing the Glitch City trick you can walk and wait in many parts of the game to be warped to the Safari Zone! Depending on where you do this you may come out of some nearby building, in a more stable Glitch City that does not shift, or into a shifting Glitch City. Always remember to bring everything you have that can be used out of battle into this place! Flamingsite(not mine) has found some kind of Glitch Key in here by using a Gameshark Code to walk through walls!

Riding a Bike without getting it
sent in by Jason Brace

I'm not sure if it work on Pokemon Red and Blue, I only tried it on Pokemon Yellow. Anyway, if you already have a Bike, it's no problem. Just send your bike in your PC (computer). Now go where there's a hill and the bikers (the place that the game will only lets you enter if you have a Bike). The guard will say that you'll need a Bike to pass, but ignore the guard. Just continue passing him by skipping the texts over and over. If you're lucky, you'll be pass the guard. When you're out, you'll be on the Bike!

Transform oddity
sent in by Dr.Glitch

While fighting any pokemon with a Ditto, Trasform and every mov will have 5 pp. Now use a max ether on Ditto while transformed and it will only give you the option to use it on Transform. Now go back to the battle and go to fight. The first move will have 10 pp (or more if you used a pp up on transform) and all the others will have 0 pp no matter how many you had when you used the ether.

Get behind door
sent in by Dr.Glitch

It is possible to get behind the door in lance's room. Just position yourself above and to the right of the Door in lance's room. Face the statues and use the surf through anything glitch. You will surf down through the door. Now you will be able to walk around in that area anywhere, even go back and talk to Agatha.

Stand on water
sent in by Eddie

In Cerulean gym, SURF behind the Jr. Trainer female and face her back. Go to POKEMON in the start menu, and go select a pokemon with SURF. Select SURF and you will be standing on water. Unfortunately, you can't walk around on it. It does not work for Gold, Silver and Crystal versions, and Yellow has not yet been tested.

WARNING: You will have to turn your game to get out of here and if you save your game back here the is NO WAY YOU CAN GET OUT! and you will have to restart your game.

Catch a level 0 Ditto!
sent in by Eddie

This glitch allows you to catch a level 0 Ditto, obviously. First, use the Missingno. trick on either Missingno. place (Cinnabar Island or Seafoam Islands). SURF around on the east coast of either until you find the Missingno. that has a name that is a blotch of garbled data, than 'M, than more garbled data and is at level 0. Catch it (it will be prevented from screwing up your game with a later step.). After you catch it, it will say that the blotch 'M blotch (as I type it on a computer) used WATER GUN, even though the pokemon is invisible. Catch it again. It will say you cought a Ditto level 0. The Ditto has 5 defense, 5 attack, 5 special and 5 speed. Oh, yeah, then release the blotch 'M blotch (by putting it in the box if it isn't already there, then selecting the release command on the main Bill's PC menu) then save. Your game will not screw up, and you will still have the Ditto. This will not work on Yellow, Gold, Silver or Crystal because blotch 'M blotch is not in those versions, although trading level 0 Ditto to them won't screw them up.

Stand on water - way to get out
sent in by Eddie

If you do the stand on water glitch, and save there, there is a way to get out. Face some other water (it should be above or below you) and select SURF on a pokemon. You will SURF out of being stuck.

Get trapped
sent in by Eddie

Beat the elite 4 except for Gary. Right after you beat Lance, use the 'get behind door' glitch (mentioned somewhere above) to get behind the door in Lance's room. You are now trapped. If you try this before you beat Lance, you are not trapped- go back to Agatha's room, then back to Lance's room. The game will control you right through that door.

Bill's House Great Escape
sent in by The Glitch Reaper

Believe it or not you can use "DIG" or "Escape Rope" in Bill's House! You can also get to a pond area in Glitch City if you wait there! Bring the right gear if you know what's good for you!

Pokémon (Gold & Silver)

Turn any pokémon into gold and duplicate items (Japanese Version Only)
sent in by glitcher

The pokémon you want to turn into gold should be able to evolve if you want the full benefit of this code, otherwise there will be a confusion with the names and so forth.

First, place a pokemon that has been taught FLY in the first position in your lineup, the Golden Gyarados in the sixth position, and the pokémon whose color is to be changed in the second position. If you want to duplicate an item, equip it onto Gyrados. Next place all your pokémon back into the PC except the first (in the order: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), then take the second one back out.

Enter the bug-catching contest, then try and exit immediately. When the clerk asks if you want to leave, answer NO. Now fly out of the contest, store the pokémon that will be changed in the PC, then go back to the contest and say YES to quit. After the prizegiving, you will find that your second pokémon has teleported back into your lineup and has turned gold. It will also have Gyrados' name and attacks and it will have a duplicate of its item. Train the pokémon until it evolves to retrieve its regular name/attacks, it will have a shining status.

Battle 2 officers
sent in by Anonymous

Most people probably know about this, but on Pokemon Silver(don't know about Gold), you can battle the two officers (one next to the day-care house and the other at the door of the National Park) at night! (Both have Growlithes)

Clone items and pokémon
sent in by glitcher

Save your game inside a pokécenter and log on to the PC. Attach the item you want to duplicate to the pokémon you wish to clone, then deposit the monster inside the PC. Now change boxes and wait for the game to attempt the save. When it's in the process of doing so, quickly turn off your Game Boy. When you turn it back on, you will find that the pokémon and the item are both in the PC AND in your active line-up! Mint! Five different items and pokémon can be cloned in this way at any one time. Master balls and Lugias for everyone! Of course, there's always the slight possibiliy of game save corruption using this method, just like in Pokémon Red/Blue.

Get all three starter pokémon with ONE Gameboy!
sent in by glitcher

Yes, everyone knows that old trick how to get all three starter pokémon from Prof. Elm by trading them back and forth with a second copy of Pokémon Gold/Silver, but there's another way how to get all three pokémon using only one Gameboy.

Start a new game and save RIGHT BEFORE you choose a pokémon from Prof. Elm. Now pick one and continue through the game normally WITHOUT SAVING until you get your first pokéballs. Now catch a pokémon, then go to the pokémon centre in Cherrygrove City and log on to Bill's PC. Deposit your starter pokémon and select "Change Box". Switch to another box, and just as the game is attempting to save during the change, swith off your Gameboy! If you did it right, the next time you play, you'll find yourself back at Prof. Elm's lab ready to choose your starter pokémon, but the one you chose before will still be in Bill's PC! This effectively allows you to select all three starter pokémon and even get several copies of the same one! The only drawback is that the pokémon you chose earlier won't appear in your pokédex until it evolves.

Bring glitched Ditto from Red to Silver
sent in by Player Two

I took an old Pokemon glitch I found on this site and tried it out one of the new games. The glitch proved completely useless. The old glitch is for the Red/Blue/Yellow games and goes as follows:

Catch a Ditto and take it into battle with any Pokemon that has more than one move. Have Ditto use transform and switch the first move of the new list with the second one using Select. Exit the battle either by running or winning and check Ditto's stats. No moves will be listed. If Ditto is taken into battle, the move will be of type Cooltrainer and have 0/13 PP. Pokemon Centres won't refill this move; you must use an ether to bring it's power up. When used in battle, the screen will shake and deal damage, but then the screen fills up with lines and freezes.

(This wasn't copied directly from the site as there are a few differences between how the glitch read and how it worked for me.)

I tested this trick in my Silver game and it didn't work. Instead, I saved my glitched Ditto on Red and traded it to Silver. Long story short, I was able to screw up the graphics a few different ways. That covers about everything that happened in my tests, but if you're interested in the specific results keep reading.

When it reached the new world, Ditto still didn't have any moves listed, but in battle weird things would happen in the game when I chose to attack. Twice when I selected fight the game screen turned black and froze completely. Sometimes I was allowed to select the first move in the list of nothing, and then the screen turned white and reset... sort of. Most of the time though, the screen just turned white and reset. The difference is that upon reseting the colours were messed up. Mostly, they were reversed. Resetting by pressing all the buttons fixed nothing; I had to turn the game off and then on to return it to normal.

The glitchfest didn't end here. I took out my Pidgeot and flew to Blackthorn city to visit the move deleter. The first time in, I waited a few seconds and the game reset itself, this time with even weirder colours (mostly greens and reds). I went to the deleter again and quickly chose the first move to delete. The mystery move was gone and in it's place was Transform. I now had a normal Ditto. I reset and went in a third time, this time trying to scroll through the moves before selecting one. Every time I tried this I got a different effect. Once, random characters scrolled continuously from right to left. The next, the message box on the bottom changed characters a few times before freezing.

That didn't prove too interesting, so I moved on to the next test. I brought this Ditto into a battle with another Ditto. I couldn't choose fight without freezing the game, so instead I threw Pokeball that had no chance of catching Ditto and used Berries to heal mine. When the other Ditto transformed it couldn't use anything except Struggle. I let it wear down it's power a bit before tossing Ultra Balls to catch it. I got nothing except a level ten Ditto with full PP on Transform. Next, I took Ditto to the daycare centre and left it with Pidgeot for a while. When the egg finally hatched, I got a female Pidgey with Gust and Sand-Attack. Boring.

I took Ditto into battle again for the heck of it and noticed something: when I hit fight, the game didn't freeze or reset. I selected the mystery move and Ditto used an attack that looked like Rapid Spin but had the effect of Toxic. I tried it a few more times before the Drowzee fainted with the same results each time. Just when I thought I had a poisonous Ditto, I took it into another battle. This time the attack did nothing. It just said that it had no effect and passed along to Drowzee's turn. I tried it out on Rattata, male Nidoran, and Sunkern, but still it had no effect. Then something else new happened: Ditto gained a new attack from nowhere. The new attack was Transform (although it didn't say that). After trying it out on Rattata, I left the battle and entered a new one, only to have Ditto mysteriously gain two more attacks. Both of them were the same as the first mystery move. Neither had any effect, but they both had 54 PP.

I saved the game, went to eat supper, and when I turned the game back on Ditto only had the one mystery move. Out of ideas, I restored my games from my memory card and went on to write this. ...and now you're reading it.

Game Reset
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Save before doing this. Now go into Vermillion City and talk to the Machop there. After you do, simply go into the items screen and use your COIN CASE. The game resets. Weird.

Ditto Copies DVs!
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Teach a Pokémon in RBY Mimic, and battle a Ditto. Use Mimic and Mimic Transform, and it'll transform. Use Transform, and make sure it uses Transform as well (move deleter anyone? *be sure to duplicate first!) then catch the Blob. If done correctly, the Ditto's HP will probably be messed up. You have successfully transfered DVs from your MIMICING Pokémon to the Ditto! You can even get a Shiny Ditto in this way!

Get rid of useless pokémon
sent in by Eddie

Enter the bug-catching contest on Tuesday Thursday or Saturday, with a valuble pokemon first in your party, and the rest of your party as useless pokemon. FLY out of the contest. The guys in the buildings surrounding National Park just say "today's contest is over, blah blah blah" and not say something like "you forgot your pokemon at the contest. Here you go!" You now have successfully gotten rid of some useless pokemon.

Pokémon Pinball

Speed glitch
sent in by Stephen Shaw

Sometimes if you get your ball to go around really fast and you hold your flipper up, The ball will get jammed on the end and give you a super boost!!!

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge

Silhouette glitch
sent in by Stephen Shaw

I found this out while playing it on my emulator, so it might work on the real game too. Anyway, simply complete Puzzle Mode or Star Puzzle mode. When the game goes back to the title screen, watch the intro. Chikorita and Cyndaquil will be silhouettes! Totodile, Pichu and Pikachu are fine.

Rugrats Movie

Stage start glitch
sent in by Bill

If you press and hold any button before starting a stage (at the text screen), the screen will remain black (with music playing) until you let go. If you were holding start, the stage will start paused.

Sonic Advance (GameBoy Advance)

Fall through the floor
sent in by Glitcher

Pick Sonic, Tails or Knuckles, then go to the Secret Base Zone, Act 2. Work your way through the stage until you reach the loop that has the secret spring on top. You'll notice that there's a small portion of striped floor directly underneath this loop. Normally you can only jump up through this floor, but it's possible to fall back down through it. All you have to do is dash from the start of the loop, then jump off when you start to roll down the wall. The objective here is to try and land on the rightmost part of the striped floor at the highest possible speed. If you land on the right spot and you're fast enough, you'll fall right through the floor and catch the rope on the other side. If you fail to make it through, you can simply dash back up to the loop and make another attempt. Chances are, it'll take more than one.

Stand on bumpers
sent in by Glitcher

In either of the Casino Paradise Zone acts, find a place where there's a pair of triangular bumpers lined on the floor and ceiling (you know what I'm talking about). Normally if you touch these bumpers, they'll bounce you along the passageway in the direction they're facing. But if you go to the bumper at the end (whose slope is facing towards you), you can stand on its slope without getting bounced. It's not much, but it's a glitch!

Walk in the high-speed tunnels
sent in by Glitcher

Pick Tails as your character and go to the Casino Paradise Zone, Act 2. Now stick to the lower levels and work your way through the stage (you shouldn't have to go very far) until you find a place where there's a high-speed tunnel (you know, the one that sucks you in and gives you a choice on where to go) angled down-right. It should be to the right of the pinball table section that has a warp hole in the gutter. Stand on the ledge above this tunnel and fly SLOWLY down into this tunnel. You'll notice that you won't get sucked in from this angle. As soon as you touch the ground, start running left so that you slow your descent down the slope. If you're lucky, you should still be able to stand by the time you reach the round spot at the bottom. From there, you can walk around the limited space you have to yourself and experiment with the tunnel.

Super Mario Advance (GameBoy Advance)

Music Glitch
sent in by

In a level with a cherry before Birdo such as 1-2 or 4-2, make sure you have four cherries. Get the last one and get the Starman, then get Birdo to talk to you. When your invincibility ends, you will hear the music that usually plays before you fight a boss, even though you're already fighting him. Until next time, everybody, do the Mario!

5-3 madness
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

In the 3rd area (underground), pick the Mushroom Block off the pipe and drop it 2 spaces away from the Bob-Omb Pipe. The Bomb-Ombs will blow it up when they explode! Now, come running toward the ladder from the left side. Throw it while your character is just passing by it's right and it might get stuck in the ladder! But it won't change colors (you can still pull it up again to make a hole in the ladder). If you do it just from the front, you might get it floating somewhere else!

Try throwing the mushroom block across the top of the screen. It may zip across the top of the cave and might vanish!

While fighting Clawgrip, if you throw an iron ball at one that he threw, it will knock the other back and if you are lucky, it'll hit Clawgrip twice! To take full advantige of this, get him down to one hit remaining (4 hits with an iron ball) and get you down to one. Walk up to him with an iron ball and you will die, but your Iron ball will kill CLawgrip! The Doorway appears, and you restart the level but have to see the boss intro again.

For even more fun, try getting down to 1 hit without hurting Clawgrip. Walk up to him with an Iron Ball and kill yourself. The Iron Ball will bounce off Clawgrip multiple times until the poor thing dies! But you will have restarted the level by that time.

More 5-3 madness
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Pick up the Giant Shyguy in the 3rd area (underground). Jump on top of the covered Bomb-Omb tube with it. Throw him and you'll lose a heart, but you could get it back. Either way, jump away. The Shyguy will be dancing around! Sometimes, it's head will slowly flatten! It's very funny, but he is not easily gotten off.

When you are in the 2nd or 3rd area (again?!!), pick up a bomb omb and throw it against another. This gives 2000 "big" points. If you keep this up for a while, eventually, your score can get ridiculously high.

For some silly reason, you can't throw the mushroom block in the 3rd area while in front of that underground tree. Try throwing it against the little lump to the right of tree to see it land there, even though you can't walk there.

Super Mario Bros. DX

Piranha plant glitch
sent in by mercatfat

If you go to a pipe in which has a pirahna plant coming out of it and you can jump inside from above of it while the plant in most of the way back in, you'll go into the pipe, with out dying or turning to small Mario.
[Ed. Note: This is an old glitch that also works on the original SMB]

Get stuck
sent in by mercatfat

This glitch will cause Mario to be stuck in place for a moment. If you go to a level in the Lost Levels set (the Luigi head) that has a section where those lifts that are close to the ground (Like in 7-2)just go off of it onto the ground in front of it, and let it pass through you. Try to run while it is! You just can't. You need to be Super Mario, I think because little Mario is too small.

Accessing the Lost Levels
sent in by mercatfat

[Ed. Note: This is not a glitch]

Just get 300,000 points or more in original mode, and you've done it. An easy way to do this is to go to 3-2, kick the first koopa you see, run with it till you get a 1-up, then let the shell hit you. Repeat. You'll be able to get infinite points, if you keep doing it...

Disappearing Power Up
sent in by mercatfat

If you go to level 1-1 in you vs. boo mode, or any other places where multiple power-ups are on the same screen, and hit the block with the power-up in it, and then hit another with another power-up inside of it, the first one you activated will disappear!
[Ed. Note: This is also an old "quirk" in the original SMB which doesn't allow two power-ups to be present at the same time.]

Insane point glitch in Challenge Mode!
by David Wonn

If you've ever wondered how I get such ridiculously high scores in Worlds 6-2 and 7-1, I will now spill the beans! In an attempt by the programmers to limit points from the "turtle on the stairs" glitch, they inadvertently introduced a new glitch which makes your scores soar through the roof! I'll use World 7-1 as an example since it is easiest to do there, although it is technically possible, but harder, in some other stages. Here is how it is done:

In Challenge Mode, select World 7-1 and make your way toward the end of the level until you encounter the Buzzy Beetle on the final staircase. You'll need to do the infamous "turtle on the stairs" glitch. That is, you need to stomp on the Buzzy Beetle shortly after it falls onto a step. With the right timing you'll repeatedly jump on him and earn higher points. The programmers thought they were wise by making the Buzzy Beetle die once you hit the 8000 point mark. They also thought they were wise in preventing you from starting over on the points by jumping away from the Beetle and starting the points again from scratch. What they ended up doing is coding the game to accumulate points based on your kicking of Koopas and Beetles, rather than basing it on stomping them as it was in the NES version. If you attempt to stop the point process, then return to the Beetle, the point progression resumes at where you left off. (i.e. If you stopped doing the trick when you hit 1000 points, then later stomp that same Koopa or Beetle, it will resume at the 2000 point mark.) The programmers must have thought they took care of this point issue....

BIG MISTAKE! It turns out that all you need to do is stop the Beetle after getting so many points, then kick it into a narrow passage where it can ricochet back and forth. In this area, stomp and kick it again, and watch as the points continue where they left off and stay that way with each kick! To demonstrate, do the trick on the steps until the points reach 1000 points. Then kick the Beetle. It will be tricky to stop it in this area, but if you do, your points will be normal for stomping it, but each time you kick it, you'll receive 2000 points! With clever use of this trick you could maximize it at 5000 points on every kick! Watch as your scores soar into the hundreds of thousands!

Triple Toad Award!!
by David Wonn

Normally you are only supposed to earn the Toad Award once during the game. This happens in Challenge Mode when your grand total is somewhere around 1 million points. However, the programmers did not anticipate my "insane point glitch" above. As a result of this, you can get a total far greater than they anticipated -- so far that the progress meter will revert back to an earlier state somewhere in the 2 million range. Once you get around 3.3 million (I'm not sure of the exact figure), you'll earn the Toad Award a second time! Get around 5.5 million or so, and you'll earn it a third time! When my score hit 5,523,850 points after gaining roughly 20,000, this happened. Even though your meter regresses to an earlier state and the border color changes at different points, don't worry; you never lose the award once you get it the first time. See if you can figure out the exact point requirements for each Toad Award if you like.

127 lives at the start of the Lost Levels
sent in by Jason Brace

Having problems beating the Lost Levels? To get 127 lives in world 1-1 at the very beginning, go where you see blocks like this:

* = unbreakable block
^ = breakable block
# = turtle
& = question mark block
$ = Mario
2 = mushroom

                           *  #     *
Hit the question mark block.
                           *# 2   *
Hit the breakable blocks to get the mushroom out the blocks but leave the turtle.
                          *           2
                          *     ^ *
                          *^ *$ *
Get the mushroom under the blocks and leave the turle on the blocks.
                         * #     *
                           $ 2
Now you've got the mushroom. Now hit the breakable blocks shown below. The empty space between the blocks shows which blocks should broke. The tricky part is that you have to get the turtle on that breakable block.
                          *^^   ^*
                          *       # *
                          *   *   ^*
When you did it, get Mario on one of the blocks shown below.
                          *^^   ^*
                          *   $   #*
                          *   *   ^*
Now jump through the empty space above him and don't get on top. It's just a space to jump on the turtle.
                          *^^  $^*
                          *        #*
                          *   *   ^*
When you stomp on the turtle, he'll keep repeating it if you did it right. Then you can get many 1-ups till it's 127 at the beginning of the game!
                         *^^    ^*
                         *       $ 1-up
                         *        #*
                         *   *   ^*
This trick also works in the SNES version in Super Mario All Stars. My brother Jerry showed me this trick. Give some credit to him. When you've got 127 lives with this trick, quickly run to the pole before time runs out!

Almost infinite points
sent in by Jason Brace

To have infinite points, go in the level where you can get 1-ups. When you meet a turtle, just hit him to the pipe. When it bounce back, jump on the turtle, kick it, and repeat. Do this over and over and over. When time runs out, and in the level again, just get 1-up and repeat kicking the turtle back and forth. When you lose a life, AGAIN get a 1-up and repeat. You can get many points as you can till it's full!

Almost infinite points 2
sent in by Jason Brace

In original mode, go to a level where there is a row of enemys, starting with a turtle (Koopa Troopa.) Jump on it, and kick it. If, at the end of the row of enemys, you get the 1-up because of defeating all those enemys with a turtle shell, let the shell ricochet and hit you. You will still have 5 lives (or 10 if you got extremely lucky in the toy box) because of the 1-up. Keep doing this. If you keep getting the 1-up, you can get infinite points! A good use for it is getting 300,000 points to be able to access the lost levels (indicated by the luigi head.)

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Data Corruption #1
by David Wonn

WARNING! Doing this trick will cause your data to become corrupted in Game Slot #1, so only proceed if you don’t mind the idea of losing whatever data you have in the first game slot. First, play the demo scene for the Hippo level (see Play the Demos below) with a running start and hold the A button down once you get inside a bubble. This will eventually take you to the end of the level. Play the bonus game as usual, but when you leave, you will notice something rather strange. Turn the game off and back on, and you’ll see that Game Slot #1 shows that you have beaten zero levels, but in fact the introduction level has already been conquered. In effect, you will end up skipping the intro level without it being added to your total number of levels conquered. The only way you can get credit for the intro level is by erasing that game slot and starting over from scratch.

Play the Demos ... Within Limitations
by David Wonn

Use one of the following codes at the title screen to play one of four possible levels as a demo:

Up + Select – Introduction Level
Up + A + Select – Hippo Level
Up + B + Select – Turtle Zone 1
Up + A + B + Select – Macro Zone 1

You will automatically start at the beginning of the level you selected, but there will be no music. You will also be limited to pressing any of the buttons up to 63 times before the game freezes up and you are forced to reset. If you can manage to beat a demo before using up your limit of 63 moves, some rather strange things can occur, as in the Data Corruption Glitch #1 (see above), so take caution when doing this.

Pipe glitch
[a.k.a. Data Corruption #2]

sent in by Nicholas Harvey

WARNING: Doing this trick might cause your saved games to be erased. So don't do this unless you don't mind having to start the whole game over. Be careful.

Go to any level you have completed as long as it features a pipe you can go down in. Go down a pipe, and pause the game and hit SELECT to exit the stage. Now go to any level, and you will fall through the ground! In the sky courses you will lose a life, but in other levels, when Mario falls through the ground, he ends up in a weird jumble of game elements. You can do all types of goofy stuff, like spin jump on a block as Super Mario without breaking it, swim in blocks, and many many more wild things. But do this with caution, as the game eventually freezes up and you will have to reset, and sometimes the games are erased.

[Ed. Note: This is the other game data corruption glitch that I've been hinting about, but just never got around to writing up the explanation for it. :-) A couple notes to add: If you do this glitch on a game slot with levels you haven't beaten yet, this will sometimes allow you to skip levels on the map. As a result you will bypass some levels without getting any credit for them, although you can always go back and beat them. With the use of both of these game data corruption glitches, I've been able to beat the game with only 17 levels beaten! See if you can get less, but enter at your own risk since the results can be rather unpredictable and game data could be lost.]

Invisible floor
sent in by Jesse D

Feeling brave? Go to the boss level on the tree zone, and at the very beginning, jump to the left. What's the deal with that invisible platform?

sent in by Jesse D

Go to the bird boss on the Tree Zone, and get the Bunny ears before fighting the boss. When the bird is on the other side of the screen, jump upward and try to hold yourself in the air for as long as you can with the bunny ears. If done just right, the bird will come up from underneath and shoot you upward, and you'll break bricks if you hit in just the right place.


2 Player cheat madness
by David Wonn

You can do some really weird stuff if you are playing against an opponent via game link. Warning: Only do this if you're not playing a serious competition with your opponent. Just be sure you do these when your opponent isn't paying any attention. :)

1. Delay the sent blocks

If your screen is beginning to pile up and you don't think you'll survive another attack by your opponent, disconnect the game link! No blocks can be sent to you while the link is severed, but they will stay on hold until you reconnect the game link. Oh yeah, be sure to re-connect it before the round ends or else...

2. Mess up the stats

This one is great to do on an unsuspecting player. Let's say your opponent dies or clears the level while the game link is disconnected. If you reconnect it afterward, you can still keep playing! Once you die or clear the level, the stats screen with Mario and Luigi will show up as usual, but it is possible for both players to win or lose the same round! Many oddities can occur, especially if it's supposed to be the final round, so be sure to see what happens on both GameBoys!

So how can you use this to your advantage? Let's say you and your opponent are sending blocks like crazy, and you don't think you'll survive. Just keep the game link disconnected while your blocks are up high so that you can avoid getting more blocks from your opponent (like trick #1), but if you keep it disonnected and if you think your opponent won't survive either, you can both lose!

3. Continue play while the game is paused

Try this out if your opponent has to go away briefly and doesn't want you to unpause the game. If you have the power to pause (i.e. you have Mario), disconnect the link after pausing the game. Now you can unpause yours and keep playing, while leaving your opponent's game paused and untouched! Caution: Just be sure to pause and reconnect the link after your buddy is done in the bathroom or finished snacking. :)

Alter the frequency of the pieces
sent in by Jeremy Black

Just wanted to make sure you're aware of a GB classic Tetris "feature" that makes getting high scores much easier (possibly 2 player, haven't tried it, and I don't know about newer versions like Tetris Blast, et al.). The game counts the number of times you rotate each piece before it settles. The order of pieces after that is then weighted by the number of times you rotate each type of piece, the idea being you have difficulty with those you rotate more. The trick then is to pound furiously on A and B whenever a long piece comes down and soon you'll have a pretty steady flow of the long ones (or any other piece, but long ones are the best for obvious reasons!).

See what's next on pause
sent in by Jesse D

There's actually a Game Genie code to let you see what's in the next box on pause, but you don't need that. Just play like normal, and press the select button twice on the pause screen, and you'll see what's next.

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

Infinite Item Code
sent in by "G"

First, pause the game. Press the select button 16 times and a small cursor will appear. You can move the cursor if you hold B. Up or down changes the numbers. This can give you 999 coins, 99 lives, 999 seconds.

"Minus Worlds"
sent in by glitcher

See this Word document for many hidden worlds in Wario Land!

Invisible Water
sent in by glitcher

After you've flooded Rice Beach, return to the first level and work your way over to the exit-skull. Open it then stand one space to the left and jump. You'll hit a single block of "invisible water" floating in the air for no apparent reason. Weird!

Swim in the air
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

This is an extension of glitcher's Invisible Water glitch. Go to Course No. 01 after Rice Beach is flooded, and make your way to the exit skull. Now, get on top of the skull-- it might be hard because of the invisible water. Just bounce off of it until you get on top of it. Now slowly work your way to the left, careful not to walk off the skull. Jump up, and if Wario spreads his arms as if he was swimming, you know you're in the invisible water. Now tap the A button repeatedly and move around sideways-- you'll be swimming in the air as long as you keep pressing A.

Mr. Glitch
sent in by Will Day

If you are on low power, move around near enemies, and they will blink on and off, but nothing else will!
NOTE: I think this only works on Game Boy Advance.

Wario Land 2

Freeze the Game
sent in by glitcher

I can only seem to get this to work in one stage although I'm sure it's possible in others. In "Inside the Ruins!", work your way over to the room where there's a bat carrying a thwomp. Wait until the bat flies up then quickly jam yourself against the left wall and jump up at the thwomp while it's at its peak. If you did it right, Wario will be flattened in mid-air and dragged up the shaft. At that point the bat will fly off the top of the screen and the game will freeze.

Wario Land 3

Pillar glitch
sent in by Daniel Jessup

Go to The Pool of Rain (W-3) and go to the part where you stomp pillars. stomp so that one of them on a different screen from the first pillar is touching the water. fall into the water. Jump back up onto the pillar that is touching the water and to the first pillar. Wait a minute! Where is the top of the first pillar?

Wave Race

Name glitch
sent in by Terry Elliott

I have a foggy memory, but I remember that when I was fooling around with entering names, I had entered COM4 for the name (i. e. like the COM#'s that you race against in the season mode.) I think it was either that, or COM3 or COM5, and when I turned it on, the screen was black and I could select the 650 and 800cc's.

More glitches will come so stay tuned!

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