Miscellaneous glitches

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Oregon Trail (Apple ][e)

Computer plays itself!
by David Wonn

Although I vaguely remember the game from many years back, this particular glitch sticks out in my mind from playing the game in school. Normally you have the option to play against the computer or against a human player. I noticed that the computer's name was always COMP. Out of curiosity, I decided to name my player "COMP", just to see the effects. Sure enough, your player will be computer-controlled! Do this in a 1-player game and watch the computer play itself! Cool!

Crusin' Exotica (Arcade)

Game reset
sent in by T.R.M.

First you have to be playing where two or more machines are hooked up at once. Have one person stick the tokens in. The screen will come to choose a course and the time will tick down. Next choose your car and have the other person stick money in and by the time they choose their car you will already be playing the game. Then they choose a race coure(different then the one you chose) and you will be playing two different courses. Now when you both finish put more money in and both choose Alaska. You should be playing head to head now. When player 2 gets to the part with the bears and such a weird game coding screen comes up with text like line 5 and after it comes up a screen with green and gray boxes comes up. After a while the game resets and starts over again. Does not effect player number 1 though. Also I do not endorse this cuz you won't be able to finish the race.

Gauntlet (Arcade)

Easy escape route
sent in by Cl0vis15

If you have your character stand still, and do nothing for 200 life seconds, all the walls will turn into exits!

Lock Picking
sent in by Cl0vis15

When you don't have any keys, stand next to a door, and don't do anything for 30 life seconds. After the time has elapsed, the door will open.

Mr. Do! (Arcade)

255 Extra Lives
sent in by Clovis15

photo courtesy of Cl0vis15

It's possible to win 255 lives on the first screen, but only if an apple appears in the top two rows of the playfield. Begin by digging a tunnel directly from the bottom of the screen to just below the apple, but leave enough dirt under it that it doesn't fall. Next, kill all of the enemies but one, then lose all of your extra lives. As soon as you're on your last life, go right under the apple and wait. Eventually, the remaining enemy will come after you. Allow the apple to drop, but, in the interval before you're squashed, kill the enemy with the powerball. If all has gone well, you'll be carried to the bottom of the screen, the music will go haywire for a moment, and you'll be awarded 255 extra lives.

WARNING: If you should spell Extra while your lives are at 255, the number of lives you have will go down to 0.

Spy Hunter (Arcade)

The Illegal Super Turbo
sent in by Clovis15

Before you even attempt this you had either have a very understanding arcade manager or be the owner of your own Spy Hunter arcade machine, otherwise you may be flirting with some legal trouble. Now for the Glitch. In the arcade version of Spy Hunter the machine is actually equipped to register the gas pedal being pushed down farther then the cabinet allows you to. If you remove the piece of plastic the prevents you from pushing the gas pedal down any farther then you normally you can, you will then become able to make the car go super fast as you push the gas pedal down beyond its normal limits. Just be certain to put the pedal guard back if you don't own the machine.

Berzerk (Atari 800)

Fake out Evil Otto
by David Wonn

On any level, get to an exit on the left side of the screen and get close to the edge of the screen without exiting. When Evil Otto appears, he will go toward the right side of the screen rather than follow you if you're in the right spot. If you move away from the exit, he will start following you once again. With clever use of this trick, you can easily let Evil Otto take out any remaining robots for you!

Combat / Tank Plus (Atari 2600)

Hyper Speed Tanks!
by David Wonn

Plug in two Paddle controllers into port 1 and hold the button on each one. Your tank will move at hyper speed with a cool sound effect! Also, if you take your controller apart, you can press left and right simultaneously to produce the same effect.

Score One from the Start
by David Wonn

On any regular Tank level, hold the button on your controller while pressing the Game Reset button and let go of Reset just before the bullet hits your opponent. Your bullet will penetrate any walls and will knock out your opponent right from the start! Warning: Your opponent will not like this, though. :)

Q*Bert (Atari 2600)

Never run out of lives!
by David Wonn

This glitch is extremely useful in that it allows you to jump off the board without losing a life! Plus you get to score points! Here's all you have to do: When Coily starts chasing you around the pyramid, head straight for the top cube. Now wait for Coily to get on either adjacent cube. At this point jump off to the upper right. You will fall off the pyramid, which would ordinarily kill Q*Bert. But take a look at your lives. You haven't lost anything! In fact, you've just gained 500 points, which is what you'd earn for luring Coily off the board!

Fake out Coily once again
by David Wonn

This is yet another useful way to get foil Coily's plans. This takes advantage of the fact that Coily "warps" from cube to cube in the Atari 2600 version. Anytime Coily is just one cube away from Q*Bert, jump toward him. With good timing, you'll swap places with him without getting killed!

Spy Vs. Spy II: The Island Caper (Commodore 64 and Apple ][e)

Laughing Hysteria
by David Wonn

Here's a trick that redefines the term “hilarious.” First, set a Coconut Bomb or Napalm trap near an opening which leads north and south. Make sure that the other player is on an adjacent screen north or south. Now attempt to pick it up, but make the other player come over and touch the trap. If you time it right, your spy will laugh as usual, but he won't stop! Note: The only way you can get your spy to stop laughing is by having the other player set a trap on top of your player.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul (Sega Dreamcast)

Freeze Gandhar
sent in by Flying Omelette

With perfect timing, it is possible to freeze Gandhar, the boss that looks like a big centipede sticking up out of a pool of lava that you fight in first-person shooter mode. Fight Gandhar until both you and him need to be hit only one more time to die. Then time your last shot so that he shoots at you at approximately the same time. If done correctly, your shot will hit Gandhar and kill him, but as he's about to go into his death animation, your character will be hit and killed, too. The battle will restart, but Gandhar will be frozen in place. He can no longer shoot at you, and you cannot damage him at all, either, but you can get as close as you want and look at him! :) Unfortunately, the only way out of this predicament is to jump into the lava pit and restart the fight, again.

Aladdin (Sega Genesis)

Change Boss Color
sent in by Andrew Rae

In the Cave of Wonders stage, head towards the area where you fight the gold statue boss. When you first hear the boss music, immediately run to the left as far as you can, then come back. If done correctly, the boss will have turned from gold to dark-bluish!

Gunstar Heroes (Sega Genesis)

Gun in no-gun battle?
sent in by Andrew Rae

In Black's stage, try to land on the space on the gameboard with the picture of a gun with a line through it. As you're teleporting to the battle scene, hold the fire button until after the battle starts. If done correctly, you'll fire ONE shot towards the enemy character there when normally you can't use your gun at all during this fight. This works best with the Chaser weapon.

Lion King (Sega Genesis)

Cheat Mode glitch
sent in by Morgan Atkinson

First, turn on your system with Lion King in, and go to the options menu and don't push anything yet, not even up or down. Now as fast as you can, push right, a, a, b and then start. Usually within a second. Now push Yes for Cheat Mode and Level as "Can't Wait." Now get to the area with the rinos piled on top of each other. Now beat that area and go to the giraffe. When you land on his head, push jump IMMEDIATELY. You don't have to be that precise, but just do it anyway. Then you should land not on top of the ostrich, but right beside it. You can go pretty far, but not enough to beat the level. To go back to original form, keep going back and jumping, then you'll die and return through the checkpoint hole. You can finish the level like normal from here now. Seems as if you turned on a "Glitch Mode" too, because as soon as you hit that ground normally, you die instantaniously. So I guess that invincibility cheat worked on that, too. I normally play with that cheat on, hey I just got the game. So I have NO CLUE whether or not this works on normal mode.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)

Unlimited Lives!!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

First, put the debug mode on. ( Up, C, Down, C, Left, C, Right, C) Then go to any zone. (The Labrynth Zone: Act 1, works best) Then kill Sonic until he is down to his last life. Then press B and go through the entire stage in debug mode. Get out long enough to start the end of act music to begin. Now go back in debug mode and go under the floor. Sonic should die and the game over music will play. If you do it right, the point total will go, "Cha-Ching!" and you will be carried to the next act. Now take a good look at your lives, It will say 0!!!!!! Kill yourself again and it will display something really screwed up.

Note: Be EXTRA careful not to get any extra lives when the # of lives says 0 or you will have to do the trick over.

Debug Mode
sent in by Jesse D

At the title screen, press UP, C, DOWN, C, LEFT, C, and RIGHT C, and listen for a ding. If you hear it, then press start and hold the A button as the level starts up. Your score and timer are coordinates, and you can do all kinds of neat crap. Press the B button to turn into an object, A to change the object, and C to place the object on the screen, then B to turn back to Sonic. (This isn't really a glitch, but it's necessary for all of the glitches.)

Level Skip
sent in by Jesse D

Enable the debug mode. Start at any level and turn into an object. Go as far left as you can go and keep holding left. Turn back into Sonic while still holding left, and he should zip straight to the end of the level! (But, this doesn't seem to work right in the first level, but the rest are fine. Sorry!)

Clap on, clap off world
sent in by Jesse D

Enable the debug mode. Go to the third level of the Labyrynth Zone and turn into an object. Follow the large/neverending waterslide a little ways, and go through the right wall and move around until you make water appear. It helps also to turn into Sonic to make it appear, too. Go back through the wall back to the waterslide when there's water present, and turn back into Sonic. As he goes down the slide, the water seems to clap on, and clap off!

Really screwed up world
sent in by Jesse D

Enable the debug mode (again?). Go to a special stage and turn into an object. Go as far down and left as you can go and turn bacn into Sonic. As he falls, he appears at the side of this messed up place. And if you're good enough, you can get a gray gem. Do this in all the special levels and end up with 6 gray gems, instead of 6 different colored gems!

Cloudy/Bubbly Background
sent in by Jesse D

Yes, enable the debug mode again. Start at any level and finish with 50 or more rings. When you see the big ring, jump into it. Let the end of the level music start, and let the score count down. The instant that the score is finished counting down, pause the game and hold the B button to do slow motion. When you do slow motion as it goes to the Special Stage, the backgrounds of it will be cloudy and bubbly. But they only stay like this while it's paused. The instant you unpause, you've lost the backgrounds.

Messed Up Backgrounds
sent in by Jesse D

Yes, the debug mode. Start at any level and turn into an object. Go to the very top of the level, where you can't go any further. Place any sort of solid object on the screen that Sonic can stand on, just a little ways below the very top of the screen. Stand on it, and jump up and out of sight. Press the B Button once. The screen will zip down to the bottom; make sure that Sonic is still an object, or he will fall and die. Move back onto a place where you can stand, and turn back into Sonic. You should notice, as you move around, that your background is turning into one solid color as you move. When you want it back to normal, just turn into an object.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis)

Level select
sent in by Jesse D

Go to the options menu. Then, go down to the sound test thing. Then play the sounds: 19, 65, 9, 17. Then, listen for a ding. If you hear it, press start. Then, at the title screen, hold the A Button and press Start. This isn't a glitch, but you'll need to know it...

Debug mode
sent in by Jesse D

Go to the level select screen. Then go to the level sound test thing. Play the sounds: 1, 9 , 9, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4. Then press Start, holding Start + the A Button. Your score and timer should be all screwed up, and you can change into objects. To do that, press the B Button. Then use the A Button to choose different objects. When you have the one you want, press the C Button to place it on the screen. Then press the B Button to turn back to Sonic. This is especially handy to go through walls with and save yourself from dying... Not a glitch yet...

Super Sonic
sent in by Jesse D

Go to the level select screen. Then go to the sound test thing. play the sounds: 4, 1, 2, 6. Then go to any level, colloct 50 rings, and jump. Sonic will turn yellow, and will run faster and jump higher.

Super Tails
sent in by Jesse D

Now to the glitches... Enable the Debug Mode and the Super Sonic Mode. While playing, turn into a T.V. and put it on the screen. (The T.V.'s are all transfer things that trade the position of you and Tails.) Then hit the T.V. as Super Sonic. As Sonic and Tails trade places, Sonic loses all of his powers, though he's still yellow, and Tails is invincible. This is good if you're playing a two player game, (the real game, where you can plug in a second controller and play as Tails, too.) when the person playing as Tails can't do all the cool stuff like Super Sonic.

Fast, non-Super Sonic
sent in by Jesse D

Enable the Super Sonic Mode. Then, go to the Oil Ocean, Level Two. Go right like normal, until you reach those green jet platforms. Stand on the third one, and hold Right. Sonic will hit some spikes, get thrown back into the little launcher, and get shot down. Jump out, and become a really speedy, high jumping, Sonic. He's even more powerful than Super Sonic! Well, minus the invincibility part.

Ultimate Sonic
sent in by Jesse D

Turn into the Fast, Non-Super Sonic, and then turn into Super Sonic. Now you can outrun the screen!

Really screwed up ending
sent in by Jesse D

Enable the debug mode. Start out in the Death Egg Zone. Kill the Metal Sonic, Then Robotnik's big robot. Right as Sonic is on his way out of the exploding ship, quickly turn into an object before he makes it out. Go back to where you fought Robotnik, and, sometimes, he'll come back. And there is this stupid explosion following you around, too.

Freeze Game
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Go into any level and kill yourself. Press B to go into debug mode and place something. You have just frozen the game. Just hit "Reset" To get out of it. (Note: This also works on Sonic 3!)

It's Raining "Tails"!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Put on Debug mode, (1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4 in the sound test in the Stage Select) then go to the Oil Ocean zone. Have Tails sink in the oil and turn on debug mode. Tails will start to fall real fast, slow down, stop, then start falling again. He will die when you get out of debug mode.

Mangled Robotnik
sent in by Marril

To do this glitch,you need the debug mode enabled along with the level select. (should be somewhere on this site.) Go into the Death egg zone with the debug mode on (highlight death egg zone and press start while holding the "A" button on the level select screen) and head towards the Metal Sonic. When he appears, press "B" to turn into a ring. Now press "A" once to turn into a monitor. (the TV thing.) Place it somewhere on the screen so you can reach it by pressing "C". Press "B" to turn back into Sonic. Destroy it so that you teleport to a weird place where Sonic looks like he's standing on nothing. Now listen closely. DO NOT move Sonic!! If you do, he might fall down and die!! Instead, press "B" turn back into the monitor and the screen will go up back into the starting corridor, but instead the background of stars is replaced by blue,and you will still hear Metal-Sonic's "whirr-whirr". Don't turn back into Sonic, but go into Metal-Sonic's room. Now, though,you can continue into the other hall as if you destroyed Metal-Sonic. Once you see Robotnik running away, you can turn back into Sonic. Continue going right, and stop where you see Robotnik jump into the ground. Now look at Robotnik's exo-suit. It looks...quite mangled...

Two Mangled Robotnik's!!
sent in by Marril

Super Sonic is recommended for this one. Do the same as above, but when you see the exo-suit come up, go back towards Metal-Sonic's room. Stop where you see Robotnik (again?) and chase him back to the right. If you can dodge the exo-suit, you should see the other Robotnik jump into the ground, and a second exo suit should emerge. Now you have to battle TWO Mangled Robotniks!!

Twisted end scene
sent in by Marril

I did this one with Super Sonic, so you should too. Enable Debug mode, level select, and Super Sonic (also somewhere on this site) and go into the Death egg zone with Debug mode on. Beat the game as usual.(it helps to turn into a ring and place a bunch of rings in one spot until you get at least 50 to turn into Super Sonic) When you see Super Sonic in the air (at the ending sequence), press "B" once and Sonic will disappear. (????) When you see Tails (Miles) on the plane,you should be either a little bunch of white dots or something that looks like a barcode. (???????) Now, when the Flickys (little birds) fly in, the barcode thing or dots move in front of the plane. Press "B" to reappear as Super Sonic.But now,if you noticed, he's standing instead of flying (or is it gliding?) You can make him move in place for a few seconds. When he zooms out keep jumping and pressing left. When he comes into the foreground, and if your lucky, a second Super Sonic will appear in the background, and you can control it!!

Unused music?
sent in by Marril

This is not really a glitch. Go to the sound test, and listen to #10. Now, if you've beaten the game before, you haven't heard this, correct? It is thought that this is the music for a cut level, The Hidden Palace zone. Was this intentional? Or is it a glitch? No one but the people at Sega knows...

Reach the Hidden Palace Zone!
sent in by Kirby676
found on gamefaqs message board

I found how to get to the Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic 2 for the Genesis. If you don't believe me try this for yourself. First you need a Game Genie, but if you have and emulator with a Game Genie mode you can use that too. First you put in the Game Genie code ACLA-ATD4 and start the game. Then put in the stage select code on the option screen (19 65 9 17) and go to the stage select menu.( Hold A and press Start). Then put in the Debug code. (1 9 9 2 1 1 2 4. You'll see why later) Next Select Death Egg and you will be there! But use the Debug code or you will fall and die right away. Also I only did this next trick once but if you turn into Super Sonic and go into the water, you will be blue but will look like Super Sonic!

Walking Flying Saucer
sent in by Albert Nothnagel

At Casino Night Zone get on top of a big red spring when Tails is way behind and hold a, b, or c and you will be launched into the air. If Tails gets there right after you are launched he'll be launched too. You'll pass him up again and when you land he'll be falling but he'll stop right over your head and be walking in mid air sometimes the spinning or standing saucer will happen.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Sega Genesis & PC)

Make Tails appear in a Sonic only game
sent in by Jesse D

Play the game as Sonic only, no Tails. In the first level of the Carnival Zone, fight the boss. After you defeat it, immediately press and hold down as the multicolored floor that you're standing on decends. You'll hear a death sound, and then Tails will fly in! He'll tag along for a while, but when he dies or gets lost from the screen, he won't appear again. Another part to this glitch is that if you continue to hold down after the boss dies, the face panel will appear below the floor, in the wall.

Blue Knuckles
sent in by Jesse D

This may only work in the Genesis version of the game. After you defeat a miniboss and make the face panel fall, continuously press the pause button and look at the faces. Knuckles is blue like Sonic, because the game uses different sprite color palletes between Sonic and Knuckles.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Sega Genesis & PC)

Knuckles fighting Robotnik
sent in by Jesse D

(This is also in Sonic & Knuckles standalone.) When you play the game as Knuckles, the game is set up where Robotnik has no part in the game, only his technology. Instead of him, "Robo Egg" (I think it's called) operates everything. Why then, in the second level of Flying Battery Zone, is Robotnik there? Sega was intricate in setting up the storyline to where Robotnik plays no part in Knuckles' version of the game, yet there he is! Strange.

Fight one of Sonic's bosses as Knuckles
sent in by Jesse D

Play the game as Super/Hyper Knuckles (with all of the emeralds) in the Marble Ruin area. In the second level, accumulate as many rings as you can and try not to transform into hyper mode. Go to the part toward the end of the level where Knuckles has to climb his own separate way (because he can't reach the jewel on the large face to destroy it). Kill the floating enemies and the spike enemy. Now, go back a distance to where the spinning top is. Go hyper (with many rings to make it last) and ride the top back to where you killed the enemies. Ride the top over to where the face on the wall is (this may be tedious; that's why you want a lot of rings to sustain hyper form). In front of the face, ride the top until you're higher than the face. Jump off and cling to the wall directly above the face. Slowly climb down until you can touch the jewel, and touch it 3 times to destroy it. Proceed downward and team up with Tails to fight Sonic's boss!

Play as Knuckles in the Death Egg Zone
sent in by Jesse D

Enable the level select mode (it's different for Genesis and PC), and play the Death Egg Zone as Knuckles. The first level can't be beaten because the miniboss is too high to reach, but the final boss in the second level can be beaten by Knuckles! Like in the glitch above, he fights Robotnik instead, but after you defeat the giant robot, "Robo Egg" flies off with the Master Emerald! (Strange.) I tried this to see what the ending sequence would be like (because there is none for Knuckles defeating the giant robot). However, the game returned to the title screen after I defeated it. Still, this is a fun little glitch.

Sand Glitch
sent in by Jesse D

If you have all the Super Emeralds, go to the second level of the Sandopolis Zone as Knuckles. Inside the pyramid, there is one part where you must break plugs in the ceiling to release sand, to raise yourself. As hyper Knuckles, climb up a wall instead of breaking one, then glide over to another wall when you are above the plug to break it (being hyper Knuckles). Immediately climb upward, and the sand will be above you! Continue, and you'll end up in an area where you can't see yourself in the sand, and you'll be stuck.

Gliding Glitch
sent in by Jesse D

This also works in S&K standalone. In the Mushroom Hill Zone, play as Knuckles. Find one of the little mushroom bots that bounce around, and glide into it. You'll be quickly bounced backwards, and change your direction. As you change, Knuckles will glide backwards in the other direction!

Street Fighter II: Special Chamionship Edition (Sega Genesis)

Always throw red fireballs... and more!
by David Wonn

WARNING! I don't endorse ejecting games while the unit is powered on, so proceed at your own risk. Now, with that said and done....

First you will need Super Street Fighter II to make this work. A different game might work, but I don't have the means to check every other Genesis title. :-) Start up Super Street Fighter II as normal, without changing any of the game's options, then eject the game at any time. The game will simply freeze at this point. Now insert Street Fighter II: CE. Nothing happens yet. Now press the Reset button, and the game should boot up as normal. However, since you didn't turn off the power switch, you'll find that whatever initial variables were used as settings for Super SFII will now be used at the start up of SFII: CE. Now things will just begin to get fun....

Look at your options menu. All of your moves are mapped to the same thing! You will have to press Up (!) in order to execute any moves. You can change these to normal if you wish, but you might want to play around with this unusual setup first. :-) Now start up any fight (CE or Hyper, 1P or 2P, makes no difference) with Ryu or Ken as one of your players. Fire a Hadoken (Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch [or Up]) and you'll find that EVERY HADOKEN IS RED!

But the weirdness doesn't stop here. If you watch any of the demos, you'll notice that Ryu is always the adversary. Each demo will always end up the same way. Balrog's and Vega's demos will always freeze, requiring you to hit the Reset button. Also all of the high scores are zeroed out. Even a zero point game will make fifth place! Every solo mission starts in Ryu's stage. Also, all of the CPU opponent's will repeat the same moves for the first third of the match, and then repeat another set of moves after that. Since the CPU opponents are so predictable, it should be easier to defeat them! To sum up, this glitch takes out all of the random elements in the game! Play around with it to see what you can find.

Astrosmash (Intellivision)

Hidden Game Glitch
sent in by Clovis15

photo courtesy of Cl0vis15

When playing AstroSmash, try pushing reset alot, if you get lucky, and I do mean real lucky, you might come to a game select screen. From there, select game 2 to play the hidden game.

Dig Dug (Intellivision)

Deadly Dogs
sent in by Cl0vis15

When you have the game DIG DUG, press both 4 and 7 on both controllers at the same time, while pressing reset. The Deadly Dogs game logo should then come up. It's a game almost exactly like TRON: DEADLY DISCS, except the warrior's in this game have been replaced by hot dogs from BURGER TIME.

Skiing (Intellivision)

Change the Banner
sent in by Cl0vis15

This trick will you allow you to change the banner from saying FINISH at the end of the skiing trails to saying PENDRAGON. Push 4 and 8 on the left hand controller, and 5 and 7 on the right hand controller, and reset all at once. This trick may require that you have two people in the same room to do it succesfully.

Battle Chess (Mac)

Rook oddity
sent in by Tom Allwein

For Macintosh LC I found this glitch in Battle Chess. Try to move your rook as your first move even though there is a pawn in front of it. The rook stands up and spins around. He don't stop so you have to shut your computer off.

Dinopark Tycoon (Mac)

Steal Bid in Auction!
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Ever want to buy Dinosaurs at auctions, but those annoying other customers get in your way? Well, I can fix that.

First off, make a bid. Second, wait for the next person to bid. Just as he or she is raising his or her hand, the bid button will become pressable. Quickly press it and the guy will give YOU the bid for the price the other person was offering! Repeat this until the other customers stop.

Money Trick
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Okay, start a new game and pick a land (preferable plains). Buy all the land you can in the real estate office and confirm it. Next, go back in and press the red circle with the cross through it. When you get back to the main screen, you'll see you have gotten all the money you spent on the land you bought so far back, but still have the land! Repeat this, buy the rest of the land, repeat some more, buy stone fences for all pens and electrify them, BUY EVERYTHING IN THE GENERAL STORE! Buy your Dinosaurs, get them food, hire a few workers of each type, and so on.

Free Food!
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

In the Dino Diner, press APPLE+1 to increase your food count to 999 for each type of meat and plant! You won't get any seeds though.

Nanosaur (Mac)

Max Out!
sent in by Cl0vis15

Ever thought maybe you could get all five of those illusive eggs if only you could start out with a maxed out arsenal? This is going to be alot easier then you think! Just jump to the top of one of those plateaus, do a double jumps straight up. If fog effects block out the entire ground something weird will happen. You will get a shield, all weapons with full ammo, full health and a full jetpack to boot. This trick can be done as many times as you want as well.

Reckless Drivin' (Mac)

Type 1 error
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Go start the game, but hold down OPTION as you click START. A testing thing will come up, allowing you to choose your vehical and level. Select Level 2, 6 or 10 and a boat (I think the Purple boat is Vehical 217. When you start, just go into the water. Instead of spashing in as normal, it gives a Type 1 error! Talk about weird! Guess they didn't look for this obvious one closely enough. :o

3D Pinball Space Cadet (PC)

Tilt glitch
by David Wonn

In 3D Pinball for Windows NT 4.0 (also on some newer Windows OSes), you can make the red X appear on a new game. Repeatedly press the tilt keys and the F2 key. You should eventually start a new game with the red X activated, but without actually tilting the ball. Some lights will not light up when they are supposed to, including the center lights that indicate your rank as well as some of the lights that show when the ball passes through certain targets. Normally you can "move" these lights with your flippers, but in this case you might not be able to do so. This glitch wears off when you lose your first ball, but it remains if you earned a replay.

Quick pause
by David Wonn

When the F3 key seems to be too far to reach, try simply pressing the Alt key to pause the game.

Quick start
by David Wonn

Normally it takes a few seconds for the first ball to show up if sound is enabled. To start a game up faster, just hit F2 twice instead of once.

Start in fullscreen mode
by David Wonn

Tired of hitting F4 each time you start up your game? As long as you exit the game with Alt-F4 while in fullscreen mode, it will remember to start up in fullscreen mode the next time you play.

Launch training glitch
by David Wonn

Here's a handy glitch that will enable you to beat the launch training without going up the ramp 3 times. All you have to do is get the ball to go up the ramp slowly and if you're lucky, it might count as more than one launch. The best thing to do is to try to get the ball stuck if possible, then lightly tilt it into the ramp. It could easily count double or triple this way. One time, I managed to accept the mission, and complete all three launches, completing the mission, all in one move! Yep, that's four launches for the price of one!

AOLIM Blackjack (PC)

Win $2 billion from the start!
by David Wonn

If you use AOL Instant Messenger, you can play blackjack by sending an Instant Message to the screenname "SmarterChild". It is simply an automated robot that will respond to anything you say, and of course it plays games like blackjack and hangman, among many other cool things. During my time playing blackjack with SmarterChild, I found a glitch which will let you win any sum of money you wish, up to a maximum of $2,147,483,647. Don't get too greedy by going a dollar over this, or else you'll end up with a huge negative value and lose the game. To see how I exploited this, see this text conversation I had with SmarterChild. If you follow what I did, you can reap the benefits. Just make sure that your first hand is very good, like a 19 or a 20 before trying. If not, just start over and bet everything until you get a good hand. A blackjack will not work because it automatically makes you go to the next round. If you get a 19 or 20, STOP what you are doing and follow the instructions in the text file. Don't spend it all in one place! :-)

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 (PC)

Weird option
sent in by dogbert2000

While my bro was playin ccrd2 (he's an expert, he was fighting on hardest mode 5 guys and dominated!)and then he built a battlelab. Strange thing was we got a pretty weird option to build. It was was called cameo and the pic. But it was the command and conquer symbol(cover of case). It didn't cost anything completely free and it was the bunker type thing seen in the last levels and elsewhere. Sorry I cant get a pic or give u the save file. Anyway maybe someone can give you a pic. It's a white civillian bunker that you can take over with conscripts or g.i's.

Counter-Strike (PC)

Launch a counter-terrorist
sent in by Gerdes

On the map de_dust be a Counter-Terrorist and go to the 2nd bok on your right run up to the wall in betwenn the 2 boxes agianst the wall then jump on the 2nd box take out your knife and crouch-jump( jump then crouch) on to the next box. You will need two players to do this and then when your on top of the 2nd box a ct must crouch and the other jump on his head then both of the cts keep jumping until the 1 on top is launched in the air!! Really suprising for the ts!!

Duke Nukem 3D (PC)

Falling Glitch
sent in by Jesse D

Whenever you fall down a large hole or canyon that you know will be fatal, just set tripbombs on the wall as you fall. It will reset your falling distance, so if you set one just before impact, the Duke will land safely on the ground.

Kicking Glitch
sent in by Jesse D

This one is actually pretty funny. Just enable kicking, hold down the attack button while Duke is kicking, and then press the hotkey for kicking (~ default). He's kicking with two legs like a Russian dancer, while being able to move around.

DX-Ball (PC)

Cheat codes
sent in by Alex Bradley

At the main screen...
Ctrl + F1 = Board Editor
During Gameplay, press...
Ctrl + F1 = Normal Paddle
Ctrl + F2 = Grab Paddle
Ctrl + F3 = Laser Paddle
Ctrl + F4 = Longer Paddle
Ctrl + F5 = Change Music
Ctrl + F6 = Change Music
Ctrl + F7 = Move a stuck ball

Floating Ball
sent in by Alex Bradley

Start the game and perform the Alt + F3 cheat and the Alt + F2 cheat. You should now have a large Grab Paddle. Launch the ball and catch it with the grab paddle at the very end of the paddle. Then, Press Alt + F1. If Performed correctly, you should have the ball floating off to a side of the paddle!!! Useless but cool looking

DX-Ball 2 (PC)

Cheat codes
sent in by Alex Bradley

During play, enter eureka. You'll hear a sound to confirm. Now press the following keys...

Right Skip board
Left Back one board
Down Skip to last board in set
Up Back to first board in set
P Pause game play
[F5] Toggle MIDI music
[F6] Disable music
Space Bar Random power-up

Escape from Monkey Island (PC)

Ways to Get Stuck 101
sent in by Cl0vis15

Be sure to save before doing this. First you need to go to the LUA bar on Melee island during chapter 2. Now place the paint brush in the gear mechanism to stop the boat. Now wait until the chef walks over to the paint brush. Now try and look at the painting. With the chef in the way he'll never be able to reach the painting and the game will be trapped in an endless loop.

Ways to Get Stuck 102
sent in by Cl0vis15

This glitch is of the same variety as the glitch for getting stuck in the LUA bar. In monkey Island pay off the monkey on the other side of the lava field with bananas so he's following you around while in the presence of the giant monkey head. Then while standing infront of the monkey head try to remove the q-tip from it's ear. The monkey will follow blocking off your return path. After Guybrush fails to remove the q-tip he'll try to return to his original spot infront of the giant monkey head, but the monkey standing that was following him will block his path. Once more the game will be stuck in an endless loop.

Half Life (PC)

Strange hidden and empty room?!
sent in by Rick L

First, you need to set up debug mode. Make a copy of the program used to start the game, and put in the following text after hl.exe:

_-console (The underscore represents a space.)

Now once you do that, start the game up. You should see a thing above the list that says "Console". Load a new game, and press the ~ key. A menu should show up. type in the following text:

sv_cheats 1

After that is done, start a brand-spanking new game. When you start, activate the no clipping cheat, which is this:


Once you are done that, follow the train's path until you get to the part right after the helecopter and the huge, circular door. Go through the door, and out into the darkness. You should go through a wall. Turn to your left, and look down. You should see an empty, rectangular grey room. Go ahead in it! It's safe to do. To deactivate the no clipping code, access the cheat menu again and type in the same code you used to turn it on. You'll find that you can walk around and jump, etc. I seem to recall a somewhat similar glitch on this site for Donkey Kong 64, for some reason.. :-)

Mad Dog McGree (PC)

Free Re-Play!
sent in by Cl0vis15

This CD-Rom classic is hard, and you're bound to mess up sooner or later. Worse yet, after loosing all 3 lives, you have to start all over! Not anymore! While the undertaker's telling you're out of lives, click on menu button, this will skip the game over screen. Now click continue, while continue normally only works if you have loaded a saved game, this time it'll take you back to where you before you died with three whole lives!

Mega Man X4 (PC)

Scrolling Backwards
sent in by Cl0vis15

When you're running up the stairs on Split Mushroom's level, if you dash, it will appear that the stairs are scrolling backwards. This happens because of how they altered this scene from the Play Station version so as to make it work on a P.C.

Mega Knight Man
sent in by Cl0vis15

Start a new game, hold the up key. While holding the up key, select Mega Man. Once the game begins mega man's armor will be purple where it was normally green. Further more, when you go to Web Spider's level, if you go to the place where you get the boots, you'll get a surprise instead. Dr. Light will give you all of the armor, but this time it will look different and make Mega Man look like a Knight. Mega Man's Giga strike has been improved so that he can now fly using it. It's also a great attack againt all enemies.

Microsoft Golf (PC)

Water tricks
sent in by Wisniewski

On Microsoft Golf for PC, if you hit the ball as hard as possible near the water (course #2 is highly recommended), you can enter GlitchWorld! GlitchWorld is a course where the graphics are really messed up and if you hit the ball hard, you have to try again. Also, if you look at the course map, it appears that you are on water.

Also on Microsoft Golf, if you get the ball as close to the water as you can, you can stand on the water, but the ball can't. How fair :p

Minesweeper (PC)

Freeze time!
by David Wonn

Proof Pic #1 Proof Pic #2 Proof Pic #3

I have recently stumbled upon a way to beat Minesweeper in just one second! Unfortunately this glitch only appears to work on Windows 3.1. Of course you could hack a certain .ini file in any Windows operating system (it's not too hard to find) :), but that would defeat the purpose of this glitch discovery! Here's how it works:

First, open up both Minesweeper and MS-DOS Prompt in Windows 3.1. Start a game by clicking onto any square in the Minesweeper game, and then quickly minimize the window. If you're quick enough, you can do this while the timer reads 001 or 002. Minimizing the window essentially freezes the timer. Now switch over to MS-DOS prompt. Once that is open, press Alt-Shift-Tab briefly to switch back to the Minesweeper game. Now take notice... the timer isn't even moving! You can continue to click squares at your own pace from this point on, just as long as you don't hit a mine, of course. Now you can conquer Minesweeper in just one second without doing any hacking!

Freeze time on any Windows OS!
sent in by Nash Brown

There is an actual code to stop the timer in Minesweeper (and it's slightly easier). It works on all Windows systems.

Just start a game and click, and hold, a square with both mouse buttons. Then press ESC

It's that simple :)

Police Quest III (PC)

Test Copy hack
sent in by Cl0vis15

In this fine game by Sierra, if you remove the file entitled VERSION from the folder holding this game, you can access the cheat menu. This is because without a version number that game runs as if it were a "Test Copy" which they'd use to search for bugs with. A test copy runs just the same as a normal copy, except that a menu appears at he begining asking you which day you want to start at. In which you could choose '1' to play the entire game normally if you wished to, or watch the ending even!

Rebel Assault (PC)

Ending Glitch
sent in by Cl0vis15

In “Rebel Assault” for the P.C. you can see the ending to the game even if you lose at the last level. When you lose, it will start a video sequence, in while the narrator talks about how the destruction of yavin affected the Rebels. When he's talking about this, repeatedly press the button to skip the narration, if you're lucky, it will start up the movie showing what happens when you win. this only happens 10% of the time.

Shuffleboard 3D (PC)

Crash the game
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

A simple glitch. When you play, just aim at the opponent's Puck Things. If it hits even one, when the CPU tries to shoot, your Computer gives you an error in a white box. It makes a division by 0 error, and you need to close the program.

Skifree (PC)

Scramble the snow monster
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Okay, here's what you do, first put the mouse on the minimize button before you start skiing. Go down until the snow monster starts to chase you, or you see him. (Hopefully you'll see him so you'll be ready) Ski past him so he starts chasing you. Now QUICKLY press the minimize button. (You must do this BEFORE he grabs you) Now bring it back whenever you feel like it. When the snow monster eats you, he goes all screwy like he has a virus or something.

Important note!: This is a permanent effect, so once you do it, he will always glitch, so if you don't want that to happen, don't do it!

Space Quest 6 (PC)

500+ Scores!!!
sent in by Cl0vis15

The code of SQ6 contains a bug in the points scoring that allows you to gain as many points as you want. When inside Stellar's stomach, you can retrieve secretion from the Isles of Langerhans, return to the stomach, pour the contents over the pill, then return and get more... and you get three points for it every time! So, in theory, you can get as many points as you want.

Soylent's Secret
sent in by Cl0vis15

In case you haven't discovered the Mr. Soylent Clear's secret yet, you probably never will on your own. This machine will accept only one food replicator code, and it can't even be found it the game! It will only accept the code for Bjorn Chow (7469410) from the demo of SQ6. For those of you who don't know, the demo featured different puzzles, and it's own, albeit short, story. Entering this replicator code on the full version will trigger a very funny argument between Roger and the Narrator.

Spear of Destiny (PC)

Level Glitch!
sent in by Rick L

Note: Spear of Destiny is basically a remixed version of Wolfenstein 3D.

If you have the CD with the other Spear of Destiny games on it, (2 and 3. They have remixed graphics). Go into any of the missions, and save the game on a save slot. Exit, and go into the SoD game with the different graphics. (I.E. For SoD 1, Go to SoD2 or 3, SoD 2 or 3, go to SoD 1.) Load up your game, and you will be in the same level of the first game, yet the walls look cluttered about sloppily! You may see a purple brick wall inside a chunk of grey wall!

Hidden Text in Spear of Destiny 2
sent in by Rick L

On that same CD, Start up the Mission 2 game, and exit. Go into FloEdit, (Get it here: http://www.wolfnode.de ) and start to look at the levels. In one level, there is a text message using yellow walls that says "Dont Peek" and another one in a level that looks like Tic Tac Toe that says "The only way to win is not to play!" What on earth could this text be about?

Speed Racer (PC)

Water Hopper
sent in by Cl0vis15

There are a few different Speed Racer PC games, so make sure your's has the subtitle 'CHALLENGE OF RACERX' for this to work. If you should find that you are falling too often into the water, and this is preventing you from obtaining money necessary to buy the water gear to protect you from such mishaps, I have a solution. Whenever your about to fall into the water, press the jump button and hold it before you connect. The car will jump of the water as if it was solid land. This only works some of the time.

Total Anihilation (PC)

sent in by Joseph Rankin

On Total Anihilation for pc when your playing multiplayer gert a transport and abduct the enemys commando and fly over the enemys base and they will shoot it down killing the commando and there base will be destroyed by themselves.

Wolfenstein 3D (PC)

Weapon Glitch
sent in by Rick L

If you pick up a Chain Gun before getting the smaller Machine Gun, you'll pick up both guns!

Worms Armegeddon (PC)

Elite Channel Cheat
sent in by mercatfat

Yes, you can cheat your way into the elite channel, even if your a beginner with just 0 points :)))
To do this, join any channel you CAN get into. Then we use a couple of IRC commands: type:

/part <channel>
/join #elite

and your in! That simple :). Just remember to replace <channel> with the channel you are in. Also, don't forget the #!!!.

10 Cow Glitch
sent in by mercatfat

Better than 6 cow glitch from Worms2, W:A allows 10 cows in one turn!!!! How to do it. Well, get a jetpack and release 5 cows while on the ground, then fly up a couple of centimetres and press return when the last (or fourth) cow comes out, the worm should fall unharmed and another 5 cows come out.

The Low Backflip
sent in by mercatfat

You now have the choice of a "high" backflip, or a "low" backflip! To do the high backflip, you just press BACKSPACE twice. To do the low backflip, press BACKSPACE twice, followed by pressing ENTER. This has to be done in quick sucession, but if performed correctly, you will only jump backwards at half the hight of a normal backflip. =)

Fight fire with fire
sent in by mercatfat

A petrol bomb leaves fire lying around for a couple of turns. But you can make it disappear on command by lauching a napalm strike anywhere on the level. The petrol disappears before your eyes.

Floating Sheep
sent in by mercatfat

In sheep training, press space 3 times quickly. The sheep will will float in mid air for a second even though it has lost its powers. (this only works some of the time).

Super Sheep to the rescue
sent in by mercatfat

On the mission "Super sheep to the rescue", " just kill the other worm with the sheep. You will die, but you will probably get a gold medal regardless. =)

Kamikazing to survive?
sent in by mercatfat

Sometimes, if you kamikazee into an immediate mine, your worm will survive, even after it has exploded.

Washing Worms Tails
sent in by mercatfat

With the water set to the lowest level, you can position worms so that they are still sitting on the terrain, but have their tails seen below the water level :).

Firey Drill
sent in by mercatfat

You can drill into an oil barrel without blowing it up!

Super Sheep - Where'd you go?
sent in by mercatfat

Super Sheep can be flown OUTSIDE the terrain boundary in cavern levels, and still be controlled! Just use the arrows showing which direction the sheep is flying in, and what distance the sheep is from the screen. These appear on the screen when the Super Sheep leaves the screen area. Use these to fly the sheep to the other end of the cavern and BOOM - hit a worm which you couldn't hit otherwise.

Indian Roping
sent in by mercatfat

To do this, you aim a grenade, or bazooka, or something straight down, hit backspace, F8, and then fire your rope, and extend straight up. This has to be done very quickly, and is good to get out of tight spots. This can also be used to "aim" the rope any angle that you normally can't fire at, not just straight down :).

Girder on Rope
sent in by mercatfat

If you fire a rope up, and then select the girder, you can place the girder over the rope! This effectively "anchors" the rope in place - the rope won't move at all in between the roof, and the girder. This could come in useful, but just be warned - after placing the girder you have limited retreat time to get off the rope, and it it harder to swing with a shortened rope.

sent in by yoshi934785

1. You can do the low backflip by pressing enter twice instead of backspaceX2 and enter

2. The super sheep to the rescue glitch works in every version... EXCEPT in the US version

Pong (Radio Shack)

Extra Paddle Glitch!
by David Wonn

With this nifty glitch, you can get the extra edge on your opponent, or offer a handicap to a less skilled player. The Radio Shack version of Pong was designed to play 4 types of games with a selector switch, but if you move the switch in between any two games, you'll be playing Hockey but one side will have an extra paddle!

Moving Line glitch
by David Wonn

If you quickly power the game off and back on, you can often see some weird effects. If you're lucky, you might see a moving line going up and down instead of a ball, and the game will make a continuous high-pitched noise. Just press the Reset button on the right controller to fix it. Flipping the power switch off and on can produce other effects including random starting scores or even cause the ball to vanish. As always, the Reset button fixes everything.

Pong (Telestar)

Extreme Paddle
sent in by Cl0vis15

If you're playing pong with a friend on this classic, and are on either 'hockey' or 'tennis' mode, and are playing on the left, you can quickly switch to 'handball mode', to save yourself if the ball falls short of your paddle. Doing this will change the field so there's a solid wall on the left. This works since they made the game so it only restarts when pushing the restart button, switching fields won't affect the game, except of course wether or not the ball goes through.

Extra paddle
sent in by Andracsek

If you set the game select switch halfway between Tennis and Hockey (I think, it's been decades since I played that) you'll play tennis with the extra paddles.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night (Playstation)

Go to the outside in the Royal Chapel!
By: AshMulder (From the gamefaqs.com message board)

Go to the royal chapel area in the normal castle. At the bottom of the tallest tower, there is a hallway to the left (leading to the church) and a small confession room to the right. Stand by the left door of this area (but don't go in yet). Then do a half-circle down-forward-up, holding up for 2 seconds, then press down and square or circle simultaneously. If you've done it right, the sword will start doing sword brother. Once this starts, wait until the sword starts turning in a circle, then change into the bat and fly through the [left] doorway. If your timing is right, the screen won't change as it usually does. You can then fly all around the outside of the castle as the bat! (If you miss the timing, you can just go back and forth rapidly between the screens until you get the glitch working.)if you fly into a spot where a passage should be, then you'll be magically transported inside the passage, and you'll have to do the trick all over again. You can avoid running into some passageways by flying on the very edge of the screen (you have to do this to get all 210%). You should be able to explore the outside of the whole chapel area, starting from the huge stairway on the far left of the map, going past the church and around both sides of each tower. then you can do it in the inverted castle...

Note: The Sword Familiar MUST be at level 99 for this to work.

Death doesn't steal your stuff!
By: AshMulder (From the gamefaqs.com message board)

Do a lucky game (name your char X-X!V''Q ) then remove all your equip except the shield and the cape in the room before death. Jump over the first wolf (don't kill it) and get hit by the wolf..the game will glitch and you'll fly past death' s room...then save at the first save point (cuz the game will glitch hard)

Fight Slogra and Gaibon where you first saw Death
By: Various

Go into the first room of the Alchemy Labratory, then exit and go back to where you met Death. Slogra and Gaibon will be there and will fight you. After a time, the two will fly off into the Alchemy Labratory room where you originally meet them.

Go outside the Castle Gates with Richter!
By: Various

Put on the code to play as Richter, and start a new game. When the game starts, dash to the left, and jump. If all goes well, you should make it past the door. You should be back at the gates!

Final Fantasy 7 (Playstation)

Get stuck in the Northern Crater
sent in by cactuar

First, make sure you get the Save Crystal item found on the first screen of the Northern Crater. Now, continue on until you get to the point where Cloud spilts up the party into different areas of the Northern Crater. When you finish splitting up your people, DON'T MOVE. Use your Save Crystal exactly at the point where you're standing. Now leave the Northern Crater dungeon and return to the point where you split your party members up, the game will glitch out a little bit, and you'll see that you can't climb back up! You're stck in the Northern Crater!

Glitch out the digits for the amount of Gil
sent in by cactuar

When you get enough Gil (A LOT, mind you) the number counter will be glitched up. A minor glitch, but I wanted to make mention of it.

Final Fantasy 8 (Playstation)

Make battles easier
sent in by Jake McNeill

Just a quick tip: In the options, set the battle speed to be as slow as possible- not only are you giving yourself more time to think in battle, you're getting more time to look at the spells that come up in Selphie's limit break, making you less likely to skip over something great, like multiple Auras or a Full Heal.

Metal Gear Solid (Playstation)

Detonate plastic explosives without getting hurt
sent in by Andreas R.

This method is very useful when you want to save some time, and are willing to do so at the expense of energy. Therefore, this trick, or mishap if you will, is preferably used primarily in the VR missions.


In Metal Gear Solid, stealth and scarcity of means are fundamental elements, elements which become extra important when playing Snake's Virtual Reality Missions. These missions, to be thought of as an extension – are more or less organised as “capture the flag” contests, the clock being your fictional enemy. However, not all enemies are fictional, far from. Guards and cameras are your most obvious physical enemies, doing what they can (and perhaps not much more) to stop you on your quest. (Oh, how sophisticated that sounded.). If playing Sneaking Mode, “all” you have to do is sneak past your enem/y/ies in one way or another, heading for the goal, represented by a rotating crystal pillar. In most other modes involving enemies, the goal will not appear until all enemies have been killed. It is somewhat delayed, might I tell you. Depending on what mode you are playing, you are able to do this in different ways. (Even if not being able to use two methods in the same mode. (The main buttons’ functions var from mode to mode.)

On this disc are many sections, two allowing you to practice the purposes and functions of C4, and do it on time. The difference between the two is that in Special Mode your target is passive, (an obstacle) whereas you in Advanced mode are obliged to use it on enemies (soldiers) to proceed. Due to for the trick required circumstances, you will only be able to make use of this in Mystery Mode.

(Technical) Information / Specifications required:

The plastic explosive C4 works in such a way that if you (Snake) or your enemy guards are hit by the C4 explosion circle, not standing at its centre, he /they will not completely die from the explosion, even though he/they are considerably physically weakened. If hit not standing in its centre, two explosions are required in order to kill yourself or your enemies. However (this you might have figured out.;) if you stand (to a sufficient degree) [with]in the centre of a circle, you will die instantly. The same applies to the guards. (Which implies that Snake and the enemy soliders have the same amount of energy / physical health.) Therefore, if wanting a good time, or just an effective result ;) make sure to get a clean hit on your enemy. If your enemy does not die from the explosion while being to a sufficient degree away from you, [This includes or being flung there, obviously, which is what it really is about; him being flung this distance away from you, as it is the only way of hitting him in conjunction with getting/transporting him sufficiently far away from you.] he will act as though nothing has happened. Otherwise he will notice your presence once again. (For any explosion would attract their indirect attention. Knowing that someone is there, yet not being able to notice or locate the infiltrator.)

In Advanced Mode, all guards patrolling the area are equipped with guns (Socom model [semi-automatic].), they can also if you're unlucky, knock you to the ground using a flashlamp, that all guards are holding in their right (directional reference..) hand.

For the trick to be useful, you will need to make sure that you have at least some amount of spare energy / physical health. You cannot at the point of start check how much you have left, but if you have not suffered any damage, you will not that you have enough left to perform the trick. Not until you have been shot does the meter show up on screen. (Generally, if you let the guards hit you 4 or 5 times, you are dead.)

If detected (so that an ! appears above his head) by one of the guards, he will start shooting at you, and attract other guards within sufficient distance to the incident. If lucky, the attracted guards will not start shooting you directly when they see you, but will run after you and then start shooting.

If being shot (you will bleed some if you are.) you are, surprisingly enough even in this game, for a certain period of time after being hit, invincible to any other amount of damage that would normally inflict you. This interval lasts for a certain amount of time every time you are shot. (quite sufficient a while I'd say.) During this state of invincibility, you are also invincible to your own plastic explosive(s) or any other type of explosion.

So whenever a guard or two is nearby, bend down and place a C4 on the ground (or any other place suitable), and detonate it as you have been shot.

Here's how to perform the trick (that is utterly useful in the later Advanced Mode; C4 courses.)

If there are a collection of guards, of which at least one is shooting at you, simply detonate the mine during the appropriate interval, and you will escape damage (and be able move to the goal as the guards are dying.)

This trick naturally works in any course with any implement/object granting explosions, whether cubes or mines, etc.

However, it might be quite a lot easier to perform when handling C4, as you yourself are able to determine at time which time the explosion will occur.

This trick should also work in the “regular adventure mode”, even if I haven't tried it yet.

Resident Evil 2 (Playstation)

Free Ammo
sent in by Cl0vis15

When ever you add a part to a gun (Leon or Hunk's quests only) it will automatically refill to it's maximum ammo holding with ammo from thin air. So be sure to always empty that clip to zero before adding that part to take full benefit of this little mishap.

R-Type (Playstation)

Sacrifice a life glitch
sent in by Crawl and 1000

I found a glitch in the Playstation version of R-Type, which is on the R-Types collection. The instruction book says that they're the exact translation of the arcade games, "bugs included," so maybe this would even work on the arcade version!

The trick is to die right before the boss of stage 1 (the huge red boss that looks like something H. R. Giger did for Aliens) dies. There are a few ways to do this, but this is the method I find easiest to time. It takes two powered-up hits directly to the head coming out of the boss's stomach to kill the boss. This is slightly harder to do than the usual method of killing it (sending the pod towards the head and then get out of the way) because you need to get close, past the tail, and fire right after the mouth fires. After the first shot, time the second so you'll be hit, say by the tail, immediately after you fire. You'll die, and a moment later your shot will hit the boss, killing it.

Here's the glitchy results of doing that. When you get your next ship you'll begin at the last continue point as you normally would. However, the music that signifies clearing a stage will play and you won't be able to control your ship, just like the first few seconds after finishing a stage. However, enemies will still be attacking you and you'll inevitably die.

Then when you get your next ship it'll seem like you're about to fight the boss of stage 2! In fact, the background will be that of stage 2, except it looks sort of like the negative of it. Sometimes the graphics are even more glitched up, and some tiles will flash or do other things - it's like the result of putting a dirty game into an NES. The enemy sprites are glitched up as well, and most don't look like anything. However, despite the graphics, this is STILL stage one. The enemy patterns are the same, and so are the positions of the walls - which means you'll need to be careful, as you can't see the walls! If your R-9's fire is stopped by something invisible, that means a wall is there. This glitch leads me to believe that hit detection in R-Type is based on tile boundaries rather than actual collision of pixels. The graphics remain glitched up even if you die or continue, but will go back to normal for stage 2 if you beat the stage one boss as usual (at which time the tiles of the boss become black on the screen rather than exploding as they're supposed to. It looks like what happens if Ryu loses his last life on the final boss - the demon - of Ninja Gaiden and the screen flashes).

Tenchu (Playstation)

Debug glitches
sent in by Another Gamer

Some of these glitches require the debug code (pause the game, hold L1+R2, press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Square, Right, Circle, release L1 and R2 and press L1, R1, L2, R2. Then unpause (the pause sign will disappear if you did the code correctly) and any time after this on the current level, press L2 and R2 together to access the debug menu) to be used, although the results could most likely defined as glitches. Anyways, here's the list.

Zombie Ninja (This can be done only in stages with instant-kill pits, ie. stages 3, 6, 8 and 10):

Activate the debug code and drop down into a pit. When you see your energy meter hit 0, open up the debug menu and select Player->Reset position.

You'll drop to the stage's starting point and be completely invincible to everything, ie. all enemy attacks go right through you without harming you.

The bad thing is that you can't trigger cutscenes, pick up items or enter deep water, because you drown if you do. To remedy that, select Player->Raise Dead from the debug menu or use a Healing Potion.

No lower body (only in stages with water):
Do the same as above, only do it when you're standing in deep water.

Floating Katana Of Death (only in level 10 and only with Rikimaru, since it doesn't seem to work with Ayame):

This is a bit more complicated. Do the Zombie Ninja bug and drop into deep water. You'll start drowning.

Use Player->Reset Positon and you'll drop down at the stage's starting point and continue to drown on dry land. Wait until you're almost completely drown and select Player->Raise Dead from the debug menu.

If you did it right, the only thing visible will be your sword, that seemingly floats in thin air. Unfortunately, you can only access the first half of the stage like this, since an invisble barrier prevents you from re-entering the hole you jumped through in the cutscene.

Space jump
sent in by Another Gamer

Okay, this one doesn't require the use of debug menu, and it's a pretty neat trick to do.

To do it, jump from any place that's on a higher ground you're going to land to and just keep mashing X like there's no tomorrow. If you do it right, your character will jump again from mid-air with the same jump animation they used, without any leverage.

You can also keep doing it as long as you can, but it's hard to pull it off more than once in a single jump. Also, any kinds of jumps work, be they normal jumps, sideways jumps, double flips, backward flips or moonsaults.

The only problem is that it's really hard to pull it off in practice. Actually, there's no need mash the button, if you have the timing down pat, you can just press jump again at the exact moment your character's jump animation ends, but I find that mashing still works the best.

If you want to practice this, I've found that the long set of stairs in the beginning of stage 10 is the best place.

Mess around with cutscenes
sent in by Another Gamer

Since all the cutscenes take place in real time, and if there's something that interacts with enemies/player where the cutscene takes place, it will happen in that cutscene as if it were to happen in the game itself. For example, if you know that a character is going to walk in a specific place in a cutscene and you put a mine there, they'll trigger the mine when they walk over it but continue their actions as nothing ever happened, even though their clothes are on fire:)

After Burner (Sega Master System)

Easy route to level 12
sent in by Cl0vis15

You can make it all the way to level 12 with out taking a single hit. Just bank your aircraft as far as it will go to the left. If you keep it there, you can't be hit, until level 12.

Continue Glitch
sent in by Cl0vis15

Press the PAUSE button exactly 100 times at the title screen. From then on, you can continue by pressing, "UP, BUTTON 1, and BUTTON 2", simultaneously when the words GAME OVER appear until level 18.

Ghostbusters (Sega Master System)

100,000+ Account
sent in by Cl0vis15

If you enter the initials C D and the account password of 4458008775 you will start with enough money to buy all the ghost bustin' equipment you'll ever need, and then some.

Zillion (Sega Master System)

sent in by Joel Rose

Start the game, when you go down the first elevator from the surface, go to the first room on the right. Access the computer in the room while an enemy robot is standing right in front of it. While you're in the computer, enter the 'suicide code' (0 0 0 0) and exit the computer. If this was done correctly, you don't commit suicide, but instead you are invincible! Bullets go through you! If memory serves, you cannot pause the game anymore - so you cannot switch characters. The game can be beaten without switching characters.

Mega Man ASM (TI-85)

Cut to the Chase
password cracked by Cl0vis15

Does Titanic Iniquity's lack luster lackeys have you sucesfully barricaded from victory? Fret no more! This password will take you directly to the big TI's level. Just fill in the spaces at: A2 A3 B2 B4 C2 C3 D1 D3 E1 and E5!

Pac-Man '99 (TI-85)

Endless Lives
sent in by Cl0vis15

While at the title screen press the 7 key to access the beta tester mode. Normally only people who were beta testing this before the official release know about this. It makes it so that you can't run out of lives (which also makes it impossible to save a score you get this way). It's original purpose was to let the beta testers look at the later levels to make sure they weren't buggy without having to survive the earlier levels to get to them. For reasons unknown to me it's in the general release version as well.

Quest III (TI-85)

Unlimited Heal Berries
sent in by Cl0vis15

When ever you need to heal, don't waste your money, just go to the chest in the castle of Lekim, and it'll give you a heal berry every time you open it. Still, it won't give you heal berries when you have 3 or more, only when you have less than 3.

Dracula X (Turbo Duo)

Get stuck
sent in by Crawl and 1000

Choose Maria, and play in Stage 3. Keep the bird special weapon, and make sure you have enough hearts to use its item crash at least once. Part way through the stage are two platforms, connected by chains and pulleys. Normally, if you wanted to go to the path to stage 4', you would stand on the left platform, and hit the boulder above the right platform, and the left platform will be raised upwards, with you on it. Instead, stand on the left platform and use the bird item crash. The boulder will be knocked loose, and the platform you were standing on will be launched upwards to the path to 4', but the item crash animation lasts long enough that you will not be on the platform as it rises. You will be left behind!! So, after you've done this, the game is basically stuck; you'll have to turn the power off to play again.

Many more tricks will come so stay tuned!

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