Important: Before you e-mail anything, please read this important note on my new e-mail policy! Due to the large volume of spam and virii I receive on a daily basis, ALL e-mail subjects MUST begin with one of the following, or else they will be discarded as spam:

Glitch (for all glitch submissions, please include name of system and game)
Suggestion (for any ideas you have to make the site better)
Addendum (to add anything to an existing glitch/trick on the site)
Question (if you're not sure of something or need clarification)
Personal (for non-site related e-mails)
Misc (short for Miscellaneous - for anything else)

In addition there is a special subject header reserved if you find the hidden page. You'll know what it is, as the instructions are given there. Also, I will allow subjects that begin with Re: followed by one of the above in case I do reply and you see the need to reply back.

Examples of Valid e-mails: These WON'T pass my spam filter:
Glitches for Super Mario Kart (SNES) Reply: Glitch for ...
Addendum on that Rambi glitch in DKC Re: Re: Re: Suggestion on ...
Question: Where are the PC glitches? Fwd: Pass this to everyone NOW!!
Suggestion: Make new category for ... Where is the hidden page? HELP!
Re: Questions about your site I have a question. Please read!

Please follow these guidelines to help make sure that your e-mail is not filtered. Thanks.

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