Perfect Dark

Challenge Cheat

Bypass any challenge!
by David Wonn

WARNING! This trick is an incredibly cheap way to bypass every challenge in combat simulator, so only use this as a last resort. If you don't want to be a cheater, then you can go back to the N64 section. If you absolutely can't resist the urge to cheat, read on.... I highly recommend making a copy of your agent file first in case you want to go back and beat the challenges legitimately later on.

Setup: First, you will need to create your own custom setup in combat simulator. You can make it as easy as you'd like, but you must have teams enabled with at least two teams present and at least one simulant as an enemy. Once you are satisfied with it, save it on your game pak or memory card. You will be using this setup to "substitute" an existing challenge, which is explained in the next paragraph. One possible example is to load challenge 1, then save it since it is quick and easy to do. I have mine set to fight a team of 8 Peace Sims, One hit kills, first to 1 point, 1 minute combat, but you may use whatever setup you wish.

The trick: Now that you have your custom setup saved, you are ready to perform the trick! On C1 (controller 1), select the Advanced settings menu and press A. Now on C2 (controller 2), press Start so you will see two menus, and then go to Load Settings and press A. Back on C1, move the cursor left so you see a list of challenges. Select any one that you haven't beaten yet and press A. Accept the challenge by pressing A again, but do NOT press A the third time when it asks to start or abort. Leave it there. On C2, find your custom setup and press A. Doing so will "subtitute" the existing challenge that was loaded into memory with your own custom setup.

Now if you want just one player to play, then press B on C2 until the second menu is gone. If you want 2 players, press Start on C2 instead. For 3 or 4 players you will need to press Start on the other controller(s). Now you can go ahead and press Start on C1 to start the game. Take note: You are actually playing your custom setup in place of the real challenge! Defeat it and you will get a star for that challenge! Just remember that you are CHEATING if you do this, so don't blame me for ruining the challenge. :-)

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