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Mario's Time Machine

Teleporting items
sent in by BDixon

A neat but unimportant sorta glitch....If you pick up an item and place it in another spot, then use another item to surf to another time, when you come back, the items will be in their original places.

Mega Man X

Nothing but pit!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

This is possibly one of my weirdest glitches. In Flame Mammoth's stage, go into one of the first two grey tubes that the robot parts fall out of. To do that, Dash Jump on a Sea Serpent's partly made head when it is right near the tube. Now keep going, jumping over the other tubes. Now, you should see a scrambled Sub-Tank, but If you can keep going on, (Sometimes the game will stop you there) there will be nothing but a pit!!

Vanishing Legs
sent in by glitcher

First, use this password: 5317 4358 2746
With this you will have beaten all the levels but have gained no armour, not even the mandatory dash boots! If by some miracle you still manage to complete the game (I strongly suggest you use a charged-up Shotgun Ice to reach the body upgrade) you will see X run across the highway in the end credits without the dash boots. At the end when he's supposed to dash, his legs will vanish.

Better Vanishing Legs password
password CRACKED by dvdmth

Here's a hacked password that gives you all items EXCEPT the leg upgrade (with all stages cleared of course). This will make it easier to perform the Vanishing Legs glitch.

8 4 4 1
2 3 3 6
2 4 2 1

Mega Man X2

Blue energy capsules
sent in by glitcher

This one's simple. Just destroy Neo Sigma while there are enemies on screen and any energy capsules they leave behind when they explode will be blue instead of orange.

Glitched enemy
sent in by dvdmth

This can be performed at the beginning of the first X-Hunter stage. It is very difficult to perfect, however. I'll try to illustrate what to do.

*        XXXXXXXX*
*         A  B   *
*       2        *
*                *
*                *
*     1          *
*XXXXXX          *
(above not necessarily to scale but is hopefully close enough)
  X - floor/ceiling
A,B - bats (or whatever they're called--not familiar with enmy names)
1,2 - critical points (see below)

First, lure the first bat you see (A) to the left until it's above the platform where you start, underneath and slightly left of the edge of the ceiling above (1). Freeze the enemy with Crystal Hunter, then kill the second bat (B) if it also came over. If necessary, move left enough so that the second bat will regenerate, then return and freeze this bat while in mid-air, right when it's underneath the ceiling edge (2). Before the crystal (or yourself) drops, quickly grab onto the edge of it and jump up and grab the edge of the ceiling.

Once you've done this, simply climb up offscreen and walk across to the right until you can go no farther. You should be able to advance just far enough to see a glitched-up enemy from a later part of the stage. It will almost immediately move offscreen, so if you didn't get a good view of it, head back left, then return until you're satisfied with the weird thing.

(Note: It's been some time since I've done this glitch, and I may not remember exactly how the beginning of the stage looks, so there's a good change the diagram may not reflect how the place actually looks. I only intend it to help explaining the procedure, since words alone may be confusing.)

Shouryuken glitch
sent in by Another Gamer

I found a pretty cool bug in Mega Man X2 regarding the Shouryuken. To do it, you must have all Zero parts (as well as the Shoryuken itself, although that goes without saying). Here's how to do it:

In the last stage (Magna Centipede's, up until the midboss), play until you get to the place where you meet Sigma and would fight Zero if you didn't have all his parts.

Now, step in the gate opening, dash in, and perform the Shouryuken so that you land in the middle of the screen. When you land (notice that the game doesn't take over and move you to the left edge of the screen like it normally does), a dialogue will take place, fake Zero gets destroyed and yadda yadda.

Now, if you are standing in the right place, Zero punches a hole in the ground and you'll fall through it automatically, before Zero even begins his dialogue. Notice that the dialogue box is still onscreen when you're falling. Don't press anything.

When you land in the empty room where Sigma teleports, press a button so that Zero's dialogue box disappears. Before Sigma begins his speech, hold the controller in any direction or press any button a second after Zero's dialogue box disappears and you'll notice that you can move around freely while Sigma is giving you his lecture. You can even walk through him and not take any damage. For fun, charge up Crystal Hunter and shoot, Sigma's dialogue box disappears and he keeps talking in slow motion. But the bug doesn't end there yet, oh no.

When Sigma is through talking, move close to him. Now, wait until he reveals his claws and fills up his energy meter. Just before his energy meter is full, perform a Shouryuken close to him. If you do it correctly, the Shouryuken is cut short and you'll fall back on the ground.

By itself, this isn't all that impressive(although normally nothing stops the Shouryuken after it's started), but try standing still, letting Sigma hit you. His attacks go right through you, enabling you to beat him in pretty much any way you desire, since none of his attacks can hurt you. Also, try charging up the X-Buster and shooting.

You'll notice that all your charged up shots are discolored, although the green, least charged shot looks cool, since it's golden in color. If you want to turn things back to normal, just perform a Shouryuken or get hit (only after you kill Sigma's first form).

You can also try dashing as far as possible and then performing a Shoryuken when you first arrive to the room where Sigma first resides: doing this makes it so that the real Zero will hit YOU while Sigma avoids his attack. Notice that once Zero hits you, you can move around, which is an another way of activating the abovementioned glitch (although you can't do the second part of it since you obviously no longer have full energy which you need to perform the Shoryuken). It's even funnier if you get there with low energy: Zero can actually kill you with his attack that he meant to use on Sigma.

An early sub tank
sent in by dvdmth

Normally, the Sub Tank in Bubble Crab's stage can only be collected after earning Bubble Splash and the X-Buster Upgrade. However, a strange quirk in the system lets you get the Sub Tank without these items.

Enter the stage and proceed through it until you reach the place where you see an energy pellet in a window beneath the ground. (This is where you'd normally jump with a charged Bubble Splash to get the Sub Tank.) Notice that the ground you're on is flat until you reach the left side, where it starts to slope downhill. What you need to do is walk left and jump right when you're on top of the joint between the flat ground and the sloped hill.

If you jump at the right spot, X will look at though he jumped off a wall instead of from the ground. Evidently, a wall jump gives you a slightly higher altitude than a normal jump does. The slightly higher jump lets you grab on the bottom of a wall near the surface of the water. Climb to the surface, then hop across the water to the right until you get out from under the ledge containing the Sub Tank. Jump on the ledge and claim your prize.

Special X-Hunter passwords
passwords CRACKED by dvdmth

After you beat the eight Maverick levels, you naturally are permitted to access the X-Hunters' hideout at the North Pole. After each X-Hunter stage, you receive a password, but as you know, this password does not record your progress through the hideout. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a password that DOES remember how far you are?

Well, there's no way to get the passwords in the game, but the passwords do exist! The list below gives you access to each X-Hunter stage, including the final showdown with Sigma. The passwords also give you all items and upgrades (except the special Dr. Light upgrade in the third X-Hunter stage, which you always have to get yourself). The first password is what you'd normally get; the others are hacked.

Stage 1   Stage 2   Stage 3   Stage 4   Stage 5
(VIOLEN)  (SERGES)  (AGILE)   (Bosses)  (SIGMA)
1 4 6 2 | 1 4 6 2 | 1 4 6 2 | 1 4 6 2 | 1 4 6 2
3 3 2 7 | 3 3 7 7 | 3 3 2 7 | 3 3 7 7 | 3 5 2 7
6 4 8 8 | 6 4 8 8 | 6 4 8 8 | 6 4 8 8 | 6 4 8 8
3 2 4 6 | 3 2 4 3 | 3 2 4 2 | 3 2 4 1 | 3 2 4 3
By the way, on any of the above passwords, you can change the twelfth digit (last one of third row) to 2 (if I remember right) and achieve the exact same result. The game changes that digit when you receive the Dr. Light upgrade from the third X-hunter stage, but in truth the change has no effect.

Mega Man X3

More glitched enemies
sent in by dvdmth

The effects of this glitch are similar to that of the one I provided for Mega Man X2. Unlike that one, however, this glitch is really simple to perform and allows you to actually fight the glitched enemies! You must have the Leg upgrade that allows you to dash while in mid-air. (Double-dash is not necessary.)

Go to the Neon Tiger stage. Work your way to the right, then up the right ladder, then left, then up the ladder over there. (You don't have to follow these instructions exactly, as long as you end up at this same ladder.) Climb all the way to the top, then climb down just enough so that you can let go of the ladder and grab onto the right wall. Slide down the wall, then when you reach the end, perform an Air Dash to the right. As the screen moved downward to get that portion of the stage into view, the enemies will suddenly transform into some really weird-looking ones! They behave the same way they normally do--just the sprites used to draw them change. The effects last until you go back up the ladder. Returning to the beginning of the stage does not fix the graphics.

Hit detection glitch
sent in by Another Gamer

When you're fighting Neon Tiger, stand as close to him as possible when he's busy shooting you, and his shots won't harm you at all, since they practically materialize behind your back. Not as much of a glitch as an oversight, but I think it'll qualify as one.

Revive Zero
password CRACKED by dvdmth

If you should ever lose Zero, fear not. Play until you get a password, then hit Reset. Go to the password screen, then change the last digit of the password. Keep adding 1 and pressing Start, and eventually you'll find a password that works. Voila -- Zero's back! (This does NOT work if X has Zero's beam sabre.)

Go standing through a door
sent in by dvdmth

Probably the most annoying glitch in this game. In a miniboss chamber of any Maverick stage, if you are standing next to the right-hand door when the miniboss explodes, X will automatically go through the door and remain in his standing position--even if he's facing the other way! This makes it impossible to grab any powerup the enemy may have left behind. (Once I had to forfeit an extra man because of this.) The best place to see the glitch for yourself is in Blast Hornet's stage, since you are allowed to move as that miniboss explodes--simply head in front of the door and stand there.

Sound screwup
sent in by dvdmth

If you charge and use Triad Thunder in certain areas of the game, some sound effects, even part of the background music, may stop playing for a while. Do this during a boss fight and the boss battle music will really screw up!

Weird Dr. Light Meetings
sent in by dvdmth

* Too Close for Comfort: Go to any Dr. Light capsule, but before you reach it, switch to Zero. As Zero, jump on the side of the capsule. While he's messing around there, switch back to X. If all goes well X will stand on the edge of the capsule bottom as Dr. Light appears, much closer than he normally would be.

* Back-to-Back: Go to either Blizzard Buffalo, Neon Tiger, or possible Volt Catfish and reach the Dr. Light capsule in the respective stage. Again, switch to Zero immediately before reaching it. Have Zero climb over the top and fall on the far side (there should be enough room for that). Once he's on the other side, switch back to X. Dr. Light will appear, and the two of them will stand back-to-back throughout the conversation!


Easy deals
by David Wonn

With this strange oddity, you can collect properties for practically nothing, or even less! Make sure you are playing a game with one or more computer opponents. When one of them has a property you like, try to make a deal. This works best if they have more money than you, and if you aren't trying to get a monopoly. Ask for all their money and one property and offer nothing in return. Then allow the computer to make adjustments. Quite often, you can get the property for less than it is worth! If you're really lucky, they might end up paying you to take it! LOL!

Easy monopolies
by David Wonn

Any time you land on the last unowned property of a group, don't buy it right away! Instead, try to make deals with any computers that may have the other properties of the group. Use the previous trick if you like, but just make sure you get the other properties for a reasonable price. As long as you have not yet bought the property you landed on, the computers will make fair deals, just as if you had no intentions of buying it! Once you have secured the other properties, buy the one you landed on. The reason for doing this is that the computers always raise the prices of their properties once they catch on to anyone attempting to get a monopoly. This will trick them into thinking otherwise. :-)

Freeze the game
by David Wonn

Set up a custom game with 7 computer opponents and set everyone's cash to be very low (i.e. under $50) with no properties. If you are lucky enough to draw the card to pay everyone $50, the game may freeze, not knowing how to handle the situation.

Mortal Kombat

Various glitches
sent in by Erik "Dragonkin" Elgerot

The first one is during the endurance fights. If you manage to get your first opponent to danger, when you kill him the opponent jumping into the screen will die from the first hit.

Secondly, if you finish the opponent before Goro (third endurance fight) with Raiden's Fatality, Goro's palette will be distorted for the first round of fighting him.

When using Sub-Zero against Goro, and you manage to freeze him, do a leg sweep or two before hitting him normally, since a leg sweep won't cause him to unfreeze.

The following glitches, which are really variations of the same one, you need to be playing as Sonya Blade. The first glitch is in any endurance fight. Get your opponent to danger level (easiest by using repeated leg scissor throws) and kill your opponent using the leg scissor throw. He will stand in midair, doing a few kicks, and then start spinning like a ball. You won't have to fight the next opponent. The next round you cannot fall. Attacks will still do damage, sometimes multiple damage due to the fact that they connect repeatedly (jump kicks are good for this). When like this, a throw is immediately fatal. If you use this same glitch during the last round on the third endurance fight (right before Goro), You won't be able to fall while fighting Goro, and he won't fall either. Beware of his projectiles (which are fatal) and using backwards jump kicks to kill him... but wait! Once his energy reaches zero, he's freeze. And so will the timer... at this stage, you will no longer be able to duck, but all other attacks work perfectly on him.

Finally, if you get Shang Tsung to danger level and use the leg scissor throw on him, the background and foreground will start flashing like they do when you beat the game, and you will be fighting the remaining round(s) of the match like this.

Play as the CPU and even Goro!
sent in by

This glitch is done with two controllers. First thing you do is you go to the character select screen as if your going to start a one player game. Here's the trickey part, what you do is pick your character (any character will do), with player 1. As soon as you choose your character ,get ready to press start on the second controller, but you have to press start before the screen changes. What this should have done is the second players cursor should have shown up, but before the screen changed to the next screen, and the name for the second players character should have not been said. Both players will be playing, but 2nd player will be the cpu. To get to play as goro, 1st player should always win. The thing that sucks about this glitch is that you do get to control goro, but you can only move him back, if you move him forward the game freezes up. I'm sure about everything, except for the part about who has to win.

Subzero's Glitch Fatality
sent in by Audie Aderholt

In the Super Nes version of Mortal Kombat, Subzero has a glitch fatality. Select Subzero, and fight against anyone. This works for two player, and I recommend doing this in two player mode. Get the opponent's life bar to where it looks completely empty, but he is still standing. You can do this by continually performing one move such as an uppercut or leg sweep. Next, do Subzero's freeze move. Your opponent should freeze and Finish Him should appear on the screen. Very quickly do Subzero's freeze and shatter fatality. If it is done right, Subzero should freeze the opponent, walk up to him, and shatter the opponent as he would normally do, but the opponent will still be standing.

Mortal Kombat 2

Play as other characters in 1P mode
sent in by Digital Terror

See photos of this glitch.

In a one player game, when picking the 1 player, pick your player 1 and then when the screen begins to fade out, hit start on the second controller (Timing has to be perfect), and the player 2 cursor will come up, but not announce a fighter for player 2 before the screen fades out. Now who ever the first players computer opponent is, that is who the second player is playing as (secret characters or bosses). After a few times of doing this trick, you can take the Secret characters, off their normal stage (Goro's lair) and play them in any stage (Check the screen shots). Also, when you play as the Secret characters, the normal characters you fight in the game (CPU) becomes very tough to beat, even with the Secret characters.

Endurance Match Glitch
sent in by Rick L

To get to the 4 on 4 endurance match, hold L and R at the Start/Options screen, and press start. Now, play the matches until you get to the Portal. Do nothing but uppercut. If the "Toasty" guy (Dan Forden) comes out, hold down and press start, like you were going to fight Smoke. Now, you will go to Goro's Lair, but all four of the original fighters will be fighting you! Even weirder, the first one is the only one that does anything!! The rest of the fighters just stand there.

Mortal Kombat 3

Zombie Mode
sent in by Kyle Guthrie

Turn on max fatality time and one hit fatalties. If you trying to do anything when "Finsih him/her!" appears you can go into zombie mode. If you do this after a "Mercy", you can fight forever. You must turn timer time off for the "Mercy" code.

Air Babalities!
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

You must have the Quick Uppercut Recovery and Quick Finish cheats on. Get the opponent down to where the screen says "Finish Him!" if you hit the opponent with the uppercut. Now, uppercut them and press R as soon as you uppercut. You will do the babality, but the baby will be floating in the air!

Pac Attack

Glitched levels
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

A rather odd glitch, taking you to thousands of glitched levels. To access them, you need to know the level skip trick. That is, on the game over screen, hit L or R to move around the levels. Go up to level 100, and skip one more level. It'll go back to 1. But wait! It is a little farter off to the left then it should be! Go ahead! Continue! You'll end up in "Deep Space" or just a bunch of black stuff. If Pac Man goes off the end of the screen, he'll never stop eating and'll eat nothing. The only way out is to Commit Suicide by pressing SELECT and START at the same time. It is VERY hard to win. All passwords you see in these messed up worlds are invalid, because they contain vowels usually. Even the ones that won't still won't. If you keep on going on by level skipping, you'll end up in another messed up world! Be careful though, because in some places it'll freeze.

Secret of Evermore

Get stuck
sent in by cyanide poison

In Secret of Evermore once you acquire the plane (or whatever its called) travel to the bottom left of the screen as far as you can go. Try to land in different places and eventually you will land then reappear in tinkers tower minus your ship. NOTE: there is no way to get your plane back so be sure and save your game before doing this.

Freeze game during the ending
sent in by Cactuar

Be careful when you go back to Ebon Keep to save Amelia during the ending. If you close the text boxes too quickly, the game WILL freeze. Be cautious of this if you're using a turbo or auto-fire controller.

Dangerous Glitch
sent in by Cactuar

When you have to get the Diamond Eyes for Tinker, you have to go to the Pyramid. Now, to open the main gate in the bottom of the Pyramid, you have to have you, the dog, and a rock on three separate switches, this will open the gate. Now, if you leave after opening the gate, it will stay closed PERMANENTLY! So you will forever be unable to get the Diamond Eyes.

Get Another Gauge
sent in by Cactuar

Once you get the Gauge from the Volcano, leave the area. Now return to the Volcano,and much to your (and mine, at first) amazement, there will be another Gauge! This can act as the Diamond Eyes! How amusing, a glitch to fix a glitch, lol.

Skip a mini-boss fight!
sent in by Cactuar

When the Evil Horace sends the two monsters after you, you can cut some of the bushes away. One of the sets of bushes will allow you to PASS over the barricade! A very stupid oversight on Square of America's part.

Get another Ticket to Exhibition
sent in by Cactuar

After you are able to leave Ivor Tower Castle, return to where you bought the ticket to see the freak show. Now press B where the ticket vender was before. Very surprisingly,an invisible man will be talking to you! With this glich you can complete your special items list!

Skip the Verminator!
sent in by Flying Omelette

When you reach Gothica, eventually you'll be given the task of going to Ebon Keep, but a giant rat boss called the Verminator will block your entrance unless you defeat him. With this glitch, you can skip this boss, entirely! Once you reach the town outside the Ebon Keep Castle (the town where you can find Cecil), do NOT enter the castle. Instead, turn around and go back out the way you came. You'll have to go all the way back through the sewers and the dark forest until you come out on top of the checkerboard, again. (An easy way to get through the Dark Forest is to look in the trees for a creature that looks like an Owl. If you see the Owl, then you took the right path.) When you reach the Checkerboard, you'll notice that the bridge to Ivor Tower, where you originally came from, no longer exists. However, the bridge to Ebon Keep is down! Cross the bridge and you'll enter Ebon Keep without encountering the Verminator! But be careful when leaving the castle. If you try to leave through the main gate, you'll become trapped in a stack of boxes, and you'll be unable to get out. This is where the Verminator would have been if you had entered from the front of the castle, like you were supposed to. In order to avoid this predicament, simply leave Ebon Keep through the side entrance that you came in from off the bridge. You'll end up back at the checkerboard again!

99 Spice and Rice
sent in by Flying Omelette

This is not a glitch, but it's a rather interesting trick that few seem to know about. When you reach the Nobilia Marketplace take the exit out into the desert and walk directly to the left, staying along the rock barrier at the top of the screen. There should be a place right around there where your characters will begin spinning in a circle in an invisible whirlwind. Once you start spinning, don't push any buttons and just let them spin for awhile. The boy will start muttering phrases like, "Gonna...hurl..." and "Around and around..." Eventually, after a minute or so, the boy will drop down BELOW the surface of the desert. You won't be able to see him, but walk around a bit and search, and eventually you'll find 99 Rice and 99 Spice! Then, the boy will be shot back up out of the desert sand. It will sure come in handy for getting those expensive items in the marketplace! :)

Infinite Running Capability
sent in by Flying Omelette

Don't you hate it how you can only run for so long in Secret of Evermore, and then you have to wait for your meter to fill up before you can start running, again? Well, here's a way to get around that! Equip a weapon that can be charged up to at least the first power. Charge up the weapon and start running at the same time. Continue to hold both buttons down, and you can run forever!

Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu 2

More glitches
sent in by squarewyvern

Walk on Water.
Goto the Frosty Village/Todo Village, And goto the bridge. Press "Up" and you can walk on the alcove of water.

Get back into Potos Village! (or anywhere else in the game. :P) --
First, you must at least have Randi and Purim or Popoie (Boy, Girl, Sprite. :P), but all 3 are recommened. Walk up to the guy in Potos, and hit select rep. while holding up on the control pad. Your characters should slowly, One by one, pass through the guy blocking you from getting in. The only way to get back out, is, not the way you came back in. (I think Flammie is unaccessable, he might be or might not be.), but instead, you have to go through the wooden log fence, the same way you came in. (Select / Up trick.)

The Anti-Spell
sent in by Cl0vis15

It can really be annoying sometimes when all a boss does is cast spells to quickly whittle your life away. The MUTE spell may not exist in this RPG, but you can still cancel the effects of a spell. Wait until it gives the name of the spell a boss is casting, then have the Sprite cast a spell that does damage to that boss. The boss will be damaged, and it's named spell will not happen.

Climb to places not normally reachable
sent in by Pam

In Secret of Mana, there are some places (like waterfalls in the area surrounding one of the later temples [yes that's a crappy description, the name isn't coming to me right now...] or barricades in the fire temple/palace.) where, if you equip your character with the glove, and just hammer away, eventually, you'll work your way upwards, into places you shouldn't be able to go! I think that it works for spots that you characters can fall down, but not naturally climb back up again. I did this for an hour in the fire temple/palace, thinking it was part of how you solve it... Heh.

Ultimate attack early in the game
sent in by

In Secret of Mana, you can do an ultimate attack early in the game. What you do is play until you get the girl or sprite. Have a second player control it. When in battle, equip YOUR character with a weapon you have a skill level of 2 or higher. Equip the SECOND player with a weapon that YOU have a skill level less than the one you just equipped yourself. Now, charge your weapon to the maximum skill power. Have the second player equip the weapon that you have charged. You'll see them being tossed to each other, and when his weapon gets to you, your power gauge will freak out and you will hear a chk-chk-chk sound. It fills up faster than normal and you can execute an ultimate skill attack even though it's at skill level 2 or something. You can use this over and over, naturally.

This trick does not work with the javelin, boomerang, or the bow.

Another Way To Get back into Potos Village
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

Go to Potos Village with all 3 characters. Now turn around and make it so that the last character is behind the man that blocks you. Now press select so you can switch to that character. Now all of your guys should be able to go right through the man!!!!!

Infinite Mana Sword
sent in by Audie Aderholt

Note: I recommend backing up your game before you do this trick.

First of all, there is a save glitch in Secret of Mana. Very close to the Ice Island (whatever its name may be), there is a very small island which looks like it is impossible to land on, but it is. Ride on Flammie, and land on the little island. You should be on a screen with a small alcove and Neko. Talk to Neko and save. Reset the game. If you were to start the game you just saved, there would be nothing but a blank screen. This is half of the Mana sword glitch. Now, start a new game. Work your way to the place where you are about to fall into the hole. Fall into the hole, let the fat kid say his first line, and press R, L, Select, and Start to reset the game. Open the blank game you saved at Neko's. You should be in the cave with your whole party and all your stuff intact. Kill the Mantis Ant, which should be a breeze by now, and collect the sword orb. After the sequence in which you are kicked out of Potara Village, call Flammie and have your sword upgraded. If you don't have the Dragon Buster before you upgrade, just repeat the sequence until you have the Mana Sword which is one upgrade above the Dragon Buster. Just don't use the Mana Sword magic that you acquire in the fight with the last boss, or the Mana Sword will automatically be deequiped when the magic wears off.

Lizard glitch
sent in by

When you get to the Biting Lizard/Biting Dragon (The little dinosaur-thing that eats your characters), let it/one of them eat your character. After it eats you, don't press anything to get out. After about 15-20 seconds, it will spit out your person on its own without you having to have mashed buttons. At this point, the game goes nuts and the biting lizard, since it wasn't hurt by all this (but you were) is fine and tries to eat that same person again. Since they can't be, it still goes through the animation with your person lying down instead of surprised. When they get to it, it goes through its animation for swallowing somebody, but your person just sort of sits there next to it while it gets all fat and stuff. Now, one of two things will happen -- The person will get up and hit it (if they're using a pointy weapon), or they will get up and not harm it. If anyone hits the enemy, it will react as if you had hit it at any point when it was digesting one of your characters, and they will react to it too -- they will fly backward and take damage. It's weird.

Make everyone invisible
sent in by Venom

I found a glitch with Secret of Mana to make all the characters invisible. This requires the "Flammie Drum" in order to work. Use the drum to call Flammie and fly to a small island near Ice Country (or whatever its called). Talk to Neko to save your game. Reset the game and start a new game. When the Hero and 2 other people are on the bridge, hold L,R,Select and Start for 5 seconds. Load the data at Ice Country. The game will appear as if it froze. You should appear at Potos unable to walk anywhere(because the screen cannot scroll) and your characters are now invisible. Just use the Flammie Drum to be able to scroll again. The downside of this is, you cannot enter buildings, But it is still cool.

Super Caslevania IV

Various glitches
sent in by BDixon

1. I found an odd little glitch in the game Super Castlevania IV for the Super Nintendo... In the first level, if you swing on the bat ring back and forth at the end of the area with 2 bat rings and a porkchop, you can get the Dragon Heads to go away!!!!! It also works if you walk away and go back in some other levels. It will do the opposite on some levels, like on level 3, on the platform with the electro-sponge thingy, I accidentally made 2, and I died...... I managed to get 2 (once I got 4) candles in the 1st level right when you get outside, and right after the monster falls on you....

2. The bat rings can let you go through walls, also!!!! I tried it once with the area with the dissapearing DragonHeads, and it reappeared as I landed.....

3. Not really a glitch, but once I crouched under right next to the block to the left when fighting Puwexil, He couldn't touch me, and he flew up above me, and every time I hit him, I could hit the debris falling also.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Float in midair
sent in by Mercatfat

If you are killed and get blown onto a falling girder in the Hoth side-scrolling stages, the girder will disapear without falling, and you will float in air!

Jump in water
sent in by Mercatfat

If you are frozen and hit by a wampa into the water in the wampa caves, you can jump in the water!

Super Mario All-Stars

Title screen glitch
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

At the title Screen, when everything is black, wait until the "lights" come on and quickly press start. If you have good timing, the title music will start when the screen is fading out to the game select screen.

Super Mario Kart

Permanently save a Ghost Driver
by David Wonn

If you like the Time Trial Mode, you'll love this cool code. After doing really well on any course in the time trials (i.e. without making too many mistakes and without pausing), hold down the L, R, and Y buttons, and press the X button. If this is done properly, the scores will briefly disappear and then you'll hear a bell. Your ghost driver is now SAVED onto the game cartridge. Now go ahead and turn the game off and back on.

To load up the ghost driver after the game is turned on, go back to the time trial mode and you will see that the course you saved it on is highlighted in ORANGE. Select that course, and when the game asks if that is the course you want, hold the R (or L) button while pressing B (or Start). You'll hear a bell and look! There's your ghost driver! Any time you want to race against this ghost driver after turning the game on, just remember to hold the R button down when you select the course. If you wish to SAVE another ghost driver on another course, the previous one will be erased, so thus you can only save ONE ghost driver on the game pak.

Steal Battle Mode Options
by David Wonn

First, select Battle Mode and have the first player knock out two balloons off of the other player. Now here's the tricky part: Try to knock out the last balloon and pause (on Controller 1) at the exact moment that you burst the last balloon (i.e. with a Shell or Star, etc.). If you time it right, the second player's screen will become dark, but the game will still be paused. Now select "Yes" to give up. The result is that the second player's screen will say "Win", but the counter will actually give credit to player 1. It's weird, but really cool! So what's the use for this crazy trick? The advantage to using this trick is that after you defeat your opponent, YOU will get to choose the options rather than your opponent! This works for the other player as well.

Timer glitch
photo sent in by Brian Gallo

Check out this weird photo by clicking here. Note that Bowser's score is messed up. Has anyone else ever encountered this glitch?

Shrink the karts in the ending!
by David Wonn

First, select the GP mode in either 100cc or 150cc, and use the shrink code, i.e. press Y and A together on the character selection screen. Now select the Special Cup and try to beat the game. Once the credits roll, you will see that the ending has been slightly affected! If player 1 used the shrink code, Mario will appear small in the end, and if player 2 used the shrink code, Toad will appear small. Shrinking both players will of course shrink both Mario and Toad! If you are lucky (this is rare), you may get to see one of the small players wipe out! Good luck!

Sound Glitch 1
by David Wonn

Select a two player Grand Prix race and use the shrink code (hold Y and A together on the character selection screen) for both players. Start the race and sometimes either player may start out with an engine that sounds like a regular kart engine.

Sound Glitch 2
sent in by Kyle Wightman

While racing as any character in any class in any cup on any track except for the Final, try to lap the Princess or Toad, and get one of them to toss a Poison Mushroom. Shrink yourself. If you are able to reach the finish line in the top four while small, you'll start the next race with the engine sounding like that of a Mini-Racer. This wears off a few seconds into the race. Wierd.

Drive in reverse!!
by David Wonn

This trick is very difficult to pull off at will and is primarily useful for surprising an adversary in Battle Mode. Any driver can perform this glitch, but I find it easier to do with Bowser or DK Jr. First, get a Star and drive toward a wall at full speed. At the very instant that you collide with the wall and start to bounce back the other way, immediately activate the Star. With perfect timing, you'll be driving in reverse!

Invincible Mario on title screen
by David Wonn

On the title screen, wait until you see Mario activate his invincibility. Just press B to pop up a menu and then press X to cancel it. The next time the demo plays, Mario will start out with invinicibility right away.

Drive in Battle Mode with no ballons
by David Wonn

In Battle Mode, if your opponent finishes off your last balloon, continue to hold down the B button. Sometimes you'll still be able to drive around even though it says you lost. If you used the L or R buttons just as you were finished, you'll have a better chance of this working, but not always. If you need to slow down, just use the brake, but still hold the gas. Once you let go of the gas, and press it again, you'll have one more chance to drive around, but you menu options will obstruct your view. Pressing B once more will obviously leave this special mode. Get revenge on your opponent by placing a bunch of bananas around their kart! Enjoy it while it lasts! :-)

Alter the victory music in Battle!
by David Wonn

Do the trick above to drive around in Battle Mode with no balloons. Just pick up a Star and activate it. The invincibility music will play as usual, but when it finishes, it will return to normal Battle music rather than the other player's victory music. That will teach them! :-)

Jumping for joy! (or out of frustration)
by David Wonn

Timing is very difficult for this, but it's fun to do. Select Battle Course 2 or select a track in Match Race that has a jumpbar. When one player wins, have either player sitting on a jumpbar. If your timing is perfect and the race or battle finishes at the exact moment that a player is on a jumpbar, that player will continuously jump up and down! Sometimes you can also get this to work by just pressing L or R at the end, but the jumping will be lower and more frequent.

Coins bounce on air
sent in by Kelly Malo

If you shoot a human player in super mario kart with a red shell, 4 coins bounce out. If you knock someone off the edge in any ghost valley or rainbow road with a red shell, the coins that come out bounce on air. It looks weird.

Special Demo Mode
sent in by Hue Le

This glitch allows you to see the Time Trial Demo with D.K.,Jr. racing with the ghost driver of another character on Donut Plains 1. Here's what you do. Enter the 1-player Time Trial. At the player select screen press start on Controller 2. A flashing COM (in green) will appear in one of the boxes above the drivers. Use Controller 2 to choose the computer's player. For the COM, choose anyone except D.K., Jr. Then, with Controller One choose D.K., Jr. as your player. Race the time trial in Donut Plains 1. Play the whole board and do all the laps. When it's over, choose END. Now, wait on the title screen to see the Donut Plains 1 Demo level and see your selected COM player racing D.K, Jr.

Disappearing ghost
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

Set up a 1P Time Trial game with a CPU controlled ghost. Start on either Vanilla Lake 1 or Vanilla Lake 2. I prefer 1 though. Let the CPU go foward while you follow and get the CPU to smash up the ice blocks. Go through where and Ice Block normally was. Then let the CPU get rid of the rest of the Ice blocks in the way for safety and beat the race and get a ghost. Save it, and quit Time Trials. Feel free to come back whenever you please and race your Ghost. Let it go forward, or just do not touch the ice block that the CPU Ghost you raced with to get your ghost cleared and you went through at that time. When your Ghost hits the block, it vanishes into thin air! Guess it got embarressed because it wasn't suppoused to crash so it pulled off a disappearing act similar to Koopa The Quick in Mario 64 does when you do the 0 second trick.

Time trial oddities
sent in by Hue Le

How this glitch works is that it will cause the disappearance of your player's ghost driver, and will allow the computer and you to control the driver during the replay. But, it won't cause any memory corruption.

At the player select screen choose any character as your driver with Controller 1. With controller 2, choose any character as your Computer driver. At the player select screen, choose Vanilla Lake 2. The Computer driver will appear as a ghost. Play against the Computer. Note that the computer will break away some ice blocks at the area where there are three ice patches. Try to drive yourself through the area where the computer hit the ice barriers without hitting them and then finish the race. Pay attention to what lap, in you went through the ice patch area. Make sure you don't any barriers or sink into the water. When you're done, save a ghost driver using the code. Retry the Vanilla Lake 2 course. You'll race against your saved ghost. At some point of time, your saved ghost will crash into the ice patch and disappear for the remainder of the race.

From this point on, obscure things will occur. Finish the race anyway and you'll be given a set of options. If you do a Retry, your selected CPU driver will appear instead of your saved ghost.

If you do a Replay, the same thing happens. But, something strange will happen during the Replay Everything appears normal at first. But, during one of the laps your kart will be taken control by the computer, suddenly. After a while, the kart will stop and you will able to control the driver during the Replay!

If you choose End, go back to the Time Trials and race against your saved ghost (using the code) on Vanilla Lake 2. Don't choose a CPU driver this time. Race against the saved ghost and completed the whole course, even though the ghost disappears. When you choose Retry or Reply, the ghost won't appear.

Here's another thing while racing against the saved ghost, if you Give Up before the saved ghost hit the ice patch, then the ghost will appear when you do the Retry. But, if you Give Up after the ghost hits it, then the ghost will not appear or D.K., Jr. will show up instead when you do the retry.

Note that your saved ghost is still accessible. The glitch occur as a result of the saved ghost running into the ice barrier.

[Ed. note: My first encounter of this glitch was in Koopa Beach 1. My driver hit a Cheep-Cheep in the replay, but did not in the original race. I was able to take control during the replay, but feared what might happen to my data, since you could theoretically set a lap record during replay. Since I had world records in the game, I didn't investigate the glitch too far. It turns out that many tracks have this glitch if you're creative....]

Super Mario RPG

Easy way to get KeroKero Colas!
by David Wonn

This isn't really a glitch, but most people may not know this:

To get some KeroKero Colas, load up on a bunch of Yoshi Cookies, and equip your characters with as much speed as possible and save your game. Now go into the Pipe Vault and fight the Piranha Plants until you see a Weird-looking white Shy Ranger. If you want to prevent the Shy Ranger from running away, cast a sleep spell on him. Now use your Yoshi Cookies so that Yoshi will attempt to eat him. About 95% of the time he won't succeed in eating him, but if you're lucky, you'll get a KeroKero Cola! Make sure to save your game if you get these KeroKero Colas, since they're extremely handy to have, not to mention that they are expensive.

Save game while working for the inn keeper!
sent in by "me"

Once you get to Marrymore, get 200 coins and stay in the inn. When you wake up, turn off the lights again so you stay in the inn for 2 nights. Go downstairs and the inn keeper will tell you to work for him. When you go to the save point the inn keeper will tell you to consentrate on working or something like that, (I haven't played it for a while) but if you jump on the toad with the yellow head, you can jump straight onto the save point!!!

Wallet glitch
sent in by Myo P

After beating Croco the first time go to the store and make sure your inventory is full save the guy who owns the wallet give it to him he will try to get you a idem but your items are maxed out you sud still have the wallet then throw it away but he thinks he got it.

Get paid to stay at hotel
sent in by Josef Blom

This is not so much a glitch as a trick, but it can still come in handy. It will allow you to stay in the Marrymore Hotel Suite for free! Here's how it's done:

1. Enter the hotel with 950 or more coins.
2. Talk to the innkeeper.
3. Pay for the suite. (Note: Do not give tips or you'll spend too much)
4. Ring the bell while in suite.
5. Ask for Kero Kero Cola.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have 4 or 5 colas.
7. Talk to innkeepeer and sell him all the Kero Kero Colas you bought.
8. If you bought 4, you should have all your money back! If you bought 5, you should now have 999 coins! (The latter is nice if you came in with less than 999 coins.)

So that's it. It's not much, but it can be nice if you want the free gifts for staying at the suite. (Especially since it's possible to get paid for it!)

Guards Can Walk Through Walls
sent in by Avolin

Go to Nimbus Castle and find a guard who walks around in a square (there's one in the right-hand room before entering the throne room passageway). As he attempts to walk forward, stand in front of him. After a few moments, he'll turn to the side and continue walking the other way. By doing this, you can manipulate where he will walk, even through walls and doors.

Fight the red Johnathan Jones with team code
sent in by anonomos

Just engage in ordinary battle with Jones and when you have the feeling that Johnathan will change to color red start leaving Mario out of the picture, involving revitalizing and defending Mario. Mario will soon faint, leaving a corps and 2 other charecters. I suggest using Peach and Geno. Once again, defeat the enemies next to Jones. Keep Mario out once Jones transforms or the game completes with only Mario fighting.

Super Mario World

Duplicate Items
by David Wonn

Many people may already know of one method to duplicate items, but I'll show you that there are two ways to duplicate any item!

1. The first method is well-known. Carry an item down a pipe and come back to the place where you originally found the item. It will be there once again.

2. This method is just a little trickier and isn't widely known at all. First, you'll need to pick up two items simultaneously. This may be tricky to do at first but it becomes easier with practice. You can use any two items you want, except for the Springboards. Now throw both items up at a block that contains any item or power-up, and you'll get two for the price of one!

Double Yoshis!
by David Wonn

With this trick, you can double your pleasure with the ability to have two Yoshis at the same time. First, go into a level (without riding a Yoshi) that has a Yoshi in a block and two items that Mario can carry. Choco Island 5 is an excellent level for experimentation, so I'll describe the process there:

Fly up in the sky near the beginning of the course to get a Gray P-Switch and carry it down to the Blue P-Switch. Now pick up both P-Switches at the same time. Throw both P-Switches up at the block that contains the Yoshi. Now you will see Yoshi sprout out faster than usual. Get on one Yoshi and move him out on top of the blocks just above the pit and dismount. Jump back on the block where the Yoshi came from, and you'll hear the saddle up sound. You are now riding an invisible Yoshi! If you have the visible Yoshi in the right place, you can hit a P-Switch to make him fall into a pit. Once the visible Yoshi dies, the invisible Yoshi will appear right where Mario is!

This glitch leads to other great tricks, like the ability to hold two items while riding Yoshi and the ability to fall through floors! Many other strange things can occur as a result, so enjoy!

Silence glitch
sent in by McNeill

Go the first fortress (I have yet to see if it works on others), and get to the koopa kid boss. Bash him off the island, and wait until just before you hear the "wheeeeeew" sound that signals the end of the level, and jump off. It should do the "wheeeeeew" sound in midair, and then, Mario will fall in the lava and die. When you get back on the map screen, there won't be any music.

Reuse P-Switches
by David Wonn

Just in case you didn't know, there is a handy way to reuse any P-Switch with the aid of your dino pal. While riding Yoshi, jump on top of a P-Switch. Now quickly eat up the remains of the P-Switch before it disappears. If you are fast enough, the P-Switch will be back in its original form! This trick is especially handy in bonus areas like the Switch Palaces, where you can collect far more coins than you'd normally get.

New ending
sent in by "me"

[Ed. note: This is not a glitch]
After going into the "Strange New World", finish the game and it will show you all the enemy's names!!! You can get to the "Strange new World" by finishing all the special levels. For you guyz that are still playing SMW (doubt it if there is any) stop reading now coz it will spoil the rest of your quest of finding what's in the New World - Well, there's not much difference to the map -it's just in different colours and for some enemies, e.g. piranha plants have changed into pumpkin plants!!!

Misplaced Keyhole
sent in by Rick (Lickichu)

In Donut Plains 1, get to the end with Yoshi. Get to the end, and stand on the last pipe in the stage. (The tall, green one) Now Yoshi jump off and try to aim it so that you get onto the ledge with the key & keyhole. Run and hold Y. You will grab the key off the screen. And for some odd reason, the keyhole will expand in the CENTER of the screen. Weird, huh?

Various glitches
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

*With Yoshi, get to the end of Chocolate Island 3. Stand on the block that hides the vine inside, jump, then hold right on the controller and jump off Yoshi to get on top of the cliff with the exit gate without scrolling the screen upward. Now go through the gate. When the spotlight comes down to shine on Mario, the screen flashes different colors and when you go back to the world map, the graphics are screwed up big time.

*Get on Yoshi and go to Funky, in the Special Zone. Stand next to the first green berry for a while. When the timer drops below 100 and the music speeds up, eat the green berry to bring the timer back above 100. Go to the next green berry and wait for the timer to drop back below 100. When it does, the music will get even faster! Repeat this process until you get to the end of the stage. The music will start sounding ridiculous.

*Go to Donut Secret 1. (It is underwater) Enter the room with the magic balloon in it. Notice that the pipes are orange. Now take the balloon and float to the top of the passageway. When you get back down, look at what color the pipes are.

*Enter Chocolate Island 5. (The level that has all those Spinies trapped inside blocks.) A cape helps. Get Yoshi out of the way. Now grab the switch block and try to hit your head on the block that had Yoshi in it, and hit the block by throwing the switch block upwards... at the exact same time. If timed right, a yellow block might appear out of nowhere. You might also make a flower grow in a place where it would usually not grow. See how many blocks you can create before the timer runs out. My record is 12.

*You can make an exit tape DISAPPEAR! Enter Donut Secret 2 (the bonus ice level on a cliff in the Valley of Bowser) on Yoshi's back with a cape. At the end you will notice that there is a yellow Koopa Troopa followed by a group of Spiked Tops. Get a running start, have Yoshi eat the yellow Koopa, and fly above the upside-down pipe at the end. When the exit tape is in sight, spit the shell-- it has turned into a wacky mixture of game elements, and the exit tape is GONE!!! You can pass through the gate but will not finish the stage!! To make the tape reappear, go back to the left to where the vertical wall of red Koopa Paratroopas are.

The Forever Cloud
sent in by Victreebel64

You may know that if you knock a Lakitu off his cloud, you can ride it for a little while, until it disintegrates. Well, you can ride it as long as you want to with this trick. You must be Fire Mario to do this. Simply, get high enough to where you can hit Lakitu with your fire, and hit him. Then, you MUST grab the coin that comes out (that's important). If everything is OK then you will be able to ride the cloud as much as you want, until the end of the level! This trick is definitely useful at times.

Motionless Mario
sent in by Victreebel64

Get a cape, go to any level that has one of those purple ramp things that let you run up the wall. A good place is in Donut Plains 1. Start running up the wall (it has to be a pretty tall wall) and start hitting Y repeatedly while Mario's running up the wall. Mario will keep running up the wall but his feet won't be moving.

Misplaced fireballs
sent in by Victreebel64

At the beginning of Morton's Castle, enter the level as Fire Mario, then climb the stairs. Shoot fireballs at the left corner of the spinning thing at the top of the steps, and if your aim is perfect, the fireballs will come from the top of the screen!

No Music
sent in by Jesse D

Another way to have no music on the map screen is to beat the Sunken Ghost Ship a second time.

Incorrect Sprites
sent in by Jesse D

After you beat the Special World and screw up the colors, you'll also change some enemies. Go to Vanilla Dome 4 and play for a while until you get to the part where you have Bullet Bills shooting at you from all directions. Because you beat the Special World, they should all be Pidget Bills. But only the vertical ones are. The vertical Bills are plain bullets! Not that big of a glitch, but it's still interesting...

Moving Background
sent in by Jesse D

Go to the Forest Secret Area (that's the name of the level). As you start, jump onto one of the floating platforms, and quickly back off and onto solid ground. You're still, but the background's moving... This isn't any huge glitch either, but it's still... weird.

Carry items up vines
sent in by Avolin

In Super Mario World, you can carry shells, keys, goombas, baby yoshis, springboards, and other stuff you can carry by bringing the item to the vine, throwing it up and then climb the vine. The item will be carried along with you! Definetly useful in Vanilla Secret 1.

Re-enter Already Beaten Castles
sent in by M A L O N

On the map, go to any castle you have already beaten (excluding bowser's) and press L&R simultaneously. It may seem like it does not work, but that is because you must time it EXACTLY. It's not hard on a 1 player game, because you can press one button before the other. In a 2 player game, it can be EXTREMELY annoying because if you don't time the 2 buttons EXACTLY, the menu to switch lives between player 1 and player 2 comes up. If you cant get it to work on a 2 player game, just KEEP TRYING.

2 coins for one berry
sent in by Avolin

Get on Yoshi and run towards a berry holding the Y button. If you stick your tongue out just before you eat it, you will get 2 coins for one berry! A great level to practice in is Level 2 of Yoshi's Island, the first level you get Yoshi. You won't get it every time, unless you practice.

Anti-gravity room
sent in by glitcher

Enter Vanilla Dome 2 and make sure you're Fiery Mario with a spare feather. Now reach the area with the first P-switch and bring it over to the group of blocks on the left. Hit the P-switch to turn the blocks into coins then run at them but duck so that you only collect the coins on the bottom row. Just sit there and wait until the remaining coins turn back into blocks, then spin rapidly while still ducking. If you're lucky, you'll fall through the floor and you'll be INSIDE the wall. The odd thing about this room is that there's no gravity. Any object that's not touching Mario (including fireballs) will simply float from side to side. With careful planning, you can also bring Yoshi and the second P-switch with you. The only way to get out of this room is to fly out of the top.

Freeze the game
sent in by glitcher

This really is simple. First, you have to have a cape and a spare flower (or vice-versa) and go to an area with berries; Yoshi's Island 2 is a good example. Now stand beside the berry and press select to bring down your spare item. Then all you have to do is eat the berry at the same time as you grab the item. If you timed it right, the game will freeze.

Deadly Blocks
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

In Vanilla Dome 2, after the Midway Gate let the Chargin' Chuck break the blocks and go through and you'll get on a downhill slope with coins. Don't collect them all, leave some. Hit the P-switch at the bottom, and go left up the slope and run into one of the blocks you made (this is why I said to leave some coins) and you will get wedged and die.

Through the floor
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

In ANY place in the game where there's a low-clearance area that a large Mario must duck and slide to get into, wedge yourself in there and as you're ducking, do Spin Jumps and you'll either fall through the floor (getting you trapped in walls in some areas) or get smashed and killed.

Another way to duplicate items
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Pick up an item (other than a spring board) and throw it upwards at a block as you jump at the block to hit it. If your head hits the block at the same time as the item you threw, you get two items.

Funny Sound
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

After you play a post-level Bonus Game as any form except Fiery Mario, do a spin jump after you get the last 1-up (or after you hear the buzz if you lost the game) but before the ending music plays, and you'll hear a different noise than you would normally hear when you do a spin jump, and it will be a bit funny.

Glitch Symbols
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

This trick will work for Chocolate Island 2 (easy) or Forest of Illusion 2 (tough). First of all, you should know that if you go through an Exit Gate when enemies are around, they turn to coins, and that if there are enough you will get extra lives as well. There are two levels where you can get TONS of enemies with you at the end. I will explain the process for each one.

For Forest of Illusion 2: At the end, MANY Rip Van Fish attack you. Get all the RVF's in the area to follow you. Dodging them can be hard and you're sure to be hit by them at least once so please be powered-up AND have an item in your Reserve Box. If a RVF goes back to sleep, go back and get him to follow again. If you get the whole school after you, let them chase you to the Exit Gate but DON'T touch the tape. That way you'll get another coin. You'll get about 8 coins in all. Normally if you get a lot of coins this way you get 1-up, and you get 3-up if you get another. But if you get one more than that, you will see a glitched mess where you'd normally have the score or the number of extra lives that the coin is worth.

For Chocolate Island 2: In this level, the places the pipes lead to are random, and I do not know exactly what is needed to go to certain places. But if you get to the area where there is a Jumping Board and then about seven Rexes, don't kill any and go to the Exit Gate, scrolling the Rexes off the left of the screen. Use the L shoulder button to scroll them back on the screen, only this time they'll all be walking right. When they get far enough right, miss the tape on purpose. You'll get 8 coins from everything, and one of them will be worth a glitched value just like in the above trick.

Very fast way to get 9,999,990 points
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Go to Forest of Illusion after having beaten it and go through the Midway Gate. Now pause and hit Select to get out of the level and immediately reenter it-- this replenishes the timer. Get a Feather from the Roulette Block if you do not have a Cape already. Now find the elevated platform above the secret exit where there are three Wigglers. Jump on them and float from the first to the second to the third and then go back and forth hitting any Wigglers that are "happy" (if you scroll a mad Wiggler off the screen and come back it should be hapy againt) without landing on the ground and you will get many points followed by 1-up, 3-up... and then a bunch of glitched symbols. Keep bopping the guys without touching the ground. You'll get hundreds of thousands of points per bop and lots of different glitch values like in my goal trick above.

Forest Ghost House shortcut
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

You have to be Caped Mario for this. Once you get out of the narrow passageway at the start, and into the open area, you'll see a platorm way up above you. Fly straight up and land on this platform. From there, if you can take off and fly again, fly over the wall and go left. You've skipped a HUGE part of the level this way.

Funny Sound, Part 2
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

You'll need Yoshi and a level that has a key and keyhole. Have Yoshi eat the key and approach the keyhole as usual. When you touch the keyhole, it unlocks automatically. After the keyhole expands, you can press Y again to spit the key out, after you've used it for its purpose. It will float it front of Yoshi's frozen mouth and may make a slower version of the "spitting" sound effect. It's cool.

Yoshi's Incomplete Protection
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

The instruction manual says Mario is immune to harm while riding Yoshi, but I've found that certain things can still hurt Mario even when he's riding Yoshi. The fire from a Mini-Rhino (those are the green dinosaurs native to Chocolate Island) is one example. Another is Wiggler, the yellow caterpillar (only some of the time, though). Still another is Muncher, the black plant that cannot be killed and appears in only a few places.

Faster way to get Forest of Illusion 1's Secret Exit
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

You'll need Yoshi and probably a Cape too. Instead of approaching the key and keyhole from the right using the Power Balloon, do a jump from the left instead. This saves time. If you're good, you won't need Yoshi... you can just fly there with the cape if you time it just right.

Double Level
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

You may not realize it, but Chocolate Island 1 really consists of two almost identical areas. I'll call them A and B. You start in A, and when you go down the pipe that blasts you out the "pipe cannon" across the first big gap, you go to the same place in B. But if you can fly, and cross this gap without blasting out of the pipe, you can remain in A. A has no Midway Gate where B has. Also, where B has a Yellow ! Block in one area, A has a Green one.

Mario commits suicide at the goal!
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Go to Chocolate Island 3 with Yoshi. Play through this level without losing him. Right where you make the vine come from the block, there's a blue Koopa. Eat him to fly. Go under the Exit Gate and try to make it so that your head goes high enough to trigger the gate and the End Course sequence, but not high enough to go up through the platform the gate is on. You'll go back down to the lower platform and start walking... off the edge! You'll die while it's in the middle of giving you your points for time left, etc. and will have to repeat the level as if you died any other way.

Did you know...?
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

If you're Fiery Mario and blast a Chargin' Chuck with 5 fireballs, you'll kill him and get 1,000 points as opposed to 800 for stomping him three times or 100 for killing him with the cape.

Fence Tricks
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

If you stand below a fence and then duck and jump, then quickly press Up when you grab the fence, you'll climb the fence like normal. When you jump off, you'll still be ducking! You can carry an item while using a fence just like you can with a vine. Throw the item up, and quickly jump on the fence while holding Y and get under the item. Try it in Iggy's Castle.

Invisible Blocks
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

In Funky, you'll see a Sumo Brother standing on a row of five Note Blocks. Get under them and take out the Sumo Bro, then get on top of the Note Blocks. Bounce on the left two blocks, and you'll get coins. You can stand on invisible blocks directly above the two Note Blocks.

Koopa Troopa Transformer
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

Take a Blue Koopa Shell and find a Koopa Troopa of a different color, put down the blue shell, and knock the Koopa Troopa out of his shell, and then discard that shell. Now let the Koopa climb into the Blue Shell you put down. Knock it out if the shell. You've transformed it from small to big!

Crush Yourself
sent in by Nicholas Harvey

First you'll have two pick up two items at the same time. Make sure each item is a P-Switch, Springboard, or Key. Then go up to a wall, pipe, or any other object of that nature, and put your items down as you're standing against it. You'll get crushed and die.

Carry an item while flying
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

You Can Carry an Item When Flying Beleive it or not! How? GO to a world with an Item in the Sky, like Chocolate Island 5. Make sure you open your cape at the EXACT moment you grab the item. If it works, your cape will look normal as if you were falling, but you can still Fly!
[Ed. note: An easier method is to simply set up a flight path with very little forward momentum. Just hover over an item while still holding the B button, and you can still fly with it. You can rock back and forth on the control cross to fly just as if your cape was open.]

Knock item into wall
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

In Vanilla Dome 2, get the Second P switch. Kill the Buzzy Beetle and Chargin' Chuck so that they won't interfere. Now go on the slope while Pressing LEFT and Release Y to Kick the P switch...RIGHT INTO THE WALL!

Get inside walls
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

If you want to get into walls or Skip Rows of blocks, go to where a rotating Block is. Vanilla Secret 2 is a good place to try getting into a wall. Start to Spin jump near the place where the Rotating Blocks are (and also where you could kick a P switch into a wall) and try to go into the direction of the wall once you get enough room. If this works, Mario may be pushed through the wall and end up in it! Or get Wedged and die. Another excellent place for this is Star Road 1. Bascally, you will Zip through the blocks if done right. Once, I did this too far to the right when trying to go right and I ended up going off the screen and dying.

Anti-gravity room
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

There is another Anti-Gravity Room in Vanilla Dome 1, though you can't reach it. To prove it is there, get Yoshi and get the key. Spit it into the left wall up there, and the key will move back and forth.

Tricky 1-ups
sent in by Curtis Armstrong

In the Place where the glitch "Incorret Sprites" Occurs in Vannila Dome 4, where the Bullet Bills shoot from at you from all sides, not only are the Vertical ones Bullet bills when they should be Pidget bills like the Horalzontal ones, but you can get some challenging 1-Ups with A cape or Two. Bounce off a Bill and Float down to hit another. Repeat. If you can master this, you can do this, not the easy but boring ways.

Mess up the graphics
sent in by Victreebel64

Go to Chocolate Island 3 with Yoshi. Get to the end, and when you see the goal posts at the end, stand on the block that the vine comes out of and jump, then jump off Yoshi while you're in the air, and try to land on the platform the goal is on. THE SCREEN MUST NOT SCROLL UP TO THE GOAL AS WELL (that's important). If you did this right then all you'll be able to see is Mario's feet. When you go through the goal, the game starts going berserk and usually freezes up. If your lucky, you'll go back to the map. Everything will be messed up. Go into a level and there are weird black lines in the background. Reset your SNES to get graphics back to normal.

Red Rhino Rumps
sent in by Heckler, kook of Ellington

There is a boss or mini-boss level where you are on a rocking platform in the lava, and this koopa doopa is bouncing circus balls at you. You're supposed to jump on his head a few times and be done with it, but as usual I fiddled around.

When the platform rocks side to side a certain amount, I found that Mario can slide on his butt when he crouches (he is on a slope after all.) So when the ball comes by, instead of juping on it or the doopa floopa, I slide into the ball, "knocking" it offscreen. Most sprites turn upsidedown and fall away when you do that too them, this one, for some reason, turns into the hind-quarters of a rhinoscerous character from the Choco levels, with a red palate (and upsidedown) and flies offscreen.

Clown Copter Glitch
sent in by Heather Wightman

In the second phase while battling Bowser, wait for him to take out 2 Mechakoopas. Once he drops a Big Steely (the bowling ball), try to throw the Mechakoopa at Bowser. If you time it right, the Mechakoopa will go through the Clown Copter. This only works when the Clown Copter is upside down.

Ride a Charging Chuck?
sent in (with screenshots) by Curtis Armstrong
found by Max@Otherplaces

Okay, go into Cheese Bridge Area with a Yoshi. Go down that blue pipe. When you get out, go left until you come to this screen.

From there, run left and kick away Yoshi (UP+Y) and if you want, press A while in mid-air while in the middle of the bridge on the left and the rail to the right. Occasionally, you will grab an invisible rail and move right. You will fall off. Finish the level and this is what you will see when you come out of the level.

Just enter any level now and you'll be riding on a weird thing like this.

Ludwig's ceiling trick
sent in by jessica88

Go in his castle after you have beat it with the L&R Button.and go past the Buzzy Mummy (the white spiked enemy.),then go past the Balls n' Chains (the maces.) Do not go in the door to the next part of the castle.jump until you go straight through the ceiling,there you will find the 1-up game.

Hit 'em one more time dead Mario!
sent in by The Glitch Reaper

Go into a level with Wiggler like Forest of Illusion1. Get weakened or something after you make a Wiggler turn red. Die above (but not of!) a Red Wiggler and Mario will bounce off the Wiggler once and then continue the defeated Mario sequence. He'll even make the "boink" sound!

The Last Item
sent in by The Glitch Reaper

In a level with a Dragon Coin near the Goal scroll the screen so you can see it and walk through the Gate. The face on the Dragon Coin will fade, but the rest of it will not! In Forest Of Illusion 3 do this with the last Berry and a square-shaped space will protect it and the area around it from fading out! You can even make the Keyhole in Valley Of Bowser 4 and the Message Block at the end of Yoshi's Island 3 turn into Coins by scrolling to see them!

The Warp Drag Through
sent in by The Glitch Reaper

If you go through a Pipe while something is still on Yoshi's tongue(not in his mouth yet) it will follow you like it was going down a Pipe too! It will not really go with you, but it sure is a neat site! A small demo of this is in Yoshi's Island 4, just go down the Pipe that leads to the Pokeys and don't harm the one close to the Pipe on the right yet. Let it follow you close to the Pipe and as soon as it's in range lick at one of its segments and go down the Pipe as soon as Yoshi's tongue has one of the segments. If done right there should now be several head segments on the screen!

Got Ya Last
sent in by The Glitch Reaper

Have Small Mario on Yoshi and charge at a Wiggler. Just as you are about to run into it Lick while still running (hold Y and press X). If you did this right you should be able to use Up and Down to make Yoshi "dance" while you die and the Wiggler should disappear briefly after you fall off the screen! This is because Yoshi has locked onto its head with his tongue even though it does not show it right away.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

sent in by Sephiroth

I have found a glitch to be invincible for SML2: YI.

1. Start up the game and wait until the title appears.
2. Carefully wiggle the cartridge until the screen turns black and white.
3. Start A NEW GAME.
4. The screen will be jambeled. Just enter the first level.
5. Pause the game and un-pause.
6. Now Yoshi can't lose Mario!

21 red coins!
sent in by John Vertical

On the third secret level (More Monkey Madness) you'll find a place where there's a small 4-rotating-platforms thingy at the end of a small pole and a TapTap (living spike ball). First, get rid of the Tap Tap with an egg or your tongue. Then try to bash the pole by pressing Down in midair (I forgot the official term). Yoshi will hit most of the time one of the four platforms, along with a few cool multi-bash effects, but if you manage to hit the pole itself, you'll get a red coin. So what? Well... if you collect all the other coins in that level, you'll have a total of 21 of them! Also, this is a good way to save the day if you missed one of the red coins held by the flying shyguys.

Get a flower through a wall!
sent in by Victreebel64

A little ways into the 3rd extra stage (More Monkey Madness), there is a spinning wheel platform thing, a gray wall, and a flower behind the wall. Stand on the spinning thing, and when it looks like you're going to hit the wall, press left a few times. You should go right through the wall and get the flower right behind it!

Invisible Yoshi
sent in by Victreebel64

When fighting Salvo the Slime in World 1-8, hit him 5 times, so that he's just a little bit bigger than you are. Now jump and hover over the lava pit, and hit him once while you're over the lava, so that he's defeated. You will fall into the lava (duh) but you won't die. The "defeated boss" scenario will play through, the key will float down under the lava, the keyhole will appear, and you'll be invisible when you go through it. (Actually, you won't be invisible, but you won't see anything go through the keyhole.)

Strange balloons
sent in by Victreebel64

Go through World 1-6 (Shy Guys on Stilts) until you reach a dark cave with mushrooms you can stand on, a pipe with lantern ghosts coming out, and a balloon carrying a spring ball. Go down until the balloon carrying the ball is off screen, then go back up. The balloon will have changed color! It usually goes from red to yellow to green.

Shell Glitch
sent in by Victreebel64

In World 4-5 (Chomp Rock Zone) go through the level until you get to the part with that big gelatinous blob thing and two Koopa Troopas walking around on a platform overhead. Get up to where the Koopas are. Stomp on top of one of them, then IMMEDIATELY flutter jump until the stomped Koopa and its shell are off-screen. Go back and if you're lucky, you'll see the empty shell lying on the ground, BUT its owner will be walking around WITH ANOTHER SHELL ON! Keep doing this over and over and see how many shells you can create with this bug! I've gotten up to ten on screen at once. (if you get a lot of shells on screen at once it slows the game down...)

Super Metroid

Samus's echo glitch
sent in by Susan Carriere, A.R.C.T.

A glitch that is possibly useless: make sure you have the Grappling Beam and the Speed Booster. Go to the room in Norfair where Crocomire's bones are. Make sure the Speed Booster is activated and Select the Grappling Beam. Start at the far left end of the platform that Crocomire's bones are on and dash to the right until Samus turns blue. Jump (it doesn't really matter when you jump, but the earlier the better) and latch on to one of the blocks overhead using the Grappling Beam. Keep going to the right, using the Grappling Beam, and you'll notice that Samus' echoes are trying to catch up to Samus, but they only appear when she is not actually latched on to one of the blocks and they can't catch up to her! They won't catch up to Samus until you either reach the platform where the Energy Tank is\ was or change direction and head left instead of right.

Samus stands in midair
sent in by Susan Carriere, A.R.C.T.

Take the elevator down to lower Norfair. You may or may not need the Speed Booster, but I found this glitch while I had the Speed Booster activated, so it's probably a good idea to have the Speed Booster activated. Dash to the left until you run into a block. Dash to the right and just as you reach the end of the platform, press left on the control pad. If you timed everything well enough, Samus will get stuck in the last one or two blocks of the platform. Depending on how deep into the block(s) she is, it may look like Samus is standing on thin air! This glitch is, in my opinion, the hardest one to do of the ones I've reported. It may take several tries before you get it to work. Fortunately, it's easy to get unstuck.

Strange transformation
sent in by Sarcose

To get this glitch, bomb jump up to some grapple blocks and grab onto them with ur grapple beam, your body should be touching a bomb. when it explodes samus will turn into a somewhat large box o' garbage that looks like its spinning (somewhat).

Screw up the graphics
sent in by dvdmth

You need Speed Booster to do this, and you must have mastered the horizontal Super Jump with it. Go to the area in Crateria with Samus' ship. Head left to the blue door that leads underground, open it, but don't go in just yet. Head riight so that you can get some running room, then dash to the left so that Samus is echoing as you go through the door.

Once on the other side, quickly hit Down to charge the Super Jump. Now, you must act fast, as the charge only lasts a short time. Do a Spin Jump onto the hill that goes over the passage leading to where you got the Bombs a long time ago. Stand on the left side of the hill and do a horizontal Super Jump. You must be at the right spot (which isn't easy to find), and you must have some luck.

If all goes well, Samus will go right through the destructable wall and hit the blue door to its left, and if you're lucky, the blue door will still be off the screen upon impact. If you can see part of the door, you'll most likely have to redo the trick until you can get the whole thing off the screen when Samus hits it. Open the door immediately and go in. When you come out the other side, the graphics will be offset and it will look like you came out of a double-door! As you move, you'll notice some weird oddities with the look of each room, even see parts of the room appear at the wrong places.

NOTE: This is just a visual effect. The rooms still behave like normal and gameplay is not affected in any way. But the effect is permanent, at least until you quit or die or something. The appearance of the rooms will vary depending on whether you're moving to the left or to the right, so feel free to screw around and see what results you get!

Speed Ball
sent in by dvdmth

[Note: I personally didn't discover this glitch.]

Although the Speed Booster isn't necessary for this glitch, the effects are obvious if you have that item equipped. This glitch lets you Dash while in ball form, which isn't usually possible.

Aerial Method:

Hold down DASH and run left or right, then press and hold JUMP. (If you don't want to jump full height, release the button but press it down again before attempting the next step.) Now, while holding DASH and JUMP, press Down twice to turn into a ball. Immediately after pressing Down the second time, press and hold Forward on the control pad. If done fast enough, you will continue to move at high speed while in the form of a ball. (Spring Jump is highly recommended for this; without it, the glitch only lasts until you hit the ground.)

Ground Method:

Do the same as above, but turn into a ball right before Samus hits the ground. By the time the morph is complete, she should be on the ground and will start rolling at high speed across the floor. This is much more difficult (even more difficult than Wall Jumps), but once you master the technique you can use it to your advantage.

One use of this glitch is to get the Super Missiles without ever beating Spore Spawn. After you go down into Brinstar (left elevator), open the first door on the right, then run into it and jump just before you enter the next room. When you enter that room, perform the ground version of Speed Ball and you can roll under each of the gates that close to block your path. You can get the Reserve and Missile Tanks in the next room, but to get out you have to go through the ceiling, which will require Wall Jumps (since you don't have the Hi Jump Boots). On the way back, you'll pick up a Super Missile Tank. Use it to kill Spore Spawn very quickly, or skip that boss altogether!

Gravity Jump
sent in by dvdmth

I may not have been the first to discover this glitch, but I did find this one before I heard about it online. In most cases, you need the Gravity Suit to perform this glitch, but in a couple of places in the game, the Gravity Suit idn't needed.

While underwater or in magma (with the Gravity Suit on), press Start, but jump just before the screen fades out completely. Press R to access the equipment screen, then turn off the Gravity Suit. Unpause, then hold down Jump as the pause screen fades out. When play resumes, Samus will jump incredibly high!

To perform the glitch without the Gravity Suit, head to the area where Brinstar and Maridia overlap and a glass tube is found underwater that can be destroyed with a Power Bomb. If you have not yet destroyed the tube, plant a Power Bomb, then stand and don't move. Once the bomb has gone off, wait a couple of seconds, then press and hold Jump. The tube should destroy, and a second or two later Samus will bump her head on the ceiling.

If the tube's already gone, you're not out of luck. Simply go into either of the rooms on the sides of the tube, then enter the tube and jump just before the screen fades. Also, any door that's underwater on one side and out of water on the other side is an opportunity to use this technique (although finding such a door is very difficult).

Finally, using the Grappling Beam underwater is another way to get this glitch to happen. Simply use it without the Gravity Suit equipped and let go as Samus is moving upwards. This isn't as dramatic as using the other methods, but you can reach higher ground with it, and since you move slower with the suit off, it's easier to grapple another block without falling.

Water jumping glitch
sent in by dvdmth

The Space Jump and Screw Attack are illegal underwater if you have the Gravity Suit switched off. This leads to a couple of visual quirks. If you start a Spin Jump underwater, then either make it to the surface or go through a door where it's dry on the other side, then Samus will continue her normal Spin Jump animation but will start flashing (if she has the Screw Attack equipped) and will be able to Space Jump (though not terribly well). Changing direction in the air fixes the visual glitch.

Similarly, if Samus goes underwater during a spin jump, the Space Jump animation continues, even though she can't use it. Sometimes she'll even continue flashing to indicate Screw Attack, but that always stops once you turn around.

Double doors
sent in by dvdmth

Most doors in Super Metroid can only be opened on the side which is on the screen. However, with the Wave Beam, there are a few places where you can open the door on the opposite side. Here are the places I am aware of where this can be done.

1. In Brinstar, in the leftmost vertical shaft (with an elevator at the top), use a Power Bomb to open the way to the lower portion of the room. You should see a metal door on your right that serves as an exit only. Shoot at the diir, and you'll hear the door on the other side open. Also, when you're on the other side of this door (in the room with those little guys that show you the Wall Jump), you can fire left after opening the door and hear your ammo hit the metal door on the other side.

2. In Maridia, at the bottom of the loooong vertical tube, go to the right until you reach a room with a single grappling bracket in the ceiling which destroys shortly after you grapple it. (You normally go up through the resulting hole and Wall Jump/Space Jump up and over to the right on your way to the Spring Ball.) Go to the door on the right side and fire straight up. The door should open. Now fore to the right and you'll hear the other door open. You can tell quite easily here why the game has both doors loeaded--after opening the other door, simply go up the shaft in this room and across and down the other side to see the other side of the door still open. (Note: The reason why I said to fire straight up when opening the door is to keep both doors from opening simultaneously, making the double-door effect hard to notice.) You can also open both sides of this door if you approach from the right side (obviously).

3. Also in Maridia, go to the large room at the top of the long vertical tube. Head to the door that is metal until you beat Draygon (the Plasma Beam's behind it). If the door's still metal, you can just fire right to hear the opposite door open. Otherwise, you'll want to fire straight up again to open the door you see before firing right to open the other one. (Note: When you're on the other side of this door, you CANNOT open the left side of the door.)

4. Exit the Wrecked Ship at the upper-left corner of its map. Head west and down through the passage that leads to a door. (This is the first of a series of doors you go through on your way back in the Wrecked Ship towards getting the Gravity Suit.) Shoot straight up to open the door, then fire right to hear the other side open. (Again, you CANNOT open both sides of this door if you're on the right side.)

5. This one's rather weird. Again, exit the Wrecked Ship from the same location, but this time, fall into the gap between the ship and the rock to its left. There's a bridge down there where you can see blue doors on both sides. Position Samus above the left door and fire straight down (by jumping and pressing Down before firing) to open it. Now, move a couple of steps to the right, fact left, hold L, and fire diagonally down to the left to open the other side of the door. What's bizarre about this one is that you MUST be on top of this bridge in order to open both sides. If you're in the bridge itself, or if you're on the other side of the door, you can only open one side. (This, along with the enemies you see on the bridge while you're in it, prove that the bridge area is loaded independently of the rest of this part of Crateria when you're in it.)

There may be other such doors in the game, but as far as I know, these are the only places where you can shoot both sides of the door without seeing the opposite side.

Crocomire room quirk
sent in by dvdmth

With the Wave Beam equipped, enter the room in Norfair where you beat Crocomire. From the ceiling door, move to the right and fire at the ceiling at a 45-degree angle (hold R). At numerous spots in the ceiling, you can hear the beam collide with some destructable blocks (or something) off the screen. This only happens if you fire at an angle (firing vertically doesn't get this effect). Near as I can tell, this is the only room in the game with this strange behavior. It only seems to happen to the right of the ceiling door (the left side seems to be clear).

The ultimate blue suit glitch
sent in by dvdmth

(Special thanks to michealangelo at the GameFAQs message boards for providing the glitch, as well as everyone else who contributed to the glitch discussion.)


This glitch causes the game to think Samus is running with the Speed Booster even when she's not. Thus, her suit changes color to blue and leaves echoes behind. Also, she receives all of the benefits of the Speed Booster, including destroying enemies and some blocks by merely walking up to them. She can also charge for a Super Jump virtually anywhere in the game. The only downside is that the suit only lasts until you press the Run button, do a Super Jump, or sink in quicksand.


In order to perform this glitch, you must have a saved game in which Draygon (the boss of Maridia) is still alive. (If he is dead, however, you can revive him with a certain other glitch listed below.) You must also have the Speed Booster, as well as access to Draygon's lair (of course). You may want to save your game at the save point just before Draygon's lair prior to performing the glitch, but this is not required.

Enter Draygon's lair and destroy the guns on the walls, so that they don't interfere. When Draygon comes, start fighting him as normal until he is almost dead. (If you rely on the Grappling Beam method of beating Draygon, you can still use it; just release the Grappling Beam just before he reaches the point of death. Through experimentation, I found that you should wait until Samus makes her "Ouch" sound 4 times, then release the button about a half second after the fourth "Ouch" sound. This assumes, of course, that Draygon hadn't been hurt beforehand and that Samus wasn't hurt by Draygon immediately before using the Grappling Beam.)

Once you reach this point in the battle, wait until Draygon starts firing the gunk that he uses to slow down Samus. Allow one of the pieces of gunk to hit Samus while she's near the side of the room. Quickly hold down the Run button and dash over to the other side of the room. The gunk slows you down, but as long as you don't let too much gunk get caught on Samus too quickly, you should have no trouble outrunning Draygon. When you reach the far side, Samus should have charged up enough for the Speed Booster to take effect (even though she normally would run out of room before this happens). At this point, the gunk will be destroyed and Draygon will stop chasing you. Quickly press Down before you run out of room so that you are charged for a Super Jump.

Once a Super Jump is charged, head over to the left side of the room. (It doesn't matter which way Draygon was moving while firing the gunk; he always returns to the left side of the room.) Wait until Draygon reappears above you, then Super Jump through him. You should plow through him and inflict damage, even though it may not look like he suffered any. Repeat this process until Draygon dies (it may take anywhere from one Super Jump to several, depending on how strong Draygon is and how much contact you make with him during each Super Jump).

The instant Draygon is killed, Samus will stop Super Jumping and will fall to the ground. (She will sometimes take damage from Draygon immediately before falling, but it doesn't matter.) However, since the Super Jump wasn't completed, the game still has the Speed Booster effects enabled. This causes Samus to turn blue and leave echoes. Congratulations--you have just performed the Blue Suit glitch!

(The reason why Samus stops Super Jumping when Draygon dies is because of a technical quirk in the lair. When Draygon dies, Samus is temporarily stopped and set back to her normal position. This is done in anticipation of the Grappling Beam kill, since the beam needs to be reset to "off" and Samus needs to be reset to "not grabbed." This quirk also causes Samus to stop in the middle of a Spin Jump and will cause her cannon to be aimed straight forward, even if you are holding Up, L, or R to aim it a different direction.)


Caution: There are at least four ways to lose this newly acquired blue suit:
1. Pressing the Run button (running is disallowed)
2. Performing a Super Jump (see below)
3. Sinking in quicksand (see below)
4. Turning off the Speed Booster on the Equipment screen (for obvious reasons)

(There may be other ways to lose the suit as well, but near as we can tell, this is it.)

Also, be advised that at certain times during play (such as going up or down an elevator), the blue suit may appear to go away but will return once you start playing again. Below is a summary of just some of the effects of this glitch:

1. At any time, pressing Down while standing on the ground will charge Samus for a Super Jump. The blue suit will seem to disappear, but in fact it remains active and will return once the Super Jump charge wears off. If you perform a Super Jump, the blue suit will be gone, and the game will return to normal. However, you can do some strange things by Super Jumping in areas where it is not normally possible.

2. Samus can walk over quicksand safely, just like she normally can run over the quicksand with the Speed Booster. However, if you stand on the quicksand, you will sink and lose the abilities of the blue suit. However, the blue color will remain, making it look as though you still have the effects of the suit. (You can tell, however, that the suit is no longer active by the fact that Samus no longer leaves any echoes behind.) Once you collide with an enemy, go through a door, or do certain other things, the blue color will disappear, and everything will be back to normal.

3. You can walk, jump, or fall through any blocks that can be destroyed with the Speed Booster. These blocks include Speed blocks (of course) and blocks that can be destroyed with Bombs or with the Screw Attack. (Note that you cannot pass through blocks that destroy when shot with the normal bean. Naturally, Missile, Super Missile, and Power Bomb blocks are also off limits for destruction.)

4. Most enemies can be destroyed simply by bumping into them. However, strangely enough, you cannot kill Rippers this way; you merely pass right through them. A few other enemies are also immune to the blue suit. Even the Screw Attack cannot destroy these enemies as long as you have the blue suit (in fact, the Screw Attack is overridden by the blue suit and is therefore completely useless).

5. While you are standing still, the blue suit's abilities go away temporarily (although the color still remains). Thus, you are no longer immune to enemy attack and will take damage. When you do take damage, the enemy attacking will often be destroyed as a result, since Samus bounces back from the blow (and is thus moving, resulting in the reactivation of the suit's effects). Beware, however, that once Samus takes damage, she will NOT have any invincibility time to recover. Thus, floor spikes can prove to be quite a challenge for Samus.

6. If you perform a Super Jump right into the Mother Brain, Samus will instantly die. (Oops.) This is true for both the glass-case form and the full-body form. However, if you Super Jump into the Mother Brain's first form AFTER the glass casing is gone, you will get stuck halfway and slowly lose energy from the Super Jump until you hit 29, at which point the Super Jump stops and Samus gets hit by the Mother Brain, forcing her to use her reserve energy (assuming your reserves are set to Auto and you actually have some energy in reserve).

7. Collecting an item, using an energy/missile recharge unit, and certain other actions will cause the Speed Booster sound effect to play. In most cases, the sound lasts for a quick second before stopping, but occasionally you may hear the sound effect for an extended period of time. (I'm not sure how to get this to happen on a regular basis.)

8. In some rooms in Norfair, Samus will flicker between her blue suit color and the flashing color associated with Super Jumps. This is just a visual effect and doesn't affect Samus' abilities in any way.

9. The Mother Brain can still hurt Samus with her hyper attack. Try letting her hit Samus during a Super Jump for some really weird results.

10. Lower Norfair is a breeze with this glitch, although Ridley may or may not be all that much easier. Whether he is or not depends on your fighting style (for me, Ridley's still tough, but for others, he's a snap.)

Remotely recharge and download map data!
by David Wonn

Here's an odd glitch that you can try in any room that contains recharge units for energy or missiles or in a room where you can download map data. Walk up to the unit, but press Start about half a second before you actually touch it. Now unpause the game and you can walk away while part of Samus's arm is still attached to the unit! Just be careful not to exit the room before the recharge or download is complete; otherwise you'll have to redo it. This glitch is slightly useful because it allows you to exit the room a couple seconds faster than normal. Just be sure to stand at the end of the room until it says you are recharged or your download is complete and you are on your way!

Beat more than 100% of the game!
by David Wonn

WARNING! This trick can alter your save state quite a bit. I've even lost all my data over 5 years ago, although I'm uncertain if this glitch caused it. With that said and out of the way....

In order to beat more than 100% of the game, you'll first need to be far enough into the game where you have the Plasma beam, which would complete your set of beams. The trick originates from an old glitch I found which allows you to combine both the Spazer and Plasma beams. If you want to get an idea of how this works, go into the pause screen menu and press R to get to the screen where you can toggle various weapons and abilities. If you rapidly mash the A button and move the control cross around randomly, you may notice some graphical glitches that look like items are partially equipped, and you may see some extra words appear in certain spots on the screen. Everything you see so far is merely visual. The real fun begins when you can equip the Spazer and Plasma beams together at will. Here's how....

First, equip the Ice beam and Spazer beam, but unequip the Charge, Wave, and Plasma beams. Now highlight any of the Boots (High Jump is easiest and quickest to get to) and press the A button and Left on the control cross at the same time. This is critical and may take time to master the timing. You'll know you did it right when you have both Plasma and Spazer activated. Note that if you fire this glitched ISP Beam (Ice-Spazer-Plasma Beam), the game will either slow down to a crawl or freeze completely, depending on where you fire it. In my experience, I have found that the game freezes if you fire it in any area that scrolls horizontally, but you have a better chance of keeping the game active if you fire it in an area that only scrolls vertically. Also note that if you pause the game, most of the blue areas on your map will disappear! It's as if you never collected the map! In essence, firing the ISP beam reverts portions of the game back to an earlier state!

So now you must be wondering, how can this be exploited? First, you'll want to get to a vertical scrolling section of the game that contains doors. I'll use the first vertical shaft to the left of Samus's ship in Crateria for a demonstration, since it's quick and easy to access if you have saved your game there. Go down this shaft until you see the first door on your left, which leads to a save point. Open the door, but don't enter. Now go into your pause screen menu, and activate the ISP beam, as described in the previous paragraph. Fire one shot to the left. If the game doesn't slow down at this point, you're too close to the door. Now while the game is in slow motion (and severely glitched), try to jump into the door. Keep holding left as much as you can. If all goes well, the game will darken and the game will scroll to the left, but not into the room you expect! You'll end up in the long diagonally-scrolling room instead! Remember to undo the ISP beam after this point to avoid glitching the game further. If you walk all the way to the end of this room, you'll notice that the energy tank is back, even if you already collected it before! If you back out of this section, you'll notice that the vertical shaft in Crateria is dark and without any enemies, just as it is at the beginning of the game! Congratulations, you just reverted portions of the game to earlier states!

With this glitch, you can now re-collect almost any item that you had already collected before! Try this in other sections of the game for similar results. Because of this glitch, you can store more than 230 missiles, 50 super missiles, 50 power bombs, 14 energy tanks, and 4 reserve tanks in your inventory. Each additional missile, super missile, power bomb, energy tank, and reserve tank you collect will add an additional 1% to your total at the end of the game. Note that as you collect extra items that weren't intended, there will be obvious graphical glitches in your startup menu and during your game. And just when you thought things couldn't get weirder....

Watch what happens when you attempt to save your game. Be sure you are using a backup of your save state before doing so! After saving and resetting the SNES, go back into your save state. You'll be greeted with "The last Metroid is in captivity..." just as if you started up a brand new game! Even the black & white demos will feel the effects of the glitch. If you had already activated the Screw Attack, you'll notice that the black and white Samus will change to color while she fights the Mother Brain! Now when you enter Ceres space station, the fun really begins....

Now, inside Ceres Space Station, you have access to all the weapons and abilities you had activated prior to saving your game! The game only temporarily disables your standard missiles, since it needed to use them in the demo. This is no big deal, since you have access to Plasma, Super Missiles, Power Bombs, and other great things at this early point. Try detonating a Power Bomb in any room and you'll see that it destroys the doors! Also, feel free to investigate with your X-Ray scope. Use this in the room with the baby Metroid to spot out Ridley before he attacks! Stand on top of the door and let Ridley try to shoot you with his fireballs. With the Gravity Suit activated, you won't take any damage! Just fire away with Plasma (preferably with Charge, Ice, and Wave also) and you can get Ridley to retreat before you realize it! Feel free to experiment with Super Missiles and Power Bombs too. After Ridley leaves with the Metroid, play around with your X-ray scope. You'll see that the clock will still move! Play with it in the room with the elevator, and you'll see that the scope isn't even in the same place as Samus! Enjoy your stay at Ceres while it lasts!

Once you leave the Ceres Space Station, the game will save as usual, and you'll be back to Crateria just as if you were in a new game, but you won't see the rainstorms, and all the enemies will be back. You'll also get your missiles back that were temporarily removed while you were at Ceres. Most of the items you collected before will be ready to collect again, so you can add to your percentage. You can repeat the glitch over and over as much as you like, and re-collect items indefinitely. The limit of item collection is not yet known, so just be cautious as always. Enjoy!

Super Punchout

Freeze up game on Aron Ryan
sent in by Akumajr

First lose all but a little bit of your health, now hit him until you get your power punch meter full, now time a power punch exactly the same time that he throws a punch and make sure that you hit each other at exactly the same time, now you will fall down and Aron Ryan will try to grab you while you are down cause you hit him with a power punch, but he cant so he moves back to his corner till you get up and as soon as he moves back to his corner you will hear a glitchy noise and now there is no sound in the match and if you press start the game will freeze and you won't be able to unpause it.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Fan glitch
sent in by rusty axe
Photo 1 Photo 2

(This trick is easier with an auto-pad) What you do is enable the cheat menu that lets you enable pause then get Either Shangs Tsung and Morph into Kintana or just pick Kitana. Then you throw a fan then hit slow motion and throw another fan then turn off slow motion. Ta-Dah! Kitana or Shangs Tsung is a floating fan! This is a cool glitch because the enemy can't sweep you and if they get to close you will hit them and spin straight up in the air while they fly back and take the blow. BONUS: If you use Shang Tsung you can morph into other characters and do their moves too!


Name trick
sent in by

In the name entry screen, where you change a unicycle's name, try entering the names Screamer or Screama -- The results are...odd...

More on name trick
sent in by

The thing for "Screamer" is not unusual... Sonic, Sega, and curse words all yield the same results. I've even typed in ordinary names, and it wouldn't let me.

Ditching parts of track
sent in by dvdmth

Some pieces of track force your Uni to advance in a certain way (such as force-arrows and those weird things that wrap you around the track and send you underneath). There is a way to Wipe Out on some of these obstacles and end up overjumping them, which can lead to some really odd results. If you're traveling to the left and encounter arrows that push you back to the right or one of those track-wrapping things (whatever they're called), jump right before hitting the piece of track, then press A to twist while holding L until you're upside-down, with the wheel of the Uni slightly to the left of the seat. You will Wipe Out and roll clockwise while still moving left until the wheel is back on the ground. If you roll counterclockwise, you rolled too far in midair. By doing this, it is possible to go beyond the far edge of some of these pieces of track. (For the wrapping pieces of track, you can always get far enough to overjump them except when a piece of track is placed right above you and acts as a ceiling. For force arrows, it depends on how long the designers made the arrows.)

If you are moving to the right when encountering these obstacles, jump right before the start of the obstacle, then press A to twist and roll (press R) just far enough so that the seat of the Uni is slightly below the wheel (you will be sideways). This will allow you to go the most distance Wiping Out before the wheel hits the track. (I tend to find it a bit easier to perform the trick going to the right than when going to the left.)

In most cases, you'll end up on "lost track" (red and yellow) that guides you back to the normal track. Other times the track will loop upward, preventing you from proceeding farther. Still other times, you'll fall to a set of force arrows underneath that force you in the right direction. But on some occasions you can actually go where the designers didn't realize you could, even fall all the way to the bottom of the track! (If you fall all the way down, the Uni does some really weird things.) Below I will provide a list of spots I remember where you can do this.

Ditch vertical jumps
sent in by dvdmth

This is very tough and can only be done at a vertical jump that does NOT have any force-arrows pushing you up. You must take the jump slightly so that you barely clear the top of the jump but are still underneath the track overhead. Perform a twist (A) and continue pushing right/left on the d-pad, but don't roll or flip or anything. Sometimes (you probably have to do it several times before it happens), the Uni will fall and somehow go THROUGH the jump! However, the designers must have known of this problem as well, for there is always track underneath to guide you back up.

Loop ditching
sent in by dvdmth

Those 360-degree loops can sometimes be skipped altogether, allowing you to achieve a better time. In exactly three places, the track is specially designed to permit this--the third loop on LOOPER, the only loop on FLAT FUN, and the only loop on GRILLER. On each of these tracks, force arrows guide you into the looop, but a small piece of normal track occurs right before you enter the loop. The trick on these loops is to hold the opposite direction on the d-pad, thus slowing you down and making the Uni fall beneath the loop to where it ends up. On LOOPER, this extra bit of track is colored blue and yellow, the same colors used to indicate a Short Cut, thus proving that this was meant to be done.

Also, on the two loops of the track TWO LOOPS, you can simply just before these force arrows, and proper timing will allow you to fall through the loop without even slowing down. On the first loop, you will need to jump fairly soon so that you don't land on the loop itself. On the second jump, you will need some speed and will have to jump at the last possible split-second before the arrows. This trick may also be done on the second loop of PINGPONG.

For other loops, by using the first trick provided above you can ditch the arrows that lead into the loop. This can be done on most, but not all, loops (the first of PINGPONG is obviously one that cannot be skipped because the arrows leading into it are very long).

Major loop ditching
sent in by dvdmth

On four loops, it's possible to ditch not only the loop, but also fall underneath the track beneath it! This can be done on the three loops that are designed for shortcutting, and it can be done on the first loop of TWO LOOPS (but the latter is really tough). Jump before the arrows and hope that the Uni lands on the piece of track that comes between the arrows and the loop. (On the one in TWO LOOPS, there is a verry small piece that you can land on, but you have to hit it just right so that the Uni virtually stops.) You must very slowly move off this piece of track so that the Uni isn't fast enough to reah the loop, nor the track beneath it!

On LOOPER, you fall onto a later portion of the track, and you can use this as a shortcut. Same goes for GRILLER. On FLAT FUN, you land on a MUCH later portion but cannot legally finish the race because you didn't go through the midway checkpoint (green). You will simply pass through the game and eventually hit some force arrows beyond the finish line. On TWO LOOPS, there is no track underneath, so the Uni will jolt around and do some really cracy stuff until you quit the race.

Track specific ditches
sent in by dvdmth

WARIO PAINT -- On this track, if you jump the twisting/wrapping thing that you find around halfway through the track, you will land on arrows that attempt to put you back on track but are unfortunately placed too low. You land on a slightly later part of track, but you did not pass through the green checkpoint, so you cannot finish. Beyond the finish gate, the track suddenly ends after a while, allowing you to fall to the bottom.

MEGAJUMP -- To the right of the start, after a while, is another of those wrapping things. Jump it to reach some lost track. Now jump over the arrows that would otherwise force you into the 180-loop that sends you to the track above. You'll find that you can actually FALL THROUGH the arrows a short distance away frrom the 180-loop and fall to the bottom of the map.

LAST ONE -- There is only one of those wrapping things that you encounter while moving to the right. Ditch this piece of track, then ditch the force arrows underneath to reach the bottom of the map.

FLASH -- At the left side of the trafck is a vertical jump that's pretty eash to ditch. Jump the arrows of the lost track below to fall a LOOONG way before hitting the bottom.

1-2-3 JUMP -- This is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD and requires a LOT of speed, the yellow force arrows to the left of the start/finish line can be jumped, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to do (I only succeeded once). Beyond it lie pieces of random track that are green in color. Very, very odd, yet nearly impossible to reach.

HAMSTER -- About midway through the course is a hill-jump that's yellow and blue in color. If you haven't figured it out, this means there's a shortcut if you take the hill lightly. However, for this trick you want to go on the slightly longer route, so take the jump fully and you should land on arrows leading to the left. (If you're forced to the right, on the shorter path, you can jump the arrows to get on the longer path.) There is one wrapping thing over there. Ditch it to land on a set of force arrows that are placed too low to be successful at pushing you back on track. Thus, you fall a loong way until you finally hit the track again, at the bottom of the hill that precedes the finish! Head left to set a record time for the race!

There are many other places where the tricks can be performed, but these are the only major ones that come immediately to mind. Feel free to explore around! Oh, and you probably don't want to look at the Uni's statistics after you've done these tricks often enough.

Wanderers From Ys

The Debug Code "Sliding" Glitch
sent in by Flying Omelette

Wanderers From Ys has a built-in Debug Code that opens up the door for some interesting glitches. Here's how to enter the code - turn the game on, and waith until the Sammy logo fades COMPLETELY in. Quickly, on Controller 2, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Select, Start. Now choose to Continue, and pick any game file. Press Select on Controller 1 to bring up your subscreen, then go to Status. Then press Select on Controller 2. If you entered the code correctly, the word "DEBUG" will appear on your Status screen. This will make Adol completely invincible to all attacks - even if his life meter goes down to zero, it will automatically refill. This will also unlock all areas on the map, even ones you have not been to, yet.

And now for the side effects of this code: Try moving the D-Pad on Controller 2! Adol will slide back and forth on the screen without any animation at all! And that's not all...Adol will slide right through some walls!!! While you are sliding, NO enemies will appear. But when you stop, any preset enemies for the area you stop in will appear out of nowhere. If an enemy appears on the screen, and you start to slide Adol again, the enemy stops moving and slides in the direction Adol is going. When you let go of the D-Pad, the enemy disappears!! But, as before, if there's any preset enemies in the area you stop in, those enemies will appear!

If you walk up a set of stairs and stop before you reach the next screen, then use Controller 2 to start Adol sliding, he will slide across the screen in MID-AIR! Sometimes, when you reach the end of a screen, Adol slides through the wall. Other times he just stops moving, and you have to use Controller 1 to get him moving again, and if you do that while Adol is stuck in mid-air, he'll behave like he's on stairs. If he is supposed to go up a screen, he'll walk upwards, right through the roof into the next room. If he's supposed to go down, then he'll walk downward, as though he's on invisible stairs! Sometimes, Adol may become completely stuck, and you'll have to reset to get out.

Finally, there's one other glitch I encountered while using this...There's a slight chance that using the sliding glitch may cause the final boss, Galbalan, to be INSTANTLY DEFEATED! If you have a save file ready to beat Galbalan, take the teleporter up to him and begin the battle. Wait until Gabalan slides down onto the screen, then start pushing Left and Right on Controller 2! This will cause Galbalan to freeze and unfreeze, and there is a slight chance that you'll hear an explosion, and he'll go down in defeat, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVEN'T EVEN TOUCHED HIM! Now you can just sit back and watch the ending! :) Unfortunately, I had difficulty reproducing this glitch, so I cannot guarantee you'll be able to get it to work very easily, but I wonder if it might work on other bosses, too?

There are many more to come so stay tuned!

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