Mario Kart 64 Rumors

Here you will find various rumors of potential shortcuts in Mario Kart 64. I will only put them here if they are at least feasible, and they may eventually disappear from here for one of two possible reasons:

1. If I find that the alleged shortcut just isn't feasible, and if I can't get any confirmations from specific people (namely the Mario Kart "Elites" as Kevin Booth prefers to call us), then I will simply remove it altogether.

2. If I manage to execute the shortcut not just once or twice, but repeatedly, or if I get word from the aforementioned reliable sources, then I will move it to the Confirmed Shortcuts section.

I may also include certain shortcuts here that I have been working on which have only been pulled off a few times, but for now some of them will remain top secret.

Rumor 1 - Royal Raceway
proposed by Jim Quinn

This one is a rather old rumor, and I'm debating on whether or not I want to keep it here, since it's only borderline between feasible and not feasible. Jim Quinn claims that at one point in time, he took the shortcut from the ramp in Time Trial mode without getting picked up by Lakitu. Allegedly you are supposed to be able to land in the grass and drive back onto the course. How he does it exactly is a mystery to us all. It's feasible in the 150cc, but Time Trial is pushing it a little. On the optimistic side, if this trick is ever proven to be true, it would supersede my Warp Glitch, and could save a few more seconds per lap. However, don't be too disappointed if this rumor is found to be false.

Koopa Troopa Beach
proposed by ??

Supposedly, some people claim that there is a shortcut in this course somewhere which involves jumping over a wall. I've personally jumped over various walls in the course, but so far I haven't come up with anything useful. Every once in a while I like to take a look in this course, but nothing can be confirmed at this time.

Rainbow Road
proposed by many sources

This proposed shortcut is a variation of the well-known Time Trial shortcut in Rainbow Road at the start. Since about March 1997, some people claim that it is possible to improve the first shortcut by jumping to the loop beyond where you would normally land. Many others and myself have tried this numerous times with no luck, although I'll admit that I've been pretty close on a few occasions. So far there is no exact technique for it at this time. I personally believe it may be possible, but I haven't seen any proof yet to indicate this.

UPDATE - This shortcut is now confirmed to be true!!

Other Rumors

I've heard of several other rumors floating around on the 'Net but many of them don't even seem the slightest bit feasible, based on my experience of finding unique shortcuts. Keep in mind, however, that I am working on some potential shortcuts, but since some of them have only been done once or twice or not at all, I'm keeping them a secret at this time. If I feel that I am close to getting something to work with those shortcuts, I may consider posting them here.

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